tagLoving WivesCreme de la Creme Ch. 02

Creme de la Creme Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Christening

This chapter makes more sense, if you read ch 1., which can be found by clicking on my name. But it stands on its own.


Jason noticed some changes in his lover after the party at Lise's. Kelly asked to be called KC, since Lise had gotten in the habit of calling her that. It stood for Kelly Christine, and Jason was soon to learn why Lise loved that middle name. Lately, when Jason said, "Let's make love, KC," she made it clear she wanted a day to pass, in between their encounters. "I want you to spurt like a fire hose," she said; he couldn't help but be flattered. She wanted her cunt filled to the point of dripping. After their lovemaking she'd prop her hips high up on a pillow, to offer up her pussy; the inner lips would be slightly separated and their juices, sticky around the entrance.

"Sip me," she said. "I guess I'm your communicant," he replied, lowering his face into the slime. He no longer minded the taste of himself; indeed it was a relief after having eaten the semen of eight of Lise's friends. She seemed to have a different view of his cum. Watching him lap at her, she said, "Mmm. Enjoy. It's a white chocolate topping over raspberry ice cream. How do you like the raspberries?" She pinched her nipples.

Jason wondered, "Was this 'pussy worship'?" though he had never used the term. It seemed to come to mind more frequently. Whatever it was, KC was clearly pleased, and her lovemaking became more bold in other ways. When he'd tried to proceed to penetrate her, she said, "Tongue fuck me first. For a long time. So you'll find me terminally gooey." She kept him at it for a good hour, until she had come several times; this would become her pattern. Once, when he'd done a particularly good job, she said, "You know, this could get you a life sentence." "A prisoner in the box?"

She talked about her sex: "It's like a flower. You make it blossom: My cunt swells and opens for you." She painted its likeness, and spent hours looking at her book of Georgia O'Keefe's irises.

The lovemaking took on a new dimension, he noticed immediately; he'd never had such a vigorous fuck from her, and he wondered if she had been doing exercizes to be able to tighten the grip of her cunt.

Once, after lapping her, he tried to tease: "There won't be anything left for Lise." "She's cool with that. ... for while at least. Turn about is fair play." "What does that mean?"

"She meant I could clean up her pussy for a change."


He couldn't help wondering. "So you've been converted to cream pie, Hon?"

"Yes, sure. Probably you don't want the details."

"No, not about the sources. But what's in it for you?"

"She says that, with the cum, it's like an anointing, a christening."

Suddenly Jason understood Lise's reason for liking 'Christine'. "Ah, that's why she likes your middle name."


"Lise thinks the cunt is paid to be paid tribute,' KC said. " I've come to agree."

"I bet you've come." I winked, "Were you squeamish at first?"

"I hesitated, yes. But after I saw what the christening did for her, it—her pussy—became more and more beautiful when bathed in semen."

"She hasn't had the eight over, again, has she?"

"No," KC laughed. "Just a personal assistant. I'm not ready for the group, yet. That was a special for you!"

"She is a rare person."

"Yes. When she's over next time, maybe she can help you understand."

A couple nights later, Lise was over for dinner. It was the first time he'd seen her since the party. She greeted Jason warmly; he felt the tongue in her kiss. She wasn't shy or abashed; he only half thought she would be.

"You were great the other day," she said. "How did it go down with you, KC? We planned it, but was the reality like you imagined."

"Well, Jason lapped like a kid with his first ice cream cone, didn't he!"

"What did you feel, though?"

"I'd never seen him in that role." KC turned to him: "As I looked, it seemed to suit you. Lise has a fine pussy. You were paying it tribute."

"And the cum?" Lise pressed the point.

"That seemed to suit him, too."

He was embarrassed. She continued, "That's not what I meant. Doesn't the cum spoil things a bit? You've heard of the 'muddy field.'"

"Sloppy seconds."


"Mostly, I don't think that way any more. You say, 'It's like milk over peaches.' "

"Cream on strawberries," said Lise. "In this case, KC, you'll find more is better."

"I'm thinking about it."

"Remember how my eight friends looked after their services were rendered?"

"Pretty beat. I saw one stagger; must have jerked himself almost into a coma."

"Exactly. Was I in a coma?"

"Hardly; we made love after."

"The guys lost power, then, and I gained it."


There was something Jason didn't understand. "But really, what did you gain?"

