tagLoving WivesCousin Nick Seduces My Wife

Cousin Nick Seduces My Wife


Cousin Nick was visiting from back East. He was about ten years older than my wife and has known her since she was a child. He was only staying two nights as he was passing through California on his way to Nepal. Karen stayed home as I drove to the airport to meet Nick's plane. While driving, I indulged myself by imagining my favorite fantasy.

Karen and I often used stories to arouse our passions. One of our most popular involved her being totally submissive to another man. She would allow him to take her sexually in any way he wanted. I would assume the role of the other man. But, what I really desired was for her to actually experience the fantasy for real. Before Nick's arrival, I started calling myself by Nick's name during these fantasy driven encounters. Karen would even close her eyes and encourage my lust driven strokes with cries of, "Nick, ohhh...Nick!"

Karen always insisted that she would never, ever, participate in the real deal. But, I planned on finding out.

I met Nick curbside at the airport, and tossed his back-pack in the rear seat. We began talking about old times. He mentioned the time Karen had gone back East to visit her parents. How she and her parents came over to spend the day at Nick's farm. He showed Karen how to drive his tractor.

I remembered Karen talking about this incident. She told me that when Nick helped her board the tractor that he actually felt her ass as she climbed over him. As she turned to give him a dirty look, he just smiled and gave her a kiss. Karen was so surprised, she just kissed him back, and forgot about being angry.

After the driving lesson, Nick again assisted her in dismounting the tractor. She gave Nick a brief thank you kiss and turned to walk back to the house. But Nick touched her shoulder, stopping her. She looked back inquisitively as he bent down to kiss her again. She told me that his lips were so soft, and the kiss so gentle, that she allowed it to linger a bit too long.

I shared Karen's memory of the event with Nick. He could tell that it didn't upset me. And, I reassured him that I found it to be a turn-on. He said that, yes, that is the way it happened. And that he thought Karen was one of the most desirable women that he has ever met. He said that even at the age of twelve, Karen already had the body of mature woman. That she was just so innocent and natural, that it was all he could do to control himself. And, as she became older, she became even more attractive. He told me that the tractor incident was not the first time that he kissed her passionately.

I shared with Nick the fantasies that Karen and I used to arouse our lust. He was very pleased that he was the star of these fantasies. I told him that I had to work the midnight shift that very night and that I wouldn't mind if he actually seduced my wife. That I would enjoy the hell out of it.

We arrived home after dark and were greeted by Karen on the front porch. She smiled broadly, and gave Nick a friendly hug. He held her close and kissed her on the lips, very gently. Karen flushed, and snuck a quick glance at me. I just smiled as broadly as she had, and gave her a knowing wink.

We enjoyed a fine dinner and I got ready for work. Karen walked me out to the car, and kissed me goodnight. I held her close, and whispered that the night belonged to she and Nick, and that I would really enjoy hearing about it later. She told me that nothing was going to happen, so I might just as well forget about it.

As I drove away, I gave her a thumbs up and called out, "Have fun, Sweetie Pie!"

When I arrived home from work, Nick was asleep in his sleeping bag, in the front room. Karen was still asleep, in our bedroom. This was odd, as she is usually an early riser and has breakfast waiting for me. I went to the bathroom to clean up and use the facilities.

As I sat there, on the pot, I picked up the small trash basket that sits next to the toilet, because I spotted something strange. There was a wad of toilet paper wrapped around something. I picked it up and unwound the paper. Joy! There was a condom inside! I picked up the condom and held it to the light and felt for the telltale signs of cum. There were no such signs! Who would discard an unused condom in the trash? And, why?

I slipped under the covers with Karen. She was sleeping nude! She roused a bit as I carefully felt for evidence of her infidelity.

She awakened, and rolled over splaying her legs wide. Her eyes revealed everything to me. I asked her to describe what happened.

She said, "What makes you think anything happened?"

"I found the condom, you silly goose!"

I then moved between her inviting thighs and slipped my throbbing cock easily into her warm, moist vagina.

She said that I was to enjoy myself, but that she wasn't going to tell me anything about her adventure until Nick departed. I began slowly stroking, and whispered sweet nothings into her delectable ear.

"I can wait, you gorgeous adventurer, you!"

After Nick departed, the time came for the greatest story ever told.

"After you left for work, Nick and I talked for a while. Finally, I told him that I had to get up early to prepare your breakfast."

He said, "the night is young, Cousin," and gave me one of those soft kisses.

"I was a bit weak kneed, but fended him off."

"I then left to prepare for bed. Nick began arranging his sleeping bag. After changing into my nightie, and putting on my robe, I brought a pillow out to Nick. He was already laying on top of his bag, wearing his t-shirt and boxers. As I gave him the pillow, he touched my wrist, and asked for just one tiny little kiss. I thought, oh no you don't mister. But, something possessed me to acquiesce. He stretched up as I bent down. Our lips met. It was so tender and nice. He began to pull me to him. I let myself relax into his arms. Now, I was laying beside him, on my back. He was still kissing me when I began to feel his hand part the folds of my robe. I felt very excited, and very naughty, at the same time."

