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Crazy Things


A mother will go to great lengths for her son but I never dreamed I would go as far as I did. It all started when I had lunch with my daughter-in-law, Melissa. Of course she was late, which spoke volumes about her reliability. I didn't like to drive in Los Angeles so I had caught the morning train from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to meet Melissa for lunch. We were to meet at the Harvey House Restaurant in L.A.'s Union Station.

I sat drinking water with lemon and nibbling on breadsticks for a half hour before I caught the busty bounce and flowing yellow mane of my 23 year old daughter-in-law.

She sauntered through the crowd of diners in a navy-blue mini dress. The hem line of the dress was so high that it didn't even cover the tops of her black thigh-high stockings. I heard some male whistle over the clickety-clack of her stilettos. As if on cue Melissa added a little extra sway to her hips. The string of pearls necklace danced with each bounce of her ample breasts. I wondered how much money my son had shelled out for the necklace.

Melissa sat down daintily. She wasn't going to give anyone a free peek. If they wanted a peep of her panties they were going to have to pay. She said, "Sorry I'm late Laura. Traffic was a real bitch."

"I understand, that's why I don't drive in L.A." I replied.

The waiter came and of course botched our order. He was none too subtle about looking down the low cut top of Melissa's dress. He was more occupied trying preview her breasts than he was in paying attention to what was said to him. After a couple of failed attempts he managed to correctly record our order.

She giggled as the waiter left. She was basking in the attention she was receiving. She looked around at the other diners. She smiled and waved at a couple of young women dressed in business suits who were obviously whispering to each other about Melissa and her attire.

I never liked my young daughter-in-law. I had begged my son not to marry her. I had to admit she was beautiful. She had a natural beauty, a true blonde with blue eyes; even her big breasts were natural. I wasn't even a tad jealous of her looks. What I hated was the way she used her beauty and sexuality to manipulate men, my son in particular. If she thought of anyone but herself she wouldn't have liked me either but she rarely thought of anyone but herself.

"That's some dress." I observed with sarcasm and then more nicely, "Really brings out the blue in your eyes."

She missed the sarcasm and beamed, "Don't you just love it. It's the first time I've worn it. It's a Chelsea."

I was stunned a cheap Chelsea dress usually ran around $500.00. It was a fashion joke that the less material in a Chelsea the more expensive the price tag. I fought the urge to rip the dress off of her and choke her with it. "Yes, it's a lovely dress but how can you afford it with Greg in prison."

She batted her eyelashes and said, "It's a gift from Mr. Stern."

"Mr. Stern? You mean Stanley Stern, the owner of Club Salacious? You've gone back to dancing?" I asked incredulous. Club Salacious was the biggest strip joint in the Los Angeles basin and Stanly Stern was the wanna-be rival to Hugh Hefner that owned it.

"Yes, I got my old job back, Mr. Stern is so generous. Laura, I know you don't approve but what else could I do with Greg in prison? I was an exotic dancer when I met Greg, remember, it was right after I came to Los Angeles from Mississippi."

"I remember. Does Greg know you've gone back to dancing?"

She nodded her head, "Yes, I told him. He wasn't comfortable with it but I told him a girl's gotta do what girl's gotta do."

Our lunch arrived before I could devastate my delirious daughter-in-law with a drop kick to her bodacious bosom. I was hungry and hoped the food would still the storm of my rising anger. The sole reason my son was in prison was because he committed computer fraud to get the money it required to maintain the lifestyle Melissa demanded.

The waiter came by and refilled our wine glasses. He revealed that our lunch had been paid for by an anonymous admirer. Melissa lightly stroked the waiter's hand as he poured wine into her glass. She gushed with sensuous Southern charm, "Why, isn't that so sweet."

I thought the waiter was going to drop the wine bottle. Another customer barked for attention so the waiter excused himself. I glared at Melissa, "That happens to you a lot doesn't it Dear?"

"What's that Laura?" she asked innocently.

"Free lunch."

"Oh," she thought for a second, "I guess it happens often enough. It does give a girl an ego boost to know her charms are appreciated."

"I wouldn't know. So why did you want to have lunch with me?"

She sat and began a presentation I was sure she had rehearsed. "Laura, I do appreciate you coming down from Santa Barbara to meet with me. Greg wrote me a letter and said you were going to visit him on the 15th."

"That's right, the day after tomorrow. I'll catch the train to Barstow." I interposed.

Melissa was flustered by my interruption but she continued, "I was supposed to visit Greg on the 16th. It was to be his first conjugal visit. Would you please tell him I can't make it?"