"Sustenance. In some myths, the goddess dines on men. Here we provoke their emissions; we frost our cakes--she patted her mound--for our pleasure. And we get to lick the bowl; (looking at Jason) though we share with our friends. The guys no more control us than a dairy cow does, a carton of milk that came from her."

He wondered. "Where did you get these tastes, Lise?"

"Do you really want to know? Even KC has not heard the whole story, and I'm not ready to spill it out. But I'll tell you one of the juicy parts."

"Yes." "Do tell us," said KC.

Lise began her story.

A few years back, in my second year of college, I was going out with this frat boy named Jonathan. I don't know why. Yes I do, he was very well hung, and generally didn't give me a hard time. He was the 'silent jock' a bit taller than Jason, and very well built.

I was living off campus with my roommate Louise, and she could not come to the Spring party he invited me to; she owed some back assignments. At the party I had a lot to drink, and Jon took me into a back room to make out. We pushed the coats aside and started to fuck on the bed. It was barely big enough for one person, not three feet wide, so Jon had to climb on top of me. I had my eyes closed, but could hear the noise of the party, below. The room was spinning. There were steps in the hall outside, and I looked up at Jon. He brought his finger to his lips, for me to be quiet. "Occupied!" said Jon, loudly, and the steps faded. It was a sloppy fuck; we probably made a mess on the bedspread. Then I heard several steps in the hall. A fellow came in. Jason got off me, but stayed beside and behind me.

"She's ripe for it, isn't she?"

I expected defense, but I heard him say, "Well, 'ripe' yes. But please no dirty talk."

"Hey man, whatever you want. Just so she comes across."

"Tell him to beat it," I said to Jonathan, not realizing the direction of things.

"I can't."

"You can't?"

"I had to pledge you." He looked very sheepish.

"You promised me to the frat." I was connecting the dots. I shivered.

"Yes, according to our traditions."

"Well, tell them it's no go."

"I can't. And it wouldn't do any good."


"I could leave and ten guys would jump you. If I stay I'll be right here and they'll have to be gentle."

"You are a fuck, Jonathan. A piece of work."

He didn't say anything. I was pretty drunk, and it didn't seem quite real, but images of frat gang bangs came to mind. Things I'd only read about.

"If I fight?"

"Please don't. They will hold you down, and I can't fight them. It would not be pretty. Look, you're awful wet; it won't hurt if you just play along."

At this point, I saw I had no real ally. I could get only minimum protection, if I let him.

I looked up at the fellow who'd been watching the exchange with a bulge in the front of his pants. "OK, Jack, come get your pussy." He dropped his trousers, and I arranged my legs. Jon sort of cuddled me from behind while 'Jack'—which wasn't his name—climbed onto me, his long slender prick, hard in front of him. He hesitated, then avoided my glance and shoved in. I think he might have wanted to apologize, but he clearly wanted to get laid.

"It's his first time," said Jonathan.

"Great." He wasn't that skilled but the newness of it probably is what made him come in just a few seconds. "Thanks," he said. "Lise, is it?"

"Does it matter?"

"Thanks anyway. I hope it was good for you."

He dressed, and the next one came in. A stocky fellow built like a refrigerator, whom I'd seen with Jonathan a few days ago. "Dave," said Jon.

"Hey man, thanks for the lady."

"How about thanking the lady?" I said sarcastically.

"Oh, you were supposed to be too drunk to talk back." He proceeded to undress. To cut to the chase, he sported a shorter, but very thick dick, and he had it in me in a minute. He rutted like a rhino.

"Easy, man," said Jon.

Dave lifted a little of his weight off, and proceeded.

There were six more, and my pussy was getting really sore. I just gritted my teeth. I felt like crying.

"Lise, are you OK?" said Jon.

"Yes, if you want my pussy to bleed, keep it up; I'm just fine."

"Hold on." He said to the next fellow. "She was not to be hurt."

"Just gang banged," I added in sarcasm.

Number Nine looked a little disappointed. "You know the procedure, Jon."

"I do Matt. Maybe you don't our traditions. Honor, man! You're not going to put her in the hospital, so it's time for a cumfest. These are the rules."

"I never heard that."

"Every brother is to have access, but they will agree to a cumfest, if the girl and the brother--her date--request it."

"I didn't hear any request," said Matt, continuing to undress.

"Lise," said Jon, "this is the time. You have been fucked by eight guys. There are a dozen more. In a cumfest, they will simply come on your body, no one will go inside."

"On my stomach?"

