tagMind ControlCrime: Bimbomania! Ch. 07

Crime: Bimbomania! Ch. 07


Anyone who is under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.


Round Seven- ENDGAME





The scoreboard told the whole story.

Tonya and Laura- now Lori- had visited the Bimbo Throne, and they were now the ultimate bimbos. Tonya had big blonde hair all the way down to her rounded ass, along with huge boobs, vagina bumps that gave her orgasms every twenty feet, erotically enhanced sensations and permanent makeup. A single strand of bunny DNA had been spliced into her as well, resulting in growing bunny ears and hyper-fertility. Also, although there was no visible difference in her feet, she was unable to wear shoes, making her permanently barefoot. Tonya also had "BIMBO" tattooed on her swelled ass. Laura had long straight red hair, super sensitive nipples on her huge boobs, and the same exotically extreme curves that Tonya, Chrissie and I had. Like Tonya, there were no visible differences in Laura's feet, but subtle changes had been made to her Achilles tendon, and Laura was unable to walk unless she was wearing high heels. Laura had trouble walking long distances as well, due to her permanent clit piercing, but her most eye-catching body modification- besides the obvious- was a breath-taking vine tattoo that started on her left foot and worked its way around her body, ending on her right shoulder blade.

Of course, Chrissie and I had the full body modifications as well. Besides the staples of a tiny waist, wide hips and big boobs, Chrissie had a bright pink perm that was probably the girliest thing ever. Also, her knees popped wide open every time she sat down, and every time she bent over to pick something up, she bent from the waist. Chrissie also meowed when she talked from the kitty DNA strand she had received. And she had one new enhancement that was proving embarrassing for her as well.

I had the same extreme bimbo curves the others had, although my boobs were a cup bigger than theirs. Well, except for Tonya, who had the same size as me. I had permanently pierced nipples, swelled super sensitive lips, and my hair was permanently arranged in blonde pigtails off the top of my head. Also, my eyebrows were rounded and heightened, giving me a perpetually surprised facial expression. I had also been given a CFM walk ("come fuck me") and was subject to random orgasms. Most embarrassingly, I now lisped.

The main difference for Tonya and Laura- as opposed to Chrissie and I- was that they had been forced to visit the Bimbo Throne. This had affected their intelligence in several ways, the primary way being that it had scrambled their logic abilities and had made them gullible as hell. It also made them bubbly and irritatingly sociable.

All four of us had been erotically enhanced as well, meaning everything made us helplessly aroused. Everything. Every movement, every touch.

The only thing left was determining who would be the final one of us to visit the Bimbo Throne...Chrissie or I.


Michael- the backstage manager- was scrambling around like a crazed weasel.

"Reset the lighting! Jose! Andale! Have those drapes been refolded? Get a mechanic to oil those stage rails! Chip! Chip? CHIP! Get those boxes moved or I'll send your ass back to that butchy wife of yours! What?!? What do you mean, a pipe broke? Get an emergency plumber here! Immediately! Hey, what's wrong with that guy? Oh, wait...that's just Henry. Sleeping again! Nevermind! Slap that boy with a fish and send him back to the storeroom!"

Things were hopping as the stagehands got things ready for the last episode of this round of Bimbomania. I chuckled in amusement as I watched Michael's face change color. Tonya and Laura were nearby, but, like Chrissie, I was listening to their babble with only half an ear.

"...so she said, 'No way!' and I was, like, 'Totally way!' and she was, like, 'Totally no way!'" said Laura.

Tonya giggled. "Gosh, really? Wow!"

Then Chrissie's voice cut in. "Laura, you're in public. Stop playing with your boobs. Meowwww. Tonya, don't touch yourself there unless you're in your own room."

Tonya's voice took on a whining quality. "But it feels sooooooo good!"

Chrissie sounded exasperated. "I know, but this isn't the place for it!"

"Hmmphh," said Tonya. "Fine. I'll just walk around, then, 'cuz that feels good!"

"Fine," said Chrissie, "just stay where I can see you. Meowww."

Tonya and Laura strolled off, arm in arm, boobs jiggling in synch. I chuckled.

"At weast you know what you have to wook forward to," I said. Stupid lisp.

"Bite me," said Chrissie. "You won't have time to walk around. You'll be on your knees giving those five dollar 'bwowjobs'."

"If you twy to sell my ass with the same efficiency that you ran the gang with," I said, "then I won't have anything to worry about."

