tagNonHumanCrimson Ch. 08

Crimson Ch. 08


Note: All characters in this story are of 18 years or older. These stories deal primarily with full body transformation and growth, often incorporating aspects of the supernatural.


Sarah heard the front door click shut. She hopped off her bed and rushed into the living room. "Where have you been?"

Tiffany dropped her keys on the counter and smiled at her roommate. "Out. I met a really cute guy. Well, sort of."

"Jesus, Tiffany, you've been out till three in the morning every night this week and now you're coming in the next morning."

"Sarah, I know you're worried about me, but I'm fine, really! Oh, you haven't touched the brownies I made." She looked mournfully at the platter of brownies sitting on the kitchen table.

"What? Oh, no, I haven't touched your apology brownies, you know I'm on a diet." Self consciously, Sarah pulled at her ill fitted top and hunched herself forward to hide her figure. "And that's not the point. You haven't been to class in days and look at the way you're dressed. Oh my god is that a tattoo?!"

"Oh, yeah, I'm in such better shape, I thought I'd reward myself." Tiffany was dressed in tight leggings with knee-high striped socks. She had a low cut, bright pink top on which barely covered her mid-drift. Just above the waist band was a very blurry tattoo of her name, Tiff. "I think I'm going to take a quick shower. Look, I'm sorry I've been neglecting you. How about we stay in tonight? A real girl's night, sad movies, ice cream, we can do each other's nails!" She gave Sarah a quick hug and then slipped off to her bedroom.

The whole thing was surreal to Sarah. Since her roommate had returned from her debate trip, things had been wildly different. First of all was the alarming physical change that occurred over the week. Tiffany claimed it was her new diet finally kicking in, clearing out water weight, and her new exercise regime. Sarah had been on a diet with Tiffany for years, always fighting off those pesky extra pounds, and neither of them had enjoyed much success. The frightening thing was the other changes. At first Sarah suspected her friend of sneaking off to some fly by night plastic surgeon. Lipo and a boob job, at least. But she'd seen her naked since then. No scars and not even any stretch marks. Sarah had found herself inspecting her friend a little more closely than proper, and she hadn't seen anything other than a skinnier, perkier version of her old friend.

For that matter, Sarah had seen strange things happening around town all week. The temperature kept rising and a dreary haze had settled over everything. The morning after Tiffany returned home had been the worst. Half the town had acted like they'd just gotten off a four hour spin on the tilt-a-whirl. The feeling passed though and everyone, including Sarah wrote it off to the heat wave.

Sarah heard Tiffany singing to herself in the shower. The words were drowned out by the roaring water. Glancing at the clock, she saw the time, half past ten. Grumbling to herself, she headed over to the kitchen table to gather her books. The smell of the brownies wafted through the air, intoxicating her. Her mouth watered and her stomach longed for the gooey treat. She imagined sinking her teeth into the soft chocolate and letting the flavor spread over her taste buds. Before she realized it, she had a brownie halfway to her mouth. She snapped out of it and dropped the brownie back onto the platter. Tiffany had stopped singing for a moment, but as Sarah gathered her books, the song started up again.

She stuck her head into Tiffany's bathroom. "Hey, I'm heading out to class, so I'll see you later. That night in actually did sound kind of fun though." In the mirror, she saw the outline of her friend behind the shower curtain. She giggled, "Wow, the steam made it look like you were holding a dildo there for a second."

"Hah! Ok sweetie, I'll see you tonight!"

"Don't forget you have a 1:15 history class." Sarah took one last look in the mirror, something nagged at her to clean the steam off the window for a better look, but the chime of the quarter hour made her hurry out the door.

The heat had a few redeeming qualities. For one, parking on campus didn't seem so bad lately. Sarah easily found a spot only one building down from her class. A hot wind blasted her as she got out of her car. She rummaged in her purse, somewhat saddened by the lack of secreted away brownies, and pulled out some lip balm. As she applied the slightly sparkling balm in the mirror, she thought she saw a huge dog walk past the rear of her car. It startled her enough to turn and look, but it was only a pair of skinny guys making their way to class. She smacked her lips together with a loud SMMOOCK and climbed out of her car.

As she walked over to her classroom, her mind dwelt on the changes in her friend. She wanted to believe she wasn't jealous, but the idea kept creeping into her mind. The only logical explanation for all the changes she had seen was clear: Tiffany had a new boyfriend. She was out late every night, clearly sleeping over somewhere, and she was just plain happier all the time. Tiffany had made brownies! The girl had never cooked a day in her life, and yet she had twirled around the kitchen humming and baking.

