tagIncest/TabooCrash Course Sex: Lesson 03

Crash Course Sex: Lesson 03


As he closed the front door behind him, Mike Eldridge didn't experience the usual flood of relief at the familiar sight of home.

It was probably due to his wife's strange behavior the past day or so. A devotee to routine, Mike grew concerned when he felt Julie crawl into bed at two in the morning. Sure, the couple retired to bed together less and less often as Mike's libido waned, but he'd never known his wife to be such a late sleeper. What had she been up to for two hours?

The next morning only made it worse. He woke up to an uncharacteristically empty bed and arrived downstairs to a wife quietly eating her toast. Where was his wife's loving "good morning, honey", embrace, and signature maple-syrup-smiley-face on his pancakes? Furthermore, Kyle was missing, and when it came to Julie's delicious breakfasts, the boy was never late. She dismissed his concerns nonchalantly, but her forced smile and clear signs of moonlighting indicated otherwise.

Was she cross with him? He couldn't remember any arguments or fights that'd have been the cause.

His coworkers placed an even more horrifying thought into his head – Gary Vollar from sales even joked that "a looker like Julie" might be "hiking the Appalachians", an innuendo that received raucous laughter from the other men at the water cooler. Mike reminded himself that Gary was an asshole, and tried to brush off any suspicions of possible infidelity. It was harder to brush off the knowing smiles and silent laughter of the older married women at the office. Before long, his mind was awash with confusing questions that distracted him the entire day.

Had he missed something? Yes, a decade of marriage hadn't resulted in the most passionate of relationships, but things had largely been the same for years. Why now? Did she meet somebody? Wait, what did she do at home when he was at work? He did once catch her eyeing the Cleaver boy one day when he was over visiting Kyle. Ugh, the boy was just a teenager, Julie would never...

So his mind raced to find an answer, even as he ascended the staircase in his very home. When he reached the second floor, he found the door to the bathroom slightly ajar. He walked in to find his wife in the shower stall. Even behind the cover of a steamy glass door, Julie's figure was unmistakable – while he'd always preferred his women thin, he had to admit that most men at his age would consider themselves very lucky to have the voluptuous, plump beauty before him. Unfortunately, he wasn't often able to show his appreciation - age and a sedentary life had done a number on his potency. However, he had never considered that a problem before; after all, from what he'd heard, women her age had no sexual desire either.

For the first time in his life, he began to question that gospel.

Well, if passion is what she wanted, passion is what she'd get. Determined to bring some spice back into their marriage, he quietly stripped naked and decided to surprise her in the shower.

"Mike! What are you doing?!" Julie gasped, as her husband entered the stall unannounced.

"It has been a while since we've... and I just wanted to surprise you baby."

The flabby, middle-aged protoplasm before her was not an appealing sight after the sinewy, youthful physique that had left her presence only a minute ago. Still, Julie was pleased at her husband's efforts, and she was relieved to find a diversion from her recent desires. After all, she loved the man, and perhaps she'd refrain from her sinful behavior if she was well-tended. She embraced him tightly and kissed him passionately.

"Ooh, yes baby, I've needed this for so long."

She began to initiate foreplay when Mike quickly penetrated her and began thrusting. Although disappointed, Julie was still wetter than ever before from her previous encounter – Mike incorrectly assumed that his improvised gesture was to blame.

"Wow you're so wet. I knew you'd love it."

Julie played her role, "Oh yeah baby, it's great." She wasn't even sure if he was hard.

Mike humped faster and tweaked her nipples, panting, "How's about that babe? Feels amazing right?"

Although she felt nothing down there and now her nipples hurt, Julie tried to be supportive, moaning, "Oh yeah, Mike! That feels great!"

Within a few minutes, Mike hiccupped, "Baby... I'm about to come... let's come together!"

Just as her husband roared his finish, Julie, nowhere close to a climax, summoned all of her love for her husband and yelled, "I'm coming, Mike!"

Mike spurt a few drops and withdrew, panting. Pleased that he had satisfied his wife, he smirked, "Still got it, huh, babe?"

Somehow suppressing her abject disappointment, Julie managed to smile, "Yeah hon – you were great."

Mike dried himself off and stepped out of the shower, "I'm gonna get some work done before dinner. I love you!"

"Me too," Julie replied, now more unsure than ever if that was true.

