Crazy Summer Ch. 02


"I should have known you two wouldn't mind, I don't know why I get like this way sometimes. Thanks for the compliment Don; I don't get many as good as that anymore and especially from such a handsome young man." She strolled over to me and stopped beside the chase, bent over and gave me a kiss on the lips.

Her breasts almost swung completely out of her top, and I was sure she took longer than necessary straightening up again- giving me a great view of her tits. She turned away and walked back to the house and it was over as quick as it had started. I'm sure she had seen the big bulge in my shorts but hadn't indicated she had.

I turned to Cindy and smiled slyly, knowing that I had handled the situation well considering how she had tried to make me look like a kid in front of Elaine. I was having a bit a trouble trying to figure out what Cindy had in mind, but I really didn't care that much either. I guess enough had happened over the last few days to help me deal with my confidence level a bit. Elaine was certainly helping there, always thanking me for doing little things, and that kiss she just gave me for paying her a small compliment was great.

Cindy looked at me and smiled like she was apologizing. "I was just teasing a bit, Don, you know me. I thought you would stammer out something dumb, but what you said to Elaine was really nice and sweet. She needs more of that- especially after what she's been through the last year or so. I guess mom and dad did teach you a little about sensitivity. And here I thought all you could think about were her great set of tits. Maybe I can make it up to you."

She walked back over to me and pulled on the string holding her bikini top letting her tits swing free. She straddled the chase and reached down between her legs pulling the crotch to one side exposing her wet pussy. She slid her finger back and forth across her clit a few times before shoving it right inside. She moaned slightly and then reached down and pulled the band of my trunks down enough for my prick to snap through. She gently let the elastic go and it went back in place forcing my massive hard-on against my stomach. She lowered herself down and exposing her pussy again. Slowly, she lowered her cunt right onto the underside of my cock. She moved her hips back and forth dragging her clit against my prick. After she got into a rhythm she leaned forward and let me put my head between her tits.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, "I can't believe I'm coming already, this is great. I bet Elaine wouldn't mind a piece of your meat herself, but your all mine Don, all mine." She stiffened as she came throwing her head back. A few seconds later I blew my load all over my stomach and hers. She sat up and looked down at the sticky mess between us and smiled. She scooped some up with her fingers and licked them off.

"Mmmm, tastes good, I'll be looking forward to some more of the same tonight little brother, I sure hope you're up to it. And it won't be long before we can fuck, I'm going to love screwing my virgin brother." She stood up and pranced back into the house with her bikini bra in her hand.

I sat there for a minute stunned by what had just happened, not that I was upset or anything. One thing for certain was I could count on Cindy for that added bit of excitement. As I watched her disappear into the house, her cute little ass jiggling just right, I wondered what Elaine would say if she saw her topless, obviously coming from the pool area and me.

All of a sudden I realized that we had pretty much fucked out in broad daylight and Elaine could have come back out at anytime. The thought scared me at first, but the more I thought about it, the more it turned me on. Even though we weren't really fucking, it sure would have looked that way from a distance. The thought of screwing Cindy was enough on its own to turn my crank. The thought of screwing Cindy with someone like Aunt Elaine watching was very powerful indeed. Not surprisingly I felt my dick getting hot again so I decided to jump in the pool to cool myself down and clean the cum off my chest.

Our evening routine was about the same as it was the previous night except Elaine went to bed earlier saying she was beat. Cindy said we were going to watch a movie and we'd see her in the morning. It was only about nine thirty when we figured things had settled down so we went upstairs. Cindy left me at the door to my room saying she would be a minute and be joining me with the movie.

I went into my room and sat down on the leather couch. I flicked on the set and surfed the channels waiting for Cindy. After a few minutes she came in wearing a very revealing and sexy teddy and black spiked heels. I almost came in my pants when I saw her. She walked over to the set and popped a disk into the player, but not putting it on play. She walked towards me and it was all I could do to keep from grabbing her and throwing her on the bed and shoving my cock in her. Boy was I turned on.

"What did you bring the movie for? Feel guilty about fibbing to Aunt Elaine?"

