Craig & Irene Ch. 01


In the same caring and comforting voice, she said, "Even though you feel embarrassed, does it arouse you to know we are looking at your naked genitals?"

He hesitated, but then whispered, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Craig," she asked sincerely, "Do you want to pull your pants up?"

There was a long pause as the boy looked confused. A broad range of conflicting emotions played across his face to eventually be replaced by revelation. He then admitted very quietly, "No, Ma'am," as his blushing renewed its vigor and his eyes fell to the floor in shame.

Finally, the Head Mistress smiled, "Good boy," she said with happiness in her voice, "you may be seated."

He started to reach for his pants, but then looked up at her for guidance. She smiled and shook her head slightly and he left his pants pooled at his ankles as he sat down with his now erect penis jutting up from his lap lewdly.

Still smiling, Ms. Dawson said, "Good boy," eliciting just a small embarrassed grin from Craig's face. She looked at him a moment and then said, "Spread your thighs for us, Craig. A boy must not hide his charms from a woman's eyes."

Craig's face betrayed renewed humiliation as he forced his legs apart to display his genitals for the women. He felt pleased when they all smiled and nodded slightly.

The Head Mistress cleared her throat and spoke again in the more formal tone with which she had begun. "We believe Craig will make a nice addition to the swim team, and we will approve his admission as the final member of the summer swim camp."

Both Irene and Craig smiled.

The Head Mistress continued to smile, and spoke in an ironic tone. "There are two more of the ten principals which have now come into play. The third principal is that a boy is not allowed to have un-cared-for erection, and the forth is that a boy is not allowed to masturbate; ever. Therefore, we now have a problem that must be dealt with." Her eyes focused on Craig's penis in its fully erect condition to indicate the 'problem'.

She then looked at Irene meaningfully. "The fifth principal is the principal of nurture and care. Since you are present as his Aunt and guardian Irene, it falls upon you to remedy his erection by the most proper and natural means."

She turned her head to Craig and said, "Now we come to the fifth principal – the principal of request. Just as it is Irene's role to care for your erection, it is your duty to be a polite and respectful boy. By having an erection, whether it is purposeful or not, you have put a demand of honor upon your loving Aunt Irene. Therefore you must be suitably polite and respectful of her position and request her aid and support. You must ask her to help you according to the principal of request."

She looked at Craig to see if he seemed to understand. Satisfied, she said, "There is a protocol of language that you must learn to use, and you will learn to say these words to the woman who has charge over you at any given time the need arises."

She smiled in amusement, and continued, "The wording is somewhat archaic, but yet remains very appropriate. Please repeat after me. 'Aunt Irene, I have become aroused and my penis is erect. I humbly ask that you touch my penis intimately, so that if it pleases you, I may spend my semen at your bidding and become again soft in your hand.'"

Craig did his best to say the humiliating words, and with correction and help from Ms. Dawson, he spoke the formula correctly on his third try.

All during this time, Irene listened and watched the boy with fascination. She thought it was wonderful that the boys in this school would be milked by several different women several times a day. And the idea that the boy would have to 'report' his erections, and 'request' to be masturbated and milked, was just a stroke of genius!

She looked from the women at the table to Craig, and said, "Alright, dear, thank you for asking."

She pulled her chair closer, adjusted her position, and began to masturbate her nephew as the ladies watched. The experiences of the evening had had such effect on Craig that it did not take long for him to start to squirm and gasp under her loving stimulation. She increased the urgency of her strokes and began to coach her boy.

"Good boy to ask your Aunty to rub your penis. Such a nice penis you have, dear, so stiff and full of boy-juice that you're going to give to me soon... Show the nice ladies what big-boy spurts you can give me. I want you to spurt for me now, Craig, make nice big juicy spurts of semen for us! You must keep your hands off your penis, but I'm stroking you now and making you spurt. The nice ladies here will help you to spurt when your penis gets stiff, dear, so don't worry. Now come for me!"

The boy moaned and writhed and spurted again and again as Aunt Irene drove him through his ejaculation until he was just a dribbling, quivering mass of spent boy-flesh. When she had milked him quite thoroughly, the five ladies gave polite applause and a few "Good boy's" and "Well done's".

Ms. Dawson produced a few tissues and handed them to Irene so that she could clean the boy up. Craig just lay in the chair, covered in his own semen, exhausted and spent.

"That was lovely," said the Head Mistress, "We all enjoyed that very much, as I'm sure Craig did too. We'll expect to see your nephew here at 9am on Monday to begin his time with us at Swim Camp. Please be on time. Now Ms. Rigby will show you out."

"Thank you," said Irene, 'We'll see you Monday."

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Great stories! Love stories about men milked over and over. Please more.

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by theredheadboy12/21/14

Very enjoyable

Wonderful read, and well written. Loved his shyness, and how he was paraded before, and used by, a number of beautiful older women. The one thing missing for me, particularly in a milking story, was somemore...

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