tagLesbian SexCross Border Relations Ch. 2

Cross Border Relations Ch. 2


Author's Note: Thank you all for the kind words you sent about Part I of this story. To the one person who was "brave" enough to send anonymous mail to tell me they found the story "sick" and wished "a local law enforcement officer had come by", I have a suggestion – if lesbianism and/or mature stories "disgust" you, perhaps you shouldn't be reading them, let alone actually taking the time to send anonymous nasty emails. Or, if you're going to voice your opinion (which you're entitled to), don't be a coward. Grow a spine and leave an email address next time.

Lifting her head slightly, the girl's pussy juices covering her face, she continued pumping her fingers in and out, slower now, letting the girl come down from her orgasm. Unable to resist, she bent down and gave the teen's orgasm-sensitive-clit a quick lick, chuckling as Katie gasped and jumped.

Slowly, she slid up the girl's body and kissed her deeply, letting the teen taste her own juices on Jane's lips. Their bodies melded together – breasts to breasts, nipples to nipples, wet cunt to wet cunt. The feel of Katie's hot, wet pussy against her own made Jane's ache with the need for release, but she stayed focused on pleasuring the girl. Unable to resist, Jane ground her slick cunt against Katie's, their clits brushing each other, eliciting another soft moan from the teen.

"Oh god, Jane! I've never cum like that before," Katie whispered, her voice still shaky from her climax.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, sweetie, but there's much more I want to do with you that will make you feel even better," Jane smiled gently.

Katie smiled at Jane shyly, "I – I want to learn how to please you, too." The girl's hips were still gently thrusting beneath Jane's as her hands slid up and down the woman's back in a soft caress, driving Jane mad with desire.

"You will, sweets, but," Jane looked around briefly, then grinned down at the young girl. "Don't you think we should go somewhere a bit more private?"

Katie giggled and nodded, leaning up to give Jane a soft kiss. The older woman moaned with her need and only through sheer will was she able to break the kiss and pull away from the sweet, young body beneath her.

"Mmmmm…as much as I want to ravish you again right now, I think we'd best get dressed before our luck runs out," Jane winked as she straightened her skirt and pulled up her top, albeit reluctantly.

Pretending to pout, Katie sat up, a devilish glint suddenly appearing in her eyes. As Jane watched, the girl spread her legs even wider and slowly slid a finger up and down her slit, then held the sopping wet digit out in offering to Jane. The older woman dropped to her knees with a groan and greedily sucked the sweet juice from the girl's finger, making sure she didn't miss a drop.

Pushing Katie away playfully, she stood up once more. "Good lord, girl! You are a temptress in disguise! Get dressed and I'll race you to the car." Jane laughed as she re-packed the bag she'd brought while Katie reassembled her clothes.

They realized how much time had actually passed when they got back to the parking lot and found it empty except for Jane's car. Tossing her bag into the back, Jane opened the door for Katie, unable to resist brushing her hand across the girl's skirt-covered pussy. Katie purred and gave her a kiss, then slid into the car. Jane settled into her own seat and headed slowly out of the park, the setting sun casting a crimson glow in her rear view mirror.

It was a good thing there wasn't much traffic or Jane would have crashed the car when she suddenly felt Katie's hand sliding under her skirt and caress the inside of her thigh, letting her fingernails lightly brush the sensitive lips of Jane's wet cunt.

Jane braked as she came to a stop sign and glanced to the teen beside her. Katie was grinning mischievously, keeping her hand buried under the older woman's skirt, sliding a fingertip up and down Jane's dripping slit, her other hand cupping and fondling her own breast. Jane couldn't help but moan and part her legs a bit for the teen, closing her eyes briefly to enjoy the sensations, her hips lifting slightly. A loud, impatient honking behind them made both women jump and then giggle.

Jane waggled her fingers at the driver behind then, then headed through the intersection, trying to pay attention to the road, despite the feel of Katie's inexperienced fingers tracing the length of her slit. Jane groaned loudly when the teen's fingertip came into contact with her aching clit. Encouraged by the woman's reaction, Katie slowly circled the hard bud, lightly teasing it.

