tagErotic PoetryCries of Ecstasy

Cries of Ecstasy


I paced the floors for hours
Waiting for you to arrive,
And when you finally got here
I kissed and hugged you tight.

I led you to my bedroom
Where I stripped you bare,
And I attached you to restraints
Placed with loving care.

You looked at me so lovingly
As you moaned so sweet;
You were fastened securely,
And I began to lick your feet.

Your moaning changed to screams
As I reached the junction of your thighs;
I used every technique I knew,
And your screams turned into cries.

Cries of begging and pleading
To take you over the top;
Give you total fulfillment,
And to never stop.

You bucked and writhed out of control
As you screamed and cried,
But I kept slowly teasing you
Until you thought you'd die.

When you could take no more,
I let your explosions begin;
And I kept them going
Until you were exhausted within.

DaLovePoet (Mike Diaz)
February 28, 2001

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