tagLoving WivesCoveting Ch. 06

Coveting Ch. 06

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 6

"When did you get a new game, Vince?" Margie asked.

"I've had it a while," he replied.

"But, Vince, I thought you two were into bondage type stuff," Danny said.

"We are," Vince admitted, "But this is a slight variation, expanded for more players."

"More players?" said both women at the same time.

Danny moved closer, obviously interested in this new game being introduced by Vince. He hadn't mentioned it to Danny, and had him very curious. From the box he produced a leather paddle lined with fur on one side and handed it to Tessa, who started giggling as she teased Margie's ass with the fuzzy side then flipped it over and gave her a solid whack that jiggled Margie's ass cheeks and soon had them turning bright red.

"Wait, wait!" Vince hollered, before scampering off into the bedroom again.

"He must be smashed," Danny said.

Margie laughed and said, "No, I doubt it. He's up to some...."

But Vince was back, holding the handcuffs they used in their bondage games.

"Oh, no, Vince. Not in front of our friends!"

"Everybody plays," Vince laughed. "Everyone gets cuffed sooner or later."

"Do we get laid or flayed?" Danny laughed.

"A little of both," Vince said. "Honey, you know how the cuffs work, so please let me start with you."

"So... I go into the bedroom?" she said.

"No, no. We'll do it here. See, I can hook the cuffs to the what'chamacallit... the things holding the drapes up."

"They'll pull out of the wall, Vince," she protested.

"Not if you don't yank 'em out."

The men carefully prepared Margie and when she was finally secured Margie did a little jig, almost but not quite swinging from the hooks. Danny immediately went to work with the paddle. Twenty minutes later, everyone had had a turn at being spanked and they tossed the paddle aside and moved into the bedroom.

The next game was called 'Taste,' with Tessa bound to the bed and spread-eagled, and Margie straddling her face. Danny and Vince made lewd comments until Margie swiveled around and the girls segued into a long lasting 69.

When Margie was cajoled into leaving Tessa's reddened cunt, Danny took her place, bringing her to a huge orgasm, and then laughed and said, "I didn't get to taste any of Vince's sperm. That damn Margie got it all."

As Margie took Tessa's place and squealed delightedly from the few sharp smacks bestowed on her magnificent derrière by Danny, she crowed, "Anyway Danny, you're still a cocksucker by proxy."

Tessa was the first to go down on her and had her flopping about like a fish just hooked. After her first orgasm she settled down and enjoyed the hell out of Vince, who followed, while Danny brandished his cock in her face, occasionally slapping her with it before he took Vince's place and brought her off to another rousing cum.

Meanwhile, Vince had a video camera going and was recording things as they progressed, occasionally handing it off to Danny when he was needed as a participant.

Then Margie was blowing her husband; and when Tessa beckoned Danny over to her, he placed the camera on a tri-pod and joined her on the bed with the other couple.

It wasn't long before both women were on their backs getting fucked, heads facing in opposite directions. Danny began by pound hard into Tessa, and then he slowed down to gradual in and outs which appealed to Tessa no end.

"Baby, baby, baby!" she crowed, "It's one long, happy cum!"

"You guys look really hot doing it that way," Margie giggled. Danny leaned in to her and planted a deep soul kiss on her mouth, marveling at the sensory overload of mingling tongues with one woman while fucking another.

Vince waited patiently for the kiss to end then he placed Margie's legs on his shoulders and slid into her, this maximized the depth of each and every thrust.

"Oh, yeah, give it to me!" she shouted over and over.

And after both men splattered their spouses tits with seminal residue, they each took another Viagra and let the girls suck on them until they hardened, Tessa worked on Vince, cupping his balls, while working the shaft with one and then two hands, all the while sucking voraciously on his cock.

Margie went at Danny as if she were starving. She had continuously demonstrated a strong appetite for oral sex throughout the entire evening. It didn't matter if her partner was man or woman, or husband or friend; each and every partner got everything she had to offer. This time she added a new touch to her blowjob. In attempting to get Danny to his fullest extension, she adroitly slipped a finger up his ass. It produced the desired result, and she quickly mounted him, fucking energetically for ten full minutes before trading him off to his wife and riding Vince's boner until he came some twelve minutes later.

But it was while Vince was banging away at Margie that Danny left off fucking Tessa to rummage around in the toy box Vince had shown them earlier.

"Lookie here," he said to Tessa, as he pulled out some beads and waved them around.

