tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCrazy Uncle Ed Ch. 02

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 02


Walking down the hill this time I know where I am going and I lead Sara on a different approach to the trailers. Pretty much we arrive behind the rape house and surprise Chloe. She tries to hide it but I still notice the sharp intake of breath as she sees first her nude mother then me. "Chloe, please kennel Sara for the night."

She stares at me in what I presume to be shock for a moment before catching herself. "Shall I condition her cunt or ass first?"

"No that will not be needed and I am suspending that requirement for the time being. Let's go...". I say as I walk away towards the kennel. Soon enough I hear two sets of feet shuffling behind me. I get there first of course and am humored to look back and see Sara bent over at the waist with Chloe's hand in her hair leading her.

When they get to the door and I stand back and watch the ritual with some amusement, some wonder. Some wonder at what is really going to change.

First Chloe leads her mom in and released her hair, Sara holds her bent over position while Chloe goes to a cabinet behind her. She comes back with a butt plug with a tail attached to it. She grabs Sara's ass and with little effort slides it in and then slaps her mom's ass. Sara immediately dropped to her knees. Then Sara thanked Chloe for offering to provide her "useless cunt and ass with the proper conditioning". Sara started begging Chloe for something to eat, that didn't last long and ended abruptly when Chloe snapped her fingers. Sara immediately crawled into what I presume was her cage. Chloe turns to a shelf and takes a can of dog food and asks mom if this is what she wants to which Sara aka mom barks and shakes her ass/tail.

So next Chloe reminds Sara that she only gets the "good stuff" after she pleases her "Queen" which she never even offered to do so she shouldn't get anything but will leave that up to her new Master and looks my direction.

"Give the bitch something to eat and let's get out of here we have a lot to talk about," I try to say as nonchalantly as possible. Chloe takes 2 dog bowls fills one with water and the other will dry dog chow and slides both into Sara's cage. She then closes the door and locks it shut with a rather large lock.

"Impressive. Slave Sara there appears to be much that you left out. And Chloe... Sexy little Chloe just what am I going to do with you. *sigh* Strip."

She actually seemed to think about it before coming up with "um how about we do this outside, okay? Away from .... that ...?"

"How about ... You strip for me?" I said as I approached her and roughly ran my fingers through her hair.

Clearly shaken by this new turn of events she whispered "My king never made me ... He never used me in front of ... This thing here.". She said as she tapped Sara's cage. She drew up in close to me rubbing her hot little body against me. "Daddy, let's just go home and your new princess can take care of you," she says while pouting at me.

I walked away from her and go to my bag sitting on the table. "I brought all this stuff for you. I figured you have never experienced any of it. Come look, where do you want to start?" Her nervousness is clear as she walks up and uses a single finger to pry the bag open and she visibly shudders when she sees the assortment of restraints, paddles, mini-canes, and whips.

I am waiting for it and when she looks up I am ready to viciously deliver one very strong slap across her face, which sends her back against the wall. Without giving her time to recover I grab her by the back of her head and none to gently bend her over and slam her head into the table. I bend over her and whisper into her ear, "Even a queen must obey her king, do so or I will show both you and slave Sara how different you really are." Backing away to let her make her choice, she wisely starts to strip, but stops at panties.

"I said strip bitch!" And yes I enjoyed every minute of this. Shakily she complies and stands before me much more fearful than ever. She is very very beautiful as I saw before when I had her that first day. Sad though, Uncle Ed just ruined her. Maybe she was perfect for him, now she is just a spoiled brat.

Something is speaking to me, something...I walk up to her and start rubbing her face, her cheek with the palm of my hand, "Chloe, why do you exist?"

"What? Seriously? Really?"

That flippant answer earned her another very hard slap across the face. "Why do you.... ", then it hit me. Uncle Ed, crazy as a loon, but always planning always calculating. Chloe was brought into this world to serve him. And it was planned. I let her go then head towards Sara's cage.

"Sara, you said that Ed moved you here when again?"

"When Miss Chloe was born Master."

"When she was born or put inside of you?" Silence, then shaking, "Relax you aren't in trouble, but I need to know when this happened."

"He moved us here when he decided to use me as a host."

"And he bred you here? Trailers or house?"

