tagIncest/TabooCousin Sally

Cousin Sally


My cousin Sally is back in town to take care of some problems with her aging parents. Both have recently gone into a nursing home. I am trying to help Sally in any way I can.

Sally is a few years younger than I. Growing up we got together on and off, I was a bit like the brother she never had. Her parents were pretty strict, regular churchgoers with stiff personalities She now lives in South Carolina with her three kids, 16, 19 and 20. The younger two are quite a challenge since her divorce about five years ago. Her husband left her to come out of the closet, a real shock to her. Sally is a slight woman in her mid forties, about 5'-5", and although soft spoken she is not naïve or without a will. The two younger kids are putting her through a lot. Life is wearing on her. Every now and then she mentions that she hopes to find a man again when life settles down for her.

Today I go over to her parents house where she is staying, to go over some "empty house" issues I'll be taking care of for her after she heads back to her home. When I arrive in the morning, I am greeted at the door by her smile and a bit more. She is wearing a thin white sweater without a bra. Having very small hanging breasts, I know she often goes without a bra. Usually I can't tell the difference unless she bends over and I get an unexpected view down her top. But this sweater hides nothing. It is one of those very thin and clingy types. Women usually wear this type of sweater under another top, but not today, or did I arrive before she has a chance to put something else over it? It is cool out and when she opens the door for me, her nipples hardened right up. The sweater is so thin that I can easily see the dark circles around her nipples and the shape of her hanging breasts. I know she saw me glancing at her breasts, even as small as they are my interest is captured.

She leads me into the living room where she is finishing a bowl of cereal, her hair still damp from her shower. There are boxes and bags everywhere that she is preparing to take home in anticipation of her parents coming to live with her. We end up sitting in chairs not two feet apart to chat. As confused as I am with the situation, I steal glances as often as possible and I can feel my member starting to gently grow. She caught me looking at one point because all of a sudden her nipples stand up tall again. I quickly glance away and find myself looking right at her crotch, which is covered by black stretch pants. I have been so preoccupied with her breasts I have failed to notice how nicely wrapped it looks, which doesn't help my condition. We have been talking about packing stereo units into her car and that we'd probably find that her dad still has the empty boxes stored upstairs if we go and look.

There is no getting out of it; I have to stand up. She sits there with her eyes fixed straight-ahead staring at me. I am wearing silk boxers and light dress slacks for a later appointment, never imagining that I would be getting aroused this morning. Being circumcised I know she can easily see the length of my stiffening member and its distinctive head outlined under my pants. In that brief moment as she takes in the view I stare down at her nipples as they come to life again. I hold out my hand to help her up so we can go look for the boxes. We both are awkwardly quiet as we leave the room. Knowing Sally, I know all this is totally accidental and that neither of us will say anything that might embarrass the other. So off we go.

As I followed her up the stairs, her round rear covered by black stretch pants is right in my face. This morning is definitely taking on an unexpected meaning for me. She opens the eave storage area to look for the boxes. Side by side kneeling on the floor we look in. As she reaches in and moves a full box, it starts to fall so I reach in quickly to help and my arm goes along and then under her breast. She tries to pull back but is blocked and has to stay put as I bring the box toward us, slowly drawing my arm back along her soft breast. It feels so good. I can't believe I am so bold with my own cousin. Something is taking over my common sense. We both back up and put the heavy box aside. I notice that she's breathing deeply and averting her eyes from looking at me. It appears that she is having trouble dealing with the new stimulation between us. Neither of us openly acknowledges our contact and both of us seem to be in a daze.

She then quietly says, " It looks like I'll have to go inside and pass things out." Without thinking I say, "Sally, it's pretty tight and dusty in there, you'll either get your sweater dirty or snag it on something and ruin it." I shocked even myself with what I say next, "why don't you take it off?" She looks at me with wide eyes but says nothing; I now fully realize the result of my suggestion but nervously continue, "lift your arms." I take hold of the bottom of her sweater and start lifting it and her arms up. The sweater rises and covers her face as it exposes her naked breasts, nipples standing hard; I slowly continued with it off completely and toss it on a chair. "That's better, now in you go," just as if this is a completely normal occurrence. Without saying a word she moves in and mechanically starts passing boxes out to me. I am in awe watching her naked body moving, and whenever possible I accidentally rub against her skin and breasts causing her to tense up slightly. The tension in the air is very thick, nether of us speak.