Three hours later, Mike snorted with laughter as Moe hit Curly on the head with a wrench. Julie's eyes were fixated on the television, but her mind was upstairs, with the teenage hunk that was eager to please. As another episode started, she realized she couldn't take anymore.

She removed her husband's arm from around her and began heading upstairs.

"Where are you going? We love the Stooges!"

"Sorry, babe – Kyle said he wanted to see me after dinner. I'll see you later."

She quietly walked up the stairs to his door and heard the dulcet tones of a rock ballad. By force of habit, Julie went to knock, when suddenly, she fondly remembered the wonderful results of her previous intrusion. Biting her lip, she quietly undid the locked door with a push-button key, opened the door, and peered in. She wasn't disappointed.

Kyle was on the bed, his knees making deep dents in the sheets. His bare, sweaty back was at an angle to the door, so that Julie could see much of his side profile. The muscles in his ass tensed and relaxed as he thrust his erection in and out of both hands with a furious tempo that put a warm tingle in Julie's womb. The boy was engrossed in some deep fantasy, his eyes squeezed shut and his lips periodically moaning Suzie's name.

Now jealous, but still hypnotized by the purple plum that shuttled in and out of her boy's hands, Julie semiconsciously locked the door behind her and slipped out of her robe, until only her baby blue nightie remained. She tiptoed to the bed right behind her son and slowly clamped one of her hands over his mouth.

"Mmph!" Kyle gasped.

"Shhhh... it's me baby," Julie whispered, her warm breath in his ear.

"Mom?! What are you doing?!"

Julie climbed on to the bed and nestled up to him, her big mommy breasts squashed up against his back, "I wanted to surprise you honey like you did this afternoon." She grasped his cock with one hand, and began stroking his muscled pectorals with the other, "It's time for another stamina pop quiz sweetheart. Make me proud!"

Groaning, Kyle resumed thrusting, "O-ok."

Filled by a mix of pride, awe, and lust, Julie watched as the fruit of her loins demonstrated his mastery of the lessons thus far: deep breathing, varying stroke depth, and kegels kept the boy in check for what seemed like an eternity. Although her incessant kisses, licks, teases, and whispers of sweet nothings coaxed moans, groans, and a river of precum from the teen, he managed to abstain from climax. Barely encircling the impressive girth of the shaft, her tiny fist ached as it struggled to contain the boy's powerful, unrelenting passion.

Thirty minutes later, hand cramping, womb tingling, and pussy dripping, Julie bid the boy, who showed no signs of climax, to pause. Kissing him on the cheek, she evaluated him, "Wow sweetie, you just passed with flying colors - at this rate you might even wear Susie out."

Kyle proudly grinned at the thought of impressing his girlfriend. He panted, trying to catch his breath, "Th- thanks mom. I think I'm going to need new sheets though."

Julie noticed the large, wet patch of pre-cum just at the end of his throbbing erection. She giggled, "Yeah, though you're not the only one to blame."

Kyle turned around to find an equivalent wet patch clearly derived from between his mother's legs. He swelled with pride at having effected the reaction, "Wow..."

Julie smiled coyly, "If you like that, you're gonna love your next lesson. Do you know what cunnilingus is?"

Kyle swallowed hard and nodded, thankful for having picked up the word in health class. He watched as Julie crawled to the head of the bed, her pale, heart-shaped ass causing his balls to ache, and assumed supine position, resting her head on his pillow. The boy's heart leapt as his mother smiled devilishly and made a "come hither" signal with her index finger.

"Take off my panties," she instructed.

Kyle spread the short hem of the baby-doll back, revealing the waistline of the underwear. He hooked his finger underneath the sodden black garment when Julie stopped him.

"Try using your mouth – it's... sexier," she whispered, blushing.

Happily, the boy replaced his fingers with his lips, his head reeling from the musky aroma of his mother's arousal. As he pulled downwards, his eyes received a tantalizing tour through a lush forest of prickly, brown hair, a large mound with a hidden cleft, and a stretch of soft, alabaster thighs. His fingers finished the rest of the job, as his face had no intention of leaving behind the precious pussy before him.

Julie smiled as she watched her son spread her legs, his eyes fixated on her puffy mons and the pink, moist treasure between. The boy looked overwhelmed.

"Don't be nervous. Let's see how good our public schools are - tell me what you know."

Kyle stammered, "Uh th-that's a vagina, and uh that thing on top is the clitoris. You lick the clit and make the girl feel good."

