tagErotic CouplingsCrazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 11

Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 11


This is a fictional account with everyone over eighteen. Special thanks to my editor.


Pete and Zach had called yesterday to let me know they could only come down on Tuesday for the day. That had actually suited me fine as it gave me some private time with Anna. We'd had a great time together and the sex had been intense. Both of us were so exhausted that we slept separately till after 10:00 the next day. The ringing of my cell phone woke me; it was Zach calling to say they were about halfway here. My talking to Zach might have awoken Anna, as she just beat me into the bathroom.

I grabbed my stuff, used the downstairs bathroom, and headed for the outside shower. I felt like I needed one even though I had showered with Anna just the night before, and it

felt good. I was in my bathing suit and finishing breakfast when Anna came down, looking smoking hot in her new purple and white bikini. She teased me while eating a banana for breakfast, and she was ready for the beach. I'd told Zach if we weren't at the house, we'd be up on the beach.

To my surprise and consternation, Ellen and Megan were with Darci on the beach. Darci was deep into her book again. Anna spotted Megan immediately and greeted her like they were the best of friends. Megan stood to give her a hug, but her eyes were on me. I must have had the dumbest expression on my face as I was totally confused on how to react. My girlfriend was hugging my new girlfriend and I was lost in the oddity of the moment. Fortunately, Megan helped Anna spread our blanket next to hers, giving me a bit of a reprieve to recover. Even with that, though, I wasn't quick enough and Anna lay down closer to Megan, giving the two of them a good chance to talk. I feared how the conversation would go.

I acted like I was just going to catch some sun, but I listened intently to every word they said. It was mostly light stuff about mutual friends from high school, future plans, and the bathing suits they had on. When Darci and Ellen got too hot they asked if anyone else wanted to go into the water. Megan quickly said she was up for it and looked over to me. I wanted to go, but Anna seemed reluctant. We convinced her to at least come down to the water's edge.

Everyone eventually got in the water, even Anna, and we hung together and talked. Megan and I wanted to catch some waves, but the others decided to go back for more sun. It gave Megan and me a chance to talk until Zach and Pete showed.

"Having a good time with Anna?"

"It's been okay."

"I bet," Megan said with sarcasm. "She looks fantastic in that bikini."

"I'd rather be here with you."

"Sure, well you have the best of both worlds now don't you," Megan responded coyly.

"Megan, I can't just tell her..."

"You could, but I understand. Don't worry. I'm not mad."

"It sort of sounds like you are."

"Sorry, I guess it might at that. I'm really not, though."

That was the last of the conversation, as Pete and Zach came splashing into the water beside us. They had just arrived, dropped their towels when they found our group, and come right in to join us when the others told them where we were. We all enjoyed catching waves for the next hour. The previous discussion behind us, Megan and I were soon competing for waves with the guys and fooling around in the water. I could have stayed out with Megan longer, but she reminded me that I should get back to Anna. Pete and Zach stayed in a little longer.

When Megan and I left the water and returned to the blankets, Anna was waiting for us. She looked gorgeous, but bored. Darci was back into her book and Ellen looked to be sleeping on her stomach. She eyed the two of us as we approached.

"Looked like you two were enjoying riding the waves," Anna commented as Megan and I took our spots on the blankets.

"It's fun," Megan said first. "You should try it."

"I'm not a water lover. A wave crashed me on the beach once," Anna complained.

After only about a half hour of rest for me on the blanket, Anna said she needed to head back for the bathroom. Pete and Zach were just stretching out on their towels to dry off and catch some rays. I offered to walk with her and she seemed to welcome that. I got the impression she'd had enough beach for the day, so I grabbed our stuff. We said goodbye to the others and headed back. Megan and I exchanged looks and smiles before we left.

Once we were over the dunes and off the hot sand, Anna said, "Sorry, I'm not much for just hanging on the beach and I worry about getting burned."

"No problem."

"She's even prettier than I remembered," Anna said.


"Megan...she's hot. Don't tell me you haven't noticed," Anna teased.

"Well, sure I have."

"You fuck her?" Anna queried nonchalantly.

"No...What?" I shot back way too quick and not sounding believable.

Technically, I hadn't fucked her, just cum on her face after she blew me. I wondered why was she asking this? Did it show somehow?