Tessa giggled at the sight of him waving the beads and he joined her. He pulled her tight and kissed her then whispered "Let's have some fun with Margie."

Tessa was agreeable, although she had no idea what he was talking about.

"Open your mouth, Tess," he said, and giggling happily, Tessa did, and he dropped the first two beads in her mouth.

"Get them nice and wet, honey," he whispered, so the fornicating couple next to them couldn't hear.

Tessa worked the saliva in her mouth over the beads then put the next two beads in her mouth wetting them as well. When she was satisfied that they were thoroughly saturated, she handed them to her husband. But Danny shook his head, "No, Tessa," he said.

"What now, master?" She giggled.

"Now, I'd like you to be a real slut and use your tongue to push them into Margie's ass!"

Danny slapped Tessa on her ass, to emphasize the order. Tessa thought it really funny to do this to her friend while she was getting royally screwed, and placed her mouth up against Margie's ass and let a dollop of her saliva drip down the cleft of Margie's ass.

Margie was just about to reach another climax when Tessa, using her tongue and a helpful finger, worked the first bead into Margie's ass. Margie started squirming as the bead made its presence felt in her rectum.

"What the hell? Oh, that's soooo nice!" she cooed.

Tessa spit directly onto her girlfriend's ass before shoving the second bead in. Danny thoroughly amused by the insertion of the beads started to finger his wife's ass, while telling her she was next in line for a bead job. With the insertion of the second bead, Margie came hard, although it was mostly Vince's work that produced her orgasm, Margie attributed it to the beads.

The beads did have an effect all their own; this was demonstrated when, as Tessa pushed in the fifth and sixth beads, Margie started to cum again. And just as Vince was unloading his sperm into his wife's cunt, Tessa yanked the string of beads out of her ass, causing Margie to jerk and shudder as she climaxed again, and then collapsed on the bed, almost unable to move.

When neither man was able to produce another erection it ended things for the evening.

Margie and Tessa wearily changed the sheets and pillowcases, tossing the used ones into the washer but not turning it on. The men showered quickly and were followed by the women, who showered together. Finally they all fell onto the bed and fell asleep in a mélange of arms and legs.

The following day

Margie was the first to waken. She spent several minutes extracting herself from the arms and legs twisted about her, not wanting to disturb any of the others.

She had had already made coffee when Tessa joined her in the kitchen, wearing only a filmy Teddy, sans panties.

Margie was nude except for an apron, stating that 'The World's Best Cook Hides Under Here,' greeted her with a light kiss.

"Some night, huh?"

"Twice as good as my honeymoon night, and that was... special," Tessa replied.

"Really? You must tell me about it sometime. Coffee?"

"Yes, Please."

"The bulls still snoring?" Margie inquired.

"I guess," Tessa said. "My guess is they'll sleep until noon unless we wake them up."

"Probably by throwing water on them," Margie added and laughed quietly.

"I'd let them sleep," Tessa laughed. "They acquitted themselves extremely well last night, don't you think?"

"They were magnificent, and they were gentlemen too," Margie added.

Tessa snorted as she drank from her coffee cup. "What?" Margie asked.

"I didn't think it would be that good."

Margie giggled and said, "I never thought we could do it front of them and live to talk about it."

"Yeah, right; scary wasn't it?"

"Now we're free to do it whenever."

"You really think so?" Tessa said as she poured herself another cup of coffee.

Margie giggled and hopped up on the table and spread her legs. "C'mon, eat me out."

"Here? Now?" Tessa asked incredulously.

"Yeah, c'mon; do me," Margie said rubbing Tessa's shoulders and stroking her hair.

"Not just yet, sweetie," Tessa laughed.

Tessa felt more secure than she had in a long time. Her husband was okay with her and Marge. Moreover, he was okay with her and Vince. She was certain he still loved her and that her love for him was still strong. But she also loved Margie. The question was who did she love more? Would she leave Danny for Margie? With a toss of her head she put all those thoughts out of her head and leaned against Margie and slowly began to explore the body beneath her. . Margie groaned and seemed to melt as Tessa's hands moved up her back, kneading into steel cable muscles and knots like solid concrete. Margie's back arched and she gave a little purring sound. Tessa raised her head and watched the brunette's face as it contorted with alternate bliss and pain from the backrub.

