tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCrazy Uncle Ed Ch. 05

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 05


I woke to light streaming in the window alone in bed. Looking around I noticed someone, Sara in fact, opposite the bed just staring at me.

"What time is it?"

"Past 10 Master."

"What the hell are you doing just sitting over there?"

"Chyna is making breakfast, I was just watching you sleep."

"Creepy, Sara, real creepy."

We both had a laugh as she got up, walked to the bed, and climbed in with me. "I told you, you had a good soul," she whispered as she snuggled up to me.

"You also told me that I wasn't afraid to discipline you if you displeased me." The look of horror on her face told me that she both remembered saying it and realized what she did wrong. "Tell me what rule you just broke?"

"Master, Master I'm sorry, " she begged as she tried to pull away from me. I held her firm as she said "I'm sorry I walked, I'm sorry. Master please..."

"When you are in my arms you never pull away," I said as I held her firm. "You just earned 10 strikes for trying. You took about 6 steps to get to the bed, so we will do 2 strikes for every step. The next time either you or Chyna make this mistake it will go up to 5 per. Go get me a belt from the closet, and make sure your hands don't touch it. Carry it in your mouth", I said as I kicked her out of the bed.

I watched as she crawled into the walk-in closet. Then crawled out and I ordered her to go wait by the chair. I laid back and tried to remember everything that had happened yesterday. Finally my head cleared and I got up and did my morning routine. When I came out of the bathroom Sara was still bent over the chair on her knees. I reached for the belt and took it from her mouth.

"6 steps, 2 per, 12. Plus of course the 10 for your lack of respect gives you 22, lets round it up to 25 just so it is a round number. You will of course count."

When she reached 17 she paused a bit too long and I had her start over. When I finished I asked her, "Why did we have to go through this again?"

"Because your loyal slave needs the discipline that can only be provided by a belt, please strike me again whenever you desire. Please remind me to pay attention to my actions so as to not displease you." It actually sounded very sincere.

I walked away, got back in bed and said "now lets try this again, bring that sexy ass over here and do something about this."

She quickly scampered over to the bed and climbed in, she tried to suck me off, but I pulled her on top of me and she eagerly lowered her wet pussy down onto my dick. "Damn slut, is that it, do I just need to whip you before I fuck you to get you wet?"

She arched back, not sliding up and down, but I could feel her tight skilled pussy massaging my cock. I couldn't take it for too long and flipped her over onto her back to take control of her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and held on as she expected me to start thrusting into her. Instead I slowed down and said, "That's it isn't it. Its why your pussy has always been so dry. You need to be beat first to get wet?"

"Please daddy, please just fuck me"

"No, say it slut. Tell me what I need to do to you before I fuck you."

"Please daddy, please I need, I need to be beat, I have been uhhhhh!!!".

An orgasm was not what I expected to happen when I slapped her. I laughed at her as I started to fuck her, deeper and faster. I slapped her again and again and she got wetter and wetter. "Oh god mommy damn your pussy is fine, are you really ... GOD!!! Whatever you are doing, dear god, keep doing it."

"I want to hear you say it, tell me you need a beating to get off"

The only response I got was her labored breathing and continued thrusting of her hips in time with mine. "Say it slut, tell me you need a beating, don't make me pull out slut."

"Daddy, daddy, daddy" Slap Slap Slap "Ohhhhh Ahhhhhh Yes Daddy! Yes! Please slap me don't stop, please beat me, please choke me, please use me, please daddy!!" She didn't just say it, she screamed. Every. Single. Word.

Her pussy contracted and crushed my dick, I couldn't stand it and came with her. After I got done gushing into her, I just collapsed on top.

"Damn you are a screamer," I laughed.

"Thank you daddy. Hot, heavy," she said as she tried to push me off. What she got instead was a moment of relief as I rose off of her, slapped her, and laid my weight back on her.

"Slut you never tell me what to do. You just earned another 15 strikes. We will try with a cane this time. Are you trying to out do your daughter in bed? God this little body feels good. Of all the things I missed in the past week, I really should have seen that coming, of course you would like it rough."

"Ahhh," I exclaimed as I got to my knees while she sucked and cleaned me off. Before she finished I pushed her away and climbed off the bed, put some shorts on and start to head downstairs. "Come along little girl."

"Um Daddy can I take a shower first? I am leaking, you had a lot in there."

"No you come with me, I have something to take care of that"

"Hey sexy come here," I said to Chyna as I took her into my arms and kissed her, which she finally returned properly. "Very nicely done. You have such an excellent and pretty mouth, Sara lay down. Breakfast smells good, are we ready?"

"Yes Master."