"You did, didn't you? I can't blame you, she's looking gorgeous. It's ok if you did."

"Anna...I uh..."

"Well, if you didn't fuck her, would you like to?"


"Ha ha, Babe...I could help you get in her pants if you want."

"You could?"

"Sure...I've done it before for guys in high school."

"How would you do that?"

"Ha...You're interested in fucking her. I knew it. And, looks like you haven't done it yet, but you want to."

"You don't have to..."

"No problem, babe."

"Why would you..."

"Want to help you fuck, Megan? I agree with you she's looking hot and it would be fun to watch you nail her with that big dick."

"You'd like that?"

"David...you know what I'm like by now don't you?"

"Yeah. Sure."

"Remember when we started talking about you going away to Cornell and me here at Rutgers? I told you not to feel like you had to come down all the time, but you said you would. I don't think you should. We need to give each other some space and not act like we need to get together every weekend."

"Of course, you want to be able to do other guys," I said, brazenly for me.

"Don't you want to do other girls, too?"

"I don't have to."

"David...I'm not ready to be a one man girl. I think you realize that, don't you?"

"I guess so. Just like this weekend, huh?"

"Yeah, but that's a little different."

"How so?"

"You really want to do this?...No, you're right. Let's get it all out there."


"What do you want to know about it?"

"Where were you?"

"At a bachelor party with a friend."

"You did a bachelor party?"

"I was with Claire from East. She asked me to help her out and that's why I couldn't back out on her. Penny wasn't around and no one else could fill in for me. Besides, it's huge money that I need for school expenses and clothes."

"What did you do?" I asked. My dick surprisingly pulsed in my bathing suit at just the thought of her there.

"We danced for the guys and offered favors."

"What kind of favors?"

"Fuck and suck, what do you think?"

"How much did you get...?"

"Paid?...We did well. I made $2,000, a little better than Claire," Anna said boastfully.


"What?...Are you happy I did well, or surprised I worked for money? David, I made more money in one night than nearly a month at the park district. Besides, it wasn't too bad."

We'd walked back from the beach by this time and grabbed some beers from the garage refrigerator. After a quick bathroom break, we were sitting outside talking again. I couldn't believe the things that we were discussing and decided to push for the last big unknown. I had to ask quickly though as I saw the others coming back from the beach.

"Anna...when you wear your hair in pigtails, does that mean you're out for sex?"

"Yeah...basically. That started in high school as a joke with Penny and me. We both wore our hair in pigtails one day and sucked off a bunch of guys. We found they liked fucking our faces and using the pigtails as handles to pull on. We've kind of stuck with it ever since. It's kind of our persona when we're ready for some serious sucking and fucking. You seem to like pulling on them too, don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Any more questions?"

"Will you ever want just one guy?"

"Ha ha...sure, but I want to experience life first. You can understand that too, can't you?"

"I guess," I admitted as the others drew near.

"David...I like, even love, being with you and having fun, but I'm just not ready for the full on commitment thing, okay?"

"Sure," I said, and I felt like a huge weight was somehow lifted off my shoulders.

"But don't think I don't want to suck and fuck your big cock anymore. I definitely want that, but just not exclusively."

"Hey, where's the beer?" Zach called as they covered the last few steps to our chairs.

"In the garage," I said.

My mother emerged from the house and my father soon followed. She walked purposefully to where Anna and I sat and the others now stood.

"Your father and I are headed to the store," she stated. "You guys want to have a cookout tonight? We could get some burgers and hot dogs, along with potato salad and a few other things."

"That sounds great, Mom," I said. Darci agreed.

"You want to invite Ellen and Megan and their parents too?" she asked.

Darci answered before I could, "Sure, Mom."

"Okay...I'll leave that to you then. We're going to head out to the store. Call as soon as you know if they're coming so we know our headcount."

"Ok," Darci replied.

"Not too much drinking, kids," Mom added before following my father to the car.

I wasn't sure inviting Megan was a good idea given what Anna had said, but I couldn't think of a way to convince the others why it was bad. It's not like I wasn't intrigued by the idea of Anna helping me bed Megan. Also, the thought of the two of them together had my sexual urges tingling with the possibilities. It had been weeks since Anna, Penny, and I had been together and almost a month since I'd done the threesome with them and Monica. Just briefly reliving those thoughts stirred my cock in my suit.

