Craig & Irene Ch. 05


As time passed, Billy learned to overcome his natural modesty and embarrassment when one or more of Ellen's lady friends would drop by while Billy was posing nude. At Ellen's insistence, he always posed with his thighs spread wide to expose his large pink genitals completely, as was Ellen's trademark in her artwork.

Within the first year, Ellen had painted nudes of Billy for each of her closest friends - the ladies of her bridge club - and she additionally hired Billy to act as 'waiter' at their card games. Of course, since each woman had seen him pose nude several times, and each owned a detailed portrait of his nude body, the ladies agreed that Billy should wait on them in a state of complete undress.

The Bridge Club ladies enjoyed their youthful waiter very much, constantly ordering tea or sugar or a cookie, causing young Billy to walk back and forth to the kitchen under their delighted gaze. When Billy wasn't running an errand for one of the ladies, his job was to stand next to each lady, giving them an opportunity to feel, caress, and fondle him.

The ladies hands were ever caressing his shapely bottom, fondling his big firm testicles, and stroking the shaft of his penis to keep him erect during their games. This of course, was distracting and often caused a team to lose a hand, due to their attention being drawn away from the game, but no matter - they liked to have Billy attend them.

At the end of each bridge game, the winners had the honor of relieving the young man's erection. Billy was required to lie down on the card table as the ladies of the winning team played with his penis and testicles, bringing the boy to ejaculation as all the ladies watched and cheered him with encouraging and complimentary words.

After four years, Billy completed college, and got a job in a far away city, and so had to bid goodbye to Ellen and her bridge club ladies. They were sad to see him go, since they'd all enjoyed having him serve them nude, and each Bridge Club gal had enjoyed stroking the boy's penis to ejaculation many times.

Then, one evening, the ladies' bridge club added a new member named Martha. Martha's son was enrolled in a nearby exclusive boys' school - the Larraine Institute for Young Gentleman. Martha recommended to Ellen that she join the 'Booster Club' at the Institute, as she would find the way they trained the boys at the Institute to be very enlightened.

Ellen had gone with Martha to a swimming event and seen the delicious spectacle of all the 18-21 year old boys swimming in their special 'uniform' suits. She couldn't keep the smile off her face as the well-endowed young males walked around with the sheer and see-through pouches of the little uniforms wiggling to and fro.

Enthralled with the program, Ellen had joined the Boosters and remained a stalwart supporter of the boys to this day.

Some years later, Mrs. Darla Douglas had moved into Ellen's neighborhood, joined the ladies' bridge club, and subsequently was led into her association with the Larraine Institute, along with the rest of the ladies in the club...

All of these things went through Darla Douglas' mind as she casually massaged young Craig's testicles. She knew that boys in the special summer program needed good testicle massage to help the testes continue to grow and develop to produce ever more testosterone and sperm.

She noticed that Craig was beginning to awaken, shifting a bit in his light sleep. She also noticed that his penis was beginning to lengthen and thicken. She looked at her watch. 5.30pm. It was almost time for the boy's next scheduled milking, so she would take Craig to see Nurse Wanda.

Mrs. Douglas helped Craig to fully awaken, and she helped him into his little pouch panties, pale green in color, and led him by the hand toward the nurse's office.

Upon entering, Nurse Wanda took charge of Craig and led him to one of the small clinical milking rooms with one of the 'Y' shaped milking tables. Wanda's assistant for this shift was Ms. Peters, a pretty woman in her early 50's with short blond hair and sparkling blue eyes.

Ms. Peters helped Craig off with his pouch panties, and up onto the milking table, strapping him in and adjusting the leg supports to spread his thighs wide apart. When she was finished, she caressed the boy's naked bottom and said, "The Nurse will be in shortly to milk you, Craig. Just try to relax, dear."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said quietly.

Nurse Wanda soon came in and said, "Hi Craig, it's nice to have you back on my table for your six o'clock. Just be a good boy for me and we'll always get along well."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Now Craig," she said as she pulled a stool up to sit on at his left hip, "I am responsible to see that each boy in our Institute stays properly free of pubic hair, and I give each boy at least one of his six scheduled milkings every day. That way I can stay in touch with his genital development, and see that his semen is continuing to flow nicely."

"Yes, Ma'am," Craig said.