Chrissie's eyes narrowed and took a step forward. "Funny. Meowwww. How's your ass after that spanking I gave you?"

I flushed. "My ass is fine. Why are you knees pwessed together? Feeling a wittle hot?"

Chrissie scowled. "I'm fine."

"Weally?" I said

Chrissie narrowed her eyes, then suddenly reached forward and slid a finger between my sensitive lips.

I gasped, my lips instinctively wrapping around her finger. Embarrassed, I reached out suddenly and pinched her nipple.

She gasped. "Stop it, bitch!" she said.

I pressed against her, pinching her sensitive nipples. "Oh, come on, sweetie, you know you love it," I said, my lips still wrapped around her finger. Well, tried to say.

This wasn't easy for me, as I was pretty aroused myself, but it was having the effect I wanted: it was driving Chrissie crazy with arousal. She was gasping and squirming, and the fact that she still had her brains was the only thing that kept her from collapsing into a puddle of heat and need. I wasn't finished yet, however.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" I said.

"Dammit, Erica! Meoowwwwww! Stop!" said Chrissie. She was wriggling, and her skin seemed to be getting darker.

"Why? Are you getting awoused?" I said, my fingers working her sensitive nipples.

"Oh! Stop! Oh! Dammit! Oh!" said Chrissie. Her eyes were beginning to slant and her skin darkened even more.

I continued ruthlessly. "Oh, but look at you! You're becoming adorable!" I said.

"No! No, you stop now! You stop! Me too horny!" said Chrissie, in the full throes of Asianization. She was rapidly becoming fully Asian.

I laughed. "But you wook sooooooo hot now! A pink-permed horny Asian girl! I love it!"

The overwhelming heat was too much for Chrissie, and she slid to the ground, her fingers sliding into her panties. I went to a knee and kept my arms around her as her fingers worked her clit.

"Me so horny! Oh! Me so horny!" said Chrissie, as she shuddered in my arms.

I smirked as she wriggled and came in my arms. Unfortunately, a sudden wave of pleasure swept over me and I began to wriggle and shudder as well. Damn random orgasms.


Chrissie and I regained our senses with a gasp, still clenched in each other's arms. We blushed simultaneously, then scrambled apart.

Michael was standing there. "Ah, ladies, could you please control your friends? They're distracting my crew," he said.

Chrissie and I nodded, straightening our clothes as surreptitiously as possible. "Yeah, yeah, we're on it," said Chrissie.

We followed Michael to a storeroom. A burly, dark-haired stagehand had Tonya pressed against a wall, her legs wrapped around his waist. He was holding the little blonde by her hips and bouncing her on his cock. Laura was bent over a table, another stagehand behind her, and he was stroking into her from behind, her red hair still perfect. The moans reached a crescendo even as we watched, indicating that all parties involved were reaching orgasm nearly simultaneously.

"So," I said, "is this what they mean by 'work party'?"

Michael didn't laugh. Chrissie snickered a little, though.

We got the two of them under control and walked them back to the stage door. Tonya's eyes were already glazing from her vagina bumps by the time we got the waiting area.

I could hear the audience filing in and taking their seats, and my heart started pounding. Chrissie and I were finally even, but I knew a lot of that was because of luck. I'd have to stay focused. Just one more round and we were done with this game show. After that...well, I'd either be a sex toy or be taking care of several sex toys.

Chrissie's silence indicated that she was probably having similar thoughts. I watched her for a short time, thinking that, even if I got fully bimboed, I'd never get tired of making fun of her pink perm. That thought was cheering me considerably when the opening music began to play.

It was time.


"Good evening, and welcome to a special edition of Bimbomania! I'm your host, Biff Brewster, and tonight we bring you the final round of this edition of our show!"

Biff waited for the thunderous applause to stop.

"This has been an intense, hard-fought battle amongst the members of the Museum Heist Gone Wrong Gang, and the studio audience and home viewers alike have been treated to some of the hottest shenanigans yet! Let's give them all a big hand!"

Behind Biff, the stage began to whirr and rotate on its tracks.

"Okay, it's time for the Goblin Cage Match! This match will determine the overall winner of the match of the Museum Heist Gone Wrong gang!" said Biff. "Now, the rules are simple. Behind me you see a room-sized cage. Inside the cage are six studs. That's three studs for each of you. Each of you also has three potential sexual entry points. This is not a coincidence. It does not matter which stud does which area, but three different studs must be used, and all three entries must be used. The order is up to you."

