tagIncest/TabooCousin Gina Ch. 02

Cousin Gina Ch. 02


That first time Gina and I had made love just seemed to happen. I suppose years of desire between us had caused things to move so very quickly when the opportunity presented itself. However, that is a day I will never forget...

Gina pulls her swimsuit back into place and wraps a towel around her waist. Her smile continues to gleam at me as she tosses a towel across my exposed cock.

"Put that thing away!" she hisses, motioning that Myra is walking our way.

Myra walks up and just grins.

"What are you two talking about?"

"Nothing," answers Gina. I just smile.

"You saw us on the dock didn't you Gina!"


I just lay my head back and grin. Gina pretends as though she didn't see me bust a nut on Myra's stomach a little while ago.

"Yeah, well, you can pretend you didn't see that. Probably don't want to think about your cousin stickin' his cock in me anyway!"

Gina covers her ears. "La la la la!" she says feigning disgust.

Truth is, I didn't stick it in her. I had cum before I got inside her and then somehow managed to fulfill a dream.

"Well, I tell you what, buddy... when you get some stamina... I'll be ready for you."

With that, Myra grabs her bag and heads up the hill.

"You coming with me Gina?"

"I think I'm gonna hang out here for a while. Maybe my little cousin here will give me a ride..."

Trying to contain my laughter at this double meaning, I turn my face away from Myra. She just stomps away up the hill, obviously sexually frustrated.

As her car speeds away, Gina turns to look at me again.

"So, you want to give me a ride?"

My cock springs to life again and makes a tent out of my strategically placed beach towel. I just smile.

"I'll take that as a yes," she says as she pulls the towel off my lap. She slowly unties her bikini top, putting on a show for me as I stare up at her. She holds the cups over her beautiful tits and just stands there.

"You want to see these?"

"Oh yeah!" I exclaim, sitting forward in some sort of attempt to get closer to her. She steps closer to me and drops the bikini top from her breasts. I stare in awe at the perfect mounds of flesh before me.

Gently, I reach up and take them in my hands. She lets out a low moan as I begin squeezing them, feeling her perfect skin in my palms. Taking a nipple in my mouth, I begin to run my tongue in circles around it. My free hand begins to slide across her back and down to her firm ass. I give it a good squeeze as I hold her body tight against my eager mouth.

She begins to squirm and I run my hand down to her scantily clad pussy. A slight tug, quick push and my finger slides into her soaking wet pussy.

"You aren't excited are you?" I ask, pulling my mouth from her breast only long enough to speak those words.

"Fuck... yes..." she says as she pushes me back. She slowly unties the lower half of her bikini and drops it to the ground. Wasting no time, she swings her leg over me and lowers her body towards mine. The head of my cock presses against the outer folds of her steaming pussy as he stare up at her. I grab her hips as she is poised just over my body.

Slowly, I guide her down onto me, feeling her pussy walls grip me along my full length. Finally, she comes to rest and closes her eyes. We both hold still, enjoying the sensations that are coursing through our bodies. After a few moments, she raises herself a little and then drops back down, rocking gently as she does this.

My cock is rock hard as it plunges into this beautiful girl who happens to be my cousin. I cannot believe that my fantasy is coming true in such a wonderful way! I begin to pull down on her hips, slamming myself into her a little harder with each successive stroke.

"Fuck me harder!" she exclaims as I raise my hips up to meet her downward thrust.

She begins shuddering and my cock twitches as it begins to spew my seed into her. I raise my hips against her as she presses down, forcing our bodies to form a very tight seal. Then she collapses onto me, completing our second fuck session in less than an hour. I wrap my arms around her as our naked bodies heave in the cool afternoon breeze.

A few minutes pass and the feeling of joy fills both of our minds, when we hear footsteps.

"I fucking knew it!" says Myra as she rounds the corner. She has a huge grin on her face as she walks towards us. Gina makes no attempt to cover herself and just sits up, my cock still partially lodged inside her.

"Knew what?" asks Gina.

"I knew you would fuck him... that's what he wanted all along anyway... but, whatever works I guess... it was fucking hot!"

Gina just smiles at her and then looks at me again.

"We had an audience I guess."

"Sounds that way," I add. "I thought you left Myra."

"I did, but came back after I realized I forgot my new sunglasses. I started around the corner of the cabin and heard you two going at it, so I just stayed over there and watched."

"You liked it then?" asked Gina.

"Damn straight! I came twice!"

"Good, because this little stallion feels like he is ready to go again..." Gina says as she grinds her hips against me. My cock stirs back to life and slides right back into her with no trouble. Gina smiles at this sensation and then motions for Myra to come closer.

"Lower the back of his chair down flat," she instructs Myra. Myra does as she is told and then just looks at the two of us. Gina is flexing her pussy walls, bringing me back to full attention. Something came over me, almost as if Gina were giving me instructions too.

I reach up and grab Myra, pulling her body along side my chair. With a quick tug I pull her moist bikini bottom right down to her knees. Then I push them the rest of the way down and she steps out of them.

"Sit on my face," I say, although I'm not quite sure where that came from.

Myra straddles my chair, facing Gina and presses her wet pussy against my mouth. My tongue begins licking and twisting against her folds as she grinds gently against me. Then the fucking sensation returns as Gina begins a slow rocking motion. I reach up and grab Myra's large tits and begin squeezing them. She quickly unties her top and throws it to the ground. Now I'm in heaven. My cock is sliding in and out my smoking hot cousin while my tongue dances around the pussy of her best friend, Myra.

The sloppy sounds emanating from our threesome are outdone only by the moaning coming from Myra and Gina. Having already cum twice, I feel like I could last forever in this endeavor. Then I feel Myra's thighs tense as she squeezes my head. I squeeze her tits and hold my breath as she coats my face with her cum. My tongue is lapping full speed trying to get her off a second time, and it works. She immediately begins convulsing as a second orgasm rips through her.

She carefully lifts her pussy away from my face and eager tongue, preventing me from continuing my oral assault.

"Fuck!" she yells. "That was fucking awesome!"

Gina laughs at her as she continues riding my cock.

"Seems he isn't too bad for a kid," comments Gina.

"I just want a turn on that cock!"

"You have a greedy little pussy there Myra"

"Yeah, well, what can I say!"

"Too bad for you, I want this load of cum deep inside me."

With that, Gina reaches around and grabs my sack. She begins rolling my balls around sending shockwaves through my body. She pushes her pussy down against, pulling my cock in as deep as it can go. Without any warning I erupt into her, making another deposit into her waiting womb.

"Damn! I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing that! You two are so hot together!"

Myra is squeezing her own tits as she watches Gina shiver through an orgasm as she rides me for a few more moments. My cock is totally spent now and begins to soften inside Gina. She lays down on top of me as we pant in unison. The feel of her body against mine gives me a sense of perfect unity and I know this is the woman I want.

Gina and I drift off into a light slumber as Myra settles into a nearby beach chair.


In the next few weeks I would apply and be accepted to the same college as Gina attends. We make arrangements to cut living costs by sharing an apartment.


Author's note – Look for part 3 as Gina and I move in together!

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