"So, I'm a very busy woman and I have Ms. Peters to assist me. I'm going to milk you very thoroughly, and then turn you over to Ms. Peters who will take you into the grooming room to inspect your genitals for any stubble, and shave you."

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered, feeling quite humiliated in the way the women treated him, but at the same time, his penis was stiffening to full erection.

"When I give each boy their milking, once a day, I also milk the boy's prostate gland to really make sure I empty his pipes, so to speak. This will be different than the usual penis stimulation, Craig. We're going to insert a vibrating device into your bottom, and press it against your prostate gland as I stroke your penis. This will cause you to ejaculate rather quickly, and really quite involuntarily. Your ejaculation will also last longer than normal and hopefully, you'll produce an unusually large amount of semen for me. Since this is your first time for a daily prostate milking, I thought I should explain everything for you."

"Yes, thank you, Ma'am."

"Good boy," said Wanda, then she turned to Ms. Peters, "Please prep him for the prostate gland treatment, and you may insert the prostate wand when you're ready since his penis has already firmed up nicely."

"Yes, Nurse," said Ms. Peters.

As Nurse Wanda began to use both hands, going hand-over-hand with a downward motion on Craig's erect penis, the boy felt Ms. Peters' gloved and lubricated fingers probing the opening of his bottom.

Ms. Peters said, "Try to relax, dear, and let me slip my fingers inside. I need to lubricate your bottom properly to accept the vibration device."

"Ooohhh!" gasped Craig as he relaxed a little and felt Ms. Peters' cool lubricated finger slip inside his bottom. She wasted no time in pressing deeply and finding his walnut-shaped prostate gland, which she began to massage. Craig felt embarrassed at having his bottom penetrated, but he also found the feeling of prostate massage very interesting.

Soon, Ms. Peters removed her finger and inserted the prostate stimulator, pressing around until she had it right on top of his gland. She turned on the vibration, and Craig felt the bulbous head of the wand wiggle and vibrate against his swollen gland.

Nurse Wanda said, "Craig, I want you to relax and just let your ejaculation happen naturally. I do this with scores of boys each day, and I'm confident you'll be spurting and flowing within a minute or less. It will feel different in many ways. Just don't fight it."

"Yes, Ma'am," he gasped as his hips wiggled against their bonds. He'd never felt anything like this. It was as though, with the dual stimulation of both his penis and prostate gland, his semen was quickly reaching threshold and was ready for release.

He didn't even have time to process his feelings before he felt his genitals react, and his first spurt came gushing out of his penis and into the measurement beaker. "Ahhhh..." he moaned, as his body reacted completely on its own, taking his mind with it. He felt spurt after spurt leave his body, and then a sort of trickling flow as Ms. Peters increased the pressure against his throbbing prostate.

"That's it, good boy Craig," said Nurse Wanda, "you spurted nicely, and now you just let it flow. We'll still get more semen from you, honey, so just relax and let it happen."

Craig could feel a sensation inside his penis, sort of like urination, but more pleasurable as his prostate was milked by the stimulation device and his semen kept dripping out of his penis. Nurse Wanda carried on with the milking motions, coaxing the boy's semen down his dangling penis and out into the beaker drop by drop as Ms. Peters kept up the vibrating pressure on his prostate.

Craig couldn't see his penis or the beaker due to being restrained onto the 'Y' table, but the Nurse and her assistant continued to stroke and vibrate against his sexual organs and he continued to feel the sensation in his urethra that semen was passing from his body.

He blushed with renewed embarrassment. Never before in all of his humiliating treatment at the hands of his Aunt Irene, her friends, and the women of the Institute, had he felt so completely used. He felt like he was merely livestock, an animal to be milked and exploited. Deep feelings of submission flowed through his body and mind as he imagined how he must look - tied down with legs spread wide, as his genitals were forcibly drained of semen by trained clinicians.

So naked, exploited, exposed, vulnerable, used, plundered, helpless, surrendered, was he. He felt so vulnerable, completely submitted into the hands of these women, all of them in powerful control over him. But somehow deep inside, he trusted them. He wanted to lie voluntarily upon their tables, feel the straps restrain him, feel their hands and eyes on his exposed vulnerable genitals.

He briefly wondered how this had all happened. How had he become so addicted to these women's control over his mind and body. He was their slave, their property, to do with as they wished. And he realized that he wanted to be just that - he wanted to give himself in complete submission...

