tagMind ControlCrime: Night at the Museum Ch. 03

Crime: Night at the Museum Ch. 03


Anyone who is under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.

The people and events in this story are fictional and do not represent anyone or anything from real life.

Synopsis: A museum heist has unexpected results.


I was not happy about Chrissie getting the dildo stuck in my ass. Just standing around was an exercise in humility, and don't even get me started on how I walked. Sleeping on my belly didn't improve my disposition any, either. However, we soon discovered that it just didn't matter.

Neither Chrissie nor I could resist doing each other with that damn glass dildo and leaving it stuck in the other person. Chrissie ended up straddling my ass the following morning and got the dildo stuck inside her pussy once more. I laughed my ass off, until I found myself grinding on her after lunch and ending up walking around with my own glass cock. By dinnertime, Chrissie had given me a blowjob and was walking around with the dildo sticking out of her mouth, but shortly after ice cream I had found myself straddling her mouth, screaming like a slut as I came on her face, then screaming like a banshee when I realized I had the dildo stuck inside my pussy again. We bickered, sniped and snarled at each other the entire time, but we continued to helplessly fuck each other the next two days.

It was the behavior of Laura and Tonya that finally distracted Chrissie and I from our dilemma. We had been so busy doing each other that we hadn't realized just how much the other two had been affected by their glass pieces. However, by the next morning- four days after our museum job- it finally became apparent that they were having issues as well.

Laura had been sullen and angrily resentful the entire previous day. Today, however, she seemed to be in a much better mood. The mood change was odd, particularly as Laura seemed to be perky, even downright giggly, which was as out-of-character for Laura as the sullen anger had been.

Tonya had been nauseous on-and-off for most of yesterday, but when she wasn't feeling sick, her appetite was huge, and she was eating the weirdest things. The cucumber and pickle sandwiches were odd, as were the bowls of tuna in barbeque sauce. When Tonya started snacking on wine and cocoa puffs cereal, however, we started giving her significant looks. Tonya just shrugged and pointed out that she hadn't been on a date with a man in over six months, so that theory was shot down.


"Where do you think you're going?" I asked, my belly muscles twitching.

Chrissie glanced at me, keeping her distance. "I'm going to bed. It's been a long day. Is that all right with you?"

I narrowed my eyes. "I'm not going to sleep with this thing stuck in me again. I've had to sleep with it every night so far."

Chrissie shrugged. "That's your tough luck. I'm not helping you."

I walked forward, the dildo bobbing underneath my robe. "Oh, I think I can convince you otherwise, sweetie."

Chrissie ran behind the couch. "Stay away from me, you bitch!"

I walked around the couch after her. "Oh, come on, you want it, slut!"

Chrissie circled around the couch, keeping it between us. "I'm warning you, stay away from me!"

I ran around the couch after her. "I can see this relationship is something we have to work on!" And the chase was on.

I pursued Chrissie around the couch several times, then tried to vault it. That resulted in the sofa being tumbled over backwards. Chrissie screeched and backed away from my grasping hands, then bolted again. I chased her around the living room and grabbed her t-shirt, but she spun and shoved me backwards onto the coffee table. The sound of the coffee table tumbling over created an even bigger racket, but I was back on my feet in a second and gamely chasing Chrissie again, catching her next to the sofa. We tumbled together onto the overturned sofa, Chrissie calling me some very unladylike names as we landed together. I was just getting Chrissie's ankles apart when we realized we had an audience.

Laura and Tonya stared at us, open-mouthed. In unison, their gazes traveled around the trashed living room, taking in the broken and overturned furniture, then back to us.

Still breathing heavy from our physical excursions, Chrissie and I looked at each other, our cheeks suddenly red, then back to Laura and Tonya.

Laura rubbed her eyes sleepily. She was dressed in Hello Kitty pajamas, complete with covered feet. "Why are you guys making so much noise? I can't sleep, you know?"

I bit my lower lip. "I can explain. Ummmm, Chrissie lost a charm from her bracelet and we were just-"

Tonya was more to the point. "What the HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING? Are...you...INSANE?!?"

Chrissie and I looked down, embarrassed. My hips twitched and pressed toward Chrissie.