Margie had shifted so that when Tessa put her head back down, her cheek was resting on Margie's firm stomach. On impulse, she turned her head and kissed it. Margie's hands moved to the back of her head and neck. Tessa nuzzled her stomach and kept kneading her back. Somehow, her nuzzling worked its way up Margie's body and she felt the yielding flesh of a breast against her mouth. She massaged the underside with her lips and found her way to the hardened nipple. She pulled at it gently with her teeth, dragging a moan from Margie's throat.

Tessa opened her mouth and pulled as much of Margie's breast as she could manage into her mouth. Her tongue rapidly flicked over the nipple then she pulled back until just the tip was in her mouth again and she nibbled.

Margie reached down and pulled her head back gently. Tessa looked up at her, a little alarmed that she might have done something wrong, but Margie just smiled. She pulled the apron off over her head and her breasts slid free, bouncing inches from Tessa's face. Tessa stared, admiring the symmetry of her lover's conical breasts; certainly smaller than her own, but still very enticing morsels in their own right.

Margie's breasts were good-sized with large pale nipples. There was the slightest hint of gravity's long-term pull on them, but the pectoral muscles behind them were firm, buoying up their weight.

She felt Margie's eyes on her. She looked up and met her smiling gaze.

Margie took Tessa's hand and brought it to her breast. The skin was hot to the touch, soft and smooth. Tessa lifted the flesh, squeezing and kneading it, then descended upon it with lips and tongue. Margie's hand slid into Tessa's hair and encouraged her attentions with pressure changes, stroking and rubbing. Both of Margie's legs hooked over Tessa's hips and she arched her back, groaning.

Tessa's sudden switch to the other side, attacking with her teeth first and then her tongue, wrenched a cry from Margie, who clutched more tightly to Tessa. She felt Margie pulling her into the mound of sensitive flesh, so she devoured what she could, sucking, nibbling and flicking her tongue over the hard center. Margie was grinding against Tessa, her head flung back, eyes closed, breathing fast and desperate.

When the pressure let go, Tessa let the nipple slip from her mouth and kissed Margie's collarbone, then her throat. She nipped her throat, getting a whimper in response, and then raised herself up to claim Margie's lips. She licked at her lips and teeth teasingly before closing the last distance and sliding her tongue into her open mouth. Their tongues wrestled, their gasping breaths mingled.

Tessa felt Margie's hands slide up her back, under her Teddy. When their kiss finally broke, Margie pulled back, face flushed, breathing heavy, and pulled Tessa's Teddy off with a quick motion. She tossed the Teddy away and scanned down Tessa's body lovingly. Tessa's breasts were larger, more voluptuous than Margie's, with dark areolas that were pulled tight around their centers right now. She brushed over them with her palms, sending shivers through Tessa, and then with great deliberation, she bent forward and kissed the nipple of Tessa's left breast, then flicked her tongue over it. She gently took the tip in her mouth and began to suckle. Tessa groaned and trembled, and it was her turn to pull Margie tighter against her.

Margie slid forward, half- falling from the table and dropped to her knees on the wooden flooring. Tessa followed her to the floor and Margie recaptured the breast she had just been suckling and pushed the turgid nipple deep into her mouth.

Neither woman heard or saw Danny emerge from the bedroom, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He was naked and had a semi-erection that began to rise as he watched his wife being made love to by Margie, the woman he had coveted until the night before. He realized he still craved her and his wife. He decided to remain silent and watch them, hopefully to learn from them if he didn't interrupt them.

Tessa ground her hips against Margie's, and the other woman fell back to sit on her heels, letting their legs intertwine. Her arousal reached a desperate point and Tessa began rubbing herself against Margie's thigh, felt Margie's hips move on her thigh. The aroma of Margie's arousal reached Tessa's nostrils sending her into a fever of passion, and a series of incoherent moans and whimpers came from Tessa's throat.

Their mouths met again in a blind, savage kiss. They shared their breath, gasping and moaning into each other. Tessa felt the heat and tension rising and spreading from her groin into her thighs and stomach, her chest and legs and arms. Her muscles locked and she screamed into Margie's mouth. She felt Margie's thigh withdraw and her hand dart between Tessa's legs. She pressed her palm against the spasming clitoris and vibrated rapidly against it, pounding waves of the orgasm through Tessa, who screamed and cursed into Margie's neck, her body in a rictus of ecstasy.

It went on and on and on, Margie holding her close and continuing to grind her hand against her, slowly moving her fingers into Tessa's sodden entrance. The added pressure of penetration, as well as the pressure of Margie pulling forward against her clit set Tessa screaming and spasming again, her curses becoming incoherent shrieks as the minutes stretched on.

