Craig & Irene Ch. 01


Craig squirmed and panted and gasped for breath, trying to form words in his overwhelmed mind. "Ugh... Oh... Pleassse... Spurting.... Ooohhh... must... spurt.... Aaahhhhh...." He said in the midst of Irene's onslaught.

Irene smiled and said to Daphne, "Dear, would you please pull his sweet testes down a bit, and make sure they can't be drawn up? That will help him hold back from spurting too quickly..."

"Yes," said Daphne, "I'd be happy to," and she used both of her soft tiny hands to make a ring around his scrotum above his dangling testes, and gently held them down as she thought happily about his impending ejaculation and how delightful it would soon be to watch each precious spurt of semen filling up the sample cup.

Irene said, "Craig, did I understand correctly that you'd prefer to be milked to ejaculation soon, rather than for me to just continue playing with your penis for a long time?" She continued to over-stimulate the boy's glans, turning it from a swollen red to a truly desperate and urgent purple with her skilled handling.

He nodded emphatically, "Oooohh God... Yesssss.... Ughrrrrrr..... Ahhhhhh..... Please...... Now..... Arghhhhhh....."

"Very well," said Irene, "If you insist. I suppose it is true that you've been a very good boy for us and does seem like you're ready to have a nice big ejaculation for us. Do you promise to spurt hard for us and give us every last precious drop of semen? If I ask Daphne nicely to release your testicles and come sit by me to watch your spurts, will you be a good boy and make big spurts for her and make me proud?"

He nodded again, desperately squirming and moaning incoherently – no longer capable of more than that.

Irene said, "Alright then. Daphne, why don't you come over to my left and sit in a dining chair, I'm sure you'd have a good view of Craig's spurting penis from there."

"Delighted," said Daphne, and she gently let go of the boy's testes and took up her new position.

Irene scooted a little to her right, toward Craig's bottom, and she reached her right hand between his thighs and grasped the shaft of his penis firmly. She began to stroke up and down with her right hand with firm even strokes. Her new position caused her right wrist to push against the boy's testicles as her hand stroked up his shaft, and with her left hand out of the way, she gave Daphne a clear view of the boy's purple head from whence would soon come spurts after spurt of juicy boy semen.

Irene caressed the boy's bottom with her left hand as she stroked his penis quickly with her right. She said in a very maternal and comforting voice, "Alright honey, it's time for you to spurt out all of your semen while Daphne watches. Just let it flow now, dear. I want you to be a good boy for us now, and you have your Aunt Irene's permission to ejaculate for us."

Irene stoked the young boy's penis vigorously for the umpteenth time. She marveled that her hands and arms had grown in their stamina for this task, never tiring anymore. She worked her boy's penis thoroughly, driving him right to the edge of ejaculation and over the cliff as her mature friend Daphne watched with rapt attention.

Suddenly, as boys always do, Craig's body stiffened with every muscle tensed. "Here comes his semen," said Irene, and the moment his body relaxed, a long white rope of thick fluid spurted from the tip of his penis and splashed into the collection cup as Daphne's eyes opened wide in happy amazement.

Another and another and another – the boy kept spurting into the cup as Irene continued stroking his penis and making sure that his head was over the collection beaker so that not a drop would be wasted. After five or six strong spurts, the boy's body relaxed further and Irene continued milking him. He dribbled more semen as Daphne looked on, and then finally Irene used long base-to-tip strokes to coax additional drops from the boy's softening penis.

When there was not a drop more that could be enticed from the boy's spent penis, Irene let go of him. Craig rolled onto his back, away from the ladies, and lay there panting to catch his breath.

Daphne looked up at her friend. "My, my," she cajoled, "You certainly have your hands full with this boy. Is it this intense every time he's milked?"

"Yes," smiled Irene, "Isn't it wonderful?"

"Certainly – I just want you to know you can count on me any time you need help with him."

After the two ladies had milked a truly impressive amount of semen from the trembling boy's penis, they took him down from the table and helped him to lie down on a nearby chaise to rest from his labors. The women drank tea in quiet happiness as they sat near the boy's reclining body and observed his soft and resting genitals.

