Cowboys & Indians


But now the table has turned and after a handful of losses to his Aunt he finally has the upper hand. She's looking around between the tree trunks and greens, trying to find his cowboy hat floating around somewhere. Then she cursed herself, hearing the clicking of the rifle behind her and the tip pushing into her back. Putting her hands up and dropping the bow she slowly turned around letting her grin show.

"About time you get me." She told him.

"I didn't off you yet. I'm taking you prisoner and going to find out where the rest of the 'tribe' is." He said pushing the rifle into her back to make her walk. He took some rope he found last night and tied her hands to make sure she can't get away.

"Is all this necessary?" She asked after getting her hands tied together.

"Well I can't just let my prized possession get away after she beat me pretty much all morning long." Keeping the rifle on her back and was surprised she was playing along with this. But probably thought it was just to let him get some payback for losing a lot.

Once back at the house Samantha found herself bent over the table and her hands tied with the rope he found last night. The rope was under the table and went from her hands to her knees to make sure she couldn't get anywhere without lifting the heavy table.

"Well you have your prisoner. What you planning on doing now?" She asked, trying to see where all this is heading.

"You whooped my butt all morning, time to return the punishment." His eyes trailing up and down her smooth tan legs. Shiny and soft looking, his eyes stopping on her butt. Covered by the loincloth hanging over her butt. Her hips and some of the side of her butt cheeks in clear view from bending over.

"Like what?" Feeling a little uncomfortable but intrigued at the same time over this.

Feeling the loincloth being lifted up exposing her butt cheeks to him. There was a piece of leather going between her cheeks.

"Hey! Hey!" Samantha struggled when feeling her bottoms coming up exposing her butt to Cliff.

"Shh," Cliff slapped the closest side of her butt to him. A pleasurable sensation rushed through him feeling her soft butt for that little bit of a second, and the loud smack following her whimper made it all the better.

After six more slaps on each side of her cheeks Samantha yelped on each strike she felt sting her rear end. Cliff admired her redness on her light brown butt. Looking between her legs Cliff took notice of her pussy between her legs pushing out against the leather. And thanks to her wriggling and struggling, a very small glimpse of her lips can be seen peeking out on the sides. Feeling his cock swell inside his pants now from the spanking and looking at her beautiful butt. Obviously she isn't really fighting it, or she would have told him so and how it's going too far.

"You done?" Samantha asked in a low voice feeling slightly turned on from all this. Never has another man ever done this to her and she's quite enjoying this feeling, but knows she needs to get out somehow. Despite her liking it, it cannot stand. Her eyes winced upon two more slaps of her butt.

Putting his hand out he figure she is tied and enjoying this. He began rubbing her butt cheeks feeling how warm they are and quite red they are from the spankings. Feeling her soft butt against his hands, his cock's straining hard against his jeans. He can also feel the pre cum now from the cold and wet feeling in his underwear.

"Cliff?" Wondering what he is doing feeling his hands rub her butt, causing her to wonder if this should go on. "What are you doing?"

He quickly slapped her butt for asking him, he was over the edge with lust and pleasure, his dick in charge now. Her eyes shut tight on that one not expecting it.

Moving his hands from her butt to her hips and side of her legs he's taking in the softness of her skin and her beautiful long tan legs. He wants to see more of her beautiful body. Taking hold of the piece of leather between her cheeks he pulled on it, pulling the back cover of the leather cloth under the string that kept it in place. His eyes on her butt watching the thin piece of leather pull out from between her cheeks. When she tried to say something he would slap her butt really hard and continued on with pulling her coverings away from her.

Samantha kept still, feeling her insides flip-flop with emotions and pleasure, feeling her helplessness allowing her to be taken over like this. Her fault, she told herself to allow it to continue in the same pleasurable vein. I shouldn't have been caught out there by him. She felt the piece of cloth that was covering her pussy leave her and allowing her to become fully exposed to Cliff. She wondered if he's going to take her top off. She has to find a way to get out of this though. Keeping her attention focused on that, but that was a hard thing to do considering the spankings, touching and, "Ooh, Cliff, what you --," She was spanked again.

He didn't want her talking, afraid she would come to her senses or see it is going to far and stop it. He's finally getting to play with her sexy body. All he did was run his finger on the side of her pussy lips taking in the softness of those. He even noticed she is slightly wet meaning she's enjoying this!

He unzipped his jeans and pulled them off along with his underwear. Now he's shaking slightly from such anxiousness and pleasure of what is going on. He knew she thought of him too or else she wouldn't have had remembered the looks and everything else concerning him and brought them up the day before. Nor would she have came out in such a suit and been ok with it if she felt otherwise.

