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Cousin Lovin


The phone call ended it all. A three year engagement broken off because of an affair and Dylan was heartbroken. Lost in a bottle of whiskey in the dark basement of a friends place he found his solitude, but was still missing that women's body to cuddle up to at night. Lonely and drinking away each night he wasn't too sure how to cope with all of life's battles until a step cousin began talking to him online one evening. Dylan was all of a sudden sprung to life a little bit as they were chatting back and forth at 12:30 am. The two of them discussed many life stories between each other and made a connection.

Her name was Lea, and Dylan didn't know her all that well seeing as she was a step cousin and really only met her in person a few times over the period of a week this past summer. All that he could remember was how gorgeous she was. She was of Greek heritage so her skin was exotic, beautiful smile with sparkling eyes and the body of a goddess.... Lea the Greek Goddess.

Over the period of a month they chatted at least three to four times getting closer and closer and learning more about each other. Teasing each other back and forth through email Dylan then decided he was taking a week's vacation and that he was going to travel to the big city where Lea lived and spend some time there with her.

Dylan arrives in the afternoon in the city and calls Lea to let her know that he has arrived; she sounds very excited on the phone and gives him her address. He locates the street and as he is walking down the street Lea is on her front porch having a smoke when she spots him. She begins to wave and gets up to greet him at the end of her walkway with a big hug that lasted a little bit longer then a friendly "how are you" hug. He feels her tight body against his and Dylan doesn't want to let her go. They say there hello's and she brings him up to her apartment. There is no elevator so the view that Dylan gets takes his breath away as he has her delicious round ass inches from his face following behind her in the tight stairwell. Once inside she offers him a drink and they sit on the couch and catch up seeing that this is the first time they've seen each other in over a year.

Lea asks him since he's had a long trip if he wants to shower at all before they head out to dinner because she still needs to change. He takes her up on the offer but in the back of his mind he's wishing it was a shower that included her. Dylan washes up all the while daydreaming of washing Lea's incredible body, lathering her up with soap in all the right spots. He finishes up and as he walks out into the living area of the apartment he peers down the hallway and Lea's door is open as she's changing. She just slipped on a purple lace thong and he finally can see just how amazing her ass is, she doesn't notice him as she grabs the matching lace bra from her dresser and puts it on her delicate frame. Turning around her head around she catches Dylan standing in the hallway with just a towel around his waist. He's speechless as she smiles ear to ear with a seductive smile and begins walking towards him in just her bra and panties.

"Now Dylan what are you doing just standing there..." Lea says as she puts her hands on her small waist. "It looks like you are enjoying your view of me, would you like to see some more?"

That's all Dylan needed as he grabs her tight body and pulls it into his as they embrace in a passionate kiss. Tasting each other as they each let out soft moans of approval, Dylan reaches down and puts both hands on her bare tight ass cheeks and pulls her hips tighter against him and then runs one hand up her smooth back and runs his hand through her hair as they continue to kiss. Lea breaks the kiss and bites his bottom lip and smiles, she says nothing but takes his hand and saunters him into the bedroom leaving her delicious body for him to admire in front of him.

Once in the bedroom she turns into an animal tearing his towel off his hips and licks her lips at the sight of his large cock that's just crying to get inside of her. Lea pushes him onto her bed and begins to crawl towards him kissing and licking his thighs, her hand reaches his throbbing cock first and she begins to run her hand all over his shaft softly, triggering all of his senses. Wrapping her small hand around his cock at the same time that her tongue begins to lick his balls she starts to stroke him gently, teasing him more and more. Dylan's finding it unbearable as he runs his hands through her hair and begins to remove her bra to unveil her round firm tits with small nipples that could cut glass she's so horny for him. Lea then looks up at Dylan as she begins to lick from the base of his cock all the way to his swelling head that's oozing with precum, licking it off she winks at him and then slides her pretty lips all the way down his cock as she starts to suck him off slowly. Dylan arches his back and thrusts his hips towards her mouth loving every second of the pleasure that his cousin is giving him.

Slowly Lea begins to maneuver her way upside down on the bed as Dylan continues to caress her breasts; he feels what she's doing so he gives her a hand by grabbing her legs and swings her around so that he's now staring at her bald pussy dripping with her love juices. Moving his hands now all over her body he slides one of his hands up her inner thigh and grazes over top of her clit making her shiver while she's still sucking on his cock. With Dylan teasing her Lea decides to take matters into her own hands and lowers her juicy pussy onto Dylan's face, with both hands he grabs her ass and begins to lick and suck at her pussy lips tasting her juices as they smother his face. Lea then sits up on his face and begins to moan at the tongue lashing that Dylan is giving to her pussy.

"Oh fuck Dylan right there, yes, yes, lick my pussy good baby."

Lea starts to rock her hips back and forth over Dylan's mouth as he sucks in her clit and bites down on it gently as he slides a finger inside her.

"Yes, yes, suck that clit, fuck me this feels so good babe, don't stop, please don't stop."

With all of Lea's encouraging words Dylan keeps up his pace and can feel her hips beginning to buck as he brings her closer to her peak. His fingers are all wet from sliding in and out of her dripping hole he slowly slides her juices over to her cute little puckered asshole, moving in ever so slightly but not entering just yet. Continuing to suck at her clit Lea is grinding and fucking Dylan's face while she moans and screams and then once she feels the pressure of Dylan sliding a finger deep into her ass she unleashes her orgasm shaking on top of Dylan and falling off to the side of him onto her bed. Dylan licks and kisses down her thigh lapping up her juices.

"You're truly amazing Lea, I've been wanting to please you since the day that I laid eyes on you"

"Dylan, please finish me off babe, fuck me hard, I need your cock inside me right now"

Dylan instantly slides in between her legs as she's lying on her side and slides his hard cock deep inside of her, as he embraces her with a kiss. He breaks away and gets on his knees as Lea is lying sideways with her legs spread and Dylan starts to thrust in and out pounding his cock deep inside of her, slapping her ass with one hand while he fingers at her clit. Harder and harder Dylan pushes inside of Lea looking at her as she moans in pleasure turning him on even more. Dylan gets her onto her knees as he keeps fucking her but now he's got a beautiful view of her delicious ass as he pounds into her. Reaching around he starts to play with her clit and she joins him with her own fingers, the two of them toying at her clit as he continues to slide in and out of her juicy pussy. Feeling that he can hold on no longer and hearing her moans and screams, Lea's pussy tightens around his cock and they both shudder into orgasm as load after load of cum is poured into her pussy.

Laying there exhausted with each other they just kiss and look into each others eyes. Lea looks at Dylan and says,

"Well I guess we need a shower to clean each other up now don't we..."

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