When we have all the boxes out, she crawls out of the eave storage area and stands up next to me as I kneel on the floor. Her breasts are right at my eye level and just inches from my face. She stands there looking down at me as I stare slightly up at her erect nipples, her chest rising and falling with deep breaths. They look so sweet and soft. Without a word from either of us, I put my hands on her waist and drew her toward my opening mouth. I feel a slight resistance that quickly fades. My eyes never leave her nipple as my tongue first licks it, and then my mouth sucks it in. As I gently suck on her breast her hands come up to the back of my head, holding me firmly there. Then she moves my mouth to her other nipple. This time I open my mouth wide and suck in all of her tiny breast as my tongue toys with her nipple. A soft moan escapes from her lips. We both know this shouldn't be happening, but neither tries to stop it.

As we are both lost in time as I suckle on her breast, one of my hands slip from her waist and wrap between and around her leg. This movement is not as easily accepted. Her thighs clamped down on my hand as her hands tightened on my hair and a gasp come from her mouth. "Oh no, don't! We're cousins and can't be doing th..i..s," as her voice trails off. My fingers are kneading her thigh and have pushed upward so that the tips nudge her crotch. My mouth keeps going from nipple to nipple, sucking and tugging. My reasoning powers have been taken over by awakening hormones, I feel like a teenager again. Then my mouth slips from her long neglected breasts as my tongue slowly licks a path down to her belly button. In a whisper she says, "Please, we mustn't …it feels too good… you have to help me stop." My mouth just continues down over her pants till it covers her mound. My hand goes between her legs forcing them apart slightly and to her ass, pulling her mound forward hard into my open mouth and teeth eating her through her pants. Her hands a trying to pull my head back away from her, but her will was dying. All I can hear is "Oh!! No!! Please…", then I feel it, her hips move, yes there it is again, she's starting to grind herself against my mouth. Her pants are getting damp, they must be getting damp from both sides, yes they are! I can taste her now. She is now holding my head against her needy pussy and her breathing and moaning seals her desirous state.

I pull away from her hold and look up at her heaving chest, her eyes open, a look of need and embarrassment wash across her face. She just stands there panting, trying to comprehend what has just happened. I stand facing her, we hold each other, she lays her head on my chest, my hands slide down her back and our hips press into each other. She feels my hard erection against her belly and rises up on her toes to rub her pussy against it. Her mind tells her no but her body says yes. I back up and sit in an upholstered armchair. We just stair at each other, her chest is glistening in the sun light from my saliva. Her eyes widen as they lock on the outline of my hard erection inside my slacks. Then, as if suddenly aware of what's happening, she covers her breasts. Finally I speak, "take off your pants,"

"no I can't, we can't do this!" Now more slowly and sternly I softly repeat, "take off you pants, ….. now." She just looks at me for what seems like forever, I can see the battle raging in her mind between society's rules and her body's needs. As her eyes stay fixed on mine begging me to say stop, her hands slip from her breasts down to her pants. Her thumbs hook the elastic waistbands and very slowly pull them and her panties down together. Cousin or not she is baring herself to me completely.

As the waistband drops and exposes her pubic hair her eyes also drop, her face is red, her chest is heaving, she's a bundle of mixed feelings. I can see her internal struggle with her upbringing. She stares at her clothes lying on the floor as she steps free of them, knowing she now stands totally naked in front of me, her cousin. Her hands slowly move to cover herself. "Drop your hands to your sides and come here close in front of me." She moves very slowly but compiles, the look on her face says she will do as she is told. She stands between my spread knees, I'm looking straight at her pussy 18" in front of my face. "Put your left foot up on the arm of the chair and with your hands spread yourself open for me." Here is this avid church going woman who probable only had one man in her life up to today, doing as she is told and as her fingers touch her lips she moans uncontrollably. She is glistening wet. I ask, "What do you want me to do? Tell me what to do to you, tell me now." Silence, except for her quickening breathing. Then in a soft timid voice, "touch me, please touch me!"

My hand rises, closing in on its target, but before it even touches her she moans in anticipation. My hand lightly brushes her thigh as it moves upward and her body trembles, you would think I had entered her. Her moaning and the movement of her hips show how needy her body is. I know that now she will do anything I say to get me to satisfy her. I stop my hand and slip forward onto the floor between her legs and start kissing her right thigh up to her spread pussy. Her hands move to my head. My lips kiss her lips now long and relaxed, she has flowered for me. I suck them into my mouth and my tongue plays with them. She moans uncontrollably "Oh my god, that feels sooo good!" She is grabbing my hair and holding my mouth tight to her. Her juices are running sweetly into my mouth as my nose rubs her button. Her legs are trembling so fiercely as she orgasms that I stop, turn us both around and sit her in the chair. I raise both of her legs over the arms of the chair and move down to my awaiting meal. I look at this normally modest woman with her breasts lying flat on her heaving chest with long, hard erect nipples and her wet pussy spread wide open waiting for me.