Walking in front of her exposed below the waist just as she is, her eyes showing a shock expression now. Not expecting that at all, she definitely needs to find a way to get out of this. Teach him a lesson now. At last! She found her way out and now quickly coming up with a plan. Now to hope he keeps going with the way things are going and doesn't suspect anything.

Without warning, she felt his cock head touch her closed lips. She looked down with her eyes at his dick touching her mouth. Keeping her lips closed tight. But he's leaning over her keeping his dick on her pursed lips. He quickly smacked her bare tan ass, but she still kept her mouth close tight. He followed up with another loud and hard strike on her butt. Still nothing.

"Do I need to go to your other mouth and do that?" He watch her open her mouth now to accept his cock. She didn't want that to happen, not like this anyways. She would have lost the game if she gave in so quickly like that. She felt his dick push inside her mouth, the taste of pre cum and his cock sliding against her tongue and deeper inside her mouth. Before he can push anymore in and gag her, she started sucking and licking his cock. Knowing this will stop him in his tracks long enough for her to get her plan in action.

Not once did she think of this as her nephew's cock, but instead she's trying to finish her escape. Taking half of his dick in her mouth, wriggling her tongue under his cock then pulling back away from it with her lips firmly around it feeling it slide against her lips. She heard him moan and mutter from the feeling. He is quite enjoying it and never expected it even with all that's going on. It was just a game of surrender turned into this. A smile spreading across his face can no longer hide his elation of what is happening.

Taking hold the back of her head and admiring her fit tan body tied to the coffee table and her butt sticking out from being bent over, a very sexy Aunt he has indeed. Cliff pushed her head closer to him making her take more of his dick in her mouth again. Samantha shut her eyes making slurping sounds while sucking on his hard cock. Tasting his cock in her mouth and his pre cum, she is almost done with her escape. Pulling her mouth away from his cock, making a pop sound as it left the suction of her mouth.

"I never knew you wanted me to suck your cock." Trying to keep his attention on her; mainly her mouth. "Did you like Aunt Samantha licking and sucking your cock?" Looking at his cock and back up to his eyes, keeping his eyes locked on hers. "It is so hard! So wet and hard from being inside my mouth."

He was speechless and couldn't reply to her talking in such a seductive voice. It's so feminine and low, turning him on even more. His cock bouncing a little bit from standing outright and flexing from the blood pulsing inside of it in front of her face, he can't believe this is all happening now. Samantha saw his cock move up and down and let out a quiet laugh.

"Mmm, did you like that? Want your cock back inside my mouth again so I can suck it?" Finishing her plan up and now just playing with him. Letting him get pushed over the edge even more with her words of approval over what is happening here. He nodded, moving his dick back to her mouth. "Well let me get hold of it with my hands!"

Before Cliff could even register what happened she had one hand on his cock and the other around his waist. Wriggling her legs to get out of the rope that is now loose and down around her ankles and feet. On her feet grabbing his arm, twisting it, and pulling him back to her.

"You made a biiiig mistake, boy!" Whispering in his ear, pushing her hide leather covered breasts against his back keeping his body close to hers. "You put the knot near my hands and not near my knees so I untied them when I figured out your rope mistake."

He couldn't believe it, he thought to himself. Thinking of how dumb that was now that he's thinking about it. He was so excited about tying her up, how she looks in her Indian outfit, and his newfound abrasive, sexual actions towards her that he didn't think about any of that. Feeling his arm behind his back being twisted and her other hand still on his cock. She never let go of it and still feeling her body up against his.

Stroking his cock, whispering in his ear, and feeling her body up against his before he knew it he felt his cock shooting out cum, immediately following his shuddering orgasm. First shot went far, the second shot a little bit before spilling all out over his Aunt's stroking hand. Red, hot, and nervous cannot even begin to explain what he is feeling now. The stroking had stopped when she felt his cock get sticky from her stroking his cum all over it, spreading it all over until it quickly dried on her hand and his dick.

"Oh, my, you must be excited," holding her laugh back.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do tha-" Cliff getting cut off from Samantha quieting him with her finger up to his mouth.

"It's ok. Now that it is coated, it can add more to the taste. How's that sound?"

"Um, good."

Turning him around and gently pushing him down to sit in the sofa behind him, Samantha went down on her knees taking hold of his cock, Cliff felt her lips around the base and her tongue working the underside. Getting it all wet, licking the cum she smeared all over it up. Pulling up, using her tongue to slide down the side of his dick, and on the other side licking back up, finishing it with putting his head in her mouth sucking hard on it while pushing her tongue against his hole circling around it. His moaning and groaning telling her all she needs to know in how great of a job she is doing for him.