"No, wherever they please." When I heard the word 'dozen' I got really scared. I didn't want Jon to go, despite his treachery. I didn't wish it to be a violent rape. "OK," I said to Jon.

"Welcome to the cumfest, Matt."

Cock in hand, Matt approached and began jerking himself sharply. In a couple minutes, he shot several long strands, and he intentionally directed them onto my face. "Ask the rest to come in, when you go," said Jon. I think it was twelve—I didn't count—assorted half-drunk guys came in. Hiding behind them I said a few female faces. Their dates wanted them to watch; or they were made to. Three or four at a time positioned themselves around the bed.

I watched the first group, though they tried to avoid my glance. Each had this intense look on his face; they seemed to have their routine down. One grabbed his prick from above, one from below, one used both hands. I realized I was seeing the male animal as he was, away from girl friends and any civilizing influence. It was little Johnny whacking it in the bathroom, as he always had. When I understood that, I felt a bit safer, though still pissed off. The first cried out and almost hit my face; I closed my eyes. Warm strands fell across my stomach, and I felt a wad hit my pubic hair. Jon kept my legs apart and no square inch on the front of me or in my crotch was spared.

I kept my eyes closed, and heard the next group come in. And so it proceeded; I was getting covered. I peeked out and saw the pools on my stomach and the white cords in my pubic hair. Finally I heard Jon say, "It's over. Do you want to use our shower?"

I just wanted to leave. I didn't want to put on any kind of show. "Give me my clothes; put a blanket around me and take me home immediately."

I will not ever forget the expression on Louise's face as we entered the apartment. She was standing in a blue nightgown. I just stood, shaking, in a tan, wool blanket. "Jon, just go." He disappeared, and I started to cry. It was not that I was destroyed, but I was very shaken; and now relieved. Lou started to cry also and hugged me. She got a small towel, wet it and cleaned the cum from around my eyes nose and mouth. Some kind of electricity jumped between us; we were kissing and holding onto each other like drowning kids. My blanket fell away; "I'm so embarrassed," I said. She just continued to hug me. "I'm just covered with scum."

I didn't see her hesitate. (She told me later that she had.) Taking some of the stickiness onto her fingers, and she tasted. I was watching to see if she'd make a face. She kissed me, and I could taste it; somehow, on her eager tongue it started to be strangely erotic. At my breasts, she started lapping, tentatively; then she became very eager, maybe because I was stroking her cunt through her nightgown. This was further than we'd ever gone before.

She laid me on the sofa. She continued kissing my breasts and lapping them; licking up the cum, sucking it from my nipples. My body came to life again; I quickly opened her nightgown and thrust my hand in between her thighs, which parted so easily. After lapping the jism on my stomach, she proceeded toward my bush. "Louise, I don't feel clean." My box was a real mess. It had a dank smell. The guys had really wanted to see my cunt dripping. "Lise you are beautiful," she said. "Louise?" I said, plaintively, trying to ask a question.

"It's fine,' she said, "Think of me like a mother cat." She applied her tongue to my opening and sucked up the goo quite skillfully. My clit roused to attention with that hot tongue nearby; I felt my cunt warming. She slipped under me. Facing her puss and I rode her tongue as I leaked the fuck of the first guys; Louise took it all. By this time I realized her eagerness was genuine. I tried my best to encourage her, reaching for her pussy, two fingers stirring inside her. After sucking pussy, she had me lay back and she cleaned the rest of my front; I just closed my eyes and felt the wet tongue gathering up all the semen that had been deposited.

(KC's hand had crept into her crotch, listening to the story. Pushing her panties aside, she looked at me, smiled and slipped fingers in between her damp lips.)

She returned more urgently to my clit, and shoved three digits into my gooey hole. They were dripping as she offered them to me, and somehow the erotism of it made me join her in licking her fingers, till she shoved them back into me. She held my clit in her lips and sucked it into her mouth, tonguing me till I thrashed and jammed my cunt up against her face. Her face was covered in the whitish globs, shining in the liquefied jism, and I just wanted to kiss it. I was about to come, a clean woman, whose body was loved, every inch. We convulsed in each other's arms. I cried, and we were stuck together for a while. "Now it's time to shower," she said.

After that event, there was a lot of sex with Louise; she loved to lick my breasts and stomach, with a couple fingers on either side of my clit. Somehow, though, the scene was imprinted in my mind. My body, covered with cum, being adored by her. I asked if it was mutual. "You didn't mind?" "Lise, I wouldn't have believed it before, but, yes, I got into it."

