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Covert Lust


Nelson was proud of his solid body and generous crotch. His body more than made up for his untamed looks, a reflection of his hard life. His black meaty skin shone a dark purplish-black-brown in the hot sun. His straight thick hair was neatly combed and gave him a school boy overhang. He did not look ugly; in fact, to him, he looked manly, with high cheekbones, drawn in cheeks, thick but not bushy eyebrows and intense eyes. He had a long cylindrical neck and his broad chest and arms were solidly built without an excess of muscles. He was not weight lifter, but the manual labor made him strong and tough. At 19 years, he was the picture of healthy youth.

Nelson parked his chiseled buttocks upon the crude wooden stool by the fast foods outlet. It was late afternoon and he was waiting for Eloise's to return from the market. The sultry 18-year-old had asked for it and was going to get in the afternoon. His penis was semi erect in anticipation. He had canceled all his plans in anticipation of the fuck. He let his thoughts drift to that occasion when he first came in contact with Eloise's body.

Eloise was a school going girl, the daughter of a professor in religion at a local university in a small, coastal, eastern, town. She had come down from her boarding school to the town for the summer. Her family was Eastern European in origin and was quite conservative and practical in their approach to life. At any rate she was better off than Nelson, whose new job was to sweep the streets.

Nelson had been sweeping the street where she lived and had been eyeing the girl for since her arrival. He did not imagine for a moment that the girl would be game for a fuck with him though.

Eloise had eyed him too, but without his knowing it. She wanted to tell him that the attraction was mutual. He aroused her sexually with unparalleled intensity. His crotch seemed radiate sexuality. It seemed "shine" with a dark beam of intense sexual power. The manly contours (outlines of his sex and buttocks) were visible with hard-hitting clarity. It hit her where it mattered whenever she eyed him. It was always a home run. If only he cleaned himself, she would think. But Nelson had always sported an unruly beard and smelled of stale sweat, even from a distance. That was a definite turn off.

He had boarded the bus along with her this morning. She was on the way to the market and he to see his friends who lived on the other side of town. He had had a bath that day, shaven himself clean, worn a decent pant and shirt. He had been giving her the eye as usual. To his surprise, Eloise's brown eyes had lingered on him for a moment longer than necessary, but her creamy white countenance remained stolid. He was sure that there was an excited, but transient, glimmer in her eyes. Normally, she would have ignored him or turned away if their eyes had met by accident. He knew that she had noticed him and he had dwelled on her thoughts for some time and that there had been a spark of arousal. That's all he needed for encouragement.


The crowded public buses were a hotbed of furtive sexual activity. There would be hardly any space to move around and the passengers would be packed in tightly. All the lecherous men in the bus used the opportunity to fondle and caress the fairer sex covertly. In a society where extramarital and premarital sex was considered a taboo (it was in theory), this sort of a profane outlet to burning passion was very common. In fact the society bred sexual deceit. In this society, it was marriage or unbridled illicit sex. Wither the wine and wither the candles.

Very rarely did such covert sexual acts evoke any protest from the so-called conservatives. As individuals the locals had a different definition to sexual propriety. Collectively, there were the social norms to be adhered to. They frequented the buses due their impecunious pockets and enjoyed the attentions of the opposite sex as a bonus.

Ironically, it was the old and middle-aged men who did the fondling, the very ones who supported such societal restrictions. More often than not, pure women and girls turned into sluts, unable to control their natural instincts and desires. Of course the acts of sex did not always end in consummation. Nevertheless, there was no harm in a dry fuck, a fling that they could forget, allowing them a short alternate existence. It would be unfair to generalize though, but the goods ones were never "holier than thou", because they never judged anyone by their own standards.

The good professor (Eloise's father) had moved into this town 20 years ago, unable bear the atrocities of the second world war in Europe. He and his family were not personally affected by it, but Mary and he couldn't bear to sit around and watch. In the new place, he was quick to realize that to be himself would be sufficient for subsistence. But to be respected as an opinion leader and a successful religious head and spread the Holy Word, he would have to meld into the local ethos and understand the compulsions, before advocating change. He had done this with extra-ordinary elegance. Eloise was a local at heart in practice, though not necessarily by descent.