Daphne was so pleased and fascinated with the ample size of the boy's penis and testicles, that with Irene's happy permission, she pulled a chair close beside the resting boy and laid her hand gently upon his genitals. The two women chatted for at least half an hour as Daphne sipped tea with one hand and explored Craig's soft and relaxed genitals with the other. Daphne sighed many times with contentment as she fondled the resting boy. It seemed so peaceful and natural for a woman to enjoy the warmth and velvet feeling of a boy's most intimate parts.

When it was time to go, Daphne got to help Craig on with his pouch-panties and very much enjoyed helping his penis and testicles into the correct position inside the pouch. She even leaned forward and planted a chaste little kiss on the head of his penis.

Daphne smiled up at him and gently patted his genitals as they nestled in their sheer pouch. She said, "Now you be a good boy for your Aunt Irene, and do come back and visit your Aunty Daphne soon. And when you do, be sure to wear your pretty panties, won't you dear?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, blushing anew at the bold attentions he was receiving from the plump and pretty mature lady.

Irene said, "Perhaps in the future, I could drop Craig off to stay with you for a day or two. I'm sure you've had enough experience now to be quite capable of taking good care of his penis and testicles and seeing to his milking needs."

Daphne brightened, "Oh, yes, that would be lovely. Any time at all that I can help with Craig's needs, I'd be happy to do so."

The two 50-something ladies hugged and kissed and so ended Craig's first visit to Daphne's home. In the subsequent weeks there had been many others and Daphne had become one of Irene's favorite partners to help her with Craig's milking schedule...

On a different day, Irene took Craig shopping for some new swimming suits, since he loved swimming so much and summer was upon them. They went to the store in the nearby mall owned and operated by Irene's dear friend Cora, who had recently entered her sixties, and her 28-year-old daughter, Marilynn.

While trying on several tiny Speedos and modeling them for the three ladies, two things happened. The girls got a very good display of the blushing boy's big genital bulges in the tiny swimming briefs he was forced to try on, each one smaller than the next. Also, as the time for his milking approached, he had an obvious erection, which simply could no longer be contained in the little briefs.

Irene then made a big show of looking at her watch, and then explaining to Cora and Lynn that the boy was on a Doctor-ordered milking schedule to help his proper genital development. The look on the blushing and timid boy's face was priceless as Irene explained in great detail the requirements and methods prescribed to make the boy ejaculate 4 times a day on a strict schedule. Cora, who knew a little about it from phone conversations with Irene, then asked how she and her daughter could help support the boy's healthy program.

Irene allowed as how they needed a place to perform his milking, and that it would be not only alright, but actually beneficial to the boy's conditioning if they watched and helped. Cora offered that they had a small sorting table in the back room, and Irene soon had the naked and erect boy on elbows and knees atop that very table as Cora and Lynn watched his milking.

Irene continued to imprint they boy's mind powerfully during that session, by having both Cora and Lynn add to his intense feelings of helplessness and humiliation by massaging his testicles, holding the sample container, and even taking turns applying the prescribed milking motions to his erect penis. Both mother and daughter had a wonderful time and showed themselves to be 'naturals' by cheering him on and yet making his ejaculation as humiliating as possible by talking 'baby talk' to him.

Cora was just a natural when it came to the 'baby talk'. She had the most fun leaning down and whispering into the boy's ear while either Irene or Marilynn was stroking his penis.

Irene noted that the boy's ejaculation was extremely intense as Cora and Lynn worked together, saying all the right things to embarrass the boy to the fullest imaginable extent. Irene wished she had brought a note pad. Needless to say, the boy came in buckets to the absolute delight of mother and daughter alike, and it was deemed a very successful outing.

Irene recounted all of Craig's milkings and exhibitionist adventures of the past few weeks to Dr. Andre during Craig's follow-up milking procedure at the clinic. It was an especially embarrassing milking for the boy. Dr. Andre performed it with the help of her trusty assistant Nikki, with Craig strapped into the stirrups again. But this time, there were also three young nursing interns in attendance to heighten Craig's experience of embarrassment, resulting in a truly prodigious ejaculation, much to the delight of the students who broke into applause as Craig lost himself in a fit of spurting.

