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Cousin Cousine


Cindy was my favorite cousin and had been since we were little kids growing up in Maryland. We just clicked, always did. If she was around, even a dull weekend get together with our relatives was fun. She was a tomboy and liked to do things outside so we would ride ponies in granddad's pasture and climb trees, look for frogs and all those fun things you did in the country place we grew up in. I was so comfortable with her that I pretty much forgot that she was a girl.

We ended up going to separate high schools and then off to college and didn't see much of each other for a few years except at Christmas time. She spent her summers in a beach town in Maryland where she waited tables, and I spent mine working in New England where I went to school. One summer I decided to work in my dad's campground business at home and to my delight Cindy had decided to stick around to take some courses at a nearby junior college. So, we started to hang out together. She took tennis lessons in the early morning so I would meet her over lunchtimes of after work to play tennis and then go party in town. It was so much, fun because it was so non-threatening to be with her, I could be myself and talk about other girls and she would talk about problems with her out of town boyfriend. It was all so easy and maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much…and there was something there sometimes, I could feel it. Maybe it was our common observations about people, our fondness for sick jokes, I don't know, but every once in awhile I would look at her and wonder what it would be like to like to be sexually involved. At first, when I has these thoughts, I would quickly try to think about something else. It was strange to think that I was imagining my cousin like that, after all it was like she was my sister. I couldn't help but wonder if she saw me look at her that way and if she had those thoughts about me, too.

One of the events of the summer was my brother's wedding in his fiancé's hometown Pennsylvania. Since so many friends and relatives of ours were going, a bunch of us decided to rent a house close by for the fun and convenience of it. The wedding was followed by a huge party and we were all very hammered by the time the bride and groom took off and everyone else wandered away. Somehow the very drunken crowd all ended up at the house and since we were still wired from the party, someone suggested we go night swimming in the pool. Nobody bothered grabbing their swimming suits, we all just grabbed beers and went. One of the more nimble party goers in the group climbed the fence and unlocked the gate from inside. Soon, everyone was down to their underwear or less and swimming in the pool. Cindy was modest and a little reluctant to undress all the way, as was I.

So, out of the corner of my eye, I watched her strip to her underwear and dive in. She had a tight little body for her 5'1 frame, firm breasts and athletic legs. I had only seen her in tennis shorts before so this was a new and, uh, very enjoyable visual for me. I got down to my boxers and went in after her. We had a great time splashing around in the pool, throwing each other in and pushing people off the board. I found myself looking at her wonderful body as we played and trying not to get a hard-on. Cindy's bra could not hide the top of her aureoles or her long nipples that stuck out, excited by the cold water of the pool. Her thin panties defined the lips of her labia and the dark brown hair of her pubic mound. I couldn't keep my eyes off her as we laughed and enjoyed a beer by the poolside. Even with a buzz on I could tell she knew I was looking at her…and she liked it. Soon, it got too cold and we all went back to the house

Since it was all a big party house with too few bedrooms, the couples got the bedrooms and rest of us had to be content with folding couches, blow up mattresses and sleeping bags on the floor. . Cindy had changed now and was wearing a T-shirt and panties for bed. She came over and put her sleeping bag on a huge queen size fold out couch in the main party room. A few other people scattered their bags in other parts of the room and I put my sleeping bag on the floor beside. As she unfolded her sleeping bag, she said the floor looked uncomfortable and I could share the big bed with her as long as remembered to stay on my side. She laughed as she said this but her voice sounded inviting and sexual, something I hadn't felt until tonight I tried to be nonchalant but the truth was that I was highly aroused by her smell, the feel of her skin, her soft hair and the fact that I had a crush on her. I sensed Cindy was aroused, too, and was trying just as hard to hide it. She said it was cold and so why not lay our sleeping bags out top and bottom like blankets? I agreed and undid mine. We got in on opposite sides of the foldout sofa

Soon, someone turned off the lights and we all tried to go to sleep. The alcohol kicked in for some and soon snoring was heard in several parts of the house. I could not sleep and found myself shifting and turning until I was almost over on her side of the bed. I could tell by her breathing that Cindy was asleep and didn't seem bothered by my movements. Her bag was unzipped behind her and soon I found myself cuddling up to her and pulling my sleeping around us. Even in her sleep, she must have liked this because she spooned up against me as if trying to get warm.

