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Cousins Reunite


My grandparents died close to each other in early summer. Grandpa passed away first and was followed by Grandma only a few days later. They had never been apart so it was what could be expected. Sad of course but also nice chance to meet many cousins. We had been very close in the old days.

My grandparents were farmers running a small farm in the south of Sweden. It was hardly big enough to give a living especially with modern standards but somehow they managed although they had six children. But I guess that they had to consider twice before buying anything. The children had to help with the living from early age and they all left home in their middle teens.

Three of us cousins had volunteered to go to the farm before the funeral to take care of things and prepare it to be sold. It was sad but we were too many to keep it in the family. Some were interested but if they wanted they could buy it at the auction.

I was the first to arrive at the old farm that Friday afternoon in early July. I was early on purpose, I wanted to be alone and remember for a while. I parked and stepped out. The yard was as tidy as I remembered it had always been. I knew that a neighbour had helped them in their old age and obviously had kept on doing it. I felt grateful.

I went up on the porch of the farm house and found the key where it always had been kept in a pot hanging from a peg. In summertime Grandma always had flowers in that pot I remembered. I went inside and opened windows in the kitchen and the room downstairs and the bedroom upstairs. The house was small and now felt much smaller than I remembered it from childhood.

I went out again to put my bedroll in the loft. A long time ago when the children were rather small grandpa had cordoned off part of the hay loft to a spacious room. The children had used it as sleeping quarters from April to October. Later on us cousins used it. Most of us spent some time on the farm each summer. I had been there all summers from the age of five to eighteen and had stayed for most of the summer holiday. My mother divorced when I was very young and had trouble taking care of me. To travel somewhere on vacation was scarce. She took me to the farm in early June and came to visit twice during the summer spending a couple of days each time. Maybe it was more. It was hard to remember. In late August I was brought back home. The loft really felt like home.

There was a faint smell of mild soap. Grandma had always given the floor a thorough scrub at the beginning of June preparing the room for our arrival. She had probably kept on doing that although no kids were expected. But I guess she hoped that we would come and visit and want to stay for a night or two. It happened, I knew that. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt. It was at least three years since I visited them and then only for a couple of hours.

I went back out again and into the cow shed. I found that Grandpa had kept it very tidy with fresh, white washed walls. The old, worn tools hang neatly on their pegs thoroughly cleaned. There was very little dust. The narrow milk chamber was a little moist and cold as it always had been. The row of big milk-cans sat ready on the rack upside down. Only the cows were missing. It was very quiet which it had never been.

The barn was as clean. All old straw had been removed from the loft and the floor swept. The old equipment was neatly stowed in the narrow space, plough, harrow, sawing machine and so on. A few carriages. I suddenly remembered the feeling of riding on top of a wagon loaded with hay, the soft stickiness and the spicy smell.

Near the front door stood Grandpa's most valued asset, the Ferguson tractor. He was very proud when he at last could afford to buy a used one. The Ferguson was one of the greatest inventions ever for a small farmer with its revolutionary hydraulic system and carried equipment. One man could suddenly do so much more on his own. The sad part was that the horse wasn't needed any more. But he bought the tractor when his horse had become old and had to be put down. The Ferguson was clean with only a thin layer of dust. It looked repainted, in the original grey of course.

I still remembered how proud I had been when Grandpa let me drive the tractor, on the field at first, later on even to and from the farm. I was only twelve the first time. I gladly worked the full day if it involved driving the Ferguson. I had spent so many hours in its swinging seat.

On one side stood his work bench and a rack with his hand tools. I remembered how often he had stood crouched over that bench working on something or mending his equipment. I thought his shadow was still there.

Grandpa had loved his farm and to work on it although there had been so much work that paid poorly. But he and Grandma had managed but it had needed that he worked in the forest and also took temporary jobs in wintertime.

I left the barn and took a walk around the fields. When I was young it had felt like a long way around but now I realized how limited it was. Also the land was well kept. Bushes were cut back from the ditch-sides and branches cleared from the tracks. Again Grandpa's shadow was around the bends.