Tessa's sounds woke Vince, and he stumbled from the bedroom to join Danny in watching the women entangled on the kitchen floor.

Danny signaled Vince to be quiet and let them finish. Both men had rampart cocks, pulsing every few seconds with an urgent need as they stood next to each other watching hungrily.

Tessa came back to herself, sobbing and whimpering, curled in Margie's arms on the floor. Margie's hand was still massaging, but she was allowing Tessa to sink back to consciousness. After a moment more, Margie withdrew her hand from the throbbing, wet sex and wrapped herself around Tessa.

Tessa gasped and shuddered with her sobs, clinging to Margie as if she were the only person left in the world. "Shhh," Margie whispered in her ear. "It's all right. Everything's fine. Just hold on."

Margie was the first one to see the men standing several feet away and nodded at them. She held Tessa close, listening to her sigh and slowly relax by nuzzling her face into Margie's neck.

As Tessa's awareness returned, she realized they were both lying on the floor and that her arm was falling asleep in a truly uncomfortable position. She tried to shift a bit without disturbing Margie.

Margie smiled and rolled up to her hands and knees, straddling Tessa's hips. "Shall we move this to someplace more comfortable?" Her smile was devastating.

"But the bedroom's..." Tessa began. Margie shushed her by placing a finger on her lips. "They're not sleeping. They're right behind you."

Turning to the men, Margie said, "How long were you standing there?" Her pupils darkened at the sight of the two throbbing cocks leaking precum now only a foot or so away from her face.

Tessa also turned and an involuntary, "OH!" slipped from her mouth.

"You two were beautiful to watch," Danny said.

"Absolutely gorgeous," Vince added.

"If you like, you can continue in the bedroom. We'll watch but won't interfere," Danny said, and Vince nodded his assent.

Tessa nodded wordlessly and allowed Margie to pull her to her feet. Margie took her hand and led her back into the bedroom. She dropped Tessa's hand and crossed the room, her buttocks were soft and rounded, but also seemed taut with firm muscle. Tessa realized that it was this view that had triggered Danny's desire to possess Margie, and she didn't blame him a bit for feeling that way.

Vince stood watching as Tessa mounted the rumpled bed; tanned skin, blonde haired, head thrown back wantonly and with a blonde triangle of fleece between her legs that was glistening in its wetness.

"You're beautiful, Tessa," Margie murmured into her ear.

"So are you," Tessa whispered hoarsely as the two women slowly moved about on the bed, positioning themselves so that Tessa lay atop Margie, head nestled between her breasts again, one leg over one of Margie's legs. One of Margie's hands was rubbing gently across her back, the other held onto Tessa's shoulder.

After a few minutes, Tessa shifted slightly to take the nipple facing her between her lips. Margie shuddered and moaned, her back arching involuntarily. Tessa rolled it with her tongue, sucking with slow, inexorable pressure, drawing the flesh deeper into her mouth. She flicked her tongue over the tip quickly then returned to the rolling motion. Margie uttered a low whimper and spasmed as her nails raked lightly over Tessa's shoulder blades.

Letting the nipple slide from her mouth, Tessa began nipping across Margie's stomach. Margie jumped at each nip then looked down with surprise as Tessa worked her way closer to her destination. Margie gave a little moan and laid her head back on a pillow.

Tessa reached the black-haired mossy triangle and laid a series of wet kisses on it. She felt the soft curls brush her face, smelled the sweet aroma of soap, comingled with the other's musky tinged arousal. Gently shifting Margie's thighs apart, she spread the swollen labia and leaned forward to kiss Margie's exposed clitoris. Margie's body convulsed and arched. Her tongue darted forward, sliding beside the sensitive nerve, up one side and down the other, tasting the salty wetness. Margie shuddered and her legs tightened a bit.

"Oh, shit!" she murmured. "Oh, fuck!"

"Like this?" Tessa whispered.


"And this?" Tessa inquired, as she drove her tongue into the other's vulva.

Margie arched her back, driving her hips up, and whimpered, "Yes, oh, shit, shit, yes!"

Tessa withdrew her tongue and placed her lips over Margie's clitoris and began to suck. The powerful thighs tightened on her, Margie's hands held tightly to her head; hips thrusting up against her mouth. Tessa strove to remember all the tricks that had been used on her that she had enjoyed, and then decided to improvise. Still sucking voraciously, she flicked her tongue rapidly over the nub, dragging full-throated cries from Margie.

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