The others had left to either use the bathroom or get beer. I assumed Darci was going to call Ellen. My thoughts returned to Anna only to find her studying my face as I looked again at her.

"What're you thinking?" Anna queried.

"Ah, not much," I lied.

"If you're thinking what I think you are, it will probably be difficult with Pete and Zach here unless we include them. You ok with that?"

"I don't know...it's not like with Penny...how do you know she'd even want to...and I'm not sure I want to do that in front of..."

"The others...Wow...I was wrong about Megan and you. It's more than you just wanting to fuck her isn't it?"

"Anna...I don't..."

"I get the picture now. You like her that much and don't want to fuck her in front of the others. Just like I could sense you didn't want me doing Pete or Zach either, but it was fine if Penny took care of them. I guess now you'd be ok with me keeping Pete and Zach busy while you go off to fuck Megan, huh?"

"Anna...I'm really not sure..."

"What you want? Well, it might be tough to arrange all this with your parents and Megan's parents around anyway. Besides, Ellen and Darci are a consideration too."

"What are you saying?"

"We'll just have to play it by ear I guess, David."

"Play what by ear?" Pete asked as he and Zach approached with their beers from behind us.

"Ah, how much beer we can sneak before my parents say something," I quickly declared.

Anna gave me a smile and a wink. Pete and Zach grabbed more chairs as Darci emerged from the side door of the house. She came walking towards us.

"They're coming," she called as she approached. "They had dinner planned, but it can hold till tomorrow."

"Good," I said, but with very mixed emotions.

Anna was right. There were way too many people to get anything going despite the fact that all this talk of fucking Megan had me horny as hell. I was also intrigued to see how Anna thought she could accomplish that, but reluctant to do anything for fear that Megan would detest the whole idea. After all, she and I were hoping to get there as a couple in due time anyway. Bringing Anna and others into the equation might only mess things up between Megan and me. She made it plain several times she wasn't like Anna, nor did I want her to be.

The guys had gotten a beer and a chair for Darci and she somehow ended up sitting between them. She folded her long legs under her as she liked to do when sitting in a wide enough chair. I caught Zach looking at her as she talked to Pete. His eyes strayed more than once over her bikini-clad body. I suddenly realized this evening could take many turns, some of which I wasn't at all sure I wanted to happen.

Anna returned from getting us two more beers. 'God, she looks so fucking hot in that bikini,' I thought as she handed me mine and sat down again.

"Darc, did you call Mom back on the food?"

"Yeah, she knows. All good, bro," she said with too giddy a smile, before she returned to talking to the guys.

She knew my friends well, but this was the first time I actually considered any kind of sister with friends hookup. The idea somehow made me wildly jealous and mad. I couldn't let that happen. Thoughts of my friends having some kind of conquest over my sister were making me mind-numbingly crazy. Anna must have noticed the look on my face as I watched them talking merrily.

"David, want to play ping pong?" she asked.


We got up to go into the garage and I suddenly realized Anna wasn't a huge ping pong fan. What was this about? Did she just want to get me alone now and think we could do something quick, especially while my sister got too friendly with my friends? My head was starting to hurt.

Once inside she turned to me, "What's wrong?"


"The look on your face as you stared at Darci was weird. Almost angry looking. Are you alright?"


"What was that look then?"

"I don't know," I lied.

"I think I do."

"What...how could...?"

"You forget I'm the younger sister of two older brothers, David."


"Yeah, and I've seen that look before. You have to understand, David, Darci is your older sister and able to handle herself. She's not a little girl you need to protect."

"You don't under..." "Understand...I think I do. You think you need to keep her away from your friends. To guard her."

"How do you know so much? Your brothers try to keep you away from someone?"

"Yes...but this isn't about me. David...let Darci handle things herself."

"But what if they somehow..."

"She'll handle it."

"I'm not so sure. She could be vulnerable because she just broke up with this asshole."

"Even more important then that you let her work through it. She probably needs to feel desirable and to know that guys are interested in her. Let her go."

"I don't know."

"Hey, let me take your mind off Darci. My pussy's feeling fine again. It wants to meet your beautiful big cock again tonight. You think we can make that happen?"