"Not at all silly, this is something special," she said while taking a seat right beside me. "This leather sure feels cool on the back of my hot thighs; you'll have to help me warm them up later. Remember how I told you about mom letting me look at her porn movies and books. Well, I found this one in her stash, I don't know if I was supposed to see it or not. It has turned out to be my favorite though."

She took the remote from my hand and pressed the play button and the screen went black. The movie was obviously an amateur video, showing an empty bedroom with poor lighting. The scene started with a lady walking by the camera dressed in a blue business suit, almost like a man's from the rear, except for the round ass and high heels. When she got into full camera range she turned and smiled at the camera.

The lady was our mother and she looked like I'd never seen her before. Beside the suit she had on a lot more makeup than usual and her hair was pulled back tight to giving the impression of a short male haircut. Cindy was running her hand up and down the inside thigh of my pants gently stroking my cock though the fabric. There was some slow music in the background, but I was focused on mom, waiting to see what would happen next.

Not too surprising she started removing her clothes, almost like a stripper on stage, but without dancing. Slowly she removed the jacket exposing a white starched blouse, slightly on the tight side. She undid the belt and zipper, letting the pants fall to the floor, where she kicked them aside. She had on stockings and garters and stood there for a minute, giving us a great shot of her long nylon clad legs, with her black heels spread about a foot and a half apart.

She then reached up and undid the buttons on her blouse one at a time, agonizingly slow. All the time she kept swaying to the music. As she removed the last button, she put her arms by her sides and shrugged her shoulders letting the blouse leave her shoulders and tumble to the floor. My cock twitched at the sight on the screen of mom standing with her breasts thrust out in front of her. Her breasts were a lot like Cindy's, but with more fullness and a little bit of sag. They were absolutely beautiful and I couldn't help my cock stiffening up even more than it already was.

"I knew you'd like this, just wait to see what happens next." Cindy whispered, giving my prick a squeeze at the same time.

Mom rubbed her breasts a little, stimulating the nipples with her thumbs and basically copping a feel of herself. She then turned sideways lifted one of her legs onto a chair running both hands up her calf and thigh, flattening her stockings against her skin. It was then that I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties at all and her shaven pussy was flashing the camera periodically.

When she was satisfied with the look of her stockings she turned back towards the camera and motioned for someone to approach and join her. It was then that dad come into the picture sporting a hard-on that was as big as Cindy had indicated. He walked up to mom and stood behind her. He reached around and massaged her breasts. You could see the knob of his penis poke its way through her thighs and start sliding in and out of view.

Mom threw her head back and allowed dad to kiss her full on the lips. You could clearly see their tongues lashing away at one and other when dad removed his lips and tongued his way down to her neck and shoulder. After a minute of necking and breast rubbing, mom turned sideways and leaned over the bed keeping her legs straight and resting her elbows on a pillow. Her ass looked great sticking up in the air like and dad must have thought so too.

He grabbed her ass cheeks and started rubbing them and moving his fingers to the bottom of her ass and spreading her cheeks apart. Her dripping cunt was fully exposed, as was her asshole. Dad wiggled both thumbs into her snatch and pulled it open wide. He then maneuvered his cock so the head was just outside the opening. As he removed his thumbs he quickly pushed forward allowing her pussy lips to surround the head of his pecker. He just stood there motionless for a minute while he contemplated his position. He put his hands around her hips and began to pull her back onto his hard tool.

Just then the movie paused and Cindy moved away and stood in front of me. "Great movie right Don," she whispered, "wouldn't you love to be pulling mom onto your hard cock right now? Don't deny it, I told you how I imagined dad doing me." As usual she was right. She made me shed my clothes before she turned the show back on.

We sat there and played with each other as we watched dad pound his meat into mom. He was pawing her buttocks and using his thumbs to spread her ass cheeks apart and gaze at himself sliding in and out of her. Suddenly he stopped and turned mom around and started firing the biggest load of jism I'd ever seen all over her face and tits. Mom loved it and grabbed his dong and slipped the end between her lips, allowing spurt after spurt into her mouth.

