tagIncest/TabooCousin Dana

Cousin Dana


I'll never forget the first time I had sex with my cousin Dana. She is 5 years older than I am. I was 18, just out of high school and looking forward to college. She was 23 and was still living at home while working as a secretary in town. My Aunt and Uncle always told me to come over and swim anytime I wanted to. I was working hard for spending money at school, but was frequently at their place swimming or working on my tan.

Dana also spent her late afternoons in the sun getting a tan. Early in July we were in the sun talking and trying to get that perfect tan. She was lying on her stomach with the straps of her bikini untied and I was on my back. The buzzer we set up to remind us to turn over went off and I rolled onto my stomach. Dana, completely forgetting I was there, just rolled right over. Before I could warn her, she was totaling exposing her gorgeous breasts to me. At first she shrieked and started to grab for her top, but then stopped.

"I guess you can tell I've been sunning topless before", she said. "I might as well just leave it off and keep working on my tan since you've already seen me now."

I could tell she had tanned topless before. Her breasts were starting to get a light shade of brown. I really started to notice just how my cousin looked at that point. Dana was fairly short, about 5'3". She actually had a very shapely body. She had nicely sized tits (36c I'd later find out) with quarter-sized nipples, a tapering but not too skinny waist and flared hips. We continued to talk as I tried not to stare at her chest. She told me she was sunning topless so she could get an even tan no matter what she wore. I was finally getting used to talking to get like this when the buzzer rang.

My heart leapt. I suddenly realized a major problem I had. I was wearing Speedos. I was on the swim team in high school and I wore my Speedos when I was going out to tan. My problem was that looking at Dana had given me a hardon like I'd never had. If I rolled over, she'd definitely notice. She rolled onto her stomach but I just stayed there. I was hoping that now that she was no longer exposing herself, it would go away and I could roll.

"Roll over or you'll burn", she told me.

I told her I would in a minute, but she insisted. "I don't want you getting burned."

I knew she was right and I had to roll over. I rolled over slowly and was then on my back. My dick was so hard it was sticking up out of my suit. I glanced and Dana and her eyes were closed. I thought I was going to be able to hide it when suddenly I heard Dana gasp. I looked over and she was staring at my cock sticking up out of the Speedos.

"Well, I guess were even," she laughed.

"I'm sorry, Dana," I said. "I just couldn't help it. You looked so good."

"Don't be sorry," she responded. "It has been so long since I've had a boyfriend it is actually flattering. I thought maybe I was not looking all that good."

She sat up and took a sip of iced tea. Now I was getting an even better view of her. Her breasts sagged only slightly under their weight, but still stood up and proud.

"You look great Dana. I mean, if I wasn't your cousin, I'd definitely be interested."

At that point, she reached over for the pitcher of tea. As she did, her breasts brushed against my hands. Almost instinctively, my hand gently squeezed her nipple as it went past.

I was about to apologize when Dana moaned. "Hmm, that feels good," she told me.

I was feeling bold (or stupid). I got up and moved over next to her on her lounge chair. I shifted myself so I was behind her and cupped her breasts, rubbing her nipples with my fingertips. Her breasts were rather heavy and it was only their firmness that would have stopped them from sagging completely. They were smooth and beautiful and felt perfect in my hands. As I stroked and caressed her tits, her nipples hardened into little pebbles and her breathing became deeper and sultrier. When I gave them a little pinch, I could hear a soft moan and intake of breath. I then felt her shift back and slide her ass up against my now raging hardon. Just the feeling of my cock head sticking out of my bathing suit rubbing her bikini bottom was almost too much. Suddenly, her hand reached back and start rubbing my cock. I thought I cum right then.

I moved more to her side so she could reach a little easier and so I got better access to her tits. I bent down and sucked her nipple gently into my mouth. It was amazing. I could taste the saltiness of her skin. The smooth skin of her tits felt like fine chocolate in my mouth. I was in absolute heaven. She pushed me away told me to follow her into the house. I, too, realized that this was definitely something to take inside. It was one thing to be caught fooling around by the pool, it was another to be fooling around with your cousin.

We got to her room and Dana slowly peeled down my suit. My cock sprang free and she began to caress and fondle it. I thought she was going to start sucking it, but she stepped back and looked at me. She reached down and pulled down her bikini bottoms. I gasped when I saw her bush. It was full and thick. I loved it. I have never gone for women who shave. Clearly the only shaving Dana did was on her bikini line. We fell into her bed kissing deeply. I rubbed her breasts and ran my fingers through her pubes. She stroked me the entire length of my cock. I stuck a finger in her wet pussy and brought it to my mouth. I licked off her beautiful musky taste. I kissed my way passed her breasts and down to her soaking pussy. I began tonguing and sucking her pussy. I licked from her clit down to the base of her pussy, reveling in the smell of her pussy and droplets of her juice that clung to her hairy mound. It was heaven and I soon was rewarded. She came with a passion none of my girlfriends ever have.

Dana laid me back on the bed and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked me expertly. I knew I wouldn't last much longer and apparently, so did Dana. She got up and straddled me and pushed my cock into her waiting pussy. While she pumped up and down on my rod, I reached up and played with her gorgeous tits. I told her I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer and she urged me to cum in her pussy. She no sooner said the words, than I burst out loads of cum into her. She pumped more until I started to go soft.

Afterwards, we lay on her bed and talked. She told me she was not really sorry that it had happened. She told me that it was beautiful and given the chance, she would do it again. That's when we heard the sound of a car in the driveway. We got up and dressed quickly so that no one would know about the erotic moments we has just shared. As my Aunt and Uncle came in the door, I grabbed my stuff and started to leave. As I was walking out, I turned to Dana and said "Tomorrow?" and gave her a wink only she could see. "Tomorrow", she replied. That was the start of a summer of beautiful sex.

The next day I showed up at my usual time. Dana answered the door wearing a satin robe. She laughed when she saw my suntan lotion and stuff. “You think we are going to get any sun today?”, she chuckled. With that, she turned and walked away dropping the robe as she did. As she walked away from me, I noticed her ass for the first time. It was firm and plump and just begged to be caressed.

When we got to her room, we fell into the bed. We kissed deeply and lovingly. I began to rub hands over inch of Dana’s body. I caressed her tits and brushed her thick bush with fingers, enjoying the tangle I felt. I then began to rub that ass. I rolled her onto her stomach and kissed her on the back of the neck. My tongue traced down her spine until I reached her wonderful ass. I traced my tongue down the crack until I reached her asshole. I began to tongue and she began to moan in ecstasy. She’d say later that she always wanted a guy to tongue her ass but was afraid to ask and scare him off.

She lifted her hips to meet my mouth as I was kneeling in between her legs. I reached under and stroked her bush and inserted a finger into pussy. She was soaked. I rolled her over and eased my cock into her cunt. We stroked hard but lovingly. I wanted to last. We fucked with me on top, her on top and doggie style as we reveled in our love. Finally after she reached her orgasm, I rolled her back on to her back and straddled her chest.

I placed my dick between her tits and began to fuck them. She craned her neck up and tongued my cock on each forward thrust, tasting my precum and her juices all over my cock. Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer and shot my load all over her face. She caught as much in her mouth as she could, finally grabbing my cock and forcing it into her mouth.

We had sex two or three time a week until I left for college at the end of August. We got together during breaks and holidays too. We even went skiing together and acted as if were lovers or husband and wife rather than cousins. The following summer, Dana got married. I was certain that would be end of it, but I was wrong. We continued to have our get-togethers, only much less frequently and to this day we still get together about once a month and "relive the old days.”

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