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Coworker Surprise


Note: The names and locations have been changed, but the story is real, it happened to me, and it was the best time of my life.


Every day Carol and I worked together, interacted on a regular basis, and it was always professional. She was like a sister to me. We got along well, we both came from similar families that were very close and we began to share the intimate details of our childhood, lives, and eventually our sex lives (or lack thereof).

Never in a million years did I expect anything to materialize between us, but I had occasionally fantasized about her sucking my cock...she had such beautiful, full lips. So how did it happen? Here it goes...

One night I had a business appointment and Carol had always said she wanted to see how the sales force presented the product that her marketing team supported. I told her that it would be a late night, but she was welcome to come with me to this customer's office, and I would put on the whole dog & pony show for her. She agreed and said she'd even drive so I could review the documents before the presentation.

We had about an hour and a half drive, and as usual, we talked the whole time. About 20 min into it we began discussing our sex lives, and she was complaining that her boyfriend was not into sex as much as her and she was frustrated. She said she wished he would be more vocal, or just be more into the whole thing. They had only been dating for 6 months and it had already become routine.

My story was very similar. My girlfriend and I had been together for over 4 years, and it was vanilla sex...plain and boring. Both Carol and I were horny and longing to have something more.

She started getting more specific...saying that she thought something was wrong with her boyfriend; because he didn't even like getting blowjobs, and she thought that every guy loved that. He was always too tired, or he would lose his erection and blame it on his long hours of work, etc. She went on to tell me that she stayed a virgin through high school and college by giving great blowjobs to keep her boyfriends happy, and because of that she became quite skilled at it.

My head was spinning because my girlfriend had stopped giving me blowjobs about 2 years earlier. She said my cock was too big, it took too long; her jaw would get sore, etc. I am not huge, but I am above average at 8.5 inches and thick. I have had several girlfriends that said I was too big for anal, and my present girlfriend even had to stop me from fucking her pussy deep because it hurt too much.

I told this to Carol and we both said nothing for a while...letting the information we had exchanged sink in. We soon pulled up to the office complex, and the conversation turned to work, and we went into the appointment. The whole time I was presenting to the CEO, CFO and immediate support staff, I kept stealing glances at Carol. I was noticing how full her lips were, and how wet and shiny they were with her bright red lipstick & gloss. I kept thinking about her sucking all those cocks during high school and college, about how many loads of cum she must have had either on her on in her. At one point, during a short discussion by the customers amongst themselves, my thoughts of her milking my cock with her mouth caused a slight hard-on to begin. When I looked over at Carol, I caught her staring at my crotch, and when she saw me looking at her, she got flushed and looked away. That's when it hit me - she was thinking about my cock like I was thinking about her blowing me. Oh man...our relationship was about to change...or so I hoped.

We got a verbal commitment on the contract, and I was to go back in two days to deliver the contracts and get signatures, so we left there very happy. I suggested we stop for dinner, because the appointment didn't end until 6:45, and we deserved a little celebration on the company's dime.

We forced down some bland Italian fare and two beers each. We both had someone waiting for us at home, so we decided to head out before we had our third beer. As we headed to her car, I was thinking about how I could bring up her oral skills again, but she did it for me. As we pulled out, she joked that after three beers, she loses her inhibitions, and it was a good thing we stopped when we did. I joked and said lets go back for number three and she said, "If I have one more I will end up saying what I am thinking and that would be wrong". I told her that we were close enough that she could tell me anything.

"Promise this won't be weird between us if I tell you?"

"Not a chance" I said, anxious to hear her next words.

"Well, I couldn't help but thinking that since you aren't getting any oral at home, and my boyfriend could care less about getting blown, I was thinking that it is too bad you and I aren't a couple, because if you are as big as you say, I probably wouldn't be able to keep my hands and mouth off it."

Holy shit, this was too good to be true. I said, "Well Carol, all I can say is that since you brought it up, I had a hard time focusing on the presentation or anything other than you loving to give head, and not having anyone to appreciate it."

We had both admitted we were thinking the same thing, and it was silent for about 2 minutes as we drove back to the office. Finally she broke the silence.

"Well, if you ever wanted one, I'd be happy to help you out."

"Really?" I said. "You mean, just oral, nothing else?"

"Yeah, it's no big deal. I'd love to see how big you are. I just don't want to ruin our friendship and work relationship."