Dr. Andre had later spoken to Irene and Craig in her office about a very special and exclusive boy's school for which Craig might be an excellent candidate. Since Craig was an avid swimmer, perhaps he'd like to enroll in the summer swimming camp, receive excellent coaching, engage in competitions, and continue his genital development program in the bargain.

Irene listened attentively as Dr. Andre explained that the school was very prestigious and exclusive and had been organized after the First World War around the concepts of Nouveu Femme philosophy as a sort of 'charm school' for young gentlemen. It was a boy's school for young men aged 18-21 where the boys received an excellent college education in an environment that espoused the Nouveu Femme virtues of Female-dominant relationships and society.

The school was called the Larraine Institute for Young Gentlemen, and was owned, operated, and staffed exclusively by females and both Dr. Jordan Andre and her sister Professor Victoria Andre were on the board of directors. This particular institution had always focused on instilling submissive behavior and feelings in the young men toward the mature maternal guidance upon which they would be dependent for the rest of their lives.

All of the staff – administration, teachers, the board of regents, and even the 'boosters' of the swimming team – were all mature women in their 50's and 60's, who provided maternal wisdom and guidance to instill the formation of submissiveness in their young male students.

In addition to teaching the Nouveu Femme philosophy, the Institute now employed, with Dr. Andre's help, the very methods that Irene was currently using to help her young nephew's genital development – the pill, the lotion, and the scheduled milkings – as well as the mental and emotional imprinting practices to help enhance the young man's development as a submissive male suitable for a Nouveu Femme lifestyle in the company of enlightened women.

Each boy's sponsor, in Craig's case that would be Irene, had the responsibility to meet with the boy for a milking session 4 evenings a week to keep up their special and intimate relationship. That would mean Irene would have to attend the evening session with Craig Monday through Thursday evenings. Luckily, the institute was nestled in the hills just 10 miles from the clinic so it would not create an excessive travel burden.

Irene was very interested and said so. Craig admitted that he loved to swim and would relish the opportunity to attend a swimming camp. Though the boy was very embarrassed to admit it, he agreed that it would be good for him to be able to continue his genital development program at camp. Dr. Andre smiled knowingly, and then took steps to help the process along.

As Irene took Craig home, she was excited about the literature she had received from Dr. Andre, and the appointment she and her nephew had that evening with Head Mistress Dawson to discuss Craig's acceptance to the swimming camp, which was to begin on Monday, just two days hence. There were only 12 boys accepted to the camp, and with only one slot left, she hoped Craig would be admitted.

Dr. Andre had magnanimously made a phone call and set the appointment, so Irene was hopeful. Craig liked the idea of the swimming camp and was very interested. Little did Craig know what the qualification process would entail, but Irene knew he would do well. It was a 12 week course lasting the summer, and if he excelled in the camp, he could be offered admission to the school for the fall semester!

When they got home, Irene had the boy shower and dress in his best clothes for the interview. They only had a few hours to get there with bells on.

The time came and as Irene steered her car through the large gates, she realized the institute was a former mansion of huge size. It had stables, an indoor Olympic sized pool, a full gymnasium, and over 50 rooms on a parcel exceeding 100 acres of rolling hills. It was most impressive.

Upon entering the foyer, they were escorted to the meeting room by a fit and rather severe-looking woman in her sixties who identified herself as Ms. Rigby, the biology teacher. The meeting room was a large ballroom with an expansive dance floor, a stage, and vaulted ceilings painted with exquisite replicas of famous and recognizable artwork, all of which had been modified to feature the males fully nude while the females were fully dressed. The males in the paintings were all young and very well-endowed, making Irene's breath catch.

All around the room, there was still more artwork. All paintings of nude young men in various poses, their large genitalia displayed to great advantage, and all in the company of several fully dressed and mature women. It dawned on Irene, when she saw that many of the women were repeatedly represented with different boys, that these might be portraits of past students of distinction.

