Crashed & Burned


With his left arm, he reached beneath her, seeking out her tender clit and rubbing his fingers around it. It was already hard, swollen and erect like a tiny cock. He massaged it gently, working his fingers along her slit to cover them in her slick wetness, then returning to her bead and massaging it again. She pushed back against the two fingers he still held deep within her, her hips wiggling and her body demanding more. Rubbing her clit a little harder and faster, he slipped a third finger, and then a fourth into her tight, wet hole. Slowly he worked his fingers in and out of her while is other hand worked it's magic in her throbbing clit.

Sliding his hand free of her sweet pussy, he began to probe her tight little ass, working the tip of his fingers around the outer rim of her tight little pucker. She squirmed beneath his touch, and he pushed the tip of his finger into her ass up to the first knuckle. He slipped the other three fingers back into her neglected pussy, pushing a little deeper into her ass as he worked both of her magnificent holes at the same time. He was careful not to hurt her, letting her rock back against him at her own pace until her body adjusted to the duel intrusion. Faster and faster he worked her clit, driving his fingers into her as she thrust her hips back against him. He could feel her building, feel the inner walls of her pussy starting to tighten around his fingers, and he could wait no longer.

Taking his fingers from her exquisite pussy, he pressed a second, slippery finger into her ass, pushing it deep into her without warning. She moaned aloud and pushed back hard against his hand, only to have his rock hard cock drive deep into her pussy at the same time. She cried out with the pleasure and pain of being so completely filled, the intensity of the penetration sending her body spiraling into uncontrollable orgasmic spasms. Her pussy tightened and pulsed around Dave's shaft as he fought to hold off his own orgasm just a little longer.

Dave could feel her hot, womanly juices running down over his balls and onto his thighs, and he knew there was no way he could wait another second. With a loud groan, he thrust into her hard, his body shuddering a little as he pumped the entirety of his load deep within her, mixing his own juices with hers at the very core of her womanhood.

Spent, and drenched in sweat, they curled up together to wait out the storm, holding to one another in the glorious afterglow of their united release. As the storm dissipated, and the coolness of night fell upon them, they slept, still wrapped up in each others arms, and the passion they had discovered there.

At the break of day, they climbed from the plane and looked upon the carnage that surrounded them. That nature would wreak such havoc upon its self in such away seem beyond logic. All that was so beautiful only a day ago, was now in ruins. A new sound drifted in on the morning breeze, a sound Nikki and Dave were both very happy to hear. The sound of a helicopter.

As Nikki stood in the open doorway of their country home on the outskirts of Sydney, she watched as Dave gave Adam his first lesson in riding a bike without the training wheels. She smiled at the way he encouraged the boy, cheering wildly with encouragement as Adam wobbled his way up the driveway. She wondered if she should ever tell Dave about how she discovered her father's plot. About how he had paid Dave to crash into that island in the hopes of teaching her a lesson in the important things in life. Of cause, all Dave had wanted from the deal was enough money to take Adam back to Australia, what he got was a lot more then that.

Nikki placed her hand on her swollen belly and felt the baby kicking, deciding she would keep her discovery a secret, for the lesson her father wanted her to learn was, family is far more important then position, and the most important executive decision she would ever make, was her decision to say two little words. "I do." Her new career would be the most challenging and rewarding of her life, that of a wife and mother.

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