Again Cindy stopped the tape and said that was the end for now and turned towards me. "I want you to come all over me just like dad did mom, but first you have to get me off by licking my cunt."

She went over to the bed and removed the teddy and lay down spread and waiting. I didn't hesitate for one second and was soon soaked to my ears in pussy juice. I had licked Suzy's twat a few times, but she was never as wet as this. Cindy's clitoris stuck out a good half inch and was as round as my little finger. I licked and sucked on it imagining it was Elaine's nipple at one point.

Cindy came several times, knowing I would come on demand, as long as I was distracted eating her out. After an eternity she tapped me on the shoulder and told me to straddle her and slide my cock between her tits. This was another fantasy come true for me, and it wasn't long before I was spewing cum all over her face and tits.

After cleaning up and chatting awhile, mostly about the video scene, Cindy decided to go back to her room. She indicated she had to go to town early in the morning to pick up some things so I wouldn't see her until after lunch. She told me to help Elaine out as required. She then disappeared from my room and I drifted off into a very restful sleep.

The next morning I got up early, hoping to get my work done before it got too hot. Cindy took off about nine and said she would be back before supper. Elaine called me for lunch about eleven thirty and I packed up my lawn tools for the day. When I entered the kitchen she had lunch on the table and we sat and ate chatting about what I'd done that morning. After clearing the table I stood and said I was going to cool off in the pool and went upstairs to change.

When I returned Elaine was gone. After doing my usual laps I was standing in the pool enjoying the feeling when Elaine came out the doors with a short robe wrapped around her. "Do you mind if I join you?"

Without giving me a chance to answer she walked to the edge of the pool, took off her robe revealing the same skimpy bikini she had on yesterday. She eased into the pool and started to swim, doing several slow yet graceful laps. When she was finished she moved over to where I was standing and stopped right in front of me.

"This sure feels great doesn't it?" she said. I was looking at her tits through the water, as they seemed to float up to the surface. She followed my gaze and realized what I was staring at. "I guess it's kind of difficult not to notice them. They make me so self-conscious sometimes I wish they would go back to normal but there are a few side benefits I'm not ready to give up." I could feel another boner coming on and figured I'd be stuck in the pool until she decided to go inside, boy was I wrong.

"Let's go lay in the sun for a few minutes, I really enjoy these conversations with you." She said as she reached down and took my hand in hers and started walking to the side. She was in front of me so I figured as long as I stayed behind her I could probably grab a towel and wrap it around my waist before she saw my condition.

As she started up the ladder her ass passed right in front of my face. She stopped just before getting out, adjusting her top and fell back right into my arms. I broke her fall and when I looked down her top had pulled up over her boobs exposing them fully to my view. We were still for a moment and just as Elaine was about to get her footing she leaned back into my hard-on. We both froze again, both conscious of each other's condition, her exposed breasts, and my reaction to them.

Elaine stood up fully now, and turned towards me, not even trying to cover her tits, and the top floating there on the water around her neck. "They turn you on don't they, Don?" she asked. I could only nod in affirmation. "I'm glad they do, I don't get a chance to turn too many men on these days and it sure feels like you're a man to me."

She took my hand again and we walked over to the shallow end of the pool, which barely came up to our waists. She turned towards me again and took the top from around her neck. She cupped both of her boobs in her hands and offered them to me. "Go ahead Don, feel them. It's worth it."

I reached over and gently laid my hands on her globes, feeling them jiggle under my palms. She pushed them up into my hands and said I didn't have to be so gentle; they could take a lot of handling. I got a little more aggressive and before long was kneading them pretty good. After a few minutes we got out of the water and went over to sit on a chase.

Seeing her full breasts bounce around totally uncovered was too much. My prick was so hard it hurt and the trunks were stretched to the limit. When we got to the chairs she brought me around and made me lay down. Looking at my predicament she suggested I adjust myself. Without think too much about it, I reach down and pulled my cock free of my trunks and let it lay on my stomach just like the day before with Cindy. If I had any doubts about her reaction they disappeared when I saw Elaine staring at my cock in awe.