Ms. Peters used her free hand to cup his testes and she massaged them. Having already delivered their sperm in his initial spurts, his testes were now relaxed and Ms. Peters thought they deserved some attention too. She knew that the Institute's employee guidelines encouraged the staff to "give constant, gentle, affectionate attention to the male's genitalia at all times. Always keep your attention focused to look at, touch, and talk to the boy about his genitals, keeping the focus of attention on his growing ability to produce semen."

After a few minutes of prostate milking, Nurse Wanda said, "There, I think we're through, Craig. You're not producing anything more now, so we'll stop."

The skilled hands and the vibrator were removed from his body, and he was unstrapped. Never in his life had Craig felt so 'empty' in his pelvic region. He knew that the skilled women had fully drained him and he wondered how long it would take for him to build up enough semen to ejaculate again.

Ms. Peters led him into an adjacent room, with a now-very-familiar medical exam table complete with the usual straps and stirrups. She smiled to him as she strapped him into the table and stirrups, saying, "Craig, you were a very good boy for your milking, and you produced a lot of semen for us today. Nurse Wanda is very pleased with you."

"Thank you, Ma'am," he said, smiling. Somehow, he found that he very much wanted to please the women who took care of him. He realized that each ejaculation he produced, caused the ladies' faces to light up with smiles and their lips to breathe out compliments. He wanted to make them happy and proud of him. He needed them to be pleased.

Ms. Peters took a safety razor, shaving foam, and a towel from a tray and "touched up" Craig's genital area. She gently sought out any stubble of re-growth and shaved it off, leaving him fresh and clean as a whistle.

She said, "You look very nice now, dear, all cleaned up. I hope you'll consider letting me do some waxing and electrolysis this winter. I recommend that you don't shave during Christmas break, and when you come back, I'll start with the wax treatments. By the end of January, we'll have you completely and permanently hair-free down here, which is just the way a boy should be."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said. Then he asked, "Does it hurt a lot?"

Ms. Peters smiled, "No, dear, not too bad. All the boys have it done and you'll do fine, I'm sure."

It sounded scary, but Ms. Peters seemed insistent that this was a thing to be done, so he said, "Yes, Ma'am."

She poured some of the special cream onto her hand and began to rub it into Craig's penis and scrotum as she chatted.

"So, Craig, tell me. Are you enjoying the swim camp?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

"What is your favorite thing about the Institute?"

He thought how he should answer, and said, "All of the ladies take such good care of us boys..."

She smiled knowingly and whispered, "Tell me the truth - your favorite part is having so many milkings every day, isn't it?"

Craig blushed, "Well, uh, I guess, um, that's a good part." He couldn't keep the grin off of his face.

Ms. Peters was finished with him and after wiping him with a towel, she unstrapped him and gave him a little hug.

"It's ok, honey," she said, "I know you boys like having your penises played with. Don't be ashamed that you like having women play with your penis and make you spurt. That's perfectly natural for a boy, and that's an important part of the Institute's vision and philosophy."

She hugged him tightly again, and reached down to cup his soft genitals in her hand. "Just be a good cooperative boy, and we'll take good care of you."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

She helped him into his pouch panties and gave his bottom a pat as she shooed him out the door into the reception area.

He found Mrs. Carrington waiting for him. She smiled brightly, gave him a hug, and took him by the hand. "I'm taking you to a special session tonight," she said.

"Headmistress Dawson will be giving a lecture on the subject of Nouveau Femme - the philosophy underlying the principals of the Larraine Institute. It is a talk she is giving tonight for the Aunts and Mothers of prospective new enrollees, as well as staff and the Boosters. There will also be many staff and students from our sister school, the Girls' Academy. We Matrons can bring our boys to attend as well."

"Thank you Ma'am," said Craig. He remembered the Headmistress from his initial interview, and she had mentioned some of the principals of the Institute. He was surprised that he was actually quite interested to hear her talk. "Is it to start soon?" he asked.

"Yes, dear," said Mrs. Carrington, "I'm taking you to your room to get dressed, and then I'll take you straight away to the auditorium."

Upon reaching his little room, he was surprised to see a shirt, pants, and sandals laid out on his bed. Mrs. Carrington said, "Yes, tonight is very formal, so we'll be dressing the boys up nice and proper."