I walked back and sat on the porch waiting for my eldest cousin Anders and his second wife to arrive. Anders had become a respected layer and had taken on the responsibility to sell the farm and handle the division of the inheritance. Quite a few of the other cousins would come the following day to the funeral. But Elisabeth would also come this evening. I was both thrilled and a bit anxious to see her again. We had been close in those days she being only a year or two older.

They arrived close to each other and we soon found the old relationship from our youth. Anders was like a big brother to both Elisabeth and me. Elisabeth hugged me at arrival, a hug that was both long and close. It felt nice and I relaxed.

We had agreed that Anders should bring the food and I the drinks. We were soon busy to get a meal ready. It turned out that both Anders and his wife were good cooks and made a lavish meal. I was lucky to have brought wine that matched. We sat down to eat having a good time and catching up.

While the coffee brewed Anders' wife checked the sleeping arrangements for the night. She went upstairs and found out that there only was one bedroom with two beds. She was worried when she came back down.

"Oh, that's no problem," Elisabeth told her. "You and Anders take the bedroom. Erik and I will sleep in the loft."

"The loft? What's that," she asked a bit puzzled.

"Haven't you told her Anders?" Elisabeth asked. "The loft is the sleeping quarters out in the barn. It will be just fine. I have slept so many nights there so it feels nearly like home even now."

"Are you and Erik going to sleep together, alone in one room I mean?" She asked sounding prudish.

"But yes of course. We are like sisters and brothers, aren't we," Elisabeth said and winked at me.

That was the beginning of a pleasant evening telling Anders' wife about our summers on the farm and especially about the loft.

"When we were young there never was a problem," Elisabeth told. "But when the oldest reached their lower teens the girls got shy. They complained to Grandma that the boys sneaked at them when changing for the night or dressed in the morning. But Grandma as always solved the problem. She just hung bed sheets on strings dividing the room in two. Boys on one side, girls on the other. It worked just fine."

"Yes, but all the girls weren't concerned. Remember Doris? She liked to be sneaked at I think. I remember seeing her secretly making gaps between the sheets. But I never saw much. A tit now and then was all as I remember it," Anders said laughingly.

"Oh yes, and do you remember when she borrowed Grandpa's searchlight from the barn and put it up on the loft. We made silhouettes against the sheets and had great fun. But when it was bedtime and the boys were pushed to their side of the room she left the searchlight on and she and some of the other girls undressed in front of it. They gave a good show for the boys on the other side of the sheets." Elisabeth told and laughed a bit throatily.

"Yes, I remember," Anders said. "I think she was the oldest in the loft and already well developed so to speak. I can still remember how nicely her boobs bounced though it was only the silhouettes. She liked to show off already then, didn't she? Well, she certainly does now, in her shows I mean."

"Shows! My ass. She's a stripper, that what she is if you ask me. And I bet she has implants," Anders wife said with disgust in her voice.

"Oh no, her shows are really good Burlesques or Vaudevilles I don't know really what to call them. They are humorous, quite funny actually and she sings and dances well. But well, yes, she gets naked all right." I said wanting to defend my cousin. "I have seen all her shows. She's an excellent actor in her form of art," I said and really meant it.

"Yes, I agree and she has the body for it," Elisabeth surprisingly said. "As you said Anders, she was well developed already in her middle teens with a marvellous figure. From what I have seen on the pictures she has developed and now looks even better. And those boobs, lovely aren't they? I wish I had a pair like that." Elisabeth said giggling. "Yes, I believe that she can give a good show being so uninhibited and with that urge to show off."

"Oh, but you don't have to be jealous of her. You look great, both of you," I said, suddenly bold from a few glasses of wine. There was a sudden silence and I thought for a moment that they had taken it badly. But then I saw contented smiles although the light was dim and knew by instinct that they were pleased.

It was true what I had said. Anders wife was very well endowed in the boobs department. So well in fact that I wondered if she had had them improved. She caught my eye and it was like she read my thoughts. Her mouth formed a silent no. And Elisabeth could probably match Doris though it was hard to tell exactly.