"Well I guess that shouldn't be a surprise after all, like father like son." She reached down and grabbed the exposed part of the shaft and gave it a good squeeze. "Maybe I should try this one on for size. Do you think that's a good idea Don?" Another question I didn't have to answer.

"Let's see, it's just before two now, and Cindy is away until six. That gives us plenty of time to play." She swung her leg over me just like Cindy did yesterday only this time she undid the strings on each side of her bottom and took it off completely. She had a great looking snatch and I could see her red pussy lips through the hair covering her pussy. She then moved down and pulled my trucks off and discarded them.

My cock stood up straighter now and as she moved forwards, the head brushed against the hairs of her pussy, making me twitch. She didn't stop and sat on my stomach with my cock resting between her ass cheeks. She cupped her tits again bouncing them up and down.

"Would you like to touch them Don. Would you like to bury your face in them? I bet you'd like to run your cock right up between them wouldn't you, Don? Oh I know, I'm sure you'd like to take one of my nipples and suck some milk out. Isn't that right, Don?" I couldn't speak I was so excited, like a kid in a candy store.

"Here, do you want a taste?" She pressed her nipple between her thumb and forefinger and after a bit of squeezing a squirt of milk came out, aimed expertly at my gaping mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked the drops off my lips when another stream hit dead on. The taste was like nothing I had ever experienced before, I had to have more.

I reached up and grabbed her arms and pulled her forward and down, so the milk would shoot right into my mouth. She laughed and squirted some more for me and then stuck her nipple right in. I latched on like a starving baby and the milk almost flooded my mouth within seconds after starting. I heard Elaine moan and kept on sucking. She pulled back after I'd had my fill and sat up straighter. I was amazed to see milk dribbling out of her other breast with no apparent physical stimulation.

"They call that a letdown reaction. It's pretty natural but I'd never experienced such a strong one before. Milk was dripping out of both nipples and onto my chest. She reached up and squeezed them a bit and with barely any effort a flood came pouring out onto my stomach. I reached up and massaged her tits myself, feeling the milk pour out of her nipples and all over my hands onto my chest. I pulled her down again and suckled the other one this time, filling my mouth with her milk one more time. She had reached down and was rubbing her clit to orgasm as I sucked her nipple deeper and harder.

She was clearly on the edge, and I could feel my balls tightening from the excitement. She moaned again and said, "I've got to have that cock of yours sweetie, how would you like to fuck me?" I must have looked as stupid as I felt because I hadn't even thought about fucking her.

Elaine picked up on it immediately. "You're a virgin aren't you, Don? I thought you and Cindy had fucked out here yesterday, but I guess not. I could tell you two must have been fooling around from the way she looked when I met her coming up the stairs. Her tits were bare and one of the nipples was clearly coated in lipstick. She also had that aura of recent orgasm about her. Plus the come spots on her belly were a dead giveaway. I figured you two must be up to something and I was right as usual.

"It certainly has been an eon since I've had a virgin though; this is both our lucky days. I get to feel that cock of your in my cunt, and you get to lose it to one of the horniest people on the planet." She stood and backed up. My cock sprung forward and she reached down and caught in her hand. She positioned the head at the opening of her pussy and gently pushed herself backwards onto my rod.

So very slowly I watched as the purple head of my cock disappearin her fur muff. The feeling was unbelievable, and if I hadn't been blowing my wad so much lately I surely would have come right then. She stopped after about two inches were buried and started moving her hips back and forth. Each time she did this, my dick slipped in a little further in ever so slowly. After about four inches were buried she stopped again and lifted back up so just the knob was encased.

She moaned slightly and started talking. "Oh fuck, I can't believe how good this feels. Just an inch at a time and soon we'll have that cock buried deep in my cunt." She started moving downward in a smooth stroke until she reached the six inch mark again where she stopped and began swaying back and forth again. Like the last time, my cock started inching its way further into her hole with her motion. She repeated the process several times, each time burying a couple of inches and then withdrawing in a smooth motion. It wasn't long before I was buried totally in her cunt and she was just sitting on my hips, with my cock fully wrapped in her velvety orifice.

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