Her class seemed rowdier than usual. The heat probably had everyone stir crazy. She took her normal seat on the third row, smiling at the boy two chairs down from her. He looked even better than usual today. "Hey Kevin," she said with a blush.

"How's it going, Sarah? Hey, um...did I see your roommate last night?"

"Um, I dunno, where were you? I know she was out late, but I didn't catch just where she was."

"Just at a bar on the Plaza. I ran into this chick who was, well, let's just say she was the life of the party. I know you live with a Tiffany and this girl said she knew Sarah. I dunno, the bar was pretty intense. The Tiff girl was buying everyone shots. Terrible shots, but still, shots."

"Oh, yeah?" Sarah blushed. Jealousy reared its head. She'd spent hours with Tiffany daydreaming about the cute boy in her history class. She'd never forgive her friend if she'd been his one night stand.

"Yeah, some god awful thing that tasted like it was made with heavy cream. Anyway, I thought she might be your Tiffany. Does she go by Tiff?"

"No." Sarah lied and started to shuffle in her backpack for her notebooks. She was thankful for someone taking the seat beside her, even if he did smell like an old gym. Workout Guy, she always called him, and she usually hated him for being the needlessly sweaty barrier keeping her from her one true love.

"We're going back tonight. The place is fucking amazing. You have to come man." A guy behind Sarah was loudly talking on his phone. "Apparently it's been there for years, but some kind of zoning thing made it illegal for them to be open to the public....Yeah, it used to be invite only. Probably just old fat guys......Dude, I think they appreciate dancing for someone whose dick still works....Private rooms.....Marty is still there as far as I know, you should have seen his fucking face when that girl grabbed his crotch and took him back.....yeah.....in class.....probably 8:00....fuck yeah man.....later."

Sarah was relieved when the instructor appeared. He looked just as haggard as a few of the other guys around the room, but her soldiered on through the lecture. Sarah found it difficult to concentrate. She'd been worried sick over Tiffany for a week and now she was working herself into a fury about a secret and lengthy affair between her best friend and her unrequited love. She could just imagine them, her hands running through his thick brown hair, his gripping Tiffany's hips roughly as she twisted in his grip. The image burned in her mind.

Class ended and Sarah made a quick exit, having expended her good will toward Workout Guy. Halfway to her car, she heard footsteps running up behind her. Kevin grabbed her wrist and spun her around. He was out of breath and visibly shaken. "Sarah, I'm sorry....*gasp*...I uh, I need to talk to your roommate. She won't answer her phone."

Sarah's anger surged within her. "Look, Kevin, it's not my problem my slutty roommate won't call you back. At this point, she probably has another cock on her plate, so you're going to have to wait in line." Her words poured out before she could stop them. Horror gripped her, what was she saying? Tiffany was her best friend and she had never uttered an ill syllable about her.

Kevin was still panting for breath, he looked frail. "What? Jesus, Sarah, no, it's not like that. I just need...I need to know what was in that drink last night. I can't remember what happened for like six hours. I didn't even wake up hung over. You don't think....you don't think, no. Maybe the bartender did it, but that doesn't make sense either. Look, I've felt weird ever since last night. Not sick, not really even...bad...I guess, just wrong. Something's wrong, like I'm high, but I don't know on what. Just have her call me if she knows something, ok?" His voice cracked, he blushed. "Man, I haven't done that since I was a teenager."

Sarah barely heard his explanation. Relief had deafened her. Tiffany hadn't slept with Kevin! Sure she might have drugged him and dozens of other people, but who cares about that. The carnal image in her head changed, Tiffany disappeared and Sarah took her place. She ran her own hands down over Kevin's rock hard abs. He grabs her hair and pulls her head back while running his other hand along her throat. She flushed, she felt her panties getting wet. "Right...sorry," she said. "I'll talk with her. We're supposed to be hanging out tonight. Look, I need to go, I have another class across campus."

"So, you'll talk to her, great!" Kevin sounded relieved. "Thank you so, so much. Look, could you just text me as soon as you can? Sorry if I'm frantic, I just...well, you know."