Pulling it out of her mouth Samantha began slapping his dick softly against her mouth; sometimes sticking her tongue out letting him feel it when his cock slaps up against it. Sitting up straighter now, Cliff quickly opened his eyes to see what it is he felt his dick sliding over. "Oh, wow, oh." Watching his cock, which is being held in his Aunt's loving hand, rubbing it all across her breasts.

"You like that?" She asked him softly.


"Good." Immediately following up with her pushing his dick between her soft tits. Still in her top squeezing them together allows her to have free hands to do whatever she wants with his dick.

Cliff never in his wildest dreams ever imagine he would ever be doing things like this with his Aunt. Let alone have his cock between her breasts. Hesitant at first, he slowly moved his hands towards her breasts to touch them. Despite his cock being between her tits, the blowjobs, and tying her up and everything thus far, he still feels like he may cross the line and that she'll put an end to this huge, fantastic dream come true.

Cupping a breast with his left hand, no protest, he put his right hand over her other, gently squeezing them over the rough leather top. Feeling bold now, he moved inside and immediately felt harder between the tit-fucking, and now feeling her nipples over his fingertips.

"Oh, God." Cliff let out softly, whispering.

"I'm glad you are enjoying." She smiled, feeling really good with the attention she is getting. But her pussy is wet and has gone unnoticed and untouched since the light rub he gave her lips earlier while tied up. "You should most definitely enjoy this."

Keeping his dick between her breasts, she let go, guided his hands out of her top and, reaching behind her with a smirk on her face, she let the top fall off of her body, her breasts falling a bit and his cock now nestling on them, rather than between them. Her nipples looked lovely, light pink and quite stiff. Letting out a soft mutter of approval, Samantha knew what he was trying to say but stopped him. "That wasn't it, though."

Getting up on her feet, bending forward, giving him a kiss on the lips, snaking her tongue into his mouth. She moved in closer, keeping her lips locked on his, lightly biting, sucking and flicking his tongue with hers, moving her body on top of his parting her legs. Without warning, Cliff felt his Aunt's pussy lightly touch his cock before she pulled up again. Still kissing, not knowing at all what to do, Cliff kept his hands on the arms of the sofa, enjoying it when her soft tits would hit against him, and keeping the kiss going until she pulls back.

Without warning Samantha knew he isn't going to do anything from how stiff and nonmoving he is she let her pussy drop right on his cock, feeling the thick hardness slide deep inside of her. Letting out a loud gasp, she felt his cock fill and stretch her pussy, something she hasn't felt for a long time.

"Aunt Samantha!" Cliff broke from the kiss upon feeling her warm wet pussy slide right down on his dick, her butt hitting the top of his legs and her breasts now in front of his face. He naturally began pumping his cock inside of her. Feeling her soft wetness against his cock, and some of it finding its way on his body.

Samantha riding him harder, faster, and rotating her hips in different directions when he is half inside of her. Letting him feel her insides in ways a girl his age won't find out about until later on in life with more experience. Her breasts bouncing in front of his face, her arms around his neck, leaning in he started sucking, licking and kissing on them. So soft and warm, everything came rushing to him and before he knew it he felt that all familiar feeling boil inside of him.

"Umm, er, Aunt . . ." finding himself trying to tell her he is about to cum and not knowing how to tell her.

"Inside me. It's ok, baby." Catching on to what he's trying to say.

Looking in her eyes; her playful eyes, and feeling her warm wetness surrounding his dick he's feeling plunging deep inside of her. Before he even felt it he's shooting cum inside of her. Her moaning upon feeling his fluids entering inside of her making him plunge deeper and harder inside of her, rough, causing her to let out sharp, short yelps. Then he felt her pussy tighten, her yelps turning into grunts and guttural moans, she's now cumming. Her braids bouncing, head back letting out a loud, deep grunt, keeping his dick inside of her while she rocks back and forth with her hips on it. Calming down, her breathing coming to a steady slow; he can feel her hot breath on his neck while she is leaning forward on him, trying to collect herself. Sitting on his lap with his dick still fully inside of her, then, slowly pulling up leaving behind his cock mixed with his and her cum trailing on it.

Feeling her pussy slide up his dick and the air hitting the wetness on his skin, she stayed on his lap, leaning in giving him a kiss. Placing his hand on her butt to keep her steady, "Don't be so shy. Feel free to touch and do what you want. No going back now, cowboy." Keeping one hand on top the sofa and the other moving between the both of them to his dick, taking hold of it, and stroking his wet dick.

"Can we play again tomorrow so I can win again?" Challenging her with a smirk hoping he gets her fired up and he can put his new plan for her into action. "I mean, I did literally whip your butt today in it." He said, slapping her butt, reminding her what happened when she was caught.

"You're on, cowboy."

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I want an aunt like her.

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