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Craigs List or Lust?


Dear sir,

I am very interested in your STICK.. err stick shift Jeep Wrangler.. I'll tell you what I imagine and you can tell me how much you would charge me?

Here's how my idea goes.. see, I show up to check it out (I plan on wearing the most revealing top I own of course.. hoping for a possible discount because after all, you are a man.. ) once you answer the door, I gasp as I see that you aren't the old fart I imagined would be placing the ad, but instead you're a rather young, extremely attractive man! At this point, I am SURE you will be able to see my very embarrassing reaction to your looks as I bend over to say hello to the dog at your feet, flashing you a nice long view of my super hard pink nipples peeking through the gap in my bra. I'll take this moment, while you're distracted, to discreetly tug at the dampening crotch of my way to short white shorts.. the feel of the fabric against my throbbing clit will be to much to take at this point!

I will then stand, flipping my hair from my shoulder as I smile brightly at you, offering you my hand for a quick shake. Your touch will only increase the warmth between my legs, and I will squirm a bit more, once again tugging at those god awfully uncomfortable shorts, then looking to you once more with a bright blush over my cheeks, an embarrassed smile caressing the corners of my soft lips. I'll then mumble something about the Jeep, asking if we could possibly take it for a test drive? You, of course wanting to sell the Jeep, and hopefully by now entranced with my womanly ways, will nod, and slip off to get the keys. I will stay on the porch, watching you go and squirming against those tight shorts.. giving the girls a nice quick fluff to make sure you get the best possible view.

When you return with the keys, your eyes will once again fall on my ample cleavage, and I will be sure and take full advantage, thrusting my elbows into my sides, boosting the creamy white flesh up even further, tempting your eyes with black lace on creamy skin. I will then turn slowly toward the Jeep, making sure of your view of my ass as I saunter over, bending way down at the hood as if to look underneath. You will stand there, enjoying the view for a moment, then move to hand me the keys once I stand. I will stare at the keys, then look up at you batting my pretty, long lashes like an innocent child and smile.. the thing is.. I don't know how to drive a stick yet!

You will laugh a little, I'll lean in then, "accidentally" brushing my arm against yours as you tell me you will of course be glad to drive, and perhaps even teach me a little!. You will, being a gentleman, bring me around to my side and open my door for me as I fight against the tight fabric covering my hips. I will make sure to lean back before hopping in, brushing your crotch with my ass as I slip to the seat, landing with a pleasant bounce that shakes all that cleavage pleasantly. I will smile as I buckle my seat belt, and whisper a thank you. My eyes will be locked on that luscious body of yours as you move to the drivers side door, slipping behind the wheel. At this point, the heat in my crotch will be almost unbearable! I will once again wriggle against the confining fabric, gasping softly then biting my lip as my clit brushes the rough denim.

You will notice my every move, feeling a tension of your own build up. You will look my way quickly as you hear the gasp, and I will once again smile innocently and nod that I'm ready, all strapped in with the horrible seat belt adding to my problems by caressing my right nipple with every move of the Jeep. I'll ask at this point if we can go into the woods, maybe try it out on a trail.. I have to make sure it works you know! You will of course say yes, and take off, one eye on my body as I squirm madly in the passenger seat, one eye on the road. On the way to the woods, you will begin to explain the clutch and shift pattern, being all technical. I will be going mentally insane with want, and will wish you would just shut up and kiss me! Your hand rests on the stick, and I press mine lightly atop yours, innocently blinking to you and asking is this how you do it? You will swallow hard and nod, quietly beginning to squirm in your own seat now..

We will then enter the woods, my hand atop yours still. I will giggle immaturely about learning to play with a stick, and you will blush, but smile at me hopefully. After a bit of rough riding, huge dunes and bumps that cause my massive boobs to jiggle all over, I will beg you to stop for a bit and let me pee. You oblige, stopping the Jeep and letting me out, once again being the gentleman! I will rest my hand on your arm as I slip down, landing with a hop. I will lean in to whisper a thank you to your ear and as you nod, and begin to answer, I will already have my hands at the waist of my shorts, tugging them carefully over my hips and revealing the top of my cheeks as I walk away. Once I find my spot, I will squat carefully, peeking over my shoulder to see if your sneaking a peek before relieving myself. You will be standing, making sure to look away as I do, but catching flashes of pale skin through the brush.