Through half open eyes she looks into mine and then at her pussy trying to get me to continue without having to ask. "Tell me what you want me to do."

"I can't."

"Yes you can and be very specific." I could see her struggle to say the words. Finally, "please, kiss me there." So I kissed her tummy. "No, lower." So I kissed her thigh. "Or did you mean your pussy?"


"Then say it. And do you want me to kiss, lick or fuck your pussy with me tongue?" After a long silence she whispered, "Please fuck my pussy with your tongue." My tongue pushes forward and enters her, hot, wet and wanting pussy. Her hands go quickly back to my head. As she grinds herself against my mouth, I slid my thumb deep into her pussy as my fingers cradle her ass. That shoots her right over the top, to orgasms again. Before she can calm down I start her back up toward another one. She doesn't argue. My hand pushes up between her arms pushing one free from my head and finds her sensitive nipples. Her other hand still grinds my mouth into her wet opening.

I pull free of her, and she cries "No!!, please?, I need more!"

"Please yourself for me, go on, finger yourself, do it." It is obvious she has never done this in front of anyone before. Her face is turning red again, she closes her eyes, but she slowly complies. "Good girl, do as you're told and you will get more of what you want, now heat up that body again." Her fingers easily know what to do, rubbing her clit, then slipping deep between her lips, and without being told, her other hand goes to her nipples rubbing and pulling them. I stand and watch her for a while as she builds herself up. "Stop, stop right now!" Her eyes pop open. "What? I need to finish! Please!" I tell her she has something else to do first. "Sit up and put your legs together, what would your parents say if they saw you like this?" A shocked look comes over her face as she does as she is told and quickly looks over her shoulder afraid she has been caught. "Why did you do that to me?" she says as she turns back to me now standing right in front of her. Her eyes caught the erection still in my pants. I have shocked her back to reality and she tries to stand up. "We're not done yet, you are being too self absorbed, now that your head is clear you will start thinking about me."

"No, this has gone far enough, please, I don't think I can!"

"Sally before you can go you have to take care of the problem you've caused. Now unzip my pants, you look hungry from all your exercise."

"Please don't make me do this, I've never done it before, not even with my husband! Please, I don't know how?"

I stand there saying nothing, I almost give in to her, looking down at her thin body sitting there. But then my cock twitches and she just looks at it and raises her hands and slowly unzips me. Then her hands slid my pants down and she caresses my hard member through the silk boxers. It feels so good, the cool slippery material and her small hand exploring me. One hand massages my balls as the other holds my shaft as she moves closer and kisses me through the silk. Then unexpectedly my cock slips out and she pulls back and stares at it twitching. I put my hand on the back of her head and nudge her forward saying, "open your mouth, its time." Her hands slip around my cock and hold it tenderly as she kisses the head. Then she opens wide and tries to engulf the swollen head in her mouth. She starts to pull away but I hold her head and push my hips forward until the head is in her mouth. "That's enough, relax and just suck and lick it with your tongue."

"Now take your fingernails and tickle under and behind my balls." As her fingers increased the pressure inside my sac she started to relax a little which allowed me to slightly pump my cock in her mouth. Her socking was improving and starting to work its magic. Being new at this she didn't know any of the signals, so when my sac tightened up she just kept administering. Then I felt it, it was ready to be released, I held her head firmly, "you're doing great and deserve a reward." She just moaned something I couldn't understand with her mouth full. Then it happened, the first shot of my cum raced up my cock and into her mouth. Her eyes popped open as shot after shot filled her. Some oozed out, but there was too much and she finally swallowed. "Good girl! And you thought you didn't know how. My erection's going down, so take me all into your mouth and suck me clean, that's it." As she was finishing I released my grip on her head and she let my cock slip out of her mouth. "I was really upset when you first came in my mouth, but now it really wasn't that bad. Except my mouth is sore from being stretched. Yours is fatter then Dan's."

"You'll love it being fat when you get it in your pussy Sally."

Time had gotten away from us and I had to get to my appointment so I quickly dressed. Then wrapping one arm around Sally's still naked body, said. "Sally walk me to the door." Very hesitantly she came. Inside the front door we kissed deeply for the first time. As one arm held her tight, my other hand roamed over her erect nipples, across her stomach to her clit and into her pussy. She did not complain until I broke it off before she climaxed. Looking at her sweet naked body leaning back against the wall as she tried to control her breathing, I said, "I'll be back to finish with the real thing; Sally we are definitely more than kissing cousins from now on." A serious look came over her face as my words sunk in, her head dropped, and in a soft voice said, " I know, hurry back, please."

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Too short, more please.

I was on the verge of blowing my mind when the end of the story arrived and I lost the urge. We need another chapter that continues this beautiful lustful story.

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