I clenched my fist in my lap trying to control my anger. I knew she had only been to visit Greg once since he had been convicted. It had been a disaster judging from the letter he had written following it. Melissa had whined the entire time about how difficult things were for her since he had gone to prison. Her provocative appearance had led to a near riot in the visitation center.

"Why can't you go visit your husband?" I asked through clenched teeth.

"I knew you'd be angry. So I might as well tell you all of it." She slipped her wedding band across the table to me. "I'm divorcing Greg. I can't wait five years for him. Here's his ring, tell him the paperwork will be sent to him by my lawyer. I'm keeping the engagement ring. That after all, was a personal gift and not part of the marriage."

I looked at Melissa and then at the ring on the table and then back to Melissa with my mouth wide open. "How can you do this? He stole for you."

Melissa shook her head. "Laura, I didn't tell Greg to commit computer fraud. He did that on his own besides he had to make restitution with most of what he stole. All I got from his crime was this string of pearls." She twirled the pearls in between her fingers.

She changed the subject, "I'm leaving town tomorrow. Mr. Stern has booked me and half-dozen other girls on a tour of his clubs in Anchorage, Settle, and San Francisco." She actually gushed, "I'm the headliner. Can you believe it?"

"You're going to Alaska to strip?" I asked with raised eyebrows.

"Oh, it's not so bad. Mr. Stern says the oil workers have more dollars than sense. He says his Anchorage club is his most profitable establishment. He says give the boys a little wiggle and a little giggle and they'll stuff your G-string so full of cash that you'll need to wear suspenders to hold it up."

My mouth was dry as cotton and I had the urge to throw-up, "I see."

"I hope you understand Laura. I have to look out for myself. A girl has gotta do what a girl's gotta do."

I picked up the wedding band and stood to leave. I took my half-full wine glass and raised it in a toast to Melissa. "Here's to you," I flung the remains of my wine into her face, "Bitch!"

Melissa screamed in outrage, a torrent of obscenities followed as the wine streamed down her face and onto her Chelsea original. A couple of waiters hustled to her side with cloth napkins. I smirked with satisfaction and stalked from the restaurant.

An hour later I boarded the train for Santa Barbara. I spent most of the journey trying to calm down. The feeling of gleeful redress I had acquired from dousing Melissa with wine slowly gave way to ominous dread with the realization I had to tell my son his marriage was over.

I didn't feel like cooking so I stopped and picked-up some Chinese carry-out on the way home. My husband, Alex arrived home right on schedule from his dental practice. I told him about my lunch with Melissa. I was still upset, "Can you believe that bitch? Greg gets in all this trouble trying to please her and she takes off the first chance she gets. I don't know what he ever saw in her to begin with.

"Really? You don't know what Greg saw in Melissa?" Alex chuckled, "how about huge tits and a tight ass?"

"Well, there's that." I admitted.

Alex serenely patted my hand and then took it in his, "Calm down, Laura. I'm not surprised and neither are you. We both knew she was trouble and we tried to warn Greg. He didn't listen and now all the chickens have come home to roost."

I smiled weakly at my husband, "Why don't you come with me to Barstow. You haven't been to visit Greg since he's been incarcerated."

"Yeah, I know but I'm still pissed off at Greg. We spent all our savings on his lawyer. I'm not ready to forgive him for that yet. Remember? I was going to take six months off and we were going to cruise around the world. Now I have to work my butt off to make end meet."

"I know, but he's our only son. What else could we do?"

He pushed his plate back and placed a small jewelry box on the table. "I don't want to talk about it anymore," he smiled, "Happy Anniversary, Darling."

Shocked I brought my hand up to my mouth and began to sob. "Alex, I'm so sorry. I forgot. I forgot our anniversary."

Alex continued to grin, "Just open it."

I opened the box and gasped at the contents. It was an 18k gold chain with a Tiffany heart key pendant on it. I reached across the table and pulled my husband of 28 years toward me and kissed him.

He said, "That's the key to my heart."

I mumbled, "Alex, you're such a romantic. I'm sorry, Honey I forgot. I'm the worst wife in the world."

"No you're not. You've been distracted. It's okay."

"I didn't get you anything." I confessed and hung my head in shame.

Alex laughed again. "I thought you might forget so I took the liberty of getting myself a gift from you. Care to see what you got me?" He put a box on the table.

I opened the box and inside was a red lace peek-a-boo teddy. I glanced over at Alex; he sat back in his chair with an even bigger grin. I wiped my eyes and said, "I see what you want for a present. I need to scrub up if I'm going to do this outfit justice."

