tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCrime and Punishment Ch. 02

Crime and Punishment Ch. 02


A few weeks went by and it was clear that Heidi was going out of her way to avoid me. She got into the office early, stayed behind a closed door all day, and snuck out without saying good bye to anyone. When I did see her in the halls, she avoided eye contact and basically just lowered her head in embarrassment. After about a month, her "ashamed" routine started to wane a bit and by the 6 week mark, she was back to acting like her typical, "I'm better than everyone else" self.

I didn't really care. I wasn't expecting that one incident to completely reverse her entire bitchiness. I was content to let her walk around like a princess that deserved to be waited on hand and foot, so long as she didn't do anything too egregious, content with the knowledge that I had an incriminating picture that could bring her down whenever I wanted.

A few months after the laptop was stolen, I heard a rumor that the receptionist, Diane, was about to be fired. I didn't like Diane; no one did. She was incompetent and extremely annoying - the kind of person that no one likes to work with and everyone secretly wishes would leave - but I nevertheless hated to see anyone get fired. Diane, though incompetent, was a single mom and had two little kids to support. She had a really weird and somewhat terrible "story." Apparently, after being married for nearly a decade, her husband caught her cheating on him - with a woman. Diane was apparently a closet bisexual. He left her immediately and apparently refused to pay any type of child support. I hated the idea of her getting fired. Feeling bad about the situation, I asked our office manager, John, if the rumors were true, hoping I could talk him out of firing her without exposing Heidi.

"Well, unfortunately," John responded, "they are. We think she's the one that stole the laptop."

I was surprised, knowing full well that Diane had nothing to do with the theft. "Why do you think that?"

John's response floored me: "Well, last week, Heidi told me that she saw Diane in the computer storage room just a day or two before the laptop went missing. She originally didn't remember it but something must have jogged her memory recently. Anyway, we can't take the chance; the paperwork has been submitted to HR. At some point, they'll give us the go ahead to let her go. But please, don't mention to Heidi that I told you this. She asked me to keep it in the strictest of confidence. When we let her go, we're not even going to tell her why. We're just going to tell her that she's not doing a very good job and want to go in another direction. That was Heidi's request, she just doesn't want to get involved."

I was absolutely furious. Not only had Heidi stolen the damn laptop, she was now trying to secretly get someone else fired.

I practically sprinted back to my office and shot off an email. The subject read "DID YOU NOT LEARN YOUR LESSON?" and the body of the email read "You're trying to get Diane fired for YOUR actions. You are an absolute piece of shit!"

She responded a few minutes later in a classic "I can't be bothered" sort of way. "I don't know what you mean. Diane is horrible at her job. If she gets fired, that's not my fault."

I responded immediately, "You stupid bitch! I know that you told John she stole the laptop! You are going to pay for this!"

A long time passed without a response. Finally, still raging, I decided that it was time she be punished. REALLY PUNISHED. I emailed her "Your behavior is detestable. I don't know why I'm not surprised that you didn't learn your lesson but, rest assured, I will make it my mission to make sure the lesson completely sinks in. You are going to do two things. First, you are going to tell John that you were wrong. You saw Diane in the computer storage room after the laptop was stolen and you're sorry for causing so much confusion. Second, you'll tell your husband that you are not going to be coming home on Friday night and you'll meet me at your office door at 7 p.m. If you don't do both of these things, I'm releasing the picture. Yes, you stupid bitch, I kept the picture."

She responded in typical fashion. "You would. I should have known better than to trust you. Either way, I'll tell John that I was 'mistaken' and get Diane off the hook. The second request, however, is impossible. Tell him I'm not coming home? That's impossible. What am I supposed to tell him without him immediately asking a million questions? No, you got to have your 'fun.' That's over and done with. Have a good day."

I knew that she was just pushing back, hoping that I would cave. But I was so pissed off that I didn't care. I immediately composed a "draft" email to the office manager, indicating that Heidi stole the laptop and indicating that I should have come forward earlier but didn't because she begged me not to. I attached the picture and sent the email to Heidi with the subject line "I send this in 5 minutes."

Exactly 4 minutes later, she emailed me back "Seriously. What am I supposed to tell him? It's impossible."