"Let me give you an example from her last show," I said. "Do you remember Josephine Baker? That famous singer actress who made a scandal back in the twenties at Folies-Bergère in Paris when she performed dressed in hardly more than a skirt made from artificial bananas? Well, Doris makes a very good number taking up her songs and is of course dressed like her. I don't know for sure how Josephine Baker's fastened her bananas but they were probably stitched on a small panty. At least on her public shows. But Doris has no panty. When she dances it becomes evident that her bananas are fastened only to a golden chain hanging from her waist. They bounce up and down in line with her big boobs. And when she sings she walks around in the audience letting people take a banana now and then. It takes three songs to get down to the last one. It's offered to someone close to the stage and when it's ripped off she climbs up on stage wriggling her naked ass. And guess what. That wasn't the last banana after all which shows when she turns around. Another is put between her thighs as a fig-leaf for modesty but it doesn't come out on the backside. No, it's stuck in her . . . well, you know what and with the hooked end turned upwards loosely fastened to the chain with a thin thread. It gives a both comic and daring effect as she moves around with the banana sticking out from her exuberant bush."

"Oh my goodness, you mean that she has had it stuck into her pussy all the time. It must have been mashed after all that dancing and walking. What a treat," Elisabeth exclaimed obviously worked up by the vision.

"Oh yes it was. And she made crude jokes about the shortcomings of men when she in the end pulled it out flat and soft."

There suddenly was a snorting laughter coming from Anders' wife. She couldn't stop and her laughter was infectious making us all to join.

"But she's still a stripper although maybe a good one," Anders wife finally admitted laughingly. There was much less disapproval now, maybe a slight admiration even.

We went on telling stories remembering each other of our youth.

"You know, I lost my virginity on that loft," Anders suddenly said. We all got quiet expecting him to go on but he remained silent.

"Now, that I really want to hear about. Which of the cousins was it?" his wife said sternly but with mock underneath. "Tell us. I demand to hear it all."

"Oh shit. I should have kept my mouth shut," Anders said reluctantly. "Well, it wasn't one of the cousins although I have to admit that I dreamt about a few. No, it was a grown woman. But that's a long story," he continued sounding a little proud and then got quiet.

"Come on tell us. At least give us a short version. The rest you can tell me later. I will squeeze it out of you," his wife said. It was now obvious that she was both tipsy and horny.

"All right, all right," Anders gave in. "Well it happened on one of those rare occasions when you Eric wasn't around. It was only Gunnar and I staying that week. Grandma had hired Lena to take care of the cattle while she picked berries and made jam and fruit syrup. It was a woman grown up in the neighbourhood but working in town. I guess she was in her late twenties, ordinary looking with a very direct manner. She was put up with us on the loft.

Well, in the morning I found out that she had been sleeping in the nude which of course was very exciting. So in the evening Gunnar and I tried to sneak on her while she got ready for bed. But we got caught although she was very relaxed about it. She set up a few rules including that sneaking was forbidden. On the other hand we were free to watch her. Oh, I forgot to tell that when she caught us she was stark naked and she still was when she scolded at us standing in front of us hands on hips."

There was a sharp intake of breath from Anders wife which made him to stop. She looked flustered. "No, no don't stop, go on. What a slut," she said.

"Well, she went to bed and left us both confused and horny. She found out that we had jacked off during the night after watching her. She accused us the following evening and we had to admit. Then she did something incredible. She jacked off both of us sitting on a foot-stool stark naked landing our come on her bare boobs."

"Oh that was really sluttish," Anders wife broke in panting hard. "Go on, you still haven't got laid."

"The following day we worked hard and were told to clean up under that outdoor shower behind the barn. Lena, that was her name, shocked us not only by joining us in the shower but also to tell us to soap her up. We were allowed to caress all over her body. It was lovely. She even got an orgasm when I caressed her pussy and Gunnar worked on her boobs. Well, I had no idea about orgasms at that time of course but understood that she liked very much being fondled in certain places. Then she jacked us off. It was just lovely especially as it happened so unexpected.

