tagIncest/TabooCrazy from the Heat Ch. 03

Crazy from the Heat Ch. 03


All caricatures are over the age of 18. The story picks up from the end of part 2 but is readable on its own. I would recommend that if you have not read the first two parts, that you do that first. The story line takes place in the early 1980s so there are no cell phones and such. However, I did slip and add a reference to the Literotica website in the characters conversation; I did not want to remove. It is a lengthy story (13,000+ words) as I have combined two complete writings in this third installment. I have other stories of Ben and Lori so I am not done with these two by any means!

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Mom schemes to bring Lori into their fun!

I wake from the alarms buzzer, "Well good morning mom," I say as I wake to her hand stroking my cock slowly. "I really hate to interrupt your fun mom, but I need to use that thing you're holding down there," I say as I hold her arm still.

Mom releases her grip saying, "Okay Ben, as long as you are in there, please start the shower and I'll be right in as soon as I can hear the water run."

I through back the covers and race to her master bathroom not realizing we are going to shower together. It is not until I am turning on the hot faucet that it hits me that mom will be coming through the door to join me. I start the spray and it washes over me as the shower door slides open again.

Mom climbs in and turns on the second spray head she had installed at the far end. We both shower as we watch the other do the same. As mom rinses her hair, I move in, kiss her softly, and place my hands on her hips. She wraps her arms around me and slips her tongue past my lips making the heat rise within me.

As my cock grows against mom's warm, wet skin, I can feel her hand move to it. Breaking the kiss, she says, "This thing never seams to want to rest," and with a giggle, moms fingers wrap around my hard cockshaft. Our kissing resumes as I feel her hand leave my cock; I hear the bar of soap rattle in its tray.

With rapid strokes, mom's soapy hand is soon making full-length slides from the top to the bottom of my cock, I try to concentrate on the kiss, but I keep letting out small moans that cause it to pause.

With out warning mom backs away and grabs the bar of soap from the built in tray on the shower wall. I watch as it spins in her hands wondering what she will do with all that soap she is collecting. Mom looks at me and her hand moves to place the bar back onto the tray.

As I feel mom's hands coating my cock she says, "I want to try something new with you Ben. You have shared many new things with me recently; I think it is my turn to experience something new with my new lover."

Mom's hands pull away and she turns around to shut off her showerhead. As she bends down and places her hands on the ledge at the back of the tub, she says, "I want you to put that big beautiful cock of yours in my ass Ben. I wouldn't let your dad but I am curious to know if I would like it."

I look at her ass and see her pink puckered asshole waiting for me. As my cock head touches it mom says, "Go slow Ben, I know its going to hurt a little so please, take your time."

"Okay mom" is all I say as I push my cock at mom's asshole. Not knowing how hard to push I push a little harder and let off some. After doing this, several times my cock's head suddenly pops inside her ass and I freeze as I wait for mom's reaction.

I expect mom to tell me to pull my cock out of her ass but instead she pushes back on it. The soap works its magic and I slide into her tight gripping ass until we can no longer push.

"It doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would Ben, I still need a minute to get used to your big cock in there though," mom says.

As I stand there, I compare the feel of her ass with the feel of her pussy in my mind. Her ass wins in the grip department and I never even thought her pussy could ever be beaten there; it feels just as hot though, maybe a little hotter.

I feel mom pulling forward so I start pulling back and watch as the poll stuck in mom's ass grows longer. Before I can see it all, mom jerks backwards down the shaft and lets out a deep groaning breath as if I am pushing the air out of her lungs with my diamond hard cock.

"Start fucking in and out Ben, but keep your strokes slow while I get used to you in there. It's not as bad as it was and I want you to feel good fucking my virgin ass baby" mom directs me.

I slowly pull my cock back out of mom's burning ass tube until I feel the head get to the end where I change my direction of movement. As I repeat the cycle several more times, mom's ass seams to me, to be adjusting well to my cock's invasion.

Soon, with out words, we are moving at a good speed when mom shouts "Now really start fucking my ass. Fuck your momma's ass hard; make me scream for your huge cock's love baby."

Wanting to please my mother, I take hold of her hips and leverage my strokes in and out. Once I get a good rhythm going I ask, "How is this mommy, am I fucking your ass hard enough or do you want more?"