"I hope so," I said with a smile and suddenly relieved, but not sure why.

We actually played some ping pong to make it look good. Anna's heart wasn't into the game, but she was definitely into something else. She kept licking the handle of the paddle like she was swabbing the head of my cock. We played several points with her magnificent breasts out of her bikini top. Watching her tits jiggle cost me all three points.

She rubbed the ball between the lips of her pussy one time before serving. I think it added a mysterious new spin to the ball.

I was so nervous one of the guys would come into the garage for a beer and see the major hardon she had me sporting, I didn't play well. I still won, but I'm not sure who enjoyed the game more. Anna knew she was hot and she also knew how to push a guy's buttons. It was a good thing for mankind that she was so willing to let guys sample her charms. She would have been a diabolical cockteaser.

We walked out just as the three of them were headed for the garage for more beer. They all seemed to be having a good time and I decided just to be happy for Darci. Anna was right, she was a big girl and able to handle herself.

"Mind if we play some ping pong too?" Darci asked as they disappeared inside.

"No," I yelled back, but it didn't seem to matter.

When I turned back to face Anna, she was headed around the back of the house and waving for me to follow. Her smile suggested she would be playing naughty games if I followed. I guessed that even if my parents got back soon, they wouldn't be looking for us there. I hurried after her.

When I rounded the back side of the house, Anna was already ducking into the shower stall. I followed her in and shut the door. She kissed me passionately as soon as we were safely inside. I grabbed the firm cheeks of her ass through her bikini and pulled her up onto tiptoes to make it easier for us to kiss. Her mouth was hot and wet, her tongue dancing inside my mouth. The taut nipples of her breasts poked my bare chest as I bent to meet her kisses.

Breaking our kiss, she moaned, "Oh, god...I'm so fucking horny. Fuck me right now, David."

She pulled her bikini bottoms aside and turned to bend over the small bench. I freed my newly-raging hardon and rubbed the head through her soaked slash. My cock felt like a bat as I aligned it with her sweet snatch. One thrust and I lodged several inches into her.

"Mmm...oh, god...give me that wonderful cock," Anna demanded.

Another push and her tightness grabbed me like a super soft glove. Two more pushes and I touched deep inside her. I left it there and enjoyed the snug warmth of her beautiful body. She wiggled her butt seductively. I took the hint and started fucking her hard and fast. She responded with groans and pushed back into my thrusts.

I bent my knees and drove into her like a man possessed. I reached underneath to free her tits from their small covering of purple and white triangles. My fingers found her nipples and pulled and tweaked them. Anna groaned loudly and pushed back into me even harder. I fucked her faster.

"Oh, do me. Fuck my pussy as hard as you can. Oh, I love that big dick."

My balls were already beginning to burn, but I had to get her off first. I squeezed her nipples harder, which only made her groan louder. My balls were slapping her cunt on each inward thrust, stimulating her clit, along with my cock bringing ripples of pleasure to her inner walls.

"So good...oh, that dick is so good. Keep going, David."

I pounded Anna's pussy until I felt her clench up. Her legs began to tremble and her ass shook. Her head came back towards me and I pulled on her hair. Her mouth fell open, but only loud moans escaped. I kept fucking her, feeling my balls tighten up fully.

"Oh, fuck...I'm going to cum," I said.

"Give me your cum," Anna yelled. "Pump it into my cunt."

Several more strokes and I exploded insider her. The heat and extra wetness was incredible within her. She hissed as yet another orgasm burst upon her. My cock spasmed a couple more times before my climax ebbed. Anna was still groaning aloud as the last delicious twangs of bliss left. Her pussy felt like a furnace that had been flooded with molten metal.

My legs felt weak and I staggered back against the wall behind me, which pulled my cock from Anna. She surprised me by spinning around, dropping to her knees and pulling my cockhead into her mouth. My dick was slick with our combined juices and she sucked them off my cock. I watched intently as she cleaned me with her tongue and lips. She deepthroated my deflating cock easily and pulled back with enough suction to draw any remaining drops from inside my cock. The pressure was so intense that the sensitive head of my cock began to tingle immensely. I had to pull my dick away from her to escape the intense suction.

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