Craving You


I love the thought of having you leaning all the way back in bed with pillows all the way underneath you and with your sexy legs dangling over the top of my awaiting shoulders.

So sexily open and swollenly exposed, wetness trickling down your sizzlingly heated inner thighs.

I love the thought of tonguing and licking your achingly throbbing pussy through the pair of silk light panties, just as I tried to describe to you.

I think you really liked the thought of me taking them all the way off downward with my tongue and with my teeth.

After making them so soaking wet that they could be actually wrung out on to the floor underneath us.

Things seemed to really heat up between us after that.

I can see the wet moistness glistening against your swelling outer peach lips, coating the edges with all of your trickling honey, a sheen of the most sexy wetness.

I then want to blow upward against the top of your sexy clit shaft.

Just underneath the bottom of the throbbing tip, making it swell and stretch all the way outward from all of the indirect teasing.

You feel your clit tip vibrating back and forth underneath the edge of my eager lips.

lips that slowly slide all the way down to the very bottom of your tingling clit tip.

And there, finding the underside of your pounding clit, you then feeling the tip of my teasing tongue start to slowly wiggle back and forth so tantalizingly against one of the most sensitive areas of your entire clit.

At the same time then the tip of my soft finger slides up and down the middle of your over heated outer lips in a slow and steady up and down like motion.

The same exact way that I am using now to slide the tip of my thirsty tongue up and down every single scorchingly hot inch of your succulently scrumptious clit as quickly as a jolt of heated lightning.

I feel you slowly start to come upward against me, slowly lifting upward from the pillows underneath you, trying to feel more of my lips and tongue and fingers against your soaking wet wildfire.

I ache for you to feed me that sexy, wet honey that I literally cannot get enough of.

As this happens, you feel the tip of my smooth finger oh so teasingly slide just inside of the opening of your fiery hot inner peach.

And I hold the tip of my soft finger still and silent as I feel you start to squeeze and contract and constrict all around me.

The wet juices trickle so sexily down the tip of my awaiting finger as the heat radiates outward all around us.

Then I start to slowly slide the tip of my eager finger back and forth all the way across the opening of your luscious honey in a slow and lazy left to right motion.

So you feel it massage every single sexy fold and every single luscious crevice along the edges of your swollen inner pussy lips.

At the same time I start to slide the tip of my relentless tongue all of the way back and forth across the middle of your pulsating clit tip in a left to right back and forth like motion.

You feel how achingly aroused you have me as you feel me slowly rubbing back and forth against your sexy inner thighs, so turned on hearing you moan out loud and feeling you undulating up and down all the way against me.

I want to be totally consumed by all of you as I am utterly famished to taste all of your inner most sexy honey that I want to feel dripping all the way down my tongue and that I need to feel drizzling down the tip of my awaiting finger.

The tip of my heated finger slides a little more deeply inside of you.

And then I start to trail and trace the tip of it in a sensually lazy round and round like motion all along the outer most edges of your inner most pussy walls.

Getting closer and closer to the middle of your throbbingly aching inner lips each time it revolves all the way around and around.

I take the tip of my tireless tongue and start to flick the moist and hot outer edges all around the middle of your pulsating clit tip.

Totally avoiding the middle of it to make it swell and stretch outward more and more.

Totally exposed now all the way outward from its protective hood, not able to retract backward even for a single moment.

Since I have a pretty long tongue, I can actually wrap and curl it all the way around the entire tip of your pounding clit.

This way, all the energy is centered and focused right against the middle of your pulsating pleasure point.

So you feel the dual pleasure coming from both your achingly tightened clit and from your flooded inner lips at the same exact time.

Then as you come upward even more, the tip of my smooth finger suddenly slides all of the way upward inside of you.

I feel you squeeze all around me once again as I feel the very back of your inner most peach walls against every soft ridge of my finger, ahh that feels like paradise!

When the tip of my finger is all the way upward inside of you, I turn it all the way around so the palm is facing upward.

Then, hooking and curling the tip of my finger slowly inward, I find the outer most edges of your swelling g spot.

I simply press upward against it as lightly as a soft feather.

At the same time I take your outstretched clit inside of my heated mouth, pulling it in between my awaiting lips, blowing all along the outer most edges of it as it is trapped now like the sexiest of prisoners.

I suck it all of the way inward now, till I feel the very tip slide all the way back against the back of my eager throat.

When it is all the way inside, I start to roll and revolve the tip of my relentless tongue then all around the outer swells of your flamingly heated clit tip while it is still trapped deeply within my lips, while continuing as I was before.

So it is like I am actually blowing, licking, and sucking on your scorchingly exquisite clitoris all three at the same exact time.

I am totally starved for you right now, orally devouring and ravishing your over stimulated clit again and again.

All as this is going on, the tip of my heated finger starts to wiggle now back and forth against your throbbingly swollen g spot in a slow and steady "come here" like up and down movement.

So that now you feel intense pleasure radiate outward from both your swollen clit and from your pounding g spot both at once.

Feeling, seeing, hearing how aroused you are makes me start to rub more firmly and quickly back and forth against your sexy inner thighs, so you feel what you do to me.

Yet I also wish to hold off till you are completely drowning and soaking all around me first.

I then have you stand over the bed as you lean over it gently.

There are silk sheets on the bed so as you lean over it you feel the very tips of your throbbing nipples being tickled oh so teasingly by the sensual silk.

I kneel behind you, the wet white hot heat dripping so sexily right down the back of your inner thighs and legs.

Kneeling behind you, I blow lazily all around the outer most edges of your pulsatingly pounding pussy lips.

So softly and so slowly that you feel yourself pushing back against me so as to feel me closer and closer to you now.

Taking out a cold ice cube, I hold it just above your scorchingly heated outer lips from behind you.

As you feel a few slight trickles slide all the way downward now against the very top of your exposed clit tip.

You feel how cold the tingling sensation is against a sensitive part of your sensitized clit, this sudden jolt makes your pleasure point literally vibrate and twitch.

Then I proceed to blow, once, as slightly as a soft summer breeze, right against the same exact point.

So that as the tip expands outward and upward once again you feel the dual pleasure of the coldness and heat alternating back and forth against you.

The tip of my lazy tongue licks a sizzling like motion all around the middle of your pounding clit tip as I still kneel behind you.

Slowly lapping up all of the cool moisture from the ice water that mixes with your sexy swollen honey as it pools all around and against you.

Totally drinking from your sexy wetness relentlessly like one would drink from the most exquisite fountain.

I want to turn every single square inch of your deliciously sexy clitoris inside out and backward and forward and sideways with all of my awaiting lips and every part of my soft hot tongue.

You will let me know if you would like for me to continue.

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