tagIncest/TabooCousins Celebrate Nude Day Ch. 01

Cousins Celebrate Nude Day Ch. 01


So it all began in New York one fine summer day. Ben was on the phone teasing his cousin, Jill about going to a nude beach. He had assumed she had never done it, never had her wares out for public display. But she had. Often. She now admitted it.

"So when are we going to go ourselves?" Jack had been to a few himself. Most notably in Cap d'Agde where he had run into old friends who took him. He loved running around in the nude with friends or with lovers.

"How about next month? It is National Nude Day and we could go to Miami, meet there and hang out." Tee hee she laughed. "Hang out, Beavis." It turned out she had been going to nude beaches for many years also. In Miami, California and up in Maine.

"Well why don't we met in Miami?" he suggested. "We can go to Haulover for the all over."

A few weeks later they met at a hotel in South Beach for lunch and then the quick drive north. After parking they walked through the underpass and onto a nice warm, sunny day at the beach. Ben and Jill scouted it out seeing perhaps a few hundred people laying out relaxing and catching some rays. The two walked down the beach until Jill found a spot, strategically located near the water and just the right distance from other people.

They laid out their towels and backpacks with some trepidation. After all this event did represent the crossing of a line or two. Two cousins, even if second cousins, hanging out naked. What would the parents say? Yes they were both in their late thirties, but still it could be a bit scandalous. Ben decided to take the leap first. As Jill finished laying out her towel, he pulled off his shirt and pants, exposing himself to the sun and to Jill.

She surreptitiously took a look and thought "nice equipment, Bigger than I am getting" as she pulled off her top, revealing her small but lovely breasts. They may only be A cups, but they are A in every way, round with nice brownish-red nipples tanned from being in the sun.

"Nice boobs" Ben said, smiling and trying to keep from getting a hard-on.

"Thanks" replied Jill and went and laid down, keeping her bottoms on, perhaps out of a little shyness.

She kept her gray bottoms on for the first fifteen minutes while they got used to sitting together in their state of undress. Then Ben looked up, seeing she still had bottoms on and said, "come on, take them off and join me." Laying on her stomach she rolled them down, exposing her cute butt to the sun and to Ben. "Nice ass," he said. "A good match for your boobs."

"Thanks, I like your ass also." she replied.

Wanting to see her pussy, Ben suggested going for a swim, a suggestion she jumped at. She turned over showing her very trim brown hair and delicate flower as she stood up. No tan lines though, she really has been doing this, thought Ben.

Again fighting a hard-on off they went hand-in-hand to the water. Swimming sure helped. His hard-on shrunk a bit and her nipples hardened. Each was happy for the water effect as they returned to their towels to talk.

The conversation quickly turned to sex, after all they were both laying their naked.

"So what really turns you on?" he asked, turning toward her to show her and not the rest of the beach his budding erection.

"I'm a voyeur," she responded. "I love to watch people nude and people having sex." It's a real turn on. What do you like?"

Nothing is better than watching a girl play with herself, except eating her, while she does it." He replied.

"Really? If I touch my pussy it is a turn on?"

"Heck, just thinking of it is a turn-on" he said looking at his penis.

"So I see." She said as she rubbed more sun screen into her nipples, thinking about what the next step might be and what they should or should not do that evening.

This seems like a good place to end and make you wait for part two.

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