tagLoving WivesCoveting Ch. 04

Coveting Ch. 04

byParis Waterman©


A week later Tessa was wondering about recent events. Why was Danny taking so many pictures of her lately? Was he putting them on the internet? And why was Margie, after having refused to pose for so long, now posing with a frequency that alarmed Tessa.

Margie had confided to Tessa that Vince had her doing poses Tessa refused to do for Danny. I have let him video me doing things, she thought and recalled several times how he had arranged the camera on a tripod to video them in bed; and the time he persuaded her to masturbate for him in the bathroom. She had only done it after he himself had masturbated while she videoed him in similar fashion, but other than watching the videos later that night, she hadn't seen them again.

It occurred to her that the two men might be putting both their photos on the internet, and the thought horrified her.

Her first thought was to call Margie for her opinion. But she thought better of it and decided instead to sit down at their computer and look into Danny's hitherto secret files.

What she found stunned her. There were dozens of nude pictures of Margie! True, there was also hundreds of her, but Margie?

The obvious conclusion was that they were trading pictures of their spouses.

Danny! Vince has Margie calling out Danny's name when she's blindfolded and handcuffed! Had Danny been trying to manipulate her when he'd asked about more variation in their lovemaking? Aloud she exclaimed, "What the hell are they up too?" She reached for the telephone, intending to call Margie with the news, but stopped as the answer came to her.

They want us to swap husbands!

As the thought unfolded she plopped down in a chair and stared straight ahead. That's it! They really want to swap us... like baseball cards!"

Tessa sat there for several minutes then got up and made herself a stiff drink. She began pacing the floor, taking the occasional sip from the glass she held in her hand.


Because they're men and men are pigs.

Does Margie know? Probably not, but she must have some suspicion that something's not right. Should I call her now, or wait until I know more? Should I confront Danny?

She stopped pacing and finished her drink. She rinsed the glass out and put it back in the cabinet where it belonged. Then she went back to the computer and searched further, but found nothing that incriminated Danny and Vince of anything else.

My marriage is more important to me than anything else; she told herself, and then realized she had to pick her son, Win up from school. She went to the bathroom and gargled to rinse away any tell tale odor of alcohol. God forbid I get pulled over as a drunk driver, she thought, and then asked herself if she was capable of driving safely. Of course I am; it was only one drink.

A second later it occurred to her that the drink was one thing, but the sudden knowledge of discovering what her husband was up to might prove distracting when added to a car full of kids yammering and clamoring all the way home.

She picked up the phone and called Margie.

"Marge, hi, it's me. Yeah, I know I know, I've come down with a migraine, or if it isn't a migraine it will do until one comes along. Look I don't think I can drive. Can you fill in for me today? I promise I'll make it up next week when it's your turn.

"You will? Great. I love you. Yeah, I know; that too. See you when you drop Win off. Thanks a bunch."

Now when can I tell Margie? Not today. I'll deal with Danny first.

Tessa & Danny

When confronted with the irrefutable evidence that he was sending Tessa's nude pictures to Vince and vice-versa, Danny put his face in his hands and confessed.

"Yeah, it's true."


"I don't know... I mean, I do know, but I don't know if I can put it into words."


"Well... first off," he swallowed searching for the right words to save his marriage. "First, you have to understand that I do love you. Only you."

"And you prove it by putting me on the internet for the world to see? How thoughtful a way of showing your love!"

"Tessa, you're not giving me a chance..."

"A chance for what... to think up an excuse for these despicable actions?"

"Have... have you told Margie?"

"Margie's not part of this marriage. I want to hear your reasons."

"I don't know that I have specific reasons. Let me tell you how it came to this."

"All right, tell me."

"You have to understand that guys..."

"Are you going to tell me that men are pigs?"

"No! Well, maybe I am. It was at the company outing last spring when I first found myself attracted to Margie.

"A bit more detail, please," Tessa said the scorn for Danny evident in her tone.

"Um... I realized I was checking out her ass. Suddenly I was overcome with lust. I wanted her. I coveted her. I realized I was married to you and possessing Margie was out of the question. And that would have been that, except that apparently Vince formed the same ideas about you that same day."


"He told me... this was weeks later, mind you, he said you apparently let him look down your top. Let him have a good long look before covering up."

