tagInterracial LoveCousin Ruthie Ch. 02

Cousin Ruthie Ch. 02


It had been a week since my encounter with "Cousin Ruth" and she was on my mind constantly. She was still staying with my wife and me while trying to work things out with her deadbeat husband.

It had been a busy work-week, so I had been getting home later in the evening and hadn't seen much of Ruthie ... or my wife, for that matter.

I had taken the time to go by her place and get her some additional clothing. It was the least I could do and it gave me the perfect opportunity to closely examine her gigantic bras. I marveled at their size. Stupidly, like a goofy teenager, I put one cup on like a hat; it covered my entire head. Unfortunately, there were no size labels in any of them, so I still have no idea what her actual measurements were -- I just know they were enormous.

Anyway, it was the second Saturday after our initial encounter when my wife told me she was heading out to the store. She had tried to wake Ruth, but she had no luck.

"I guess I'm going without her," she told me exasperatedly. "That girl could always sleep through anything."

Anything? I thought to myself as I watched my wife's car pull out of the driveway. We'll have to see about that.

I was almost giddy as I went up the stairs. I quietly opened the guestroom door and peeked in. Ruth was asleep along on edge of the bed. The room was always warm and the sheets were wrapped awkwardly around her ankles. Her arms were extended over her head causing the too-small nightshirt to ride up, exposing her large, dark belly. Her magnificent breasts were contained within that taut cotton, but just barely.

I noticed with some satisfaction Ruth was wearing those same, now more stretched than before, boxers.

I stood there for a few minutes, just enjoying the view and listening to her steady breathing. When I felt certain she was truly asleep, I crept toward her.

Kneeling beside the bed I again marveled at the size of her breasts -- they were breathtakingly large. I wanted to touch them so badly, but I was worried pulling her shirt up might wake her.

Her crotch was, thanks to those stretched beyond repair boxers, much more accessible. I leaned closer to her tangled bush and inhaled. Her scent was as raw and pungent as I remembered -- I was certain my wife was going to smell it on me last weekend; I had scrubbed my face thoroughly, but felt I could still smell it.

Gently, I let my fingers glide through her short hairs. I slowly rubbed and tugged on them. Getting braver, my fingers touched her crease and I felt her warm, wet flesh.

Ruthie shifted slightly in her sleep, snorting loudly in a most unlady-like fashion. I smiled to myself and continued rubbing. The more I pressed the stronger her aroma got; I leaned closer to breathe it in.

It wasn't long before my fingers were sopping wet and I decided to push two of them into her warm hole. They slid in easily and it felt terrific. My thumb played with her stiffening knob while my fingers explored her. Her breathing was getting louder, so I increased my pace almost certain she would wake up at any moment.

Faster and faster my fingers danced. I could feel her getting closer. She was tossing slightly and her tits were in motion beneath the tight shirt. My cock was stiff and pushing against my sweatpants.

Suddenly she bolted awake, almost screaming as she exploded.

"What?" she asked confused, "Uhn, oh my! Oh my God!"

She came in a gush -- my face had been buried between her legs the previous time, so I had been too close to see it, but this time I was in the perfect position. Her juices literally shot out of her, almost like she was peeing. It came in violent spurts and she groaned louder with each burst.

"Good morning," I said as I pulled her shirt up roughly exposing her mammoth breasts. I palmed them as best I could; squeezing and rolling them beneath my wet fingers.

"I was told you could sleep through anything," I explained, "I guess I was told wrong."

She laughed and glanced at my bulging pants.

"I'm hungry," she said tugging at my waistband, "I want some breakfast."

With that she tugged my pants down to my knees. I wasn't wearing any briefs and my hard cock bounced out into the morning air. Still lying on the bed, she pulled me toward her. My prick nearly poked her in the eye, but she directed it smoothly into her mouth.

The sight of my pale cock disappearing into that jet black mouth was incredible and I stared dumbly down at the action.

Again and again my cock slid into her warm mouth -- the white dipping in until my lower hair mashed against her dark face. Faster and faster, harder and harder she sucked me in.

Her eyes opened and looked up at me -- two white orbs in solid black. My hands were still on her magnificent tits and I pushed myself into her as far as I could. I felt her gag and I felt myself surge.

I shot my load into the deepest part of Ruthie's mouth and throat. She gagged again and tried to keep my spunk inside her mouth, but failed. It spurted out and she coughed roughly. I clamped more tightly onto her chest as I rocked back and forth, my cock still in her mouth, but not as deeply. Her warm hands cupped my ass and pulled me tighter. She licked and slurped up as much of my cum as should could manage.

"Oh, baby, I'm sorry," she whispered, "I wanted it all, but it was just so much."

She rolled back onto the bed. Her tits rolled with her, spreading out across her chest and belly before coming to a rest under each arm. Her large, dark belly sat up proudly. A line of my cum was still on her chin.

"Uh," I started, feeling myself getting hard again, "I want to fuck you, Ruth. I want to fuck you right now."

I pulled my pants off and climbed onto the bed next to her. I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. The salty taste of my own load and feeling of her monster tits against my chest was amazing.

"Then do it, baby," she cooed.

I slid myself between her legs and grabbed the base of my cock. I sat on my knees and looked down at my hardness and at her wet pink gash hidden deep in her dark bush.

"Put your thing in me."

I leaned forward and felt the tip of my hard prick push into her tangled hair. Incredible.

Then we heard the garage door begin to grind open -- damn!

I leapt off the bed, grabbed my pants and was about to head for the door. I stopped, grabbed Ruthie's face and kiss her again for all I was worth.

"I am going to fuck you, big girl!" I promised before darting out.

I jumped into the shower and was lathering myself vigorously when my wife came in.

"I'm back," she told me, "And it looks like Ruth is still sleeping. That girl, I swear, she was always a deep sleeper."

"If you say so," I laughed, scrubbing my still stiff penis.

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