The crowd applauded, and Biff waited for them to settle down before resuming. "Now, there are also two Bimbomania cuties in the cage as well. Along with satisfying three studs, you will also be responsible for satisfying a cutie with your tongue. We are, after all, an equal opportunity game show!" There was the sound of a rim shot, and the crowd laughed appreciatively.

Biff continued. "Now, if that sounds easy, think again. To make it more challenging, you will be providing this satisfaction while blindfolded, with your arms strapped behind your back as well. A good bimbo knows how to use all her senses to please, and you'll be ready to be the best bimbo possible when this round is complete! Those are the rules. First one to satisfy a stud with each hole and satisfy a cutie with her tongue wins the round. The loser visits the Bimbo Throne. And remember, each stud and cutie is wired to the computer with the infrared wireless, so we know exactly when they orgasm."

Biff finally turned back to the audience. "Alright, folks, this is it. The last event, the last round. Christine versus Erica. Endgame! Let the Goblin Cage Match begin!"

The crowd went crazy. Chrissie and I were led back to the cage. We began to strip as a stage assistant explained the technicalities.

"When you find a stud, you will tell him what part of you to do." She looked at both us. "Any questions?"

Chrissie and I shook our heads. We were naked now, and our arms were being strapped together behind our backs. It wasn't precisely painful, but it was very awkward. Then the blindfolds were put in place, and everything was dark.

Unable to see, it was very disconcerting at first. Then, gradually, the noise of the audience faded into the background and my other senses seem to expand slightly. I evened my breathing, feeling my heart beating in my throat, and relaxed my belly muscles. It was time to think heat.

Biff's voice boomed, "Alright, girls...!"

This was it.

"Get ready...!

If I was going to take Chrissie down, it would have to be now.

"Get set...!"

All or nothing. Endgame.


It was time for some serious fucking. I heard the patter of feet as the studs and cuties spread out throughout the cage. People in the audience began shouting out directions as I padded carefully along the edge of the cage. A sudden shout went up and I knew that Chrissie had found her first stud. It was still early, but I felt a flash of panic as I realized I was behind already.

Then I realized I could detect a slight odor of cologne. Not strong, but enough that I realized the studs were wearing it to help guide Chrissie and I to them. I paused long enough to determine what direction it was coming from and then followed it to its source.

My cheek bumped against the unyielding pecs of what had to be a stud. "Yeth!" I said. "Blowjob!" I squealed, hating how enthusiastic I sounded.

A voice rumbled deeply. "A blowjob it is, Miss. I can't help you find it, however."

"Fine," I said, "whatever. Just don't move." With that, I pressed my lips against his chest and then slid my lips down his pecs and over his belly muscles, until I had located his cock with my mouth. Of course, by then the sensations from my lips had me shuddering with heat and need, and I found it embarrassingly easy to give this unseen stranger a blowjob on national television.

My lips wrapped around his cock, and I could feel him hardening in my mouth. It was difficult and awkward with my arms strapped behind my back, but soon my mouth was stroking up and down that shaft without pause. I was drooling helplessly and embarrassingly loud slurps could be heard, but I could taste the salty pre-cum, and I knew it was working.

A sudden explosion of cheers and applause accompanied a deep moan, and I knew Chrissie had just satisfied her first stud. I kept my panic at a low ebb and just focused on my efforts to please the cock in my mouth. I wasn't far behind and I couldn't afford to let myself get distracted by Chrissie's progress. I had to focus on what I was doing and nothing else.

Concentrating was difficult, as the sensations from my lips had already given me two intense orgasms. Just after my second orgasm, however, the cock in my mouth became a steel band, and suddenly a wave of hot cum poured into my mouth. Startled, I swallowed the flow as fast as I could. The crowd cheered as my belly filled. Moments later, I was struggling to my feet and searching for my next stud.

I heard squeals of pleasure coming from the other side of the cage, and surmised that Chrissie had found one of the cuties. I was making the mistake of focusing of Chrissie too much, but it didn't matter right then, as it turned out, because I ran directly into another stud.

"Ooooof!" I said. "Fuck me!"

"I live to serve, of course," said the stud. "How do you want to do it?"

"Get on the floor. On your back," I said. I needed to control this to make sure it happened as fast as possible. I wasn't taking any chances.