"Okay, I'll clean up this mess and you go take a bath," offered Alex.

I nodded and gathered the gifts. I hurried to the bathroom in our master bedroom. I started the water and threw bath salts into it. I lit a jasmine scented aromatherapy candle. Then stripped and held the lace teddy up in front of me. The leg holes were cut high with only a thin strip of fabric to cover my snatch. I said to myself, "I have to do some trimming on the old bush to make this work."

My brunette hair was cut in a bob so I didn't have to put it up in a bun to avoid getting it wet. I slipped into the tub and felt the soothing caress of the sudsy hot water on my weary body. I considered how much I loved and appreciated Alex. Not only did he overlook my flaws he still found me sexually exciting after all these years. Admittedly, I had put on few pounds since we had been married twenty-years ago; the discreet cosmetic surgery I had undergone made me look ten years younger than my 48 years.

After I had soaked for awhile I felt more relaxed. I giggled as I remembered that Alex had been bugging me to shave my snatch for years. Now he had gotten me a garment that would require me to do that very thing. Oh, Alex was smooth. I soaped my snatch and shaved it completely bald as the teddy required.

I got out of the tub and dried off. I poured baby oil into my hand and rubbed it together with my other one vigorously to warm them up. Then I liberally coated my cunt with oil to prevent razor rash. I slipped my legs into the teddy and pulled it up my body. I loved the way the lace snuggly hugged my torso. There was a heart shaped hole from my naval to just under my bust which allowed for a peek at my taut tummy. I put each of my ample breasts into the red lace cups of the teddy. My nipples harden with the material's lacey embrace. I put my new necklace on and let the key fall between my breasts. I adjusted the G-string rear of the teddy so the flimsy material rested snuggly in the crevice of my ass. Satisfied I pulled up a pair of sheer red thigh-high stockings that I had snagged from my drawer. Then I slipped into a pair of red high heel shoes. I brushed my hair and applied make-up.

Spinning around in front of the mirror I was pleased with my appearance. The red lace material of the teddy even brought out the red highlights that hid the gray in my brunette hair. I felt sexy and desirable. I opened the bathroom door and was greeted by the glowing and flickering candle light from the numerous candles Alex had lit around the bedroom. I could see he was already naked and laying on the bed. I chuckled as I spotted rose petals scattered on the floor from the bathroom to the bed. There were even petals on the bed.

I stood backlit in the doorway of the bathroom. I popped my hip a couple of times and cooed, "What do you think Big Guy?"

Alex smiled broadly, "Oh, Baby, you are sexy."

Smiling I sauntered towards the bed seductively exaggerating the swing of my hips. My boobs swayed in unison with my hips. The flimsy material of the teddy only covered my breasts it didn't support them. I could tell Alex was already sporting an erection. "Did you take a little blue pill?"

He replied, "You bet your ass I did. I want to fuck you all night long. Baby, you look as good now as you did on our wedding night."

"Oh, go on," I gushed blushing, "I've just camouflaged my age. A nip here, a tuck there with a little hair dye and a lot make-up to hide the rest. You my stud husband have aged very well."

Alex was fifty but was in terrific shape. He swam laps five times a week and golfed every weekend. He had some gray mixed in with the dark thatch of hair that covered his chest. His hairline had receded but his hazel eyes glimmered with lust. He began to stroke his hard cock as I moved toward the bed. His cock was thick and I could see it was already drooling with anticipation.

I crawled up the foot of the bed until I was lingering over Alex's cock. I took it from his hand and kissed the engorged head. His pre-cum tasted salty and made me feel naughty. I licked my way up and down the length his cock like it was a Popsicle. I sucked both of Alex's bloated balls into my mouth. I heard him groan with gratification. After a few enjoyable moments tantalizing his testicles I spit them out, "They fill full, Baby. Would you like to empty them Baby, would like to empty them in my hot wet pussy?"

"Oh, yeah," he hissed.

Giggling I began to bob my head up down on Alex's throbbing cock. He was clutching the bedcover like it was a lifeline and he was a drowning man. The throbbing of his cock grew more urgent in my mouth then the first spray of cum shot from it. I swallowed his entire cock down my throat. Alex shushed sharp gusts of air thorough his teeth with each spurt of cum. I swallowed it all. I kissed his cock head then twirled my tongue around it to clean off his spent cum. I huskily asked Alex, "Feel better, Baby?"

Once he caught his breath he said, "You know that is one thing you do better now than when we first got married."