She helped him out of his pouch panties, and into the shirt, pants, and sandals.

The pants were particularly unusual, as they buttoned up the sides and were quite tight and form-fitting, of some sort of black stretchy fabric. At the crotch, there was a pouch of thinner, gauzy fabric, and he discovered that the pouch was removable, held to the pants by a few small snaps.

"Aren't these pants delightful?" asked Mrs. Carrington, "I love the integral pouch because it can be removed at any time - so if a boy has an erection, he can be conveniently taken care of without having to take off his pants. A wonderful invention..."

Craig gulped, "Yes, Ma'am," he said.

Once dressed, Mrs. Carrington took Craig on her arm and escorted him through several new hallways and to the entrance of the Auditorium. There they found hundreds of women. All the Matrons, staff, and Boosters of the Institute were there, dressed very nicely. A few of the Matrons could be seen with a boy on their arm, and those boys were the only males in attendance.

Craig also saw several girls his age, dressed in the Navy blue dresses of students from the Girls' Academy, along with staff from the sister school. Mrs. Carrington pointed out that there were many sponsors from both the Girls' academy and the Institute attending as well. A Sponsor was the woman who had enrolled her son or nephew into the Institute, or her daughter or niece into the Academy.

In this sea of women, talking softly and filing gracefully into the Auditorium, Craig could feel their eyes on him as all the nearby females gave him the once-over, and always holding their gaze at his crotch for a few seconds before carrying on with whatever they were doing.

He felt very much 'on display' in the crowd of women, and as Mrs. Carrington led him into the crush of the crowd, Craig began to feel anonymous feminine hands caress, squeeze, and pinch his bottom in the crowd. He also felt a few more aggressive female hands cop a quick feel, cupping his genitals momentarily, or merely caress his pouch provocatively.

Mrs. Carrington giggled when she noticed Craig's surprised reaction, and she said, "Relax, dear. Girls will be girls, and there are so few boys around that sometimes they just have to satisfy their curiosity. It's perfectly normal and you just enjoy it."

All the way to their seats, in the crush of the crowd, Craig's bottom and genitals were groped and fondled wickedly by the anonymous hands. Mrs. Carrington told him it was impolite for him to react, and that he should keep his eyes straight ahead and just act like nothing was happening.

Finally, they reached their seats in the middle of the Auditorium and sat down. It just so happened that the woman at Craig's right was a Sponsor, Mrs. Blake. She was the mother of a boy whom she hoped to enroll into the Institute in the fall. She shook Craig's and Mrs. Carrington's hands and introduced her 24-year-old daughter, Rebecca, a recent graduate of the Girls' Academy, sitting on her other side.

To Mrs. Carrington's left was another Matron, Mrs. Holbrook, and in the next seat over, Craig's classmate William.

Once the introductions were completed, the lights of the Auditorium began to dim, and the elegant figure of Headmistress Dawson appeared at a podium under a spotlight. She was greeted with tremendous applause as the audience rose in adoration.

Craig's eyes went wide as he felt Mrs. Blake's hand caressing his bottom as he stood clapping. He couldn't help but glance at her and she smiled and nodded at him. He smiled back politely, and continued clapping as the strange woman fondled his bottom. It seemed very strange to him, but in a way he liked it. He found he couldn't help but enjoy being the object of female attention and appreciation.

He worried when he felt a small stirring in his groin. Having been groped and fondled in the crowd, as exciting as it was, had not overcome the 'emptiness' he felt due to the recent exhaustive prostate milking he had received from Nurse Wanda and Ms. Peters. But the very intimate way Mrs. Blake was touching his bottom somehow made him begin to feel arousal. It was some distance away, but it was lurking there...

Headmistress Dawson raised a hand to calm the crowd, and once the applause settled, the audience sat back down quietly to await the Headmistress' wisdom.

On a large screen behind the Headmistress, there was a projection of the title of her talk. "Nouveau Femme - an introduction to the philosophy" was its title. She sipped a glass of water and began to speak.

"Ladies of the Larraine Institute and of the Girls' Academy, welcome. To our few but precious Young Gentlemen, welcome as well. And to our Sponsors of prospective students, let me say that this talk is really for you, and you are so very welcome this evening."

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