Tessa suddenly recalled the incident he was referring too, and felt herself grow red in embarrassment. Please, God, don't let it have been me that helped them reach this point.

Danny continued, bent on clearing the air between them. "Some days later we were at the camera club..."

"My God, you didn't put any pictures of me up on that screen, did you?"

"No, no! I wouldn't do that, but one guy did, and on the way home, Vince bought the subject up, you know, putting up a picture of his wife like that."

"Never happen," I told Vince, speaking for myself.

"It never crossed your mind, Danny?"

"No, never," he said defensively.

"What about Vince?"

"I remember he said Margie would never even pose for him."


"Yeah, and he asked me if you'd ever... you know, posed for me."

"So you told him, huh?"

"Yeah... I guess I did. But I told him I'd never let anyone see them."

"Tell him anything else about me?"

"Um, yeah... I mentioned that you were sort of an exhibitionist."

"You what?"

"Um, well I told him that story you told me about letting the guys see your tits at the beach that time."

"Did you," she said almost freezing him with the frost in her voice.

"Look. He won't say a word to anyone."

"You seem very confident about this," Tessa said, obviously not believing him.

"I... I am," he said, looking miserable and very uncomfortable."

"Tell me, Danny, how did he get Margie to pose for him? I know her, she wouldn't do it, she's too prudish."

"I'm not sure what he did. I know he ... they were into bondage... you know handcuffs and stuff. I think he took some while she was blindfolded."

"Cut the crap, Danny. I've seen the pictures. For Christ sake, she's holding herself wide open for the camera in some of the pictures he sent over."

"I don't know. You'll... you'll have to ask Margie."

"Don't worry, I will."

Danny shuddered at the thought, but at the moment he was concentrating on saving his marriage.

"Which pictures did you send him?"

"There's more," he said deciding to tell all before it came back and bit him on the ass even more.

"There's more?" Tessa waited him out.

"The night you two went to the movies."

"What about it?"

"We traded videos."

"You son-of-a-bitch! Which ones?"

"Only one of you, Tess, only the one."

"Which one? She said coldly.

"Where... where you masturbated for me."

"You bastard! And Margie... which ones of her?"

"The one he showed me had her handcuffed. He... he was screwing her and she was calling out my name."

"Anything you're leaving out?"

"Um, later on he had her suck... um, she did oral for him."

"Call your name out again? No, not with him in her mouth, I guess."

Waving her arm at him, Tessa groaned, "Get out of my sight, Danny. You disgust me."

"Tessa, I...."

"Get out. Sleep on the god damn couch! Get a blanket from the closet and get out of the bedroom."

"Are you going to tell Margie?"

"Of course I am. Don't you dare call him. Don't you dare. She needs to hear this from me. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I understand."


Margie took it better than Tessa thought she would. The two women met at Tessa's the following morning after getting the kids off to school. Margie had driven the kids to school and stopped by Tessa's afterward.

"You can't imagine what our husband's are, or I should say, have been up too."

"And you're going to tell me," Margie said, "but not until I've had a cup of coffee."

"Help yourself, Marge, I made fresh for us, but somehow I don't feel like any at the moment."

Margie poured herself a cup, added milk and sat down next to Tessa. "Okay, what's the story, Tessa?"

"Put the cup down, first." Margie's jaw dropped and for the first time she realized something of import was about to be brought to her attention.

"Our beloved husbands," Tessa began, "want us, meaning you and me, to swap with them."

Margie's brow furrowed in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Tessa's lips closed and then with a smacking sound opened again. "I'll make it simple. Vince wants to fuck me and Danny wants to fuck you. Swapping... understand?"

"What the hell...."

"I had been wondering why Danny was taking so many pictures of me lately, you know. And you entered the picture."

"How did I enter the picture?"

"You told me Vince was taking pictures of you after all that time in refusing to do it."

"Yes, but...."

"Shush! I have more, much more."


"At first I thought my Danny was putting my pics on the net. But I kept coming back to you. Suddenly you were posing almost as much as I had... err, was."

"But I can explain...."

"Quiet, please, Marge, you yourself told me the kinds of poses you were now letting Vince take of you. I wouldn't let Danny take them... that kind anyway, of me. But I have let him video me... doing the nasty among other things."

"I didn't know you'd let him video you doing..."

