What is happening to my body? I feel crazier than I did when I was nineteen. It's ten years later, and I'll just come right out and say it, I'm hornier than a desperate teenage boy jerking off to his internet porn stash, and I'm now picturing that eerie LED glow that illuminates a darkened room in that telltale signal that you are up to no good.

I digress. And I repeat. What is happening to my body? I'm constantly and consistently horny, when I'm driving in the car, the vibrations of the vehicle's movement stimulate my pussy, and make me yearn to pull over and jill off, right then and there. Every day, every vibrator in my apartment gets a workout. I've had more one night stands in the past two months than in the past five years. Something's up.

Maybe this is my biological clock ticking, sending me into sex overdrive, though none of the normal accompanying feelings have manifested. Kids still give me the willies. Whatever it is, it's kind of fun, but it's driving me fucking crazy. Literally, fucking-crazy.

It all started two months ago, these horny feelings. I was doing research in another city, and so was staying at a hotel. While these feelings had preceded the trip somewhat, they hadn't really ramped up to a discernible level. I had spent a long day working, and so when I came back to the hotel, I jumped in the shower to take a long hot one and relax.

Then, I noticed that the shower head was detachable. It dawned on me that I could use it to masturbate. I had never done that before, but heard somewhere, probably the internet, that it was, shall we say, useful. Not having the luxury of this at home, I immediately took the opportunity, despite my exhaustion.

At this point, my curiosity was so piqued by the mere occurrence of this thought in my brain, that it was actually enough to already get me mildly excited. Normally it does take more than that, but the sheer novelty of this first time was in and of itself an erotic trigger. I adjusted the temperature and setting of the showerhead so that it was warm, but not too hot, and sprayed in a direct stream that felt forceful, but not painful.

Pointing the spray at my stomach, I remained standing and placed my foot up on the side of the tub, which left my pussy open and ready, so that my clitoris would be exposed. Gulping, I was nervous, and lowered it slowly, down my abdomen, down the front of my vagina, and then, the stream slowly neared my clitoris as I brought the showerhead down, down, down.

The feel of the warm, wet stream was amazing. At first I didn't move my hands, and just let the spray stimulate me, like a single laser beam pointing straight to the heart of my clit. As I got acclimated to the feeling, I started to move that directed spray around in the tiniest of circles, which stimulated my clit even more. This was feeling so good, that my knees started to feel weak, especially since I essentially was standing on one foot. Wanting to avoid a possible disaster (can you imagine the emergency room visit?) I decided to lay down in the tub and lean my feet on the shower wall, holding the showerhead between my legs.

Yeah, that's it. Brilliant. Not worrying about falling now, I could simply concentrate on the pure physical feelings in my genitals. The warm stream of water was so good, pressing on my clit's surface so perfectly, not too hard, not too light. Holy crap, this was awesome!

Then, I felt something very strange happening. Something that wasn't quite normal. I started to feel an intense pressure inside, beyond that pre-orgasmic feeling, that made me want to clamp down and tighten my kegels really, really hard. I had to shut my eyes tightly, and press into the feeling. My legs started to shake involuntarily, and amidst the steady stream of the warm water on my clit, I felt an explosive tension, the most intense of spasms, a force contrasting the stream of water on my clit. In contradistinction, a hot stream of liquid gushed out of my pussy, sending me shuddering and stamping on the shower wall. The toe-curling was literal, and my lower abdominal muscles felt like they were working in tandem with the hot bursting stream that I felt run out of my vaginal folds and into the tub.

I sat up just to turn off the shower, so that it would be silent. My heart was racing a million miles a minute, and my pussy positively ached, it felt so good. What just happened? I poked my index finger inside my folds, half-scared. Pulling my finger out, I saw a clear fluid, almost water-like, yet just a hair more viscous, coating the tip. I felt my index finger tip with my thumb, to feel the texture, and pressed it closely to my nose. Nothing.

I sat in the tub, contemplating, and relaxing, letting my tension melt as my body cooled. But soon I became too cold, and turned the water on again. Instead of finishing up my shower, as I at first intended, I felt a fullness returning to my pussy, a fullness that was intense and demanded more attention, as if against my will, my own body was craving a second stimulation.

Opening my legs again, I repeated what I had done before, rotating the showerhead in small circles around my clit, almost like a beachcomber using a metal detector on a beach, looking for treasure. Around, around, and around. And then, that intense pressure, building, building, building. And again, that earth-shattering explosion, the hot wet stream of orgasmic release, leaving my pussy pulsating and my legs involuntarily twitching like a marionette, jerky, spastic.

Since that evening, I've felt that hungry fullness, that craving, that won't leave my body alone, despite what my mind wants. It's my body that enrolls my mind now, that drives me to seek that flying, gushing, wet hot release over, and over, and over, and over.

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