I responded, "Look, you piece of shit, tell him you're going to a bachelorette party and sleeping at a hotel. Tell him you're staying at your sisters. Tell him you're working all night. I don't give a damn what you tell him and, frankly, I don't care if it ruins your marriage. You deserve it. Make something up or I'm sending this email."

The response took a while but finally came: "Fine."

I had a general idea in mind of how I planned to discipline Heidi. I knew that the last go-around was humiliating but probably was a little more pleasurable for her than it should have been. This time had to be different. This time had to be more humiliating, more painful, more disgusting.

I spent the next couple of days laying the ground work for my plan. I stopped at an adult gift shop and bought a few leather straps with hooks on the end, perfect to tie her to a bed with. I bought a leather bustier that tied with leather straps that went all the way down the back and black stockings and matching black silk panties. The bustier left both boobs exposed and acted more like a push up bra and I deliberately bought it a size too small to make sure it that when I strapped her into it, it was suffocatingly uncomfortable. I also bought a 9" vibrator, just in case my dick gave out before she was properly punished. Finally, not sure whether I'd even use them, I bought nipple clamps, just in case I decided to up the pain threshold a bit.

Next, I stopped at a cheap electronics store and bought 3 programable digital cameras. I knew that the picture of her stealing the laptop was eventually going to lose its value, so I wanted to get pictures of us fucking that I could later use to destroy her marriage, if needed.

I booked a hotel room at the hotel directly across the street from our office for that Friday evening. I spent the rest of the week just waiting in quiet anticipation. Friday afternoon, I checked into the hotel and set up the cameras in 3 discreet locations where I knew she wouldn't notice them (not in time to do anything about them, anyway) and programmed them to begin taking pictures at 7:20 p.m. and then every 3 minutes after that for the next 10 hours. I left a bag full of adult novelties on the bed

When 7 p.m. finally arrived, I walked over to her office. She was dressed casually, wearing jeans and a long sleeved red sweater. When I arrived at her office, the contempt on her face was obvious. I stared at her, looking her up and down, determined to make her uncomfortable. Finally, she sneered "Well? I told John what you wanted me to. Diane's fine. Let's just get this over with."

She stood up and moved towards the door, as if to close it. "Stop," I commanded. "You didn't think anything was going to happen here, did you? Oh no, no" I laughed. "We need something with a lot more privacy. Somewhere that people can't hear you scream."

The look of contempt immediately turned to a look of concern, her unnaturally tanned face turning bright red. "What?" she asked cautiously.

"You heard me. But, don't worry, we'll get to that later," I said, smiling, as I moved towards her computer. "First, let's just make sure that we deleted all of my emails about this evening. Wouldn't want you having any proof that I blackmailed you into what's about to happen."

Again, a look of concern crossed her face as I permanently deleted all emails that she had received from me. "Now follow me. Not a word of protest. Not. One. Word." I said sternly, looking her in the eye to make sure she knew who was in charge. For her part, her shoulders slumped and a look of compliance set in on her face.

I led her out of the office silently and across the street to the hotel. I walked deliberately to the elevators, entered, and pressed our floor. She didn't make a sound. I led her to the hotel room that I had rented.

The hotel was one of downtown's finest. The room that I rented was a "honeymoon" suite, which meant that it was at the very end of the hall on the very top floor (meaning not many people would be around to hear the sounds emanating from the room). It also meant that it had a full "living room" area, complete with two sofas and a tv, a "bedroom" area, which had a bed, a desk, and a chair, and it had a luxurious bathroom with a stand-up shower and jacuzzi hot tub. I planned to make full use of the entire room by morning.

I picked the bag up and handed it to her. "There's an outfit in this bag. Go into the bathroom and put it on, but don't strap it. It'll be too tight to strap. Just put it on and come back out. I'll make sure it fits."

She looked at the bag, then at me, then around the room and her mood seemed to shift slightly. The look of contempt quickly replaced the look of compliance. Whatever she was worried about seemed to go away when she saw the location and she began to relax. Unfortunately for her, her confidence began to return and with it came her snobby attitude. Apparently, either not ready to completely accept her fate or maybe not being able to help herself, in the bitchiest tone possible, she said "I guess you spared no expense here, huh? Must be a pretty boring love life that you live if you have to spend this kind of money on a sick fantasy like this."

