tagLesbian SexCoworkers Ch. 01

Coworkers Ch. 01


She and I worked together, and we both were smart enough to know that relationships between coworkers led to nothing but problems. Oh, and we cannot overlook the fact that I just happened to be married. She too was also in a long-term, monogamous relationship. For three years we worked together every night and ignored the attraction.

Ignoring the attraction, however, certainly didn't rule out a little friendly teasing. And she was a master of the art of teasing. She knew I wanted her, and I had convinced myself she wanted me, too. She caught me staring at her all the time. I'd play it off like I had something to ask her, but she knew. She found ways to rub up against me; she knew it made me melt. She'd wear a low cut shirt, occasionally with no bra, and bend over in front of me to give me a peek. Sometimes she'd get off an hour before me and disappear into the employee bathroom for a while. She'd shed her drab work clothes and slip into a shirt so tight her huge breasts spilled from around the neckline, and a tiny flared skirt. She'd arise from the bathroom and stand in front of me.

"Does this outfit make me look fat?"

Fat? Oh my god, it made her look incredible. I could feel myself about to explode. I wanted to throw her to the floor and bury my face in her sweet pussy. I just stared.

"Well?" She asked again.

"I, um, no. You look delicious. I mean delightful. You look great."

She giggled. I could feel my face turning bright red. I gripped the arms of my chair as if riding a rollercoaster when she bent over to pick up her purse. My eyes widened as she gave me a quick glimpse of her black studded thong. I nearly came just looking.

"I'll see you tomorrow," she replied, winking at me. Then, she scampered out the door, leaving me hungry for more.

Every night after working with her, I'd speed home to my spouse, horny as hell, and fuck his brains out. He knew how bad I wanted her. In fact, he wanted her too. He teased me, but loved how hot she got me. He joked she warmed me up on cold nights for him.

One night after working with her, he was really fucking me hard, so hard my head was banging up against the headboard. The phone rang in the heat of things. Usually, I ignore it, but for some reason, I told him to hold that thought for a second. I grabbed the phone, pressed the talk button, and breathed, "Hello?"

There was a hesitation. "Hello?" I repeated again. I was just about to hang up when I heard a familiar voice.


"Yeah, it's me," I replied, a little winded.

"Oh, uh, it sounds like you're a little busy," she giggled. "I'll let you go."

"No, no, it's okay. Is this Erika?"

"Yes, I know I've never called you at home. It's just that Jack is out of town, and I was kind of lonely. I'm not used to being here all by myself at night. But it sounds like you are busy, so I can just talk to you tomorrow at work."

"No, really, it's good to hear your voice. Um, could you hang on for just a sec?" I covered the receiver of the phone. I told my husband who it was and asked if he'd continue, just a bit easier and quieter.

With his face buried deep in my pussy, I somehow managed to very calmly respond, "So, what's going on?"

"What are you doing right now?" She inquired.

"Nothing really," I blurted. "Just watching some television."

"It's awfully quiet for the tv, and I can hear you breathing. Where are your hands?"

"On the phone," I quickly responded.

"And hubby?"

"Asleep. He's fast asleep."

"Come on now Annie, I know you're lying. Tell me where he's at." She ordered.

"He's not asleep," I admitted, ashamed. "He's between my legs."

"What's he doing down there?" Her voice had a hint of excitement.

"You know," I mumbled.

"I do, but I want to hear you say it."

"He's...he's...well...eating me out," I rushed finally.

"That sounds fun. Aren't you going to ask me what I'm doing?"

Embarrassed and a little ashamed, I mumbled, "What are you doing."

I could hear the smile in her voice as she began, "Well, I am laying her on my silk sheets of my bed. It's warm here, so I just took off the pink tank top I usually sleep in. Now, I'm listening to you breath and rubbing my nipples."

I dropped the phone.

"Annie, are you there?"

I quickly grabbed the phone and responded, "Yes, I'm here, I uh, just sort of dropped the phone."

She laughed. "What did you think I was doing? As soon as I heard your sweet sexy voice my fingers began to long for my pussy."

I was floored. I didn't know what to say or how to respond.

There was a bit of silence and then she continued, "Annie, let's be truthful with each other. I want you, and you want me. Don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am. I breathed. Hearing her say that had brought me so close to climaxing I had to motion for him to slow down.

"You think about me while you fuck your husband, don't you."

My voice began to shutter.

"Oh, oh, tell him to slow down, I don't want you cumming just yet."

I did as I was told, although I truly wanted to feel the pleasure while hearing her sweet voice.

"Now answer my question, Annie. You think about me when he fucks you."

"Yes, I do," I answered, more excited than I'd ever been.

"You fantasize about me at work, don't you? Sometimes, you even go into the bathroom on your lunch break and masturbate while thinking about me."

"I fantasize about you constantly," I admitted finally. "How did you know about the lunch breaks?"

"I was in the stall next to you. As you cum, you often whisper my name"

I smiled, I knew it was true.

"You're a little slut, aren't you Annie?" She finally responded.

I was a little surprised at first, but hearing her call me a slut sent me over the edge.

"That's my little slut. Cum for me you slut. Annie, do you have speaker phone?"

After a second, my body still shuttering, I managed to answer, "Yes, yes we do." I somehow managed to press the speaker phone button and her voice rang through the room.

"Hello, Dade." She greeted.

"Hello, Erika." My husband replied, clearly overcome with excitement, too.

"Dade, what do you think of me?"

"I think you're hot," he nonchalantly replied.

"What do you think of your wife masturbating at work and calling out my name as she cums?"

"I know she wants you," he resonded.

"But what do you think about it," Erika again asked.

"I think it's hot. I get hard just thinking about the two of you."

"Imagine that," she giggled. "Annie, I want you to get on your hands and knees now," she instructed. "Dade, I want you to fuck the hell out of her. I want you to make her scream. Make her scream my name. Fuck our little slut, Dade."

He grabbed my legs and flipped me over. I could hear the excitement rising in Erika's voice. I pushed my body towards his bulging cock, awaiting penetration. He slapped my ass first and then rammed it in. I let out a muffled scream.

"Don't bury your face in the pillows, slut. Scream for me!" She demanded.

With that, I did I not only let out a scream the neighbors heard, but I could feel myself close to cumming. "I'm gonna cum," I moaned.

"Make our little bitch cum, Dade. Cum for me, slut!"

I did just as she said, screaming in pleasure while my body shook. I could feel Dade pumping his cum in me. Erika moaned as she too came.

There was a second or two of silence. Then, she was the first to speak. "I'll see you at work tomorrow, Annie. I've enjoyed talking to you."

Then she hung up.

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