tagNon-EroticCrackpot Spammer Ch. 09

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 09


Disclaimer: The following simulated dialogue is fictional. No resemblance to any person, living or dead, is neither intended nor should be inferred.

Faustus Mortal is delivering a lecture on his newly proposed device for use in desert areas: Someone once asked me what was the liquid dripping from the exhaust pipe of an automobile after it has been running. I replied "Water," for after all the combustion of gasoline, a hydrocarbon, produces Carbon Dioxide and water as the principle components of combustion. In fact this is generally true for any combustion such as burning wood, coal, or plastics. Ninety-seven percent of the combustion product are Carbon Dioxide and Water in the form of steam. This generally goes up in smoke.

Now smoke may also contain other substances, like Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur, Iron, Lead, and Mercury, to name a few. But the preponderance of smoke is water vapor and Carbon Dioxide. Even alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol, CH3CH2OH burns into Carbon Dioxide and water. Now consider the wild fires burning this summer. They are burning plants whose principal components are Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen, albeit in the form of grass or bush. They could be harvested and converted into energy and water. This water is formed from Hydrogen "locked into" the dry plant.

I recall some time in the past, the exact year eludes me now, when loggers pressed to harvest timber from the forests in the Pacific Northwest. The government, coddling the tree-huggers, refused them permission. Millions if not billions of dollars in timber was "saved." However, there came huge forest fires, totally obliterating and destroying the forests. The tree-huggers became ash-huggers and much needed export was lost for a generation. Wise move on the part of the government. Need I say more? This fact stands for itself.

Now I propose a machine unlike any made before. Removing strips of dry vegetation from drought-parched prairie will inhibit raging wild fires. But what of the material removed? Does it not have the potential of creating energy and making water as a by product?

Faustus opens a presentation showing a shaft with a piston-like disk.

He continues: Here we have a hole one meter in diameter. Notice the piston resting near the bottom. This piston has embedded magnets and the walls of the hole have woven bundles of wire. Whenever the piston rises or falls, electricity is produced. This electricity is stored briefly in a capacitor then "bled" into batteries.

Faustus opens a second slide showing a side shaft and a coil-like exhaust port.

He points to the coil-like exit port and explains: The smoke travels through these coils and cools. Water vapor condenses and precipitates. This water is life-giving to man, beast, and crops. The smoke is generated from finely ground vegetation fed down an input port. A grinder pulverizes the organic material and blows the combustible dust along with air, which is about 20% Oxygen, into the chamber below the piston. It is ignited by an electrical spark and the conversion of Carbohydrates into Carbon Dioxide and Water raises the piston, generating a massive pulse of electricity as the magnetic lines of flux cut through the wires. This is easily understood from Electricity of Magnetism (E&M), a college course taken by many and passed by few.

So, we remove excess dry and combustible vegetation, feed it into a pulverizer, ignite the "dust" and drive up the piston, creating electricity. Then let gravity return the piston, forcing the smoke through a coiled exhaust port, vis-a-vis a moonshiner still, to capture the water from steam. And the surplus electricity can be fed back into the grid.

You are asking how this will be assembled and serviced. Simply open the input port and wench the piston out. This leaves a one-meter diameter access portal to the valves, pulverizer, capacitor, and batteries.

At any rate, this is an idea to generate power and water from dangerously dry and useless brown foliage. Water can thus be created and the underground coil-like tubing collects the water. Some purification and filtering may be needed, but most probably the impurities can be settled out by sedimentation.

13 September 2011

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