"I'll get it you go clean your mother up, make sure you get all of it."

"Yes Master, thank you Master."

I made plates of food and set them down by my chair and one for me at the table. Chyna was really going to town on her mom, slurping noisily. "Hey where is the dog food?"

Sara said between gasps, "We don't keep that bitches food here, its all in the kennel."

Hmmmm that explains why Chyna gave her a salad. I just took her some of the breakfast and a pitcher of water.

"Holy fuck, what a stench!" Imagine, piss, sex and shit. "Damn pet you need a shower. Breakfast, then I am going to hose you down. Would you like something to eat?"

"Yes please Master."

"Come here," she was curled up in the corner, both bowls from last night were clean as I had ordered. She crawled forward, hair matted to her head stinking of piss. When I had her on her knees before me, I put the food behind me and said, "There is a price for everything." With my dick in my hand, "open your mouth slut and you better do better than you did last night." The stream of piss went straight into her mouth down her open throat and she drank like a champ with only a few drops dripping down her chin.

I kicked the bowl to her and refilled her water bowl with water. When she reached into the bowl with her hands I kicked her lightly at her breast. "No pet, get down on all fours and eat like the bitch that you are." She obediently got down and stuffed her face into the bowl. "If I ever see you use your hands like that again, I will number one tie your arms up, number two cage you for 20 hours a day, and number three, me and sara will take our turns on you for the four hours that you are not in the cage. I'll make this simple for you, that will apply for any act of disobedience."

"Sluts every damn where. I am glad to see the two of you getting along so well." Chyna looked up at me and grinned as I came up from the basement, she and Sara had moved into a 69 with her on top grinding that fine ass of her onto her mom's eager tongue.

"I see the two of you are very occupied but Sara already wore me out. So I am going to eat." Chyna then Sara joined me, eventually. One kneeling on each side of me, both kneeling and eating just as I had instructed Chloe to. Only these knew to do it on their own.

As I was finishing my breakfast I said, "This is what we are going to do today, Sara is going to clean the kitchen while me and Chyna take a shower. After which Sara and I are going to take the pet outside and hose her down. Let's see, next we are going to explore the stables, that is where we are going to keep pet. At least, that is the plan for the next hour or two until something else changes. We being me and Sara, she is going to be your pet. Chyna, we will eat around 3, then you and me are going to the office for a bit to get you moved out."

"Chyna go ahead upstairs and get in the shower and wait for me."

When Chyna got up to leave, Sara started to rise, but I put my hand on her head keeping her on her knees. I waited until Chyna was gone then said, "Pet is your responsibility, but you will not repeat, not discipline her without me being present. If you disobey me I will hurt you severely and I assure you that you will not enjoy it," I said as I picked her up by her hair and squeezed her neck. "Do you understand. Mommy?" I whispered.

"yes Daddy."

"No shower for you until I say so. Clean this place up, don't ever let me have to tell you again," I spanked her a good 5 times before I walked upstairs.

"Ah!!! Master! You are always walking up and scaring me!" as she thumped me on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her hot soapy body and pulled her close.

"mmmm you are such a sweet little girl, I just had this talk with your mom, now you. If you ever, and I mean if you ever touch Chloe without me being present I will severely hurt you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Daddy, and I already told you, the only thing I want to do to her is make sure that she never gets this dick," she said as she grabbed my cock and pulled on it.

"Whoa sweetie, Sara wore me out... you gotta give me a minute."

"She emptied you to... daddy, where's mine?"

"You were supposed to suck that out of her at breakfast...."

I laughed but she followed in a completely serious tone of voice, "I have been getting this dick in me every day for the last 7 days two sometimes three times a day. And always first thing in the morning. Its not fair." Her little girl voice, her hot soapy body rubbing against mine, damn this slut.

"You girls are going to kill me."

"Haha, but you are still firming up nicely."

I ignored her, swatted her hand off of me and said "wash me."

"Mmmm daaaddy," she whined but proceeded to soap me down. When she got down on her knees to wash off my legs she started to beg again, "please daddy, can I suck on it ,please...."

"You put your mouth on there I am going to be upset if you don't make me hard."

She instantly swallowed me and with my dick in her mouth I was hard in no time.

Laughing I dragged her out to the bed and put her on her knees. "I took your mom's pussy, your mouth, no guess what part of you I want," I said as I slapped her ass.

She reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks apart for me, "For you Daddy. Fuck me with the dick you fucked my mommy with? Please?"

"Damn you are a good slut," I said as I mounted her and forced my way into my properties back door. I made sure to take her deep and slow as I repeatedly slammed into her as roughly as possible. I was exhausted when I let her suck on me, I was running purely on pride as I anally fucked her.

