tagIncest/TabooCousin Maggie Ch. 06

Cousin Maggie Ch. 06


We invited Maggie's friend Denise to a birthday party for Maggie with the intention of having fun picking her up and bringing her back to our new place. Maggie and I always had lots of fun on road trips - it always meant cruisin' with Maggie's top off (truckers love that) and piss stops along the side of the road. Maggie strips down completely to take a pee. We haven't had a road trip yet that didn't take a sidetrack sexually. Denise went with us to Hershey PA about a month back and I found that she is very much into everything we are - which is anything sexual! Both girls are mentally challenged, but very much physically equipped. I know, I have been screwed and sucked off by both of them - more than once. But, I guess it wasn't meant to be another road trip, this time Denise's parents were able to drop her off at our place.

Not that we had officially moved in, but we had the keys and enough stuff to rough it for a great party. Any party with two young woman and just me - is a great party. Denise arrived at 4pm and she brought two presents. One for the house and one for Maggie. First, Denise kissed me and slipped me her tongue and then she kissed Maggie and also slipped her the tongue. The girls roomed together at the group home and had seen each other's bodies and explored each others bodies. Still, they both liked a good hard dick and mine seem to please them both. Maggie's kiss from Denise lasted much longer than mine - but it was her birthday! Actually Maggie turned 21 that night at 12:01AM and she wanted to stay up until then.

Denise gave me another kiss to make up for the short one and I copped a feel of her large left breast. Maggie was still smiling ear to ear from her kiss and seeing her friend again and perhaps she was thinking of the fun we'd all have - I know I was.

"Can I open my presents?" my sweet Cousin Maggie said. If you didn't already know from a previous story, Maggie is my first cousin. The only daughter of my late Uncle Stew. We fell into this relationship after Uncle Stew's death when Aunt Beth could no longer afford to keep Maggie at the group home. I ended up picking her up and we had sex numerous times on the trip back to Aunt Beth's house. Aunt Beth admitted later that she hoped we would end up together when she sent me. We now also had the blessing of the rest of the family.

"Not yet, I have to pee." said the very busty Denise as she looked around for the bathroom.

"I'll show you." said Maggie and they giggled off together. I was just a tiny bit hurt that I hadn't been invited. Instead, I used my cell phone to call for some food. Maggie wanted chicken fingers, so I ordered 3 dinners and was told 45 minutes. Not bad, since our house is outside the Buffalo city limits and way at the end of our road. I chose it for the privacy factor. You could run and frolic all day in the nude in our backyard and maybe even the front yard without anyone seeing you. You just can't do that in the city!

Maggie and Denise returned and I knew something was up as they were too quiet. Maggie walked over to me and less than a foot from me - she sprayed me with fluid from her mouth. It startled me and Denise got me from the other side. It took about a second to realize that it was pee that they sprayed me with. They must have each pissed in the other's mouth - it was a plot that I was amazed they came up with!

"Jimmy Andrews!!!" the girls shouted together and then began rolling in laughter. Maggie's laugh was like you would expect a bird to laugh if it could copy a human - a chortle not too differently pitched from her sexual screams of ecstasy. Denise's laugh was like that of a villain in an old 1930's movie - deep and much overexaggerated. Probably picked up from watching TV at the group home.

"Who the fuck is Jimmy Andrews?" I asked. I was pretending anger so they could make it up to me - I wasn't really angry! I took off my shirt and wiped my piss wet face.

"We did that to him at the home..." Denise began, "...but we didn't use pee-pee. We sprayed him with water when he was sleeping." Maggie was rolling on the floor and turning red with laughter. "He snuck into our room and put our hands in warm water and made us pee our beds. He did that to everybody until Mags and I sprayed him."

"Then he stopped?" I asked.

"He cried and everybody laughed at him. He stopped talking for a whole month."

"Then Denise sucked his weiner for $10 in Monopoly money and he told everybody." It took Maggie a minute to get all the words out between laughter. "It got him talking to everybody!"

"So, if I stop talking - I get a blowjob?"

"No," said Denise, "you just have to ask."

"It's my birthday and I want to open my presents!" Maggie was up on her feet nearly calmed down and ready to pounce on her present from Denise.

"First, you have to open the present for the house," said Denise and she reached down and picked up the large flat present.

As expected, Maggie pounced on it. It took her 3 seconds and she grinned like the imbecile she is and said, "This is just like Christmas!"

The wrapping paper was off and I could not believe my eyes. It was an oil painting of myself and Maggie standing next to my car on a country road. It was every bit as good as an oil painting in any art gallery and -- it was signed Denise Dee.

"I didn't know that you painted? I certainly didn't know that you pained this well. We never posed for a picture like this and you didn't even have a camera the last time you were with us -- how did you do this?

Denise just tapped the side of her head, "I've got a great memory."

Every day, Maggie would amaze me with things she did that were so unexpected for a mentally challenged person, but this was TV show incredible -- Ripley's would have begged to feature this young artist!