I heard him getting into position, and I used my bare feet to determine where he was. Then I straddled him and slid my pussy down his cock. I shuddered as I felt his thickness just fill me. Omigod, I just wanted to ride this thing forever. I was getting bimboey already, but I couldn't help it. Every nerve was on fire and dipped in pleasure at the same time, and I couldn't control my moans. His hands held my hips in place as he grinded into me, and my boobs jiggled as I shuddered from helpless pleasure. Then he bounced me on his cock and I screamed like a slut in heat. He was playing me, and I was helpless to stop him. Then, when he held my hips down once more as he grinded into me, I reached down with my bound hands to cup his balls under my ass, and that had the effect I hoped for. With a roar, he held my hips tight as he began to fill me with his cum. I could feel his heated shaft throbbing inside me as his balls emptied. Finally, his body slackened and he lay back, panting. Stud number two was done.

I struggled to my feet, trying to get my bearings so I could find my next companion. Standing was a challenge after so many orgasms, and concentrating required effort. The erotic enhancements to my body had made the multiple orgasms easy to come by, but they were taking their toll.

The crowd was cheering and shouting encouragement, and soon I sensed a presence in front of me. I hoped it was the remaining girl, but as I got closer I got a masculine scent. Then my cheek was pressed against solid pecs, and I knew I had found my last stud.

I felt his hand on my waist. "I have to do your ass, sweetie," he said.

I turned around and leaned forward, sticking my rounded ass out for him. "I know," I said. "Do it."

I gasped as I felt him rubbing what I assumed was lubricant between my ass cheeks. I felt him grip my hips, and I had a sudden flash of panic as I felt sudden pressure against my tight rear opening. I tried to keep my breathing even, but I wouldn't be able to do that if he just drove it inside my ass!

I felt myself filling up back there, and realized his cock was sliding inside my ass without major difficulty. I felt breathless, but, in fact, it was making me shudder with pleasure as well. Despite everything, I could feel my body blushing with embarrassment. I was getting fucked up the ass and enjoying it on national television. I hated this game show.

The stud held my hips as he stroked into my ass again and again. My huge boobs swayed as my ass slapped against his lower belly. I could feel his shaft thickening inside my tight rear entry and knew he was getting close. I shuddered as his continued stroking made me embarrassingly, helplessly aroused, despite my repeated orgasms already. Then I felt one of his hands leave my hip, and I was puzzled for a moment, but only a moment, as I suddenly felt the sting of a hearty slap on my rounded ass. I squealed in surprise, and suddenly the stud was filling my ass with cum.

Finally, he pulled out of my ass and it was official. I was full of cum in every available space, and had never felt so bimboey and slutty as I did at this moment. And it wasn't over yet. I still had to find the cutie.

I realized with a start that I had lost track of Chrissie and whatever she was doing. Well, too late to worry about it now. I wandered the cage, trying desperately to locate the remaining cutie. Finally, judging by the audience's cheers as they tried to guide me, I found myself on the far side of the cage. And that's when I realized I could smell a light dab of perfume.

I moved forward eagerly, and suddenly my face was pressed between two soft pillows. I backed up a step, mumbling an apology.

"Not a problem, sweetie," said a soft voice, "but you better get to it. Christine is working Sean's cock into her ass for her final one."

I felt a cold hand gripping me, and knew I had to do the best job of licking pussy I could possibly do. I dropped to my knees and located the girl's clit with my tongue. Then I went to work on that hot button using every trick I could think of.

I licked and sucked that clit. I circled my tongue around it. I flickered it with my tongue. I pressed my face into her sex. My cheeks were covered with her juices, and I felt so full from being full of cum that I thought I would waddle for the rest of my life. The girl's moans were getting more intense, though, and her hips were beginning to buck. I could hear the guy doing Chrissie's ass beginning to moan as well, however. It was going to be close.

My jaw ached, my body ached and I was cumming again as my sensitive lips continued to wrack my insides with unbearably heated sensations. I was a swirl of helpless reactions. At last, however, the girl's hips began to buck as her moans matched the intensity of the stud's moans, and suddenly the audience was cheering and screaming even louder than before, if that was possible. The girl was gripping my hair in her hands and had my face pressed tightly to her sex as her belly shuddered from the intensity. Nearby, the man's moans had faded to nothing as his orgasm finished as well.

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