We stayed like this for awhile and I was excited to no end. With our bodies touching like this my heart was racing and I was sure she could feel it against her back. She moved so that my hands were positioned against her breasts. Her nipples were hardening and I couldn't tell if it was because the room was cold or because she was aroused by my touch. I kept my hands there and felt the shape of her small breasts and the hard tips of her nipples on my fingers through the thin shirt. My body got warmer and it was hard to keep from breathing heavily. I was so turned on; there was no way I could stop myself. I put my hands under her shirt and began to fondle her beasts and then I moved to touch her stomach and thighs. I felt her draw closer to me and I could tell that even in sleep she was enjoying my caresses. I slid my hands lower to her panties.

From behind her, I pulled her underwear carefully aside and ran my finger between the lips of her vagina. She was already soaking wet down there and I put my index finger on the top of her clit. Cindy paused and went tense and for a moment and my heart stopped. I thought she was going to turn around and slap me….but instead she pulled the top sleeping bag over both of us and then pulled her T-shirt and panties off. I pulled of my shorts and we were both naked under the sleeping bag. Cindy rolled her body closer to mine and pulled her legs up allowing me easy access to her mound. I slid my hand into her mound and found her clit and slowly moved my finger all around it. This was the spot. She reached down and found my hand, guiding me and complimenting my motion with her body's own rhythm. She fondled herself along with me, enjoying the wetness that flowed from her. Cindy took her hand away and reached behind her and found my penis, which was rock-hard from our foreplay.

She rubbed my shaft with her wet fingers and oiled the head with her juices. She pulled me towards her and pressed my cock against the lips of her loins. Spreading her legs slightly, Cindy guided me between the moist, open lips of her vagina. I didn't breathe or make a sound. Every muscle of my body tightened as I pushed my dick all the way inside her until my balls were pressed against her labia. This was my fantasy fulfilled. Here I was in bed with my favorite cousin, the both of us naked and enjoying a wonderful, forbidden fuck in a room full of sleeping people! It was all I could do not to come in those first moments as I thrust my shaft back and forth inside her pussy. It was wonderfully hot and slippery inside her and even outside she was soaking me in her love juices. We coupled noiselessly and slowly so we could prolong our exquisite lovemaking without waking the others. She rolled her hips around mine taking my shaft in and letting it out slowly in a wonderful sucking motion which brought me right to the edge with every stroke. I felt every muscle of Cindy's back straining against my chest as we fucked.

She picked up the pace and I held her tightly. I could feel her nails scratch my arms as I embraced her and that sweet pain brought me to the next level. I was ready to cum inside her. My cock bulged and Cindy tightened her vagina returning my strength and intensity. Her genitals locked against me, and our arms and fingers intertwined tightly. I couldn't hold on for another second so I came…Cindy's back arched and she buried her face in the sleeping bag as I shot gobs of my hot cum deep inside her. It seemed like my orgasm went on and on and the wonderful intensity felt like the world's end. My balls pulsed from the effort of emptying myself in Cindy's wet crevasse. I wanted to scream but didn't dare so, hidden from the others in our sleeping bags, we fought noiselessly to finish our climax. My cousin's thighs clutched me in a near death grip in her orgasm, then relaxed as it slowly trailed off. Exhausted, we lay there awhile in each other's arms and caught our breath, still soaking from our athletic lovemaking. Quietly, we used her shirt to clean the volumes of cum of our bodies and the sleeping bag. The she moved away from me towards the other end of the bed to go to sleep, lest we be found in each other's arms the next day.

The next morning we woke up with everybody else, neither of us let on what had happened. I caught Cindy's long glance and warm smile over breakfast and knew that she had enjoyed this as much as I did...

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