"He kept me in the house while I was pregnant."

I let that simmer for a second, "And the girls were home schooled correct?"

"Yes Master, Chyna went to public schools for a small bit, then home schooled. Chloe never went anywhere else."

"Home schooling, trailers or the house?"

"The house Master, Master Edward brought tutors in to teach them"

"Where was Chloe born?" I asked her.

"Okay fuckers, I am standing right here. Hello?" Chloe interrupted.

In retrospect I did lose my temper quite a bit. It didn't help that I love to slap around blonde whores. I was so shocked she had the nerve to interrupt me and say that, I didn't respond for a second. But when I did, one hand grabbed her head the other started slapping her first open handed then backhanded. Between every word I hit her. She tried to resist, but really what could a 5'7, 19 year old spoiled brat do against someone who was 6'6 and 250 pounds solid?

"You," slap, "don't," slap "ever," slap "interrupt," slap "me," slap "again." Next my belt came off and I spanked her fine ass, beat her and yelled at her till she was on her knees crying, shaking, sobbing and then some. When I finally calmed down enough to go back to my line of questioning, I turned and savagely kicked Sara's cage. I unlocked it, opened it and asked again, "Where was this bitch born?"

"In the basement, Master." Sara was scared as well and did not want to be a recipient of my rage.

I reached in and dragged her out of the cage by her hair. "Did you ever go to a hospital for care, has she ever been to a hospital that you know of?" I was shaking with fear, with anticipation, with knowledge of what Uncle Ed had done.

"No Master, all prenatal care and delivery was done in the basement. Master Edward brought doctors here to do the delivery and care. No Master she has never been to a hospital that I know of." By this point Sara realized that the best way to stay on my good side was to give me full respectful answers.

Think, think how did he do this, "The doctors, they all were foreigners with heavy accents weren't they?"

Her surprise that I figured this out was evident but she answered in the affirmative anyways.

"Its okay, he brought in foreign doctors who wouldn't know or want to make an official record of the birth, probably paid them in cash. No school records, no hospital records, I am betting no birth records either, this bitch simply doesn't exist. Look at me Sara." I gently lifted her chin and said again "Look at me. Very good job. You are not in trouble, not at all. In fact you just earned the right to remain here." That last statement brought a very grateful smile to her face. I took this time to reach around and slide the butt plug out of her ass.

I go to Chloe and pick her up by her hair and march her over to the table that my bag is on. She is quickly restrained and given a muzzle. "Big big mistake bitch, I bet the only people that know of your existence are me, Sara, Chyna and the lawyer. The lawyer wants to forget you and I am going to bet that neither Sara nor Chyna are very fond of you. You may be my cousin, but no one in our family knows of your existence. None of them liked Ed to begin with and none of them are going to want to put up with an uppity little white bitch who thinks that she is some kind of queen." I thought about tossing her in a cage but I drag her by her hair the same way that she led Sara. "Sara, follow!" I bark as I lead Chloe out the door and up toward the house.

Upon arriving at the house I take Chloe to the basement with Sara still obediently following along. I tie her face up to one of the many assorted tables, but not with rope, with a small linked chain. Then lock her in place. "Sara, you have never struck this child have you?"

"No Master."

"Go to the dresser over there and take your pick. Just one though." The concept of hitting Chloe is so foreign to her that she was stunned by this request. "Sara, if you don't I will, then I will repeat the process on you." The words didn't really make sense but all I needed to do was give Sara a swat on the ass to make her go choose an implement. I finished tying Chloe down, arms straight out, legs wide open and turned around to find Sara standing there with a four foot long rattan cane. Where Chloe had been whimpering and begging all the way from the kennel, she was now breathing very deeply, as nervous as hell.

"Dear naughty sexy Chloe, you never imagined this was going to happen after I raped your ass a few days ago did you? Of course not, you thought of us, me and you as equals. Are we equals Chloe?"


Still staring at Chloe, "Are we equals Sara, you and I?"

"No Master, you are my Master and I am your slave."

"Do you remember your sweet sister Chyna?"