Julie laughed and rubbed his head, "That's a bit oversimplified, but it's not a bad start, Romeo– you just need some refinement. First of all, you need to get the girl aroused – lots of touching and kissing before they're wet and ready to go."

In her head, she added, "Then again, if you're as good-looking and well-built as you, and have a cock the size of an air-freshener can, you'll have most women, even a grown one like me, dripping like faucets before you lay a hand on them."

Kyle instinctively understood on some level that, while he'd love to, he could probably skip this step with his mother right now.

Julie continued, "Once she's ready, you can start touching down there. However, you've gotta know that women are really sensitive down there – certainly, someone inexperienced like Susie will be in for a shock if you just go for it. You should think of the clit like your penis – instead of touching it directly, try to stroke it indirectly. Try this."

She grasped his hand and placed it over her mound, prompting him to lightly pinch it. Catching on, the boy began stroking as instructed, using her entire mound as a sheath. He knew he hit paydirt soon.

"Oooooh y-yeah. G-god you're a f-fast learner. S-stop for just a sec, hon."

Reluctantly, he paused. Julie sighed, "Wow – don't worry sweetie, I won't be able to stop you if you keep going like this. Now, I want you to apply that same principle with your mouth. Make a face like you've bitten into a juicy fruit, put it where your hand was, and then suck."

Although puzzled by her strange instructions, the good boy did as instructed. He began with an improvised series of kisses on her inner thigh, followed by a lick of her entire honeypot with the flat of his tongue – Julie shuddered in approval. A delicious, sour flavor permeating his mouth, the boy assumed the desired shape and he began sucking.

"J-jeeesus Christ, sweetheart. Y-you get an A... plus!" Julie squealed as she involuntarily grasped fistfuls of his hair.

Kyle's mouth somehow managed to maintain its firm grasp on its victim despite Julie's rambunctious squirming and bucking "Oh goooooood – baby! I'm going to lo-lose my mind," the housewife sobbed, lost in the pleasures of oral sex for the first time in her life.

Suddenly, Kyle remembered reading about the legendary "G-spot" and decided he'd give his teacher an impromptu surprise. His mouth unrelenting in its assault, Kyle easily pushed two fingers into the gushing quim. He tilted them upwards and began stroking a somewhat rough area.

His gambit paid off. Julie had just enough time to clamp a pillow over mouth before the scream ripped out of her throat. "MMMPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

A born natural, the teen maintained his mouth and fingers at the status quo. He watched his amazement as the beautiful woman before him grunted, bucked, and wept as invisible waves of pleasure racked her body. The rush he felt from reducing his proud mother into the sweaty, panting, naked nymph before him with his mouth alone ensured that the teen would be a lifetime aficionado of pussy-eating.

Julie's eyes had popped open the second her son put his fingers inside her, but she only saw big pink hearts. Her fingers maintained a deathgrip on Kyle's hair – he would be a little sore for the next few days, but it was the least of his concerns. After nearly five minutes of writhing, she tried to speak, but could only produce hoarse whimpers amongst her frantic panting.

Her boy broke the silence. He moved up her body until his face was aligned with hers. Brushing the sweat-matted hair out of her face and wiping away her tears, he whispered, "Are you ok, mom?"

Overcome with joy, lust, relief, and confusion, Julie wordlessly pressed her lips to her son's, tasting herself within him. No longer a tyro, he responded appropriately, darting his tongue in her mouth when the time was right. His body dropped onto hers, his hard chest flat against her large mommy tits and his thick, swollen spike boring into her soft belly. Julie ran one of her hands through her lover's hair while the nails of the other dug into his hard ass, pressing him against her. Mother and son humped and writhed on the bed, their passions building.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the greatest orgasm in her life, Julie was hornier than ever. With a surprising strength, she rolled their entwined bodies over until she was firmly on top. Aligning her dripping pussy lips with her son's monstrous erection, Julie began sliding back and forth, using her locked arms on Kyle's firm chest to pivot.

As her braless breasts bounced, they soon became unfettered from the confines of the loose nightgown. Taught by his mother to always answer when opportunity knocked, Kyle began suckling, further intensifying Julie's desire. From the look his mother's face and her frantic hotdogging, the boy knew that he was about to get laid.

Suddenly, there was a sharp rap on the door. "Julie? Kyle? You guys in there?"

Kyle's bed rocked as Julie's plump buttocks bounced on his cock. When she paused and turned her head to the door, her nipple popped out of Kyle's mouth.