Sarah could only smile at him. His broad smile sent more tingles throughout her body. She could smell him lingering in the air around her. The smell wasn't something she had noticed before, deep and rich, but sweet. She could imagine his cum tasting the same, swirling over her tongue while she teased the tip of his cock. She slammed her car door and hastily cranked the car. Kevin had deep brown eyes, she could see them staring down at her while she bobbed happily on his cock. The car rumbled to a stop on the gravel shoulder. Sarah unbuttoned her pants and slid her hand under the waistband of her panties. She barely noticed how wet they were as she easily slipped her fingers in. Closing her eyes, she imagined Kevin standing over her. Her legs pressed down onto her breasts by his bulk as he thrust into her. She let out a small moan and felt a gush of fluid as her mind burst with pleasure.

A blaring horn whizzed by her as another car rocketed down the highway. She realized what she had done. Thoroughly embarrassed, she buttoned up her pants. Without thinking, she licked her fingers clean, enjoying the sweet taste. Halfway through, she stopped and found some napkins to dry herself. God, what had come over her. She hadn't masturbated in months. She had just fingerfucked herself in her car on the side of the road. Wait till she told Tiffany about that.


When Sarah arrived home, the house smelled amazing. Apparently, Tiffany had spent the day baking. The counter was covered with brownies, cupcakes, and various other pastries. Everything looked delicious and the aroma was almost overpowering. "Hey gurl!" Tiffany said as she popped out of her bedroom. Sarah couldn't help but notice how amazing she looked wearing tight pink briefs barely covered by an oversized grey t-shirt. She also wondered where her friend acquired the men's tee.

"Looks like you've been busy," she said, throwing her bags into a chair. "You're not going to believe what happened to me today. Were you out on the Plaza last night?"

"Oh, I want to hear all about it, but first taste this," she presented a bowl filled with pink icing. She took a large dollop on her finger and presented it to Sarah.

Sarah began to lean forward and playfully lick the heavenly smelling frosting from her friends finger, but stopped halfway. "No way, you're not going to sabotage my diet. So, the Plaza?"

"Um, yeah," Tiffany said. She pouted as she cleaned off her own finger. Walking to the refrigerator, she swished her hips back and forth causing the loose shirt to cling to her curvy figure. "There was a shot party at one of the bars last night. I 'volunteered' as a shot girl. It was fun, we should totally both go next week, you'd love it. Guys paw you all night!"

"Why would I like that?" Sarah said unconvincingly. Her thighs flushed with heat. She plopped down on the sofa.

"You can't lie to me, Sarah," Tiffany brought around a pitcher of pink milk. She poured two large glasses and put one on a coaster in front of her roommate. With a sly smile, she set down a platter of cookies topped in red frosting. Sarah glared at her. "Just if you feel like it. I mean, milk can't be all that bad for you can it?" She took a large gulp from her own glass, leaving a mustache on her lip. Sarah was seized by the urge to pin her friend to the couch clean her mouth with a long kiss. "So, what happened? Why are you suddenly interested in where I was last night?"

"Oh, I have that class with Kevin today. He was asking me about you. He was freaking out about being drugged or something. He wasn't accusing you or anything, just wondering if you noticed the bartender being funny. Said he'd tried calling you a bunch of times."

Tiffany finished a cookie with a devilish smile. "You know, I haven't checked my phone all day. It was dead when I got in, I should go see if it's charged. Help yourself, sweetie. I know you want it."

Tiffany left to get her phone from her bedroom after leaving a cookie on Sarah's knee. Sarah quickly returned it to the platter. Her mouth was watering though. Condensation trickled down the glass of strawberry milk. She shrugged, can't hurt that much, she rationalized. The glass was halfway to her lips when she heard a bang come from the hallway. Concerned, she put down the glass and went to the hall. Tiffany was sitting on her bed reading her phone. Another bang. "Tiff, what's that noise, is there something in the closet?"

"I dunno, open it up and check. Wait, did you have anything to drink yet? I'm sure you're thirsty."

Sarah ignored her. The closet door shook with another bang. It should have frightened her. She turned the knob and pulled, ready to flee squealing from whatever creature wriggled out. A man collapsed into her, pushing them both down into the hallway. "Oh my god! Kevin! What the fuck are you -- FUCK!" She crawled back away from the figure.