Silence, but I saw the recognition in her eyes. "Let me tell you how my day went, I got to work, and took her pussy when I bent her over my desk. Oh, she doesn't wear clothes anymore, just jewelry and/or high heel shoes. Meetings, then more meetings, then lunch where Chyna this time relieved me with her mouth. All I had to do was tell her to go to work and she unzipped my pants, took me into her mouth, sucked me off, then put my dick away and waited until I have her permission to swallow. Though today, if I am being completely honest, I had her gargle for 2 minutes first. After I said swallow, she did so, then went and made me lunch. A nice lemon grilled salmon, she is a very good cook. More meetings until the end of the day. Up to the residence for a full body massage, then a very long very enjoyable anal fucking. She is very, very good at sex. Quite possibly the best I have ever had. After which she made me dinner...just a sandwich this time."

"Then I came home and found the two of you. Sara, and your bad attitude. When Sara came to clean, I figured some more out and right before we left to go see you, she offered her gorgeous body to me. Now to be honest the thought of taking both mom and daughter is on my bucket list, but Chyna pleases me very very well. Its been a damn long day, and the house still isn't clean, your mess by the way. Sara will work on that tomorrow. I am hoping that Sara will put on a good show for me right now though."

"Go ahead, I will tell you when to stop."

Her first attempts were pathetic. I had to stop her when Chloe started giggling. "Stop, here, give me that."

"Like this, " I said as I deliver five stinging swats to Sara's, ass. "Use your wrist," I said as I give her five more. "Put some effort, some passion into it," as her thighs get five more. "I know that somewhere in there you have wanted to do this for a long time," I say as I deliver 10 more up and down her legs. As I am doing this I notice a smile forming on Chloe's face as I whip her mom. "I am going to let you have the fun. It is harder to make black girls skin change color. But white girls? They are the best. They can go from white, to pink, to red, to purple, to black in no time. Now again, wipe that smile off the brats face and show me how red you can make her skin," I say as I hand her back the cane.

Her next few were better, but just as I was about to take it away again, she found the correct swing and started landing blows all up and down Chloe's chest. Chloes screams were excellent. I don't know if she did it on purpose or just got carried away but I had to grab Sara and calm her down when she landed two in a row on Chloe's face. "Work on her thighs," I directed her. Soon I had to pick Sara up and place her on top of Chloe, I had her straddle her and plant her ass on Chloe's mouth, then directed her to deliver precisely ten strikes to Chloe's very exposed pussy. Even muffled by Saras ass, the screams that Sara was able to pull from Chloe were simply indescribable and absolute music to my ears.

I snatched the cane from Sara and tossed it towards the dresser. Then I grabbed Sara by her hair and dragged her off Chloe. "Was that as good for you as it was for me," I whisper into her ear.

I order Sara to go to the bedroom, shower, kneel at the foot of the bed and wait until I get there. I make sure she understands that she is to remove all hair from her body from the neck down. I place a gag back on Chloe and wait until I hear the water from the shower before I address her.

"Humility, you need to learn it and fast. I told Sara that I wasn't going to force anyone to stay here against their will. You made a liar out of me. You will never leave here, though I suspect that the reason that you stayed was that you know you have nowhere else to go. You have no identity, but you are about to get one when you take your turn as the town whore. Chyna is much too loyal and eager of a slave to share out. Maybe I will keep the rape house just for you...." Working quickly I push a rather long dildo up her ass to her considerable discomfort and then a vibrating egg into her pussy. Nothing strong enough to get her off, just enough to keep her awake and aroused. Lights dimmed, soundproof door closed then head upstairs to take care of Sara.

On the way up the stairs I glance at a clock and realize that it is one in the morning, damn long day. Sara is at the foot of the bed as ordered. At 35 she is damn fine but no match for either of her 19 or 21 year old daughters and I let her know it. I really want to go to the factory and use Chyna but need to take care of things here. Tomorrow I tell myself. I set the alarm for five, make a place for Sara on the floor and drift off to sleep. Before the darkness carries me away I say to Sara, "When you are in this room, you are to always crawl on all fours. You can walk in the bathroom and other rooms, but in the master bedroom you crawl. You did a good job tonight, well done."

I think I hear her say thank you before I drift off.

