tagIncest/TabooCousin Maggie Ch. 07

Cousin Maggie Ch. 07


So, it's Maggie's 21st birthday and her best friend Denise has just licked Maggie to climax. At the same time, I was fucking Denise doggy style (at Maggie's request). Denise has this way of making her cunt muscles roll internally like a roller coaster ride and it sure was one explosive ride!

Denise was giving me a little tongue, now while Maggie crept up and began licking my juices from her friend's pussy. Maggie also had her finger up my ass and both girls were trying to get me hard for another round. I'm feeling my age (just over 40) in this relationship. They wanted more fucking and I wanted some of the chicken fingers we ordered for dinner that I can see getting cold across the room. I also wouldn't mind a piece of cake!

Maggie pulled her face away from Denise's pussy from a moment to blow a cum bubble - which popped and sent both mentally disadvantaged girls in fits of laughter. Maggie went back down on Denise and made a raspberry sound (as if Denise had farted) and then acted like Denise had by holding her nose before going back down. Denise didn't care as she was kissing and nibbling on me...

"If Mags ever gives you up. You call me, baby." Denise whispered in my ear. I don't think I'll share that info with Maggie. It might have just been said in the heat of the moment - Denise had just cum while I was fucking her and now she was getting licked by my pretty blond cousin/girlfriend. Denise moved lower and put my cock in her mouth.

Like she had done other times, Denise started to hum. It's a great feeling when a girl can bob up and down on your dick and still hum a song. Maggie noticed and increased her efforts with Denise. The faster Maggie went - the faster Denise went - the closer I got. I exploded inside Denise's mouth and then had to pull her mouth off me to get her to stop. Denise grabbed Maggie's head and humped Maggie's face until she came again. Now, the girls were in each other's arms and I decided to take revenge for something they did to me earlier - although our actions were all in fun!

While Maggie and Denise were swapping tongues and various body fluid tastes, I crept up and pointed my dick at both girls. They were too into each other to notice me. When the piss started to hit them, both girls took notice and tried to catch some and spit it back at me.

Denise even grabbed up the Monopoly thimble and tried to fill it and throw some back. Maggie grabbed at my dick and tried to push the stream back at me. When that failed, she stuck my dick in her mouth and took the stream of urine. When she pulled away, I expected her to spit it at me as both girls had done earlier, instead, she spit it at Denise. It only got Denise's hair wet in one small spot where it hit. This made Denise more playful and soon the girls were rolling around on the floor trying to piss on each other's heads.

I got up and ate a piece of breaded chicken. The girls either tired or peed themselves out as soon they were over by the cake and we sang to Maggie. I lit a candle (I forgot to buy birthday candles) and had her blow it out. We sat down and started to eat cake. It quickly turned into a small food fight and I got the brunt. I had cake everywhere, including my butt crack. There was cake smeared on the girl's tits and some in Maggie's bushy pubic fuzz. Soon, we were licking each other and Maggie stuck her tongue in my ass when she licked off my backside.

It was warm inside with all our running about, so we took our little party out in the back yard. I set up a hose and we hosed each other down. We took a cooler of Pepsi out with us (Denise wasn't 21 yet) and we ran around and drank Pepsi and listened to music from our small portable cassette player. None of us bothered to put on clothes and my closest neighbor couldn't have seen us without a helicopter.

Soon, there was a spot of mud in which we were playing and smearing each other. We coated Denise and made her look like a black girl and then we rinsed her off. Maggie rubbed mud all around my cock and when I got hard - she jerked me off with mud as a lube. My poor penis was getting sore from all the action but the mud felt nice and cool - so I left it on.

"Hey, watch this!" Suddenly Denise was doing a handstand. Denise is a bit on the plump side and I was surprised to see her get and keep herself in that position. Then, she started to piss straight up into the air like a fountain. Maggie and I went over and got a closer look and each of us splashed Denise's pee at the other. Of course, most of it ran down all over Denise. Maggie tried to do a hand stand and gave up. I knew enough not to try. We kept drinking Pepsi and soon I had to piss. Maggie held it for me and Denise let it hit her in the face and all over her tits. Maggie peed in Denise's hair at Denise's request and Denise was totally drenched in piss as the night went on. We danced a bit and listened to tapes of groups I had never heard of before. We played and hugged and kissed and touched and I got to thinking that these girls would have fit right in back in the sixties and seventies (free love era).

It was getting late, nearly midnight - Maggie wanted to stay up until 12:01 which was officially her birthday, Denise was looking very tired and no one had danced for the last few songs. I was sitting against the back fence and Maggie came and sat in my lap. We cuddled until I was able to look at my watch and say - "Happy Birthday, honey!"

We rinsed off with the hose one final time and I took the girls into the house. We all laid out on a king sized sleeping bag and both girls quickly fell asleep. An hour later, I crept out to the kitchen and had another slice of cake and some more chicken fingers. As I ate the food and reflected on the day, I remembered the Jimmy Andrews story the girls had told. He was a young man at the group home who would make everyone piss their bed by putting their hands into warm water.

I didn't spill a drop when I carried the bowl out to the sleeping bag. Not a drop - but somehow (wink wink) the sleeping bag got wet that night. I hoped that the girls would get even in the morning. My dick would be recovered by then.

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