Chuckling I asked, "What's that? Suck your cock?"

He nodded.

"I've learned to relax my throat. It gives me a certain pleasurable rush of power to know that with just the flick of my tongue I can make you curl your toes."

Alex's cock was still hard from his little blue pill. I kissed it again and then swung my leg over his torso to straddle him. I reached between my thighs and pulled the lacy material from my crotch exposing my pouting pussy. My oiled labia glistened in the glowing candle light. My own wetness mixed with the baby oil to further lubricate my cunt. I was ready to fuck.

"You do love me, you shaved you pussy bald." Alex observed as he began to paw at my breasts. He pulled the spaghetti straps off my shoulders and soon my breasts sprung from their lacy confines.

My nipple disappeared into his wet mouth as he wondrously sucked it. I squealed with unmitigated delight as he gently pinched and tugged on the other one. I hovered above Alex long enough to point his pouting pecker at my puffy pussy. Once it was lined up I slowly lowered myself onto it. I gave a little gasp as the blunt bulbous head penetrated my pussy. I sank further down his shaft. My silky wet snatch clutched at his cock.

Alex moaned with pleasure as I finally came to rest fully impaled on his cock. I could feel his balls firmly resting beneath my butthole. I leaned down and ran my fingers through Alex's chest hair and cooed with contentment as he suckled my tit harder. I loved how his cock filled my cunt entirely.

Soon I was bouncing up and down on his cock like I was a jockey making a run for the roses. Alex slapped my ass for encouragement. I reached between my legs and diddled my clit with the urgency of a castaway trying to ignite a rescue fire before a ship passed in the night. My hips began to buck furiously on Alex's cock as my passion started to peak. I begged for Alex to pinch my nipples hard. My cunt clung wetly to his wonderful throbbing cock as I sat up on it. I howled until I was hoarse in orgasmic release, "My pussy...cum... my pussy....cum."

My eyes blinked back the shadows of unconsciousness as white light torn up that part of my torso that connected the passion sensors in my pussy to the pleasure center in my brain. As soon as my climax subsided I flopped down on Alex's chest like I had been shot. I gasped for air.

Alex supported my head with one of his hands and my ass with other. He rolled us over into the missionary position without letting his cock slip from my pussy. He started savagely thrusting his cock into my cunt as soon as my ass touched the mattress.

Once my head was on the pillow and my climatic dizziness stopped I started to enjoy Alex's hard cock rapidly rocketing in and out me. I slapped his ass to encourage him, "Faster, fuck me faster. Harder Alex, fuck me harder."

He complied with my demands and pounded my pussy into a puddle of pleasure. His cock tapped my G-spot until my entire pelvic area seem to contract around his marvelous member in another monumental orgasm. He buried himself into me and began spurting a steady stream of cum into me.

"Fill my pussy, fill my pussy. I thrashed my legs and screamed in orgasmic release, "cum...cum...cum."

Alex's softening cock made a wet sucking sound as he pulled it out of me. I could feel a torrent of his spent seed cascading down the crack of my ass. I cuddled up to him resting my head on his heaving chest. I said with a satiated smile, "Not bad for a couple old geezers."

"I hope we're still fucking like this when we're ninety," said Alex squeezing me tight. We both drifted into sated sleep and dreamed of erotic enchantments.

Alex dropped me off at the Santa Barbara train station early on the morning of the15th. I kissed him and said goodbye. I grabbed my overnight bag and hurried to catch the train. I had a five hour train ride to Barstow to figure out what I was going to say to my son Greg. The train ran down the coast of California from Santa Barbara until it got into Los Angeles. I switched trains there at Union Station. I half expected to find my former daughter-in-law, Melissa, waiting to ambush me with her own glass of wine. After a quick bite to eat, I boarded the eastbound train to continue my journey to Barstow.

I contemplated my son's situation as the train rumbled eastward towards the desert. Greg was something of a computer-wiz. He had hacked into his company's computer system and had skimmed money from various company accounts into a phony one he had set up for his own use. Melissa was very high maintenance. Numerous people had tried to warn Greg away from that Southern-fried succubus. But, as they say, when the cock gets hard the brain gets soft. Greg made good money in a job he loved but Melissa demanded more; more jewelry, more clothes, more stuff. Greg's salary wasn't enough to feed the beast so he hatched his scheme after reading a trade publication article on how someone had just been arrested for pulling the same scam. Greg thought he saw the weaknesses in the scheme. He thought he had fixed them. He had thought wrong. He had been arrested, convicted and incarcerated.

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