Ms. Rigby ushered the Aunt and nephew to a large conference table at the far end of the room. Seated at the table were five women around Irene's age, all dressed immaculately with an air of both grace and authority about them. They rose and each gave both Irene and Craig an introduction, a warm smile, and a welcoming handshake.

Once they were all seated around the table, Head Mistress Elizabeth Dawson introduced the other 4 women as members of the swim team booster society. Ms. Dawson gave a brief history and description of the Institute that mirrored what Dr. Andre had told them. Irene was startled when the Head Mistress specifically stated that there were really only three qualifications for a boy's entrance to the summer program.

First, he had to be recommended by a staff member or a member of the board of regents, or the booster society.

Second, he had to have already shown strong personality traits of submissiveness and obedience to female authority.

And last, in order to be admitted to the swimming program, the boy had to have larger-than-average genitalia.

It was something of a shock for Irene to hear such a thing stated in so matter-of-fact a tone. Craig blushed and looked down, bringing smiles to the faces of the five representatives of the Institute. Since neither Craig nor Irene spoke, the Head Mistress continued.

"The founders of the Institute, now long dead, were three women. They were sisters, named Eunice, Eleanor, and Francis Larraine. They were of a family of French Aristocrats and came to this country around the turn of the century to distinguish themselves as wealthy matrons of the arts. They were well before their time as they imagined the early ideas of the Nouveu Femme philosophy, and sought a way by which they could begin to make them flourish.

"In 1905, the sisters Larraine founded a women's college in this very city. Today it is known as Bellamore University, where a member of our board, Dr. Victoria Andre, is the dean of Women's Studies. Other than the more avant-garde curriculum in the Women's Studies department, Bellamore has become a very mainstream coeducational university, as you well know.

"What was kept very quiet, and is fairly unknown today, is that in 1920 they founded the Larraine Institute for Young Gentlemen, to which they gave their former home as the campus and a large endowment to maintain it. This institute still operates today as it did at its founding, very strictly according to the 10 principals of which you will learn shortly."

The Head Mistress took a moment to allow the historical information to sink in. After a suitable pause, she said, "A moment ago I listed the three qualifications for admission. The qualifications themselves contain two of the 10 principals upon which the school was founded. The Sisters Larraine imagined a very simple solution to the obvious problem of how one could know a boy's status as regards the first two principals of the institute – a student must have a submissive and obedient nature toward women, and he must have a generous endowment."

Ms. Dawson looked at Craig and said, "Young man, please stand up."

Almost without hesitation, Craig stood as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

She said, "Thank you Craig. Now, I want you to undo your trousers and pull them down, and then pull down your underpants so that we can see the size and shape of your penis and testicles."

The woman spoke in a completely natural voice, betraying no hint of emotion. Likewise, the faces of her four compatriots displayed no hint of interest or anticipation.

Craig looked quickly at Irene and blushed. His Aunt nodded that he should continue.

Craig looked down and fumbled with his belt buckle, afraid to look up at the women sitting at the table.

"Please keep your eyes front, young man, and be quick. We simply want to see your genitals. Do not displease us with further delay."

"Yes, Ma'am," Craig whispered. A mixture of nervousness and resignation on his blushing face, the boy kept his eyes of the ladies in front of him as he undid his pants and let them fall. Then he gripped the waist of his pouch-panties and pushed them to his ankles and stood up straight to allow the women to see his nakedness.

"Please lift your shirt, Craig, so that it doesn't impede our view."

Craig lifted his shirt tails and stood, mortification written all over his face. Despite the strange formality of the situation, Craig's penis was pulsing with the beginning of an erection. Several of the women whispered to each other, and Irene thought she made out the word 'perfect' said by one of the booster society members.

The Head Mistress spoke again. "Please answer my questions with complete honesty, Craig, as your admittance to our program depends upon it."

He nodded, with fear and sincerity in his eyes.

Her voice changed. It was now softer, warmer, like a mother comforting her beloved child. "Craig," she said, "do you feel embarrassed and humiliated that you have pulled down your pants and displayed your penis and testicles so that we can look at them?"

He swallowed and whispered, "Yes, Ma'am," as his penis throbbed and erected still more.

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