Tessa over rode Margie, saying, "So I went to the computer, Danny's computer and searched for a while and found...."

Instead of continuing, Tessa pulled Margie by the hand until they'd reached Danny's office and his PC.

"This..." Tessa said and opened the file containing the pictures that their husband's had been funneling back and forth.

"My God..." Margie gasped, "That's me!"

"I'm in there too, Margie, scroll down a few. And she was... in all her glory.

"Ready for more, Marge?"

"Holy shit! He... he...."

"Oh yeah, he did and more."

"More?" her stunned friend said, unbelievingly.

"Videos. Videos of each of us."

"Vince... wouldn't, couldn't do that," she protested, but it was obvious she didn't believe a word she was saying.

"The very night we went to the movies they sat in your house and traded videos of us. You can figure out which one he may have used. I made several, but Danny swears he only brought one of me masturbating for him and his fucking camera. I think Vince had one of you handcuffed to the bed. Of course I haven't seen it...."

"That's the only one. He had me stand against the window, and then put me down on the bed."

"Stop, I don't want to hear or see the video, Margie. The question is what do we do about it?"

Margie started to shake, and instinctively, Tessa put her arm around her shoulder and drew her close. A minute passed. They found themselves looking into each other's eyes. Suddenly the air was thick with anticipation, Tessa leaned toward Margie, but instead of kissing her lips, kissed her ear lobe and then her neck and felt Margie melt into her.

As Margie began to cry, groaning that she still loved the bastard; that she didn't want to divorce him, Tessa nuzzled her neck, feeling a release from the pressures that had been mounting since discovering the photos and the subsequent confrontation with Danny.

Margie was like smoke in her arms, like a dream only Tessa knew this was real. She heard Margie moan softly, accepting her as Tessa slid her hand down between her legs.

Margie pressed into Tessa as she massaged her moist outer lips. Margie's moans were like soft mewing, a beseeching sound begging Tessa to take her, but to take her gently.

"I don't know if we should," Margie protested.

Tessa knew instinctively that her friend needed, even wanted what would follow, covered her neck with kisses, blowing softly across her ear, and stroking her gently between her legs. Still, Tessa waited before going further until she was sure Margie wanted it; until she wanted it so badly that her body was begging.

It didn't take long.

"Do you want me inside you?" Tessa whispered. Margie's head was tipped back, her breaths long and steady.

"Yes!" she moaned back. "Yes."

Tessa pushed two fingers up past Margie's external folds then slid into the velvety flesh while Margie quietly sobbed.

"There, there," Tessa cooed soothingly, as she wormed two fingers in and out of Margie's sticky entrance.

As Margie's breathing quickened so did Tessa's thrusts. Margie moaned her pleasure as if in a dream, saying Tessa's name and calling yes, yes, and please.

Is this how Vince got her to use Danny's name as he fucked her? Tessa wondered.

Shoving the thought away, Tessa brought Margie up, all the way up, so that she was so close that her moans deepened and her cries edged toward screams.

Tessa's fingers flew in and out of her, bringing her close to the edge, but then backing off. Tessa could tell Margie was wondering why she had not let her come, but what she was now doing felt so good that Margie quickly forgot to complain.

With one arm wrapped around her back, Tessa leaned Margie back and slipped out from underneath her. Continuing to work her fingers over Margie's g-spot, she used her other hand to lift Margie's knees and spread her thighs open. When Tessa leaned down and touched here with her tongue, Margie gasped in shock and pleasure.

Tessa kissed and licked Margie's inner lips, tasted the condensed sweetness of her juices now flowing steadily like a small creek until her mouth was filled with a mix of her own saliva and Margie's nectar.

Margie's head began to thrash back and forth, and the words and moans that emanated from her mouth were all gibberish. But each time Tessa's tongue danced over her protruding little nub, a high pitched squeal would escape amidst the lower earthy tones of lust.

Tessa had only some brief experience in performing cunnilingus, but she was a fast learner. Each flick of her tongue to Margie's clit was followed by more attention to her opening and then another flick, or series of flicks before returning to her cuntal slit.

Tessa used her fingers to pull Margie's inner labia apart; recalling as she looked into the coral colored flesh, the photo with Margie holding herself open for her husband's camera.

Finally she sent her tongue inside Margie's hole, fucking her wet pussy with her driving thrusting muscle.