"OH my god, this feels amazing Ben, fuck my ass as hard as you can baby!" moms shouting words ring in my ears as I begin to slam my hips into her ass.

The shower echoes with the slaps of wet skin over our grunts of ecstasy as I say to her. "This is amazing mom, I never thought I would ever get to do this and, here I am fucking my mommies ass and loving it!"

"When I first caught you stroking your cock, I never though I would be in this shower getting my ass reamed with it. Hell, I only had a glimmer of hope that I would feel it in my pussy someday." Moms labored words only make me want to fuck her ass harder and I begin pulling her into my thrusts.

Mom lifts her hands from the back of the tub and I see them going for her tits. As she pulls on her nipples, she starts screaming, "Fuck me Ben, and fuck my ass hard son. Give me that beautiful cock of yours."

As she speaks, I answer with extra hard pulls causing the crashing flesh to sting in response. Each deep thrust seams to bounce us apart until I pull on her hips again.

As I feel my balls begin to warn me of my orgasm, mom says, "stop for a minute Benjamin, I can feel that you are about to cum, I want this to last, so stay in my ass but hold it for a minute until you feel the moment pass. If you do it right you can last as long as you want."

"Thanks mom," I say as I hold my cock full pressed into her ass. "I can keep going after I cum though. I have cum as many as five or six times in one night of reading stories on my favorite website."

As we keep still, mom asks, "What site do you read sex stories on Ben?"

"It's called, Literotica, they have everything you could ever want to read on their site. Ask me to show it to you some time," I tell her as I slowly pull my cock back and slam it back in when I am finished talking.

As I begin to make slow withdrawals and hard slams back in, mom says, "Yes Ben, maybe we can play games with them. You know, act out a few we like ...if you want too.

Your dad never wanted to have much fun with sex. He just wanted to screw, rollover, and go right to sleep. Now fuck me and cum in my ass!"

With out waiting I begin to pound my cock in mom's ass as hard as I can. I once thought anal sex was something I would never want, but here I am racing towards orgasm in my mother's ass and I love it. With mom pushing back into my thrusting, I pull back my hand and smack mom's ass hard.

"YES, spank my ass you little bastard. Fuck me harder and spank my ass!" Mom's scream rings in my ears as I pound as hard as I can and deliver a few more hard smacks on her ass.

Soon the tingle returns and I keep pounding into the hot gripping ass as my orgasm nears. As I grunt with each thrust mom says, "that's it Ben, keep pounding my ass and cum for mommy. Mommy wants you to fill her ass with cum so give it to me baby. Give me an ass full of baby juice right now mister, don't you dare pull it out before you do."

With euphoric bliss, I begin to shoot my load in mom's ass as I make my last hard push into her with a deep grunting sound as mom screams, "Oh my god, it feels like your shooting liquid fire in my ass Ben. Spank me again ...please?"

Just as she begged for, I hit her ass harder than any time before. Her moan turned into a yelp and I have to grab her hips quickly to keep her from falling. Slowly my cock withdraws from mom's ass before she gently lowers all the way to the bottom of the tub; I see she is out cold.

I move to the side and share some of the cool water coming from the showerhead as I turn the hot water up and move back in front of the spray. As mom's hand comes up my leg, I turn the water off because the hot water is gone.

I turn and ask, "Are you alright mom?"

Mom looks up at me with a dreamy look on her face and says, "Yes baby, moms okay, and she has just had an orgasm that made her black out, which rarely ever happens to me. Now help me up so I can make you some breakfast and get to work."

I help her to stand, she quickly steps out of the shower, and I watch as she rubs her red ass as it disappears into her room. In just a few moments time she yells back to me, "Can you get yourself breakfast this morning baby, your mom is going to be late if I don't get out there and gather eggs for Jack's place."

I answer, "Sure mom, I can find something to eat on my own, would you like help collecting eggs?"

"No, I should be okay as long as you can feed yourself this morning, I promise I'll make it up to you after I get home," mom replies as she enters into the room to adjust her self in the full length mirror.

She is fully dressed with her hair pulled back into a ponytail and I am still dripping from the shower as I catch the towel she tossed me with a big smile before closing in to give me a kiss.