That evening she made us come again. Only that this time she took it a bit further by using her mouth. She got off herself when I fondled her breasts and pussy while she was sucking Gunnar."

"Oh my goodness. Did she suck you both at the same time? What a tart. She must have become messy with all that come," Anders wife exclaimed sounding shocked but also excited.

"Well, yes, she took turns on us but towards the end she focused on me first using hands and mouth. Then she did Gunnar while I fondled her. No, she didn't get messy, she swallowed it all not spilling a drop," Anders said casually.

"I thought you were going to tell us how you got laid. You are far from that," Elisabeth said a little breathlessly. I noticed that her eyes were shining.

"Oh well, I was coming to that," Anders said. "But all right, let me make a long story short. I will skip how it happened that she made me come between her big boobs and how I creamed between her thighs pressing against her clit while she cried out of pleasure. But let me assure you that both these things were essential for how it happened that I was allowed into her capable pussy. What I want to say is that it wasn't just a short, one time happening but a series of events that led to the final thing. But I don't think that she planned anything. She just did what came natural to her and was guided by her own lust. I now understand that she was a very orgasmic woman." Anders looked at his wife who looked down blushing.

"Well, Lena should leave after milking on the Saturday. I followed her to the loft when she went to change. Gunnar was away helping Grandpa. I openly watched her getting undressed and walk around in the nude as she had allowed us to do. I guess that it was a turn on for her as well. After a while she asked mockingly what I wanted although it was obvious but she wanted to tease. I guess she was as horny as I.

Well, she stopped before me smiling broadly and asked if I wanted to come in her mouth or between her breasts. I was suddenly bold enough to ask if she would take me in between her thighs like the night before. She readily agreed and without fuss took position at the railing where I had stood. I grabbed her hips and pushed in from behind and started to move back and forth along her wet slit. It didn't take her long to come. But then she was very horny and wanted the real thing. She pushed me backwards and spread her legs and then pulled me forward again. The path into her heaven was well lubricated and I slid easily all the way into her. She came twice, the second time just after I did. It was lovely."

"Did she let you do it from behind and standing up? How selfish and sluttish of her. You had deserved more cuddling and sweetness being the first time," his wife broke in sounding more excited and caring than chocked.

"Well, as I said before, I don't think she thought or planned in advance. She just let things happen steered by sheer lust. And I didn't complain. It was heavenly and she looked gorgeous from behind leaning over the railing."

"I have met Lena," I broke in. "She was back more summers helping Grandma. She wasn't shy, slept in the nude and got naked when she changed. I especially remember that she wore no panties under her working clothes."

"Oh, so she took on more of you cousins. Maybe all of you got the first experience between her thighs. It seems that she was very ready to spread them. Sluttish if you ask me," Anders wife snarled.

"Well no, I never got invited I am afraid. Too young perhaps. And I saw no signs that anybody else got to savour her charms. So you were very lucky Anders," I answered. He looked proud.

"Well yes I guess so. I don't know because it was my last summer on the farm. Want to hear the rest," he said trying to catch our attention. "Well, we did it again onla short while after the first time."

"Oh goodness gracious me. Hadn't she got enough? What a sex maniac." The wife exploded but there were much excitement in her voice. "But tell us, what happened."

"Well, Lena shrugged me off her back as soon as she had calmed down. She said she was pleased though before she went to the wash room. I slumped down on my bed utterly happy. When Lena came back she leaned over me and took my limp cock in her mouth. She had done that before. Well, I got hard in her mouth which surprised her and made her happy. She withdrew and asked if I wanted to do it again. Of course I did but she didn't wait for my answer. She went back sucking me to full hardness. Then she mounted me and without any preamble impaled herself on my cock. She did a lot of pleasant things coming twice. Then she put in another gear and rode me strongly until we both came. . . . She said afterwards that she was very pleased with me," Anders said very proudly.

There was a stunned silence.

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