Nelson decided to grab the opportunity. He had "dry fucked" women in the past, but this would special. He moved his way into the bus, carelessly pushing people away, till he was right behind her.

Eloise was looking out of window, holding on to the support upon the ceiling of the interior. She held a tiny pink handkerchief and dried the drops of sweat upon her cream colored face. Nelson admired her body for a minute. She was dressed in blue skirt and a white embroidered blouse, with white shoes and socks. The skirt covered her all the way to her knees and hung loosely around her hips. The white blouse was buttoned up tightly and revealed her pear shaped breasts, in a sexy outline. This was sufficient to heat up his brains. He could hardly wait to feast upon them.

He decided he would seduce her slowly, enjoying and relishing every step of the way. He moved up close to her and started to breathe heavily onto the tender skin of her neck. Needless to say he caught her attention. The hot breath was disturbing her thoughts, and she instinctively knew who it was. She turned around quickly to see his lust filled eyes burn into her. Her body shuddered, instinctively seeking protection from potential sexual assault. She turned back to face the window.

Nelson whispered into her ears "Don't worry baby, just relax and no will know". She actually found some reassurance in his strong, deep, voice. It had a seductive quality in it and seemed to hit her where it mattered (more than a coincidence). Nelson continued to breathe into her, exciting her further, and drops of sweat emerged from beneath the scorched surface of her skin. She shifted uneasily, when suddenly she felt him press down upon her flimsy canvas shoes. He had stepped on to the heel of her shoes with his toes and removed her shoes. She had to bend down to adjust. The bus was way too crowded for her shift around and she was forced to bend, if she was to adjust it.

As she bent down, Nelson moved in for the kill, pushing his crotch against the furrow of her buttocks. God, she was hot. It felt much like an oven that was ready to bake. He could feel her body shudder as she felt his cock pressed against her ass. He pretended to be looking at something outside, while maintaining steady pressure at the contact point, enjoying the hot sexual tension, her soft full buttocks were giving him.

Eloise straightened up soon enough, giggling to herself at this crude sexual assault. She had heard from her local friends that this was a common thing in buses, and no one seemed to mind the harmless sex games. But this was the first time.

In the meanwhile, Nelson had removed the pressure and in fact was not in contact with her. He continued to breathe down her neck to remind her of his intentions, but wanted her to seek his crotch of her own accord. Predictably, within two minutes of non-contact, Eloise started to arch back. Nelson decided that he would tease her. He moved too, away from her! The more she arched back, the more he moved away.

Eloise was irritated. Where the hell was IT? She started to trace circles (like a hand groping in the dark) with her hips, groping and moping around for his crotch. She turned back in frustration and found a knowing, arrogant smile on Nelson's face. She flushed instantaneously and turned back. She could hear Nelson chuckling, obviously enjoying her wanton belly dance!

Nelson decided he would play with her shoe again, this time, her other leg. He waited for her to lift her leg slightly (anyone would have adjust their position as the bus moved) and moved in for the kill. In one quick step, he stepped on the heel of her shoe with his toes and pulled it down. He chuckled as he heard her curse. She turned to glare at him and he pretended that he was looking elsewhere.

She bent down and again and Nelson was nestling his crotch in hot furrow, enjoying the flames of pleasure that burnt into his body. This time, Eloise lingered down there for much longer, moving back strongly against his crotch, crushing his bulging penis. Nelson rocked his hips every gently and poked her buttocks. Every time the length of his hard instrument collided with her soft fullness, strings of pleasure ran through his nerves and he closed his eyes, enjoying the carnal feast. His cock was rock hard now and seemed to burrow its way in between the folds of her buttocks. The heat was intense and their minds were locked in lust.

Eloise was forced to get up. This is a public place. How could she behave this way? She straightened herself and wondered what he would do next. To Nelson, the teasing was far from over. He moved closer and pushed his crotch up against her buttocks and started to grind into her again.

He whispered into her ears again "Move your ass back towards me, baby".

Yes, that seductive voice again. She felt compelled to obey. She unflexed her buttocks and pushed back upon his cock, as if she were going to grab his erection and hold it in the cleft of her buttocks. Nelson moaned in pleasure softly.

He whispered to her again "Now move your ass up and down, slowly".