I wake with a start, what is that damn ringing.... I reach over and turn off the alarm clock and sit up. "Too fucking early," I mutter to myself but I have a lot to do. Reaching over I turn on the light to find Sara curled up on the floor, still asleep. I reach down and carefully slip the blanket off of her nude body and mount her. She slowly awakes as I turn her over and open her legs. She is still confused when I line up my dick to her pussy and force my way into her dry canal. Damn this bitch is tight I think to myself, how the hell?

She wakes really fast after I do that and wraps her arms around me as I slam into her. She screams out in pain first as I do nothing to allow her time to adjust or get wet. This wasn't planned and I have things to do, but I needed this. As her body slowly adjusts and her pussy starts getting wet, she show her age and experience. And what she lacks in looks she makes up for in experience. I pull out of her just as her excellent pussy gets started. Nice pussy's run in the family apparently.

I dismount her but not before proceeding to slap her a few times, no reason, I just wanted to see her reaction. Shocked and fearful she asks "Master do I not please you?"

Again, honesty works brilliantly. "You did great slave, I just wanted to slap you around a little. You don't get to cum quite yet."

I open the door to the dungeon and descend down to find the place reeks of sex. Chloe is covered in sweat and is clearly out of breath. "Damn you are still alive, " I say to her somewhat sarcastically.

"Sara, today you are going to continue to clean the house, but at the top of every hour you are going to come down here to take care of your child. You are going stimulate her but not make her cum. However you do that is up to you, but she is not to orgasm do you understand?"

"Yes Master, but she is not of my blood."

"Well yes, there is that. You are also not allowed to strike her again, unless I give you permission. Is that understood?"

She clearly wanted to beat her again, but answered that she understood.

"Spend at least 15 minutes with her every hour and get her some water. Okay I have to go, I will be home later. Oh... I am going to adjust the temperature down here, and make it much much hotter. So yeah remember to water her. And make sure you answer the phone if I call." On the way out I adjust the heat in the basement to a nice balmy 90 degrees. Should make it quite nice for the slut.

I arrive at work much earlier than normal and surprise the secretary's who are gathered around Janets desk. Janet is my legitimate secretary. I instruct her to cancel all meetings for today and refer all phone calls to the VP of Operations. Further I instruct her I am not to be bothered or interrupted unless the world is ending.

For once Chyna is not there waiting on me, I decide to "check" on her and wander up to the residence. Quietly looking around she is in the shower, perfect, this is the pussy I have wanted since last night. I quietly slip out of my clothes and slip into the bathroom. As quietly as possible I slip into the shower and violently grab her from behind, one hand on her neck the other over her mouth my weight pinning her against the wall. Her shock and fear is absolutely delicious. "Shhh little whore" I soothe her, fear still coursing through her body and I just fed off of it.

With my dick rapidly getting hard again, I speak into her ear while sliding my dick into the crack of her ass, "I met you mom last night. Lovely lady, I can see where you get your fine little pussy from and ALL of your good looks. She is as lovely a slave as you are, she spent the night on the floor by my bed. Shhhhh Shhhh, " I whispered as she tried to talk. "She was an excellent fuck this morning as well, " I grunted as I tried to hold back my own desires. "I expect better of you though...." I turned her around and kissed her for the first time passionately on her lips.

Due to surprise or shock I will never know which but she immediately starts kissing me back as I press her against the wall of the shower. Our lips parting each other, our tongues dancing, I reach down and manipulate her head with one hand in her hair. The other slides down between her legs and rubs her softly. Something in her ignites and we begin a very beautiful sexual dance of nude wet bodies pushing and sliding against each other, enjoying each other.

She wrapped her legs around my body and tried to slide down on me but I instead carry her out of the shower, past her bed to the living room and lay her on ground in front of the open windows. The rising sun would have been beautiful but we were instead focused on pleasuring each other. This wasn't about my pleasure this time, As I slide into her I told her, "I want every orgasm you can give me this morning. Cum for me my little whore."

I had intended on entering her when I laid her down and laid down on top of her, but instead my mouth first finds hers, then finds every other part of her. Licking, sucking and nibbling on all of her from her lips, down to her breasts, down to her pussy, down her thighs, to her toes and back up again. By the time I make it back to her neck she is going crazy with desire, but I take my time marking both sides of her neck. Savoring her delicious skin, leaving more than a few bite marks on her.

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