I said, "I'm cool with work, I'd have no problem with that at all, I just want to be sure you are OK with me just sitting back and getting head, usually I have to beg for it, and I have to do something on the back end as repayment."

Carol laughed, "I guess it must sound strange to have a woman admit that she loves to suck cock, and offer it to you with nothing in return. Maybe this was a stupid thing to even bring up."

FUCK - no way am I going to blow this opportunity. "Carol, I would love to do this with you, and as long as you are willing, I will promise you that tomorrow at work it will be like nothing ever happened."

"So you want to do this tonight?" she said.

"No time like the present, should we go back to the office?"

"Sounds like a plan." She said as she started to speed up, anxious to get to the task at hand.

When we pulled up, she saw the lights on in the building and said, "Fuck, the cleaning people are here!"

Oh man, this was going downhill again. Just as I was about to ask if there was anywhere private we could go, she sped out of the parking lot and said, "I know a place where we can park, it's right down the road."

We pulled over near a broken down bridge, and she shut the car off and killed the lights.

"How should we do this?" I said.

"Put your seat all the way back and stretch out. I'll make it work."

I put the seat all the way back and lay flat. She told me to lift my ass as she undid my belt and pulled my dress pants down over my ass.

I was nervous and my cock wasn't even hard yet. She wasted no time in freeing my soft cock from my underwear and within seconds she had the whole thing in her mouth and began giving me one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. As my cock quickly grew in her mouth, she kept pulling back and stroking it with her hand. When my full 8.5 inches was hard as a rock, she pulled her mouth off my cock to say "Wow, you really are well endowed."

"Thanks" I said as I put my head back again, enjoying the feeling of her wet tight mouth on my cock which had not seen the inside of a mouth in well over a year.

She certainly had her technique down. Typically it takes me a long time to cum during a blow job, but I could feel my load slowly building up, and I was amazed at how quickly she was able to bring me to the edge. Sucking cock was an art form to this woman. She moaned as she sucked me and used her hand to form a tight ring with her thumb and index finger. I was bucking my hips up with every down stroke of her mouth and hand. I think she was moaning more than me! I kept thinking how hot she was to be getting off on sucking a cock with no stimulation at all.

My current and previous girlfriends have all been afraid to swallow, or expressed their displeasure with the taste, texture, etc. I knew that with the way she was literally attacking my cock, she was a born swallower. I was getting close and I said, "Oh fuck Carol, you are so good...I am close to cumming."

She moaned louder and nodded her head in a "yes" fashion and I knew that was the payoff for her...she loved to feel a cock explode in her mouth. In a few strokes, she had the first shot of cum, which was thick, hot and huge because I hadn't blown a load in over a week. She moaned even louder as I filled he mouth with my jizz. She literally milked every last drop from my cock and shaft, and sucked it until I started to get soft again.

My orgasm was so strong it was like waking from a long nap...my eyes were heavy, my mouth was dry from breathing so hard. "Carol, that was the best fucking blowjob I ever had. I don't know what to say other than THANKS!"

I was getting my pants back up and buckled, and she was fixing her makeup when her cell phone started ringing. It was her boyfriend looking for her, and she said, "I'll let it go to voicemail." It was a new phone, and she didn't realize she had it set for Auto-Answer, and little did we know that it didn't go to voicemail, but actually went LIVE, so he could hear us making small talk as we got ready to leave. When she got home he said he thought he heard her talking, and a man's voice. She realized what had happened and told him we were back in the parking lot of the office after returning from the appointment. He said he thought he heard us laughing, and she played along telling him that we were laughing about the customers, etc.

We talked on the phone as we both went our separate ways. She told me that she loved the way I felt & tasted and that she would gladly do that again for me anytime I wanted...all I had to do was ask.

Well for the next 3 years, she was my "suck-buddy". She would blow me sometimes 4 times or more a week, and many times we did it at work. She would come to my office with files under her arm, come in, close the door, and tell me she wanted to see how fast she could drain me. She'd sit down while I stood next to her and pulled my cock out of my dress pants. She sucked me off in under 2 minutes with the CFO, CEO, and other staff members in a planning meeting right next to my office. The excitement added fuel to our fire and we stole an oral moment whenever we could.

Sadly, she was transferred to our corporate office in Iowa. I was bummed, but I couldn't blame her for accepting a great promotion. I am still trying to get out to Iowa for some meetings, and I can't wait to be on the receiving end of the best oral sex I have ever had.

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