She started to move forward and Nelson grabbed her hips to stop her. "Bitch, move it up and down, not forward and backward".

His language shocked her, but there was quality in it that seemed to bring out an unknown in her. She felt highly excited. She obeyed. Nelson could feel her ass move up and down the length of the cock. She was in effect masturbating his turgid length and Nelson knew that his seed would explode any time. Oblivious to the surroundings (from their point of view) and unknown to the surroundings a quite dry fuck was in progress.

Pretty soon, Nelson felt the build up of pressure. He had not had a fuck in a long time and he knew he could not hold on for too long. He felt a gush of hot semen, rise through the length of his cock, and jets of thick sperm wetted his underpants, phissht, phisshhhht phissssshhhhhhhhhhht....... He moaned a little too loudly for comfort and but managed to control the contortions upon his countenance as he came.

Eloise felt his cock lengthen momentarily and then become flaccid. Nelson had jerked quite noticeably. After a moment's thought, she understood what had happened. She hoped that the others in the bus would not have got the wind of what had happened. Judging from their expressions, they had not. Any way there was plenty distraction otherwise, a woman with a basket of chickens was raving and ranting to no one in particular. Some passengers were cursing the lack of space and the humid weather. There were others who were mindlessly going through the process of balancing themselves as bus rocked over the rough road and waded through the traffic.

She turned back and looked at him shyly. Nelson was checking his pants to see if there were any stains. Sure enough, there were a couple of wet spots, after all, he had come copiously. Nelson returned her glance, with a hard stare. He felt conquered. She had made him come so fast. It was a shallow but an incredibly wet orgasm and in his reckoning a one sided "wet fuck". Lucky for him, his cock was still partially stiff and his sexuality was still alive and kicking.

She turned back not knowing what to read from his expression. He whispered to her soon enough "Leave the back door of your house open when you return from the market. I know that your Mom will be out and your dad will be asleep. I am going to fuck you like the whore that you are today. I am going fuck you many times, and make you feel like a real woman." His words shocked her. How did he know about what her parents would be doing? He was right. That was about the time that her mother went out to do some business. She sold the home baked cookies and cakes in the neighborhood, to earn the extra buck. Her father, who taught the early morning classes, had the habit of catching up on his sleep and slept like a log, only adjusting himself to fart every now and then.

The back door was a good way to get into the house, as there was a small group of trees hiding the entrance into her house, quite secluded from the crowded town. The only ones to know anything that happened back there were the bovines in their sheds. She was most excited by what he said. He had said that he would fuck her. Was he serious? Eloise realized that she was sweating. That hard long tool of his had felt so exciting. She could hardly wait to see it.

Nelson had got off the bus and gone home to change. He decided that he would let his semen dry and not wash it. He wore a pair of loose cotton shorts and stayed in the same shirt. He looked at himself in the crude mirror. He was looking at a horny stud. He was sure that the odor of his sweat and sexual fluids would have remained. Now all he had to do was to go and fuck her. He had a good lunch and went to the fast foods outlet for a cup of tea.

Eloise's mind was full of Nelson's cock. The right lobe of her brain was over active, creating images of various sizes and shapes of Nelson's cock. She had seen a few cocks, by sheer accident. The sight of a cock excited her, but Nelson's cock would be unparalleled, she told herself. But she had to be discrete about it.

She reached home in great anticipation. Unknown to her, Nelson watched his slut skip her way back home. So the bitch was excited. He was happy and his mind was full of how he would fuck her.

She left the back door open, but could not bring herself to go inside. She was still clad in her blouse and skirt as she paced the backyard wondering when he would come.

Nelson had hidden himself behind a tree and was watching the hot girl wait for him restlessly. Presently she stepped out of the door and made her way through the trees. Nelson crept up behind her and grabbed her violently. He nuzzled her neck and pressed his crotch back on her ass and grabbed her breasts and crushed them. He whispered to her again, as she recovered from the surprise assault.

"Bitch, it looks like you are hot for a fuck, I'll bet that your cunt is watering right now?"

"Let go of me, you bastard, what if someone sees us here", she complained?

"Okay slut, let's go inside", he said releasing the pressure on her.