I left Chyna upstairs and found Sara on her knees in the kitchen. "Beautiful Sara, beautiful. I love it. C'mon"

"Alright Chloe first we need to clean you off. Come here, Sara watch closely. This will be your responsibility." I unlocked her from the wall, but clearly avoided touching her. She was nasty to a degree I had not often seen.

"Ok look whore, you are hideous. You are going to follow me out of the house, you are not going to touch a single damn thing. You do, I'll just kick you out and you will be on your own. Lets go."

We went out behind the house and I just had to love the man. "Uncle Ed! Damn you thought of everything. I don't know what or who he used this setup for, but now it's Chloes turn. Over here whore," I motioned to the corner where Ed had put a pole 5 feet away from the house set into a concrete platform that had its own drain. Both the house, the pole and the platform had D rings in them that allowed me to simply hook Chloes ankle and wrist cuffs into them and spread her out spread eagle.

"Sara, any questions, Ed made it simple for you."

"No Master."

"Good, that hose behind you, all you have to do is turn the water on, squeeze the trigger and clean the whore off."

"Yes Daddy." She went after her with abandon, moving all around. She quickly figured out that the closer she was the more it hurt.

I had to pull her back by her hair and told her not to go any closer than 10 feet. I wandered into the house and came back out 3 minutes later. "Cease fire, cease fire...."

"Best to keep your eyes closed little whore," I said as I squeezed the bottle of liquid soap out over her head. "Get over here Sara, soap her down, get her clean then rinse her off. Be gentle, but be complete. She should almost enjoy this. I hear screams, I make you scream. I will be on the porch, present her to me when you are finished. Oh and you'll need this as well," I said as I handed her a comb and walk away.

Chyna joined me on the porch and we chatted a bit. About 20 minutes later Sara came walking around the corner with the second most beautiful bitch in the house on a leash. But after all I had been through that morning all my dick could do was barely twitch. Sara led her to my feet and I said, "stand her up, spin her around, bend her over. Let me see what you have done to my pet"

Sara put her through her paces. Just as I had asked and a bit more. "Very very good Sara, remind me to reward you later."

"Yes Master."

"Dear sexy Chloe, I have been racking my head trying to figure out what to do with you, so knowing that I am just looking for suggestions, what do you want?"

Silence. "Is that silence a 'I don't know' or is it more of 'I am to scared to talk'? Which one? You have to help me here. Clearly I can't read minds."

"I don't know Master."

Interesting answer, "Am I your master Chloe?"

"Clearly yes Master."

"What do you want from this new reality?"

"I don't know Master."

"Then you will be housed in the stables until I figure that out. Sara will feed you and take you for walks twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Neither she nor Chyna will ever be violent with you if I am not present. If one of them is, you are to tell me and I will handle it. If you decide to not tell me I will punish all of you. Is that clear Chloe?"

"Yes Master."

"Did Ed ever mention to you or talk to you about your mother?"

"Yes Master, I lived with her during the school year, and spent the summers here. I also was here for some holidays."

Holy shit. Hairs raised on the back of my neck, Sara lied to me. Lied or at least seriously misled me and I fell for every word. "Have you been in contact with her?"

"Yes sir, to tell her that Ed died, she came to the funeral and stayed for a bit when he died."

I screamed. I just couldn't take it any more. "Chloe? Why did you stay here? What. The. Fuck. Well, I seem to have found something of a plan for you, we will talk more about this later." Holy shit alarm bells were going off in my head something fierce.

"Hold the fuck on, was Uncle Ed married to your mom?"

"No Master."

"Damn. Okay, how about we all go look at the stables. Sara keep her on her feet, wouldn't want her getting all dirty again."

"Chyna you don't need to come, stay little girl."

The walk to the stables was quiet for the most part. I suddenly had a massive headache. Nothing Chloe had done made any sense. Why the hell did she stay here. Sara and Chloe were both in flip flops. We must have been quite the sight, one big black guy, one smaller black girl and one white girl on a leash. All the girls mostly nude and the guy in shorts and a t shirt.

The barn looked to have been completely rebuilt when we got up next to it. Going inside it was immaculate with good sized stalls. I looked in one and saw that it had a bed, small latrine and a small desk. I immediately hated it. "No fucking way."

"Master," Sara inquired.

"There is no fucking way Chloe or anyone else is staying here. This isn't a stable, this is a prison. This is one place I am definitely going to tear down. I don't know exactly why Ed built this place but fuck no I will have nothing to do with it. Both of you are forbidden from ever coming back here. Lets go to the kennel instead, this place gives me the creeps."

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