"The taste didn't put you off?" "Creme de cacao over vanilla ice cream."

"And my pussy?" "Dripping as it should; jism and pussy juices mixed to a T."

"What did you think of, Lou?" "Power. The power of pussy. It can subdue a roomful of men."

Those words of hers stuck in my mind. Yes, I thought of 'violation' also, because I'd been coerced. But even then, *they needed *me; they reacted to my power; I wondered, Could the scene be replayed with me having the upper hand. I'll have a few of them clean me off and see if they still think in terms of defilement.


Jason saw how KC was moved. She put her panties into place and went over and hugged Lise. "I haven't been through that, but I know a little of what you mean."

"I believe you."

"You may suck my fingers if it would comfort you," said KC, joking.

"Mmmm." Lise enjoyed them.

"Our scene with you is, like, engraved on my mind. The eight guys' cum dripping out of your wonderful puss. ...Looking back, I'm a little jealous of Jason."

"KC, my love, you might be ready for the process, voluntarily."

KC was really surprised. "Me covered in cum?"

"Christened, yes. It would be a treat. I'd lick you clean and lap you to ecstasy."

"I can get licked any time, honey." KC teased.

"But you haven't been my candy apple!"

KC looked at Jason to see if he minded. He was thinking it over. Finally he said, "KC, I see the 'turn on' of cream covered cunt and body, but I don't want ten guys all over your face."

"She'll save her face for you," said Lise. Jason looked relieved.

"Lise, I think we have agreement. Jason, you're a sweetie."

Lise said, "Jason, you're free to join in the clean up. Right KC?"


In the two days it took to arrange, Jason was haunted with visions of KC's taut body, covered in spunk; the pink nipples he had loved from the first peek through her bikini. And he pictured Lise going down on the cum-frosted little box that had been 'his' for the last few years. Would he do it too? The comparison might be embarrassing.

He remembered how she'd revealed to him, a while ago, that Lise lapped his spunk from her. She appreciated Lisa's 'worship' and yet not held his avoidance against him. She simply made sure he would learn. And the party at Lise's had bumped his comprehension up to a new level, and seemed to increase her appreciation of him, as a partner, and her sexual demands.

They went to Lise's for the event. "I've tried for about fifteen, but we'll see. They may have suitable guests."

"Suitable?" said Jason,

"Like the rest, recent medical certificates, and abstinence."

"You're joking."

"No. A week is standard. To increase the amount of semen."

Before they left, Jason kissed KC uncertainly. But the images were in his mind, blended with the images from the Bukkake movie. They entered, saw that Lise had placed a plastic sheet on the floor, and noticed some 'pillows' like one sees at swimming pools. They arranged them so that KC could partly recline. Lise and Jason undressed KC. Lise went for the nipples, as soon as they were exposed; Jason was stroking the insides of her thighs. She started to look faint, and lay down. Jason and Lise traded places; Jason kissed her mouth and Lise devoured her cunt. "This mustn't be done cold," said Lise.

There was a knock and Lise let in the first group of 6-8 nervous looking frat boys.

"Come join in. Please introduce yourselves to KC." KC didn't pay attention much to their names, but appreciated the gesture. Lise whispered to her, "Watch the demonstration of your power."

"Guys prepare, off with the pants and underwear. KC, I want you to stroke yourself." The penises stood right up. "Gentlemen, look at that wet pussy. See how the fingers just slip in." Several hands started bobbing. She looked back at KC. The boys were clearly at KC's mercy. "First group, approach. You may come on her, anywhere but her face. If you need a hand, I'll help."

Most of them didn't, and soon the first one had shot four strands across her breasts, which quickly brought the others to spurt onto various places below. One edgy looking fellow went limp, and looked toward Lise pitifully.

She walked over and grasped his prick, "Joe, you're going to honor this lady. She's my friend. Isn't she sexy?" He started looking and his prick twitched in her hands.

"Look at those tits. Would you like to lick them?" Scared, he tried to resist, but Lise seemed to know how to play him. "I bet you'd like to come all over that pussy. ...KC?" KC obligingly stroked herself; "Mmmm feels good. Can you smell that juice?" She smeared the semen around her cunt, and spread it open a bit. Joe's mouth had gone dry and he couldn't swallow. Lise masturbated him even faster. "KC, maybe he just needs to be asked. But he should be disciplined for making you wait." KC smiled knowingly at Lise.

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