Tonya remained in high dungeon. "Whatever issues you two have, you need to keep it CIVILIZED! Yes, Erica, we were trying to double-cross you at the museum! Yes, Chrissie, Erica was probably trying to double-cross us at the museum as well! There! It's all out! Now either work it out like adults or kill each other, for all I care! Either way, DO IT QUIETLY!"

Chrissie and I glanced up and said in unison, "Weeeee're sorry." We both looked very contrite. And we both came to a realization at the same time.

The front of Tonya's t-shirt was completely soaked around both her nipples.

Tonya glared at us for several heartbeats, then finally turned and stomped back to her room. Laura looked at us with big eyes for a moment, then turned and made her way back to her room as well.

Chrissie said in a very quiet voice, "She's lactating."

I nodded. "Yeah. And she's moody as hell, too. When have you ever heard Tonya scream like that?"

"Last week, when the pizza guy brought the anchovy pizza instead of the pepperoni. And two days before that, when the rain knocked out the cable. And the day before that, when the machine gave her Diet Pepsi instead of Diet Coke, and also..."

"Alright! Alright! I get it!" I said. I wriggled my hips slightly so that my glass cock was in the vicinity of Chrissie's pussy.

Chrissie's eyes widened, and her hips twitched in helpless response. She tried to adjust position to slide away, but that was a mistake, as it brought her mouth closer to the glass dildo than her pussy. Suddenly I felt her tongue sliding along my glass cock, and I was murmuring encouragement, my belly muscles jumping and twitching. Then her lips wrapped around the dildo and I could see her mouth in a perfect "O" as her head began to bob between my legs. Soon I was moaning in heated response and I knew I was seconds away from an explosive orgasm. I felt Chrissie shifting, probably thinking about trying to move up and straddle my hips, but I held her head in place and bucked my hips, fucking her mouth. Her eyes widened as she realized what I was doing, but it was too late. We peaked and began to wriggle helplessly as our simultaneous orgasms rocked our bodies.

A few minutes later we were able to move again. Chrissie sat up and I felt the dildo sliding out of my pussy. Chrissie flushed as she realized she now had the dildo stuck in her mouth for the night.

I reached up and patted her puffed out cheek. "We can talk about what a back-stabbing bitch you are tomorrow. Your mouth is too full to talk now. Sleep well, sweet cheeks," I said. I stood up with a flourish and made my way to my bedroom, falling into a deep and lovely sleep.


I woke to the sensation of something pushing incessantly at my lips. My eyes popped open. Chrissie was leaning over me, trying to slide the end of the dildo into my mouth.

I instinctively kept my teeth together as I scrambled to get my thoughts together. Chrissie reached up and pinched both my nipples, then twisted. My mouth popped open as I gasped at the sudden intense sensations.


I felt the dildo slide between my lips and into my mouth. Chrissie was apparently still a little pissed about the previous night, however, and she didn't stop there. She pressed her mouth forward and I could feel the dildo actually sliding into my throat. My chin lifted instinctively to allow the dildo room, and Chrissie didn't stop until her lips were pressed against mine. This started a horrible, heated, erotic kiss, with both our mouths and throats full of smooth glass cock. My nipples were hard and my thighs had parted without thought. I felt Chrissie sliding her hand down the front of my panties, and suddenly my wet pussy was full of her fingers. My heart was pounding from pure heat and lack of oxygen, and I was beginning to see dark spots. The combination of heat and panic gave me an almost instantaneous and embarrassingly explosive orgasm that was so intense, I slid back into unconsciousness.

When I awoke a short time later, Chrissie was gone. So were my panties. My mouth was full of the glass cock as well. Then I realized my entire pubic area was covered with some kind of lotion.

I sat up quickly, my heart pounding. What the hell was this? Then the smell registered.


I jumped up and grabbed a t-shirt, wiping the area desperately, but it was too late. My whole pussy tingled and burned slightly, and it was completely smooth and hairless. Chrissie had just effectively shaved me while I was out.

That fucking bitch.

I quickly showered. After pulling on a t-shirt and a new pair of panties, I stomped my way into the kitchen. Chrissie was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee. She had an unbearable smirk on her face.

I glared at her at pointed at my pussy. "Mmmppphhh!" I said.

Chrissie nodded. "Yes, I did. A good slut should have a nice smooth va-jay-jay, wouldn't you say?"

"Mmmppphhh!" I said.

"Such language!" said Chrissie. "Really, Erica, you should be ashamed of yourself."

