tagInterracial LoveCousin Ruthie Ch. 01

Cousin Ruthie Ch. 01


Ruth, the family calls her Ruthie, was my wife's cousin and in the Fall of '03 she was having marital problems. My wife invited her to stay with us while she got things worked out.

I am white while my wife was African American with beautiful bronze skin. Ruthie, on the other hand, was black -- her skin was as dark as pitch.

Ruthie was a large woman, most would say fat -- everything about her was large: large frame, large head with a broad forehead, large hands, thick legs, and she had the biggest breasts I had ever seen. They were enormous. I had marveled at their size on many occasions and often wondered what it must be like to hold one of those monsters. I never expected to get the opportunity.

Her first few days with us were uneventful. We talked a little, but most of her time was spent on the phone or tearfully venting to my wife.

One evening I did catch a glimpse of her in her nightshirt as she padded from the bathroom back to our guestroom. Her unsupported tits hung down across her belly as she quickly crossed the hallway.

Ruth had been with us a little over a week; my wife had an early meeting and left for work much earlier than she usually did. I was, for whatever reason, running late. I'm guessing Ruth thought it was the other way around.

It was almost 9:00am when I came downstairs, still adjusting my tie. I heard the washing machine running, but thought nothing of it. My car was in the garage and to get there I'd have to go through the laundry room.

I came around the corner and stopped dead in my tracks.

Ruthie was doing her laundry and hadn't noticed me. She was naked except for a pair of faded grey boxers, stretched to their absolute limit by her wide hips and ass. She was bent over, her left hand holding her weight while her other was tossing wet laundry into the open dryer. Her bare tits hung pendulously and swung with each toss. Each breast was bigger than my head.

I must have gasped when she tossed her bra in, but who could blame me? It was gigantic.

Ruth bolted up and tried, hopelessly, to cover her chest with her arms.

"I ... I'm sorry," she said in her sing-songy voice, "I thought you had left for work. I was just doing my laundry -- got no extra clothes here." If she was blushing there was no way to know, her skin was so dark.

I couldn't stop staring at her chest. It took me a long second to find my voice.

"No, no," I stammered, still staring, "I apologize; I should have made some noise or something."

An awkward silence followed with Ruth still valiantly trying to cover her tremendous breasts and me standing there gawking, unwilling or unable to move.

"They just titties," she said, finally breaking the silence, "Everybody has 'em."

More silent staring.

"Uh, no, Ruthie," I managed to cough, "Nobody has 'em like you do."

Still staring. One minute? Two? Three?

"You like them?" she asked while, to my amazement, she cupped her hands under them and presented them to me. The flesh spilled over her fingers, hiding them completely.

Her gaze dropped, "Your pants sure look like you do."

Now I was blushing. My pants were tented making my erection painfully obvious.

Ruthie continued to fondle her breasts and I stood mesmerized. Her areolas looked to be the size of tea-plates, but it was hard to tell because her skin was so evenly black. Her nipples were almost the size of shotglasses and stood firm under her touch.

"Your husband is a lucky man," I said, then quickly corrected myself, "Or at least he was."

Ruth dropped her tits dejectedly and they slapped loudly onto her stomach before sliding to a stop more under her arms than not.

"He don't care -- he never paid me no attention," she confided, "He just put his thing in me, did his business, and went to sleep."

"That makes him a bigger idiot than I thought he was," I told her, still unable to pull my eyes off her chest.

She lifted them again, squeezing them together toward me.

"You wanna touch 'em?" she asked softly, "I don't mind."

I couldn't answer but found myself stepping forward. My hands reached out and I gently took hold of her tits. They were heavier than I expected. They felt incredible. I pushed and squeezed and let my thumbs press at her nipples.

This went on for a few minutes. Ruth standing there, arms at her sides, with me kneading her breasts slowly, almost reverently.

I started to kneel, "Can I?" I asked, looking into her eyes for the first time today.

She nodded.

It was like she had released the horses from the starting gate. I fell to my knees and cupped her left breast in both hands. Holding it like I would hold a basketball, I lifted it to my mouth and greedily pulled her taut nipple in. I sucked madly as I tried to squeeze more and more of her dark tit into my hungry mouth.

I was out of control and lapped furiously at one breast and then the other. I pressed my face between them and tasted the salty sweat collected there. I pressed Ruth's nipples together and jammed them into my mouth. I nibbled softly on them and felt Ruthie's knees buckle. Her hands found my shoulders and she pulled me tighter to her.

"Oh,oh, " she said over the noise of my slurping, "I think you got something started."

Her left hand disappeared into her tattered boxers. A few moments later her glistening fingers reappeared.

"Yep," she continued huskily, holding her wet fingers up for inspection, "You got me started."

I put her fingers into my mouth and licked them clean. Her juice was much more raw than my wife's or any other I had tasted. It was bitter and a little unpleasant, but that turned me on even more.

"Then I guess I'd better finish what I started," I told her, coming up for breath.

Pulling on her breasts, I led her into the living room. She dropped heavily onto the sofa and her tits spread out across her belly. Her fingers again dug into her boxers, but I pulled her hand out roughly.

"No," I scolded her, "That's my job."

I pushed her legs apart and crawled in between her knees. Her old boxers had seen better days, so I tore the leg opening wider, revealing her dark, wet bush.

She was very hairy, but deep in that black garden I saw a bright pink patch. Using my fingers to pull the pink wide, I plunged my tongue into its depths. Her eruption started with the very first lick. Her juices poured out as her hips bucked wildly and I did the best I could to catch it all, but there was too much. Her raunchy smell and bitter taste was almost more than I could stand, but I kept drinking her in as her legs clamped my face to her wetness.

The moment she released me, I was on my feet and tugging my pants to the floor.

"I want to fuck those tits!" I told her, climbing out of my briefs. My cock was rock hard and pointing at her angrily.

I pushed her back more fully on the coach and climbed atop her. No matter what I tried I could not find a position where I could get my raging hard-on between her huge tits.

Seeing my frustration, Ruth gently pushed me back onto the floor -- onto my back.

"Here, baby," she cooed, "Let me do that for you."

With my legs pressed together, Ruth straddled me and started to crawl up my body. As she did, she drug her breasts along my legs and up to my now dancing cock. When she got there she pressed her weight onto me and her tits pancaked onto my cock. I moaned loudly.

"Do it," she reminded me, "Fuck my titties."

I didn't need to be told again and started rocking myself back and forth between her pressed mounds. She lifted up a little and I could see my pale whiteness peak out momentarily only to disappear back into the darkness a second later. Faster and faster I rocked. I grabbed her tits and pressed them tighter onto my manhood as I felt my explosion arriving.

My butt clenched and lifted off the floor as I burst. Again and again I shot my load into that crease -- none of it came out. When I had finally finished, Ruth sat back onto her knees and her tits again swung apart. My sticky load spread wetly across her chest and dripped white on her black skin.

"My, God, Ruthie," I gasped, trying to catch my breath, "That was incredible."

"They just titties," she said with a grin, "Everybody has 'em."


That was my first encounter with "Cousin Ruth," but not my last. I had three more and each one was as fantastic as the first. My wife and I are no longer together, so Ruthie is no longer "family." I haven't seen her in years. She ultimately didn't divorce her husband, that lucky prick. Maybe I should look her up ... who am I kidding? If I were to see her again, I wouldn't be looking up -- I'd be looking directly at her breasts.

Please drop me a note if you want to hear about the other times.

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