"W-we're here. I-I'm just h-helping Kyle with his homework." She said, trying to control her panting.

Kyle felt a warm gush of fluids coat his genitals – it seemed that his mother was aroused by danger. Smiling, he began thrusting again, "Yeah dad – mom's helping me with a really HARD problem."

Julie brief ire at her son's immaturity was swept away by a bolt of sensation from her clit. Her eyes fluttered and she whispered, "Y-you're rotten."

Loving his current power over both of his parents, Kyle grinned and resumed suckling.

Mike felt like his wife and son were hiding something, but he was too tired to investigate. "Good – well, I'm going to hit the sack."

No response. Mike couldn't hear anything above rock music emanating from the room.

"Julie? You'll join me later?"

Mind benumbed by the delectable friction from the rigid pole stroking her clitoris, only a sense of self-preservation forced Julie respond, perhaps too loudly, "YES!"

Mike interpreted Julie's outburst as annoyance and wordlessly walked away.

Despite the protest of the long-neglected pleasure centers of her brain, self-preservation snapped Julie back to reality; her weak excuse had dismissed her husband for now, but she couldn't dawdle. Resolute, she stopped grinding and quickly rolled off the bed, dislodging the ravenous teen at her breast.

Kyle's hand quickly grasped his mother's wrist. "Don't go."

Julie turned around to respond to her son. She wished she hadn't. The faint light from the desk lamp silhouetted the sweaty, muscle-bound teen in all his glory, the shadows highlighting his well-defined arms, stomach, and chest. His massive penis acted like an obscene sundial – its significant volume projecting a cartoonish shadow. Using every fiber of her free will, Julie slipped through his grasp, re-robed, and began walking to the door, muttering, "Baby, I have to go – your father is expecting me."

With impressive agility, the boy quickly jumped to the door, barring his mother's egress. The boy stared at her hungrily, his nostrils flared and muscles tense. His penis was larger and redder than ever before; it throbbed angrily, as if demanding release after more than an hour of arousal. He stepped forward, towering over her, and looked down into her eyes. Julie felt her stomach turn from a mix of fear and excitement as he pushed the robe off her shoulders, causing it to pool on the floor.

"I need relief," the boy demanded in the voice that had sent chills up her spine earlier that afternoon. Just like before, compelled to obey, she found herself involuntarily sinking to her knees, and before long, the recent object of her obsession throbbed impatiently before her.

"Ok, but we have to be quick about it – don't try to hold back, now."

Kyle groaned and closed his eyes as his mother furiously began stroking his cock with both of her tiny hands. Entranced by the undulating tits he had nursed not five minutes ago, the boy began thrusting in rhythm.

Ten lust-filled minutes passed before Julie realized her pupil showed no signs of climaxing.

"Kyle, honey, are you almost there yet?"

"Sorry mom... it feels really good, but I can't help it. Guess you're too good of a teacher."

Julie smiled, "I'm proud of you sweetie, but your father's gonna start wondering what's going on. I think we're gonna have to try something else."

Before Kyle understood what Julie meant, she gave the massive glans a gentle, loving close-lipped kiss. Immediately, the boy moaned as a glob of precum squirted from his urethra and a frisson of pleasure shot through his body.

"Time for your first blowjob, sweetheart."

Julie swallowed the salty and savory bolus of precum, enjoying the look of startled joy in her son's wide eyes. She then slowly dragged her broad tongue through the underside of the massive shaft, the texture of velvety skin transitioning into the slimy head as she finished at the tip. Opening her mouth wide, she was able to take in a few inches, and began pleasuring the underside of the glans with her tongue. While she had practiced on rubber dildos under Leslie's tutelage, nothing could have prepared for the massive size, velvet hardness, and musky taste of her son's tool; her cleft began gushing and she couldn't help but begin frigging her clit with one of her hands.

Kyle climax was nearly imminent. However, with a newfound challenge at hand, he began applying the lessons from his stamina training. Despite his diligent practice, the task was nearly impossible.

As her warm mouth diligently pampered her son's pole, the housewife felt his fingers gently digging through her hair. Meanwhile, her own fingers gently stroked his stomach, tracing the contours of his well-defined abdomen. She intermittently licked the shaft, placing loving kisses punctuated by concerned inquiry, "Mmmm... (smooch) ... does that ... (smooch) ... feel good... (smooch) ...honey?"

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