I planned for this moment. I knew that she would - at some point early in the evening - test the boundaries of this experience and I knew that it would be important to set the tone right out of the gate. I wanted this to be the most punishing experience of her life. I wanted this to be humiliating. I wanted this to be painful. I wanted this to be traumatizing. I wanted to break down her bitchy attitude and leave her begging for mercy.

So I open-hand slapped her right across the face. Not quite hard enough to leave a mark, and certainly not as hard as I could, but hard enough to shock her and get her full attention. Her head snapped sideways and she staggered back against the wall. The relaxed, confident look was gone, replaced by complete horror. "What the fuck? You fucking asshole?" she screamed.

I slapped her again. This time harder. This time hard enough to leave a red welt on her face. This time she was knocked off her feet. She stayed down for a moment, as tears welled in her eyes. I stared at her, not breaking eye contact. Letting her know that she was not in charge. That I intended to go through with this whether she tried to fight it or not. She began crying, softy at first, then harder, until I finally said "Go into the bathroom and put on the outfit." Then, raising my voice, "NOW!"

She jumped, clearly scared of what I might do next, and pulled herself to her feet. "Give me your cell phone," I demanded, and she complied. As she went into the bathroom I said, "You have 3 minutes. Oh, and don't even bother trying to lock it. I have a key."

She did as she was told and spent about 3 minutes in the bathroom. When she came back out, she had on the black stockings and the underwear, but the bustier was barely on her top. She was sort of holding it up. "This is way too small," she said, meekly.

"Turn around," I instructed. She did as she was told. I walked her in front of a full length mirror so that I could see her face as I was doing this.

I grabbed the leather straps and pulled. She gasped as the leather squeezed tightly around her abdomen, her big tanned breasts being pressed upwards towards her neck. Her chest immediately began turning red as her body adjusted to the restricted blood flow to her midsection. "Please . . . " she whispered, but with very little conviction.

"Shut up," I shot back. Determined not to lose the upper hand.

I tied the straps as tightly as I could, making sure that she could breath but making sure she was as uncomfortable.

I turned her around and glimpsed the "final product." I had to hand it to the little bitch, her legs looked good in the thigh high stockings. Her waist was pulled in so tight that the shape of her hips really accentuated her full tits. Everything looked good, especially the nauseated look on her face. She was clearly dreading the evening's festivities, which is exactly how I wanted it.

"Good. Now let's get you strapped down," I said with an evil grin.

She blinked and a momentary look of concern flashed across her face, but she remained stern, apparently not wanting to provoke me again.

I pressed her forcefully backwards against the bed until she fell backward onto it. I climbed roughly on top of her and wrapped a leather strap around her right wrist, then tied it to the left side of the headboard. I tied her left wrist to the right side of the headboard, so that her arms were spread in a "V," fully exposing her perky chest.

"Uhm, I have to use the bathroom," she whined, a look of fear creeping back onto her face.

"Too bad," I shot back. She frowned, but didn't argue. She offered no resistance at al, in fact, and seemed determined to take whatever was in store for her in stride.

I shifted my body weight and lifted her right leg in the air, fastening a strap to her ankle. As I pressed it backwards to her right shoulder, her eyes widened; the feeling of being completely exposed beginning to overwhelm her.

I just smiled, watching her breathing begin to quicken, her breasts beginning to heave slightly, her face reddening with each breath. Then I tied the last strap to her left leg and tied it back to her left shoulder, leaving her spread eagle, the black silk panties stretched tightly across her mound.

My plan was to make this experience one of pain, but also one of pleasure. I enjoyed watching her being unable to resist cumming at my touch the last time around. But I wanted to walk a line that ensured she was humiliated as well.

I took off my shirt and stood over her, staring at her body angrily, like it was something that I was about to destroy. I began rubbing her clit through her panties, extremely slowly at first but gradually increasing the speed steadily over a few minutes. She twisted in the straps a bit but mostly laid back looking completely unaroused. Uninterested. Almost like she was somewhere else mentally.