If the world found out about Denise - she could quite possibly make a fortune with her skills. I'm not shitting you - the painting was that good.

"I started it after we went to the park." I knew she meant Hershey. "I have to paint before I forget. This one was hard because of the car. I never painted a car, before. For someone who had never painted a car before, she had the details down - this included a small dent in the driver's door!

"Wow!" and I really meant it!

"I want to open my present!" I had almost forgotten Maggie was there - because I was examining the details of the painting. There was a tree in the corner of the photo that had a broken branch and chills ran up my spine with the thought that there was a real tree out there on a road we stopped on for a piss break that had that exact branch broken and the fine details were committed first to memory and then to canvas.

Maggie had her birthday present open and...

Squeals of feminine laughter -- it was a Monopoly game! Just then, the doorbell rang. The food was right on time. By the time I finished paying and tipping, Maggie and Denise had the game open and were using the car and the thimble to walk up each other's bodies. They had also taken the board and tossed it aside and were whispering and clutching the money. They hadn't given me a pile.

"I'll give you this much money to LICK ME!" Maggie held out perhaps fifty dollars in play money.

"OK," I reached out and took the money and stuck most of the fives in the waist of my pants and held two out to Denise... "I'll give you $10 if you help me make Maggie cum." Denise quickly agreed.

Maggie smiled and fluffed her pretty blond hair. It fell over her shoulders and about six inches down her back. She lifted her shirt and exposed a bright pink size 36C bra I had just bought her at McKinley Mall a week earlier - my birthday present to Maggie was a shopping spree and we had purchased over $300 in clothing for her.

"That's real pretty Mags. Take it off and let us suck your titties." Denise never held back what she wanted to say. "I get the left one."

Maggie folded her shirt and placed it neatly on top of one of the boxes we hadn't unpacked yet. She reached behind her and unfastened the bra and Denise swooped in and clamped a mouth on Maggie's left tit.

Maggie tried to fold the bra, but Denise threw it across the room. The titty sucking must have started getting Maggie stirred, because she didn't protest. I moved in and pulled off Maggie's right sneaker. Denise unsnapped Maggie's jeans and by the time I had the second sneaker off - it was time to pull the jeans down. The matching panties were exposed. Denise didn't wait and buried her face in Maggie's crotch. Maggie obliged by pulling the panties to the side and exposing her furry blond snatch.

I was running my hands up and down Maggie's legs which were spread far enough to admit Denise. I was able to dip my finger in Maggie's very wet cunt and when I pulled it out - Denise licked it off.

"Let's all just get naked," I suggested, "It will be easier to please everyone." It took us less than a minute to have a big pile of clothes.

Denise went right back to sucking and slurping Maggie's pussy. Maggie had Denise's face in her hands holding it tight to her. I moved up to Maggie's face and gave her a kiss. I was hoping she'd suck me off! I made sure my dick was right there in her face.

"It's my birthday and I want you to fuck Denise while she is licking me. Denise heard this and nodded without pulling her face away. I went down to where Denise's ass was up in the air and noticed that she was even more wet than Maggie. Pussy juice was just running down her belly. I easily pushed Stiffy (my pet name for my penis) inside and I sank to the hilt. A very loose pussy - and also very warm! I gave a stroke and felt Denise give Stiffy a little squeeze with her cunt muscles. I had a big soft ass to slam against as I did my girlfriend's bidding. I looked over Denise toward Maggie and saw that she was panting and the screaming was about to commence. I started slowly screwing my darling birthday girl's best friend as per her wishes.

I never had my dick go on a roller coaster ride. Denise seemed to be able to make her inner muscles roll in waves - it's very hard to describe, but it felt absolutely wonderful! Maggie was chortling and making her throat noises and her scream suddenly burst out and it seemed to excite Denise as much as Maggie! Her pussy began throbbing and right after I shot a load up her - it seemed that she expelled some fluid of her own. Denise came without my even touching her clit or nipples. Just from rocking her roller coaster pussy.

Denise rolled on to her back and was catching her breath. I was next to her and she gave me a big ole kiss. I could taste the familiar scent of Maggie's sweet pussy. Pussies are not all alike. In fact, an experienced cocksman will tell you that they are all very different. They will all do, however, and the cocksman will do them all.

I'm not quite to that level - I'll be lucky to make it to (and with) 50 women before I die. Ok, to all you guys who have had only 2 women - eat your fuckin' hearts out! Better yet, eat some pussy!

So, there we were. Denise laying to my left and licking my face and putting her tongue deep in my mouth and Maggie, kissing her way up Denise's leg 'til she reached Denise's fuzz and began licking my fluids out of her friend. At the same time, Denise was playing with my dick and Maggie had her finger up my ass.

I really am a selfish self indulgent bastard sometimes. Since I had shot my wad and I knew I get plenty more that night and in the morning - I was only thinking about the chicken fingers that were getting cold and the cake that we hadn't yet cut. Maybe the girls wanted to just gobble cum - but I was hungry!

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