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Cousin Loves


My name is JJ. I have cerebral palsy and confined to a wheel chair. Although my body is constrained, my mind is not, it is rather active especially when it concerns sex.

I was 30 and a virgin, at the time of this story. I didn't get out much, so my chances of meeting women were very slim. The major women in my life is my mother and my cousin Jesse. Jesse is a nurse and takes care of my needs three times a week, she was 27. Well, not all my needs as I said I was still a virgin, but I had a plan.

I forgot one piece of information, one important piece; Jesse is my cousin. She is a BBW! She has Black hair that curls around her neck, layered with a sweet smell of juniper. I live in the country and love the smell of juniper in the morning. She has light blue eyes that sparkle when she laughs, I try to make her laugh often. Her skin is soft and white. I know it is soft because her face rubs against mine when she is helping me get comfortable in my chair, for some reason when she is around I am uncomfortable, a lot.

She wears a 38DD bra; I know that because I asked her. Size fifteen dress and size 9 shoe. Her body tapers to her hips, which are wide and hefty. Her ass juts out from her back, nice round and solid. She always jokes about her "big" ass, I tell her it looks voluptuous. She joked back, stop looking at me like that, I am your cousin. Then she would say "I have to find you a girl!"

Truth is I don't want another girl, I wanted her, I wanted to have sex with my cousin.

My mom and dad were called out of state to visit a sick f****y member, they would be gone for a week. I told them I did not want to go and they should ask Jesse to come over. They argued with me a little, but I won the argument. They called her, she accepted.

The night before they were leaving, my mom tucked me in bed said goodnight and turned off the light. I could not sl**p, all I could think of was being alone for a week with my cousin Jesse. I finally did fall to sl**p only to dream about her. I awoke the next morning, very uncomfortable. My underpants were wet and sticky. I had a wet dream. Oh great! Now what? Although I could change myself it would take a little while. And I would need help getting my new underwear. What should I do?

My plan! Wet sticky underwear was not a part of it, but I might be able to incorporate them into it.

My mom and dad came up to my room, "We are getting ready to leave," they said, "You should get up now, we'll help."

"Not yet, I am still tired. I will wait for Jesse. I hope everything works out, enjoy the trip as much as you can." I replied.

A few minutes went by. I heard a knock on the door. It was Jesse. My mother gave her a bunch of instructions and a list.

"He will be all-right, I'll make sure."

With that they left. Jesse came up stairs to check on me.

"Hey lazy bones, your in my care now. How do you like that?"

I liked it, a lot.

She was not wearing her Nursing uniform, as she always did. She wore a blue short sleeve blouse, that showed off her bright blue eyes. It had a little white collar on it and low enough cut to show off her BBB (big beautiful breast).

"Are you going to get out of bed?"

"Well Jess I have a problem." I figured I would cut straight to the chase. "I had a wet dream last night and need new underwear."

"You little devil you," she replied, "I DO have to get you a girl friend."

"Jesse, I have told you a hundred times all I want is you."

"I have never asked you before, but have you ever had sex with a woman?"

'NO!" and I want to. I don't want to reach my 31st birthday and be a virgin." I told her. I was thinking about my plan.

'JJ you know I am your cousin, it just wouldn't be right. I won't say no, but I will have to think about it. Alright?" she said.

Alright, did I just hear her say she is going to think about it? This is even faster than I thought. My plan is going to work.

She went into my clothes draw and handed me a clean pair of underwear.

"By the way, who did you dream about?"

"Who else?" I asked. "You."

She grew a big smile, left the room and told me to get dressed, and call her when I was ready.

It took me a while but I got dressed and then needed help getting in the chair. I called her. She came in to help me. But this time I noticed she was not wearing her bra. She helped me in my chair, when she bent over to put my feet on the steps, I could see down her blouse. Her breast hung there, like two ripe melons waiting to be felt.

"I see you liked that, I knew you were looking down my blouse. It made me kind of excited, I have decided to take care of your situation." She said, "Of course this is our little secret. And there is one thing I want you to do for me."

"Anything I can." I quickly answered.

"I found this in the bathroom, you can take this, it will help. It's a Viagra pill."

I took the pill.

"Are you hungry now or would you like to wait?" she said seductively.

"What I am hungry for can't be found in the kitchen."

She let out a girlish giggle. "Oh, this is so wrong, but I am turned on at the thought of me being your first."

She stood there and began to unbutton her blouse. She did it slowly and teasingly. She turned her back to me and took her blouse off. She turned to me with her two hands placed over each breast, or at least the nipples.

Her breast were large and full. I imagined how heavy they must feel. She removed her hands. There in front of my face were two perfectly shaped pink nipples. I had seen breast like hers in magazines and the internet, but these were real. She wiggled from side to side, her breast swaying with her. I was transfixed on them, she knew it and was enjoying teasing me.