I will giggle aloud, calling to you to come there to my spot as I stand and pull those shorts slowly up, allowing you full view of my bare ass as I do. I point at a pond, some random animal I will pretend made me giggle, then turn to you with a wide smile. You will notice my shorts are still unzipped, and unbuttoned, and I will look down as well, then back up at you, taking one of your hands in mine. You will look at me, slightly confused, before turning back to the Jeep, then to me again. At this point, I can no longer take the throbbing, and will direct your hand straight to the opening of my pants. Your eyes will be wide now, cock instantly growing hard in your pants as you look to my eyes, making sure it's okay. I will nod, keeping my eyes locked on yours, a dirty smile on my lips as I press my hips to your hand, willing you to go further..

You will then shakily at first slip your hand deep in my shorts, feeling the dampness on my small pubic patch before you even touch lips.. I will moan aloud, gripping your wrist then, and pressing it deeper, pressing your fingers against the rock hard nub of my clit, and my sopping wet slit. My body will tremble as you slip long thick fingers inside me, velvet walls grasping them firmly. You will press your palm to my clit hard, and work those magic fingers till my eyes go misty with pleasure, my body collapses against you and I cum hard against your palm, soaking, no, even spraying your palm with my steamy juices.. Eyes closed, I yell out loudly enough to make you look around, sure someone else must have heard.. then fall panting against you, body curving to fit yours.

After recovering for a moment, I can't help but notice you shaking, body hot, almost ready to cum in your pants from the shock of what just happened! I smile softly to you then, gently caressing the oh so hard and throbbing mound in your jeans. You will look around nervously again, reaching to adjust your cock in those now tight pants, at which point I will shake my head, and drop to my knees in front of you, looking with that damn innocent look once again as I swiftly, knowledgeably, undo your jeans and drop them, along with your pants, expertly over your hips. Your cock will then freely tap me on the nose, and I will giggle like a school girl, rubbing my nose playfully for a moment before suddenly moving forward, curling my tongue around your cock as I look to your eyes, excited to see your reaction.

That innocent look has vanished! I now have the dirty smile of a well pleased slut, savoring every inch of her current meal. My eyes will close as I begin to wrap my lips around your thickness, taking you in deeply, choking on your girth as slobber pours from my chin. You will then grab my hair firmly, tugging my head back to lock your eyes on mine. Your look beams a faux disapproval of my actions, brows lowered, eyes raping my body like the slut you now know me to be. Showing no sign of the gentleman I saw before, you roughly thrust your cock in and out of my throat, keeping my head held so my eyes stay locked on yours. At this point, I will be trembling with excitement mixed with a bit of fear as you reach down, roughly tugging both my top and bra up and over, bearing my huge breasts to your eyes.

I will wonder if I have picked the wrong guy this time as your cock scrapes my throat more.. I gag and sputter, but my rock hard nipples are evidence of my pleasure as well. my hands grip the back of your thighs, eyes wide on yours as I feel your cock throb even harder, your moans signaling your imminent release! I tug back a bit, only to feel the hand in my hair force my head forward, pinning my mouth over your dick as you let loose. Thick giant strings of cum roll down my hot throat, soothing it even as I gag, swallowing as quick as I can to catch it all. My body writhes in pleasure as you forcefully yank me back, splattering the rest of your load down my chin, and over my heaving chest, turning those pretty pink nipples white with your seed. I look up to you, wondering what will happen next.

You will then caress my hair gently, smile down on my nude, cum bathed body, then with one yank of my hair you will toss me aside with a smirk, muttering "Slut" as you pull up your pants and walk back to your Jeep, and drive away. Maybe that other guy who called yesterday will show up and buy it tomorrow!

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