I had plenty more to say, and I would have said it, too, but Tonya walked into the kitchen right then. She was wearing a baggy t-shirt over stretch jogging pants, and I had a feeling I knew why.

Chrissie said, "Tonya...pull up your t-shirt."

Tonya blushed and said, "No. I'm fat. It must be all those sandwiches I ate."

"Don't argue with me, Tonya," said Chrissie. "Just pull up your shirt."

Tonya waffled, but finally pulled up her t-shirt. Her breasts were obviously swollen and the normally thin blonde girl had a definitively swelled belly.

"Mmmppphhh!" I said.

Chrissie nodded her agreement. "Tonya...you're pregnant."

Tonya stamped her bare foot. "No, I'm not! I had my period two weeks ago!"

"I believe you," said Chrissie, "but that doesn't make you any less pregnant."

"You can't get pregnant from a glass dildo," said Tonya. "If that were the case, you and Erica would be knocked up. Besides, it's not even been a week since the museum job!"

"True," mused Chrissie, "and you look like you're six months along. Alright, take a home pregnancy test. That will answer the question."

"I don't have one," said Tonya, obviously uncomfortable with the idea.

Chrissie rolled her eyes. "Alright, maybe Laura has one. I hear her coming down the hall."

On cue, Laura entered the kitchen, and we were all struck silent once again. Laura was wearing a pink little girl's dress that was cinched just below her breasts and barely covered her ass. Her red hair was drawn up in pigtails. She looked like a fetish stripper, except for the innocent look on her face.

We looked at each other, then back at Laura. Then we looked at each other again, then back at Laura. No one knew what to say.

Finally Chrissie said, "Umm...Laura...do you have a pregnancy test?" From the look on Chrissie's face, I could tell that she felt like she had just asked Barney the Dinosaur for a cigarette. I did my best not to snicker.

Laura blinked adorably. "A pregnancy test? You have to take a test to be a mommy?"

Chrissie rolled her eyes. "Nevermind. I'll go buy one."

"Mmmppphhh!" I said.


An hour later, Tonya was peeing on a stick. Five minutes after that, to nobody's surprise, the blue stick was announcing that Tonya was officially knocked up. Ten minutes after that, Chrissie was walking around with the dildo stuck inside her pussy again. Two hours after that, Chrissie, Tonya and I were playing rock, paper, scissors to see who would be the first one to put a diaper on Laura. She had wet herself twice and seemed oblivious to the need to use the bathroom.

Later that evening, I sat down and tried to think my way through things. Chrissie was giving Laura a shower and Tonya was resting, so I had the living room to myself. I tried to put the quiet time to good use.

Our situation was getting bad. Chrissie and I were still fucking each other with abandon with the double-sided glass dildo. We bickered constantly even as we did it, but we couldn't seem to stop. Tonya was definitively pregnant and seemed to be moving through the stages rapidly. She looked to be around six months pregnant already. She'd have the baby by the end of the week if she stayed on the present pace. And Laura...Laura seemed to be mentally regressing to infancy. She couldn't really talk anymore and she required supervision.

The problem was simple. It was obvious that the glass pieces we took were responsible for our various changes. But just taking them away didn't solve anything. We couldn't do anything about the double-sided glass dildo, since it was stuck inside Chrissie or I at all times, but Chrissie had taken Tonya's and Laura's pieces away. The changes continued unabated. We were out of ideas now.

The telephone rang. I picked up the handset and answered, "Hello?"

A deep baritone voice said, "You are having problems, aren't you?"

I tensed. I didn't know this person. "What do you mean? Who is this?"

The man on the other side growled impatiently. "Come, now, girl; this is no time to play games. Are you pregnant? Or perhaps you have a glass phallus stuck inside you somewhere. Obviously you are still adult in thought and action, but perhaps one of your companions isn't so lucky, girl."

My heart was pounding. He knew something. "What do you know about...these things?" I asked.

"I know plenty, girl. And I know how to fix your problems. My price is easy to meet. All you have to do is give me the crystal you stole."

*Holy shit. He knew everything.* "I don't know what you're talking about," I said, my heart racing.

The deep baritone voice chuckled. "Of course you don't, girl. I will call back tomorrow, then, in case your memory improves." And then there was a thunderous click in my ear.

"WAIT! WAIT!" I screamed. Too late; I was holding a dead line.

NEXT: The final chapter.

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