As I walk to the bedroom door to go up to my room and dress, I remember mom saying, 'What ever happens in this room will be our dirty little secret.'

Twenty-four hours ago I was a virgin burning a few movies for mom to get by with and now I am glad she never watched it. Now if I can get past Lori with out showing any signs of what has changed in my life, everything will be okay. An hour later, I am driving my truck through the woods and feeling like a brand new man.

By the time mom gets back from the food pantry, I have the grill going and ready to make us some burgers. Mom looks pleased and tells me, "I am going to freshen up before I join you for supper. Go ahead, and put them burgers on Ben, It is such a beautiful day, don't you think honey?"

"Yes it is mom, it has been a wonderful day," I answer as I place the patties on the grill. As mom starts towards the house, I call out, "I love you Mollie." Moms name is Mollie and I want to start using it now.

"I love you to Benjamin," mom calls out as she climbs the steps to the porch.

I call mom Mollie as we eat our supper and she told me that if it helps I can continue to use it in private conversations but I need to keep calling her mom in front of others and I agree. She also said how pleased she was that I had brought out a salad and chips to go with the meal. I told her that I was eager to fill my new man sized shoes and she giggled at that with me.

Later, after we had eaten and our conversation neared its end, I told her to go in and relax while I picked up; she said, "You are going to spoil me with your kindness."

I just said, "I always try to help you out Mollie, which is why dad called me a momma's boy, remember?" She just hugged me and gave me a quick kiss before walking to the house.

I carried the large tray of things back to the house and put things away or in the trash. Picnic ware is great for easy clean-ups so nothing needed washed except a few utensils. As I complete my work, I hear the television on in the living room so I get a soda and walk in to join mom.

As I walk through the door I stop in my tracks because of the vision of Mollie reclined in her chair with out a top on. For a woman in her mid forties, Mollie has a great set of tits with just a little sag. They fill a double E size cup well enough to notice and have long, dark pink nipples with dark brown areolas surrounding them.

As usual, I feel my cock harden quickly at the site of naked tit flesh. Mollie looks at my growing bulge and smiles brightly as she looks up at me. As she sits the chair upright, she wags her finger for me to go to her. As I walk towards her, she slowly slides off the chair onto the pillow she had behind her head.

With out a word, Mollie reaches for my belt and soon has my pants down around my ankles. She holds out the band on my shorts and soon my boxers join my pants.

Using her left hand to control my cock she slowly moves in to lick at my balls with tender skill.

"Oh yes, lick my balls mom, your tongue is like magic, keep doing that, yeah right there," I say in response to her actions. For the next few moments, she licks them, sucks each one into her mouth, and gently plays with them with her tongue.

The entire time her hand softly strokes my cock shaft as I sip my soda. She moves her mouth slowly up to my cock and tickles the bottom of the shaft with her tongue causing a huge dollop of cream to eject from the tip of my cock and I feel it trickle down the underside of the shaft.

Mollie saw it too, she holds her tongue still and waits for it to arrive and moves her fingers back to give it a clear path. Next, her tongue rises up the shaft and I watch as another dollop flows out onto her tongue.

With a quick movement, she engulfs my cock in her warm, wet mouth as she grabs my hips with both hands. In no time at all, she is pushing and pulling my hips so I am literally fucking her mouth.

I set my soda down on a near by end table and grab her head with both hands and hold it still while I do the fucking myself. I groan loudly as I feel her throat envelope my cock as I pull her face into my pubic hairs a few times before pulling out to let her breath.

Mollie pushes off my cock at the same time and says, "You can fuck my throat if you want, I will push you back when I need to take a breath," and pulls my cock back deep into her throat with no hesitation.

With new freedom, I begin to fuck her face like an animal. No worries about counting strokes anymore, just let her push off when she needs to and when she does, her tongue swirls around the head of my cock wildly; I feel her hot breath from her nose bathe my cockshaft with each breath.

Once she feels she is ready, Mollie pulls me back down her throat, and I renew my animalistic grunts on each inward thrust with tightly closed eyes.

Countless times, we repeat this cycle. As I feel my orgasms approach, I make one last deep push into mollies throat as my cock explodes and I groan out its pleasurable arrival. Mollie pulls back to catch my hot squirting cream in her mouth as her tongue provides extra encouragement.