I continued slowly massaging her love button, knowing that sooner or later, her hormones would betray her and pleasure would begin seeping in. After about 10 minutes of intense rubbing, her body began to loosen and her panties began showing the wetness that was seeming from her warming snatch.

Before she could slip into ecstasy, I stopped, walked to the dresser drawer, and removed a pair of black scissors. A look of pure panic crossed her face as I slowly lifted them to her breasts, running the cold steel across her nipples. Again, her body betrayed her, her nipples stiffening immediately. Her eyes were wide and her body was tense as she watched my every move as I snipped the sides of her underwear and removed them, exposing her entire, sopping wet, cunt. Her pussy was still gorgeous, a tight little gash of slippery pink surrounded by olive colored tanned skin.

I ran the cold steel across the top inside of her bare thigh, sending goose pimples down her legs. I tossed the scissors aside and began intensely fingering her swollen clit again. I kept three fingers extended and vigorously ran my hand side to side across her pussy again and again. After several minutes, she began moaning softly and writhing a bit against the straps. Her pussy was now drenched and her breathing intensified.

"Please . . . Oh . . . Oh . . . Please," she panted. "Yea . . . Ah, oh . . . . Oh, yea. Oh . . . God . . . Yea . . . " The sweet scent of her cunt now filled the air.

She began softly thrusting her pelvis forward as far as she could, increasing the friction against my hand. "Oh, god . . . Oh . . . Oh . . . Oh . . . Yes. Oh, yes. . . . Yes! . . . Yes! . . . YES!!! YEEESSSS!!!!" she began screaming as her arms and legs pulled inward, pulling the straps tightly against her skin. "I'M . . . OOOOOOHHHHH!!!! YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS! I'M CUMMING! OHHHHHHHHHH GGGGGOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!! YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!" she moaned.

Her pussy was contracting as her entire body went tense, her gasping to catch her breath as she came hard. After several seconds, she gradually relaxed, her body slumping back, the straps going loose.

But I wasn't done. I knew that her clit would now be extra sensitive, so I kept hammering it back and forth, over and over for several minutes. After a while, she began to look uncomfortable. Soon, her discomfort gave way to surprise, then fear. I could tell that her arousal was building again, and could tell that she was fighting it. Despite my arm getting tired, I kept working her steaming mound. She began moaning and then tensed, then blurted out, "Oh! Oh no! I . . . I . . . I . . . I. . . I have to piss!"

I just laughed, realizing what was about to happen, and kept stroking her into oblivion. Never, in my wildest imagination did I expect her to do something this humiliating, but, lo and behold, as she began to come hard again, she cried out "OH NO . . . " as she began squirting piss out into the air, a horrified look of embarrassment on her face. I laughed again and stopped rubbing her clit, watching her spew urine into the room. Then I grabbed her panties, and covered her gushing fountain with them. She squirted a few more times as the orgasm washed over her, soaking the panties, then collapsed back again.

Her eyes were now closed, her breasts pulsating up and down with exhaustion. Before she could realize it, I rang the panties out over her face and hair, a significant amount of her own urine splashing into her mouth. Shocked, she screamed, "What are you . . . AAAAAHHHHHH! NO!" But the restrains prevented her from fighting back. This was apparently too much for the prissy little bitch to take because she immediately began cussing me out. "You fucking disgusting mother fucker! You're fucking sick! Fuck you! Oh, god, fuck you!"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I bellowed, stuffing the piss soaked panties into her mouth. She kept yelling, but her insults were muffled by the gag and I couldn't make out the words. I smiled and walked into the bathroom to wash up.

I returned a few minutes later to find her still raging on the bed. She was clearly trying to get me to take the panties out of her mouth. "Are you going to shut the fuck up now?"

She nodded her head. "Ok, fine." I took the panties out of her mouth. She spit several times, trying to rid her mouth of the nasty taste of her piss. I just laughed and unstrapped the straps on her legs. She didn't resist as I flipped her over onto her stomach, the straps on her arms crossing and getting a little tighter.

I took a moment to stare at her bare ass. It was thick, but firm. It looked even thicker than it was because she had a very small tan line where her thongs would be when she tanned. I took off my pants and boxer shorts, exposing my rock hard dick.

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