"Please...she said there'd be more....I can't finish without more...it's so full......help!" Kevin staggered to his feet. He was stark naked, but nothing like Sarah had imagined. He could barely stand, he chest heaved and his abs went concave under the stress of breathing. Between his legs, an enormous cock stood out, rigid. Sarah could not believe her eyes. His testicles forced his legs apart, the size of coconuts. His cock surged and pulsed as he tried to walk towards her. A thick vein running the length was the size of Sarah's arm. The cockhead was almost as big as Sarah's own head, the helmet was slick and wet, oozing huge gobs of precum in a trail behind the man who she so often fantasized about. "I need to cum," he begged. "It's so big because she won't let me cum, unnngghhhhhhh."

Sarah got to her feet and spun around to see Tiff standing between her and the door. "What the fuck have you done to him?"

"Oh, I just wanted to see how far I could go. Just imagine how much he could cum. Why you could actually take a bath in it. Poor thing couldn't fuck very well though, why he'd just split a normal girl right in half. You know, you and I could oil ourselves up, put that monster dick between us, and spend a while rubbing our tit up and down the length, ride the ridges along our pussies, till we had him squirting like a roman candle."

Kevin shuddered, more cum dripping from his tip.

"My god, you did drug him didn't you!" Sarah realized. Her eyes scanned the room behind Tiff, all the baked goods and the milk. "And you were trying to do the same thing to me! I'm calling the police."


Sarah stopped. Her mind raced through everything she had eaten or drank for the past few days. She'd stayed close to her diet, only water and veggies. "I haven't eaten a thing you've touched, you psycho bitch. How the fuck did this happen to you? We were friends!"

"Oh, honey, we still are friends!" Tiff said with a sweet smile. "Why do you think I let you borrow my lip gloss?"

Sarah ran her tongue over her lips. "No....what have you done to me?"

"Just try not to fight it," Tiff said. "See what happens when you try to fight it? You wind up like poor Kevin here. Last night he was all too happy to suck on my tits. Then he wanted to go back to his boring old human life. So I made his cock grow and grow and grow, but never cum. Not yet at least, I saved that for you! Just look what you can become!"

Tiff shimmered slightly. Her loose t-shirt grew taut. Dark spots appeared around the swollen nipples. With a quick movement she pulled it over her head, letting enormous breasts spill into view. Sarah was mesmerized by their size and excited at the drops of crimson milk dripping from her friend's tits. Her friend's ass was growing as well, but that didn't hold her attention long. The skin tight briefs were showing Tiff's new appendage clearly. She giggled as she pulled down the waist band, her cock popping forth to bob in front of her. The briefs shimmied down her perfect legs giving Sarah a perfect view of the girl-cock. Sarah couldn't restrain herself, she went to her knees in front of her friend. She placed her finger on the head of the cock and slowly trailed down along the bottom ridge, finally running into a smooth and sopping wet slit which she plunged her finger in.

"That'a girl," Tiff said with a grunt. "Now suck it." She nudged her friend's bewildered face with her cock. Without a thought, Sarah took the warm girth into her mouth. She felt the cock slide over her tongue and ram into the back of her throat. Tiff began to withdraw. Sarah put another finger in her pussy and pulled her forward, shoving the cockhead down her throat. She moaned around the swollen dick, trying to stuff as much into her mouth as possible. "Oh, you're going to make me cum! I'm going to spurt rope after rope of my jizz into your belly! What'll you think that'll do to you? Ahhh....ahh.....uhhhhnnnngggggg!" The cock erupted hot cum into Sarah's mouth, she slurped it down as fast as possible. She coughed slightly as the softened dick slipped out of her mouth.

A hunger had woken up inside of her and it started to battle with her fleeting sense of self.

"Oh Sarah, who knew you could suck dick so well. And look at that, your change is coming along just nicely. Looks like you're going to have bright pink hair, that's fun!"

Sarah managed to get to her feet. She felt sick and happy at the same time. Kevin continued to groan for relief behind them. Her hair dropped into her eyes and she could see what Tiff was talking about. Her normal brown hair had been replaced by a shock of neon pink. "Tell me what's about to happen to me. I at least want to know." She tried to remain calm, but an overwhelming urge to fuck everything in sight was slowly taking hold of her.

"I should have known you couldn't just accept this. Well, let's speed things along then. First, no more unsightly tummy."

No sooner than Tiff had spoken, Sarah felt her waist tighten, as if it were being turned in a blender. She pulled up her shirt and discovered a smooth, tan waist. Feeling it natural, she removed her top.

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