"You're so wet, Jane," she whispered. "Did I do that to you?"

Jane nodded, her voice husky with arousal, "Yes. You're so beautiful and sexy. Ohhh…oh god, Katie!" She groaned loudly as the teen gently pinched her clit. "Mmmm…is…is there anywhere around here … a hotel or something?" Jane could hardly speak for the feelings Katie was causing between her spread thighs as she fingered the older woman's sopping pussy.

Katie leaned back in her own seat, withdrawing her fingers from Jane's yearning cunt, her pink tongue tentatively flicking out to taste the juice glistening on her fingers, then sucking greedily on them. Jane wasn't sure if she was relieved or frustrated. At least now she could concentrate on driving without worrying about crashing.

"Yeah," Katie replied after she'd licked all of Jane's pussy juice from her fingers. "There's a motel not far from here. I'll direct you to it." The teen leaned across and wet her finger again with Jane's arousal. "Mmmm…you taste good…"

Jane swallowed hard, watching the young girl suck her fingers, her pussy clenching at the thought of Katie sucking her clit like that. She knew it wouldn't take much for her to cum now. She was so horny. She couldn't wait to get this hot young girl fully naked and on a bed.

Jane kept her eyes on the road, following Katie's directions. "Ok, turn left up here and then follow the road to the end. It will, mmmmmmmm, take about, ohhhh, 15 minutes…" The girl's voice trailed off into a soft moan as Jane made the turn, trees lining both sides of the dirt road, then glanced over to see what was making Katie sound so breathless.

The sight that greeted her eyes almost made her cum right there. She felt an electric jolt of lust shoot through her, tightening her stomach then coursing straight to her clit where it settled, causing the swollen bud of nerve endings to throb so hard she thought it would explode. Jane pulled the car over and threw it in park, the last vestiges of the sun casting a pink glow through the trees and bathing the sight before her.

Katie had twisted around in her seat and was leaning her back against the door, facing Jane. She had pulled her skirt and top up to expose her sweet breasts and wet teen cunt. Seeing that Jane was watching her, she grinned and licked her lips slowly, keeping eye contact with Jane, then circled her nipples with her fingertips, pinching and tugging them, making soft little whimpers as they hardened more.

Jane swallowed hard and clenched her thighs together, the pressure on her clit increasing. Katie cupped her breasts with both hands, then slowly slid one hand down to her swollen pussy, while the other stayed to continue fondling her breasts. A long, slender finger lightly traced the outside lips of her sweet teen cunt, smearing her juices over them. As Jane watched, mesmerized by the hot scene in front of her, Katie brought her other hand down to join the first. Two fingers spread the slick, puffy outer lips, exposing the deep pink flesh of her inner labia. Jane swore to herself she could see fresh pussy juice trickling from the tight virgin hole nestled between those succulent folds of flesh.

Katie's heart was pounding wildly in her chest. She couldn't believe she was doing this, masturbating in front of Jane in a car! But she couldn't help it. Jane had made her feel so good and had got her so revved up. Her hormones were racing and she couldn't remember ever being this hot and horny. All she could think about right now was getting off again. Her pussy was throbbing and she was so damn wet! She was surprised how hot it made her, having Jane watch and seeing the effect it was having on the older woman.

Jane could no longer just sit there, but the gear shift between the seats prevented her from diving face first into Katie's juicy cunt. Her own pussy was demanding attention and this time she gave in. Twisting slightly so she was facing the masturbating teen, she tugged her own skirt up to her waist and parted her knees, feeling hot cunt juice escape and dribble down the crack of her ass to the seat of her car. As she watched the young girl run her finger up and down her spread slit, her own fingers mimicked the teen's. Her pussy was hot and slick with her excitement and she knew it wouldn't take long. Already she could feel the tightening in her stomach and the instinctive clenching of her pussy.

Katie moaned as she watched Jane join her in their mutual masturbation. Still holding her cunt open, she ran her finger once around the virgin entrance, then up to her aching clit, circling it slowly. A shudder ran through her as soon as she made contact with the hard nub and she couldn't resist pinching it gently. Moaning softly, her eyes half-closed with lust, she used her thumb and forefinger to tug