After I have finished Mollie pulls back and smiles as she says, "now that is how a woman should thank her man properly for taking care of supper with out any help from her." Then she reaches to kiss my cock head with a giggle.

I just stumble back onto the couch and collapse onto it with a heavy thud sound. "You have to teach Lori how to do that," I say in a panting breathless voice.

As I reach for my soda, to get moisture into my throat, mom grabs my hands and says, "YES, WE could... I could some how teach her..., Um, Things.

Let me work it out Ben. If that is what you want, I will figure it out." As she spoke, she used my hands to pull herself up to her feet. Slowly she walks to the kitchen and I can see that she is deep in thought as I stand and pull my pants back up after killing my soda.

Moments later, Mollie walks from the dining room door with her left hand holding her right wrist as she chews on her right thumbnail. Her eyes never leave the floor as she disappears through the kitchen.

I walk to the kitchen and grab a beer from the fridge. I lean against the counter and pull the tab back. On the next lap, Mollie walks by and takes the can from me with out moving her eyes before I can take a drink.

As I open a second can and take a drink, I hear, "Hey Ben, didn't you say Lori's mom was real strict with her and sex?"

"Yeah, she won't let me do more than rub her tits through a sweater. Her mom has her convinced that any messing around will only end up with her getting pregnant. Her mom even makes her get examinations by one of them doctors that take care of women stuff every three months," I tell my mom.

Mom walks back in the kitchen and asks the most embarrassing question I could never imagine, "What was the exam for exactly?"

In sock, I answer, "REALLY, mom."

"Yes, Benjamin, I really want you to confirm what you are referring to so I can have a true fact I can back up later. And I will get it from Lori too." Mom says in that, 'I am your mother and I mean it voice'.

I have no choice, even though she knows what I was referring too, she wants me to say the words... just fucking great.

With a somber tone and closed eyes I say, "Her mom has her hymen checked to make sure she is still a virgin." I pause.

If I am in for a penny, I might as well be in for a pound, "Her mom has her give a copy of the results to a woman in the office at her church. Her mom says it gets her special favor from god because she has proof she is pure. She says that she thanks god for not having her give that piece of paper over to a man because she would die right on the spot."

Mom walks over and leans against the counter, on the other end of the small table island. After drinking from her can, she says, "I know her parents. Her mom is quite the talker but her dad seams ok. They come into Jack's place for breakfast after sleeping it off in the parking lot all night. Most people do anyway; we sell many more eggs on Saturdays.

He comes in all hung over looking for coffee and she is usually talking about how they are going to hell for last night's shenanigans. He just groans his agreements and sips his black coffee. She is hell with a hangover, I cannot even imagine her drunk; poor girl."

After another drink she asks, "How old is she again?"

"Six months, to the day, younger than me, so she is nineteen now too," I answer.

"Okay, good," Mollie says as she judges what remains in her can before draining it dry. As she points to the fridge for another beer, she begins again to speak.

"Okay, here is the story Benjamin, so please, listen carefully. My mother-in-law showed your dad and me how to make love with out penetration. I was an eager virgin on our wedding night though, No fear, no regrets, just a husband, his new bride, and a tender moment. When we entered our sacred blood oath it was forever; at least until we bought that damn lottery ticket. I hope his new trophy wife has aids."

I hand mom a new can and say, "so you want to offer to do the same for Lori and I, is that it?"

"Okay, you're on the same page with me Ben, I am imprested," mom says with a smile before opening and drinking from the fresh can.

"We can have her over for a cookout Friday night like usual and you can bring it up then mom." It seams like a simple plan and mom soon agrees. We also agree that nothing can be talked about as far as what mom and I have done up to the picnic. Nevertheless, we will work it into moms teaching Lori and I about sex with out babies before marriage.

The next Friday, Lori is over as usual, after she has helped me take care of feeding and the general maintenance of the chickens we join mom at the grill for our cookout. As soon as the grill was lit mom asked us if we tried to have sex yet and we both just blushed and looked at each other. Lori told her, "I am going to wait until we are married so my mom won't die of a heart attack when I get pregnant."

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