"Are you okay with this, honey?" Karen asked me.

"Are you kidding me? I love it! Please go on..."

"Nick gently began to touch my breast, with only the nightie in his way. First one breast, then the other. Then he parted the robe completely. He lifted the hem of my nightie all the way above my breasts. I felt so naked and exposed, my dear. His kisses found my nipples. He is such a wonderful kisser! Down he went, kissing and tonguing, slowly as molasses. He found my absolutely soaked vagina waiting eagerly for his touches. I spread my thighs to accommodate his beautiful lips. I came the second he kissed me there. The tension had been too great! And I rocked and screamed in delight. He was quite surprised that I came so quickly. I wanted to please him, so I asked him if he had any condoms."

"No, I hadn't planned on getting lucky, cousin!"

"I told him to wait. Not to move a muscle. I remembered those old condoms that you had put in your catch-all drawer. You really have to clean out that drawer. It took me a while to find one."

"Yes, yes, go on," I hissed.

"Okay, hold your horses, she admonished.

"I returned to Nick. I told him to lay back and enjoy. I ripped open the condom and placed it on the coffee table. Then I slipped the nightie off as seductively as I could. He smiled his appreciation. I just stood there, with excellent posture, and let his eyes savor my yummy treats. I turned around and let him view my backside. I bent forward and spread my thighs for him. I know how visual you men are!"

At this point I am stroking my hard cock. Not too fast. Just right.

"Then, I turned back around and slowly sank to my knees. I reached for his waist band, and as I slid his boxers down, He raised his hips to assist me. His cock was gorgeous! His balls were gorgeous! And, the moment was gorgeous! I took that cock into my hand and began stroking. He was looking straight into my eyes with such a hunger. His juices were already flowing. I bent down to lick the tip. His hips moved slightly, and I allowed him to enter my mouth. He rhythmically began to fuck my mouth."

"I wanted to feel that fucking in my cunt, so I placed my hand back on his cock as I removed my mouth, and reached for the condom. He was so big that I wondered if the condom was going to fit. I slipped it onto the head and used my teeth to slide it over his shaft."

"He loved that, honey! Next, I pushed his t-shirt up and over his head so that I could feel his bare chest against my breasts. Then I centered my cunt over his cock and little by little worked him into me. It felt heavenly."

By now, I was remembering how I discovered the empty condom. What was up with that?

"As we were fucking, I realized that he was losing his firmness. I asked him what was wrong?"

He said, "It's that darned condom, I can't come when I use those darned things."

"I placed my finger against his anal orifice, thinking that might stimulate him. I could tell he liked it. But it didn't do the trick. I thought for a moment that I would not be able to feel him cum inside me, after all."

"But, just then, he pulled out, and removed the condom. He got to his knees and kissed me full on the lips. It was as if we were starting over. I didn't mind because He is such a good kisser."

"So, there we were, on our knees, kissing on the floor of the living room, with his sleeping bag providing a nice nesting area. I again felt the heat rising. He helped me lie down on my back and then he opened my thighs very wide. He looked at me for the longest time."

"Then, his wonderful lips found there way again to my vaginal lips. I began bucking to another fantastic orgasm. I'm sure the neighbors thought someone was being tortured to death!"

"Then he snuggled up to my shoulder and lay with me. I could feel his hardness on the inside of my thigh. After we laid this way for a while, he moved up to kiss me again. As he kissed me, I could feel his cock move above my mound. He began humping me on top of my mound as we continued kissing. This felt nice."

"I thought he would just shoot off on my belly."

"But, I didn't account for my passion. As I became increasingly aroused, I realized that I had to have him inside me! I reached down with my right hand and guided his bald cock into my impatient cunt! He immediately began to piston himself maniacally in and out, in and out! I matched him stroke for stroke, honey! You would have been proud of your naughty little wife! I felt myself coming again! Nick began grunting as he sprinted for home!"

"He was going as fast as he could, and with each stroke he came closer to shooting his seed into my fertile womb. But, I didn't care. I wanted all of it!"

"Arrrrrrgh! I came first! My heart was pounding, and I almost feinted. I closed my eyes and smiled, as he began to shoot a quart or more of cum into me. I was satisfied. After his grunting subsided, he lay there for a few minutes and I felt his juices leak down my ass and thighs. He finally pulled out and put his dripping cock to my cheek. I turned to lick it clean, but he had other ideas."

"He allowed the drips to drop on my forehead and into my closed eyes. He then stroked my entire face with that wonderful, delicious prick. I opened my cum dripped eyelids and looked into the eyes of a satisfied man. He kissed me, and rolled me onto my side. We fell asleep in the classic spooning position."

"We awoke before you got home and I went straight to bed. Too tired to even clean up. I left him lying on the living room floor. But, to my amazement, He came to our bed and once more satisfied himself with your loving wife."

We heard your car pull up, and he again smeared my face with his residue before he left the bedroom.

By now I was beside myself with lust. I requested Karen to relive every detail, every nuanced comment, step by step, with me. As we moved our bodies to mimic the night with Nick, I realized that I had become the classic cuckold husband. That was a night not to be forgotten!

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