They went into the master bedroom on the first floor and peeped in to make sure that her father was sleeping. The man was snoring away. Nelson had unzipped his pants and pointed his cock at the man's face. Maybe her father would like to suck him too. What he did shocked Eloise and she quickly pulled him away and they went upstairs.

"Bitch, I have to pee now, where's the shit house", he whispered to her?

Eloise pointed to a door on the side of her bedroom. Not bothering to take his shorts off, Nelson pulled it down on the front side pulled his cock out. He held his phallus in his hands to piss, when an idea struck him.

"Bitch, make yourself useful and hold my cock for me", he whispered sexily.

Eloise was shocked. "I won't do this dirty job for you".

"You slut, you had better do what I want you to do, else Pops downstairs will get to know what a whore he has for a daughter. And then I will fuck his ass too", he said raising his voice just a bit.

Eloise could not help laughing at the serious expression on his face. This was incredible, too unreal to be true. Nelson knew exactly what to say or do to bring out that unknown whore in her. She stepped into the restroom. She looked at his obsidian, uncircumcised member and the purplish vein latticed head in fascination. God, he was sexy.

"Come, hold my tool for me." He forced his cock into her hands and she held it first like it was some worm and then slowly settled her palm around its circumference. How hot the semi-hard instrument felt in her hands surprised her. Nelson rested his arms on his hips and let the stream of urine go. "Bitch watch where you are peeing me. I am a man and I can point cock anywhere, even on you", he said laughing. Eloise watched in fascination as a long stream of clear urine erupted from his cock and ran down the gutter. It was the sexiest thing she had held. The long moist shaft must have been 7" long and it was still not hard. It was like holding pipe with running water, only this pipe was moist, soft and alive. She feel the urine run up the stem of his penis. It felt great, and she forgot how she felt about just a minute ago. After an eternity, he had unloaded his tanker and he instructed her huskily "Bitch, you should shake it now to finish the job". She shook it shyly and last drops of urine flew in all directions. Nelson stuffed his cock back inside, pulled up his shorts, and turned to her.

"Bitch, now strip and lie down on the bed". She stood rooted to the spot and stared at the ground, her toes tracing half circles. Nelson dragged her into the bedroom, pulling her by the ear. "It's time that I taught you a lesson you slut".

He went in pulled the chair that was in front of her study table. He sat on it and pulled her onto his lap facing him. The room was a bit dark, considering that all the curtains were shut. He sat down on it and made her sit on his lap facing him. She was looking down at his chest, waiting for him to make his next move. So far everything he had done was tremendously exciting and she had enjoyed herself. She would do whatever he said. She sat submissively, leaving him to take his pleasure

He started to kiss her face. His hands were running all over her body caressing her breasts, hips, thighs and buttocks. She felt soft and full and Nelson enjoyed himself. This was best body he had got his hands on yet. He could hardly wait to sink his cock into her. But before that, he was going to enjoy her body and teach her a few tricks like cock sucking!

He started to unbutton her blouse, pushing her objecting hand away. Slowly and deliberately, he took his time to unbutton her, dwelling on each button, to increase her feeling of excitement. He was excited too, his penis was throbbing down below, rudely poking against her lower crotch. Aaah, the pleasure of stripping a woman, what could possibly beat that?

He finally yanked her blouse off with one swift movement, allowing her bra-clad breasts to drop in front of him. He surveyed the full mounds. Her breasts were large for her age. The healthy upbringing showed in the size. Her stomach was flat and taut and this only emphasized the size of her breasts more.

He lustily captured the two soft mounds and squeezed them. They were incredibly soft and felt full in his hands. He closed his eyes and started knead her breasts. He was going enjoy them fully. He was in no hurry. Rotating and lifting the soft fullness, he squeezed them enjoying what it did to her and him. He was in heaven and Eloise was moaning softly. Their breath became hotter with every passing moment and he edged up closer to her, rubbing his throbbing tool against her cunt. Every time he squeezed her breasts, his cock seemed to throb more. His erection was very painful and he ached for the fuck. "Your breasts are incredible bitch", he whispered squeezing them with increased pressure. He reached down to kiss her nipple, (still hidden by the material of her cotton brassiere) while squeezing the other breast. Then he kissed the other nipple, and kneaded the first one. Then he started suckle upon the pointed nipple and lustily mauled the other. Soon her bra tips where moist with his spit.

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