As Margie's fluids gushed over her tongue and onto her chin, Tessa found the elusive g-spot again. Margie reacted by gripping the carpeted floor and tensing up so rigidly that Tessa worried she might be having a heart attack.

Once assured that was not the case, Tessa jabbed repeatedly, hopping to bring her off in her mouth and catch a flood of sticky girl come to gobble down. Margie moaned and thrashed and seemed so close, but just continued on like this rather than exploding in orgasm as Tessa had intended. It didn't seem to bother Margie; her moans grew more and more frantic, and she began bucking her hips into Tessa's face with a violence Tessa had never seen in her before.

Tessa wanted Margie to cum, for then her friend could reciprocate. She decided to seduce

her body into letting go. Holding Margie's hips still, Tessa slid her tongue out of her gushing pussy, and pushed her wet fingers back in.

"I just want to try something," she whispered to her moaning friend and lover. And she kissed Margie.

Margie hungrily sucked Tessa's tongue into her mouth as though it were a man's cock, reveling in her own taste. Tessa felt another gush of excitement down below as her cum drenched tongue touched Margie's; and realized her own cunt was as saturated as Margie's.

She broke the kiss and began to tear off her clothes, wriggling out of her jeans and plain

t-shirt. Tessa hadn't worn a bra, and her bikini cut underwear were simple and unglamorous and she tossed them aside without much thought. As soon as Tessa's clothing was out of the way, Margie pounced back onto her mouth with a ferociousness that took Tessa by surprise.

Within seconds Margie was fingering Tessa much as she had Margie earlier. Tessa slid her hand back into Margie and they manually stimulated each other for some time while licking and sucking at each other's tongue.

But when Margie ended the torrid kiss and descended to the vortex between Tessa's legs, Tessa felt herself drawing close to her own orgasm.

"God, Margie... YES! Make me cum! Make me cum!"

Tearing her mouth from Tessa's cunt, Margie gasped, "So... you're close?"

I'm so close. Please don't stop."

Margie held her even tighter as if to assure her that she was going to see her through.

Several licks later, Tessa groaned, "Oh, fuck baby, fuck I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Tessa felt her body coil and tense and then it washed over her. It was hard and strong and she could feel her liquids gushing up to Margie's face. Her body shook through an orgasm that seemed to last forever. Margie switched to lapping up the flowing juices, and in her exhilaration, Tessa couldn't believe how wild Margie had become. She seemed starved for the taste of Tessa.

"Mmm, so sweet, so sweet."

As Tessa began to come down from the clouds, she thought of doing it clit to clit and maneuvered Margie into position to try it out. Then with their legs overlapped so their clit's could touch, Tessa put her hands behind her and bucked into Margie.

Margie followed suit, banging her clit into Tessa's.

"Oh yes!" she exclaimed. "I always wondered if women could do that," Margie laughed.

"Well, now you know," Tessa told her gleefully. "Wait, I want to try something a little different." She pressed her cunt into Margie's. "Now, just rub."

They rubbed their clit's over one another, reveling in the pleasure. Their pussies were wet again and they slid around haphazardly over one another making a sloppy sloshing noise. It felt fantastic, but for a moment Tessa felt a surge of penis envy as she wished that she could really fuck her, push herself into Margie's warm waiting pussy and shoot jizm into her womb.

"We need a what'chamacallit, a strap-on" Margie giggled as Tessa grabbed her ankle and ground her pussy into Margie's, then humped her slightly and ground her again.

As they experimented with the position, they discover several enjoyable ways to stimulate each other. But contrary to Tessa's expectations, Margie failed to reach her climax.

"I gotta make you cum," Tessa moaned. "Let's switch to 69."

"Oh, yeah!" Margie chirped and swung around so that her pussy was directly above Tessa's mouth. They feasted on each other with wild abandon, with Tessa more determined than ever to bring Margie off with a tumultuous explosion.

Tessa's legs suddenly snaked up around Margie's waist, locking her feet behind her and locked Margie's pussy on her mouth. Before Margie knew what was going on, Tessa rolled them both over, putting Margie on her back. Tessa mounted a relentless attack on Margie's pussy, compelling the other woman to howl while Tessa held her ass in her hands and pulled her cunt to her mouth like a ripe melon; and then licked the sweet juices from the soft pulp.

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