She grabbed them in her hands and made them bounce. Her fingers went to her nipples, she pinched them between her thumb and forefingers. Twirling them in her fingers, she let a soft moaning sound. She placed her fingers to her mouth, got them wet and touched her nipples again. Running her fingers around them. I watch them harden to her touch.

"I want to feel them," I said.

She bent over, grabbed my hands and put them to her breast. They were heavy, they felt soft and firm. She moved my fingers to her nipples and used them to rub her, to run along the length of her breast. She led my hands to her cleavage, sliding my hands from her chest to her nipples and back again. She looked like she was enjoying this as much as I was.

She put my hands down and moved closer to me. She pulled my head into her breast. She moved back and forth, her breast slapping my cheeks. She rubbed them across my eyes, down my face until I could lick her chest. She ran them over the top of my head and around again. Jesse was so exciting, I felt so alive. I was breathing heavy as she drew back until her breast were hanging in front of my face. Her movements went forward and back, which caused her breast to slap against my mouth. I was in heaven, she was so sexy. She cupped one of her breast in her hand, lifted it to my lips, I began to suck her nipple.

"Yes JJ. Suckle my breast. Suck the nipples, bite on them a little."

I could feel an arousal in my pants. My cock was starting to stiffen. I knew I was going to be able to fuck her, but how?

She drew away from my mouth. 'Now there is something I want you to do for me,." She said. "And then I will fuck you."

She removed her skirt, her undies were all wet. She moved over to my desk and pulled down her panties. Her ass was big, she jiggled it for me. Amazing, I thought. She turned to me, revealing her shaven pussy, and then laid on the top of the desk. She raised her legs and bent them, holding them back with her hands.

"Come over here and eat my pussy."

I had never done this before, but knew what to do. I wheeled myself over to the desk my chair sliding underneath it, putting her very wet and inviting pussy in my face. I began to suck her pussy lips. First one then the other, I found her clit and put it between my teeth. I licked it with my tongue. Her juices were beginning to flow, following the crack in her ass. I began licking it up, my tongue hitting the hole in her ass. I rimmed her for a while.

She was moaning and panting very heavily, she was enjoying it. I went back to her pussy, sticking my tongue in licking all around it. I placed my mouth over her clit which was beginning to turn from pink to red. I sucked it hard, creating a suction noise. I licked, kissed, sucked my cousins pussy like a wild man.

"Don't stop JJ, don't stop. You are going to make me cum. I love having my pussy sucked. I love you sucking it. Please, don't stop."

I wasn't about to stop. I kissed her inner thighs, I cleaned up her juices dripping from her. My face was all wet and my groin was aching. Aching to fuck her! I went back to her pussy, with one finger she was playing with her clit. Grabbing some of her female juice and rubbing it on her swollen clit. I ran my tongue around her fuck hole and her pussy lips. I stuck my tongue into her and pressed against the top of her hole.

She began to pant heavier, she stiffened, she was about to cum. She pressed on her clit with her finger. I placed my mouth over her pussy. She let out a scream and after a few seconds began to relax.

"That was awesome JJ," she said.

I wheeled my self back.

She got off the desk, walked over to me. Placed her hands on the arms of my chair, looked me in the eyes, and said, "Now I am going to take your virginity."

She helped me off my chair, back into bed. She removed my shirt and my pants. I was hard but not hard enough. She got on the bed with me, moving her large breast across my feet, my legs and put my cock in-between them. She moved side to side, slapping my cock. Harder and harder. Then she pulled back, placed her lips over my cock and sucked it into her mouth. She moved her mouth up and down, I was fucking her mouth. I could feel it hardening as she sucked.

She raised her head, staring at me.

"Now you are ready," she said.

She moved over my cock grabbed it in her hand, place it against her fuck hole and sat down on it. She moved up and down, bringing the head of my cock to her entrance and down again. She put my head on my pillow so I could see my cock exposed then buried again. She grabbed her pussy lips and separated them so I could get a better look.

I was doing it. I was fucking my cousin, fucking Jesse. I lost my virginity to her. She was my teacher. I was fucking her.

She began to play with her clit. My cock was wet. Her moving up and down on me was creating a slashing noise. She was fucking me, jumping up and down my shaft, her ass hitting against my balls. With each thrust she moaned deeper.

I wish I could say I lasted for an hour, but I did not. It was my first time and the excitement was so great I could not control myself.

"Cum inside me, JJ. Don't try to hold back. I want your cum in me. I am your first and want to feel you. Cum for me."

I did. I did cum for her. I shot a load of white hot man juice into her.

My plan had worked, faster and better than I hoped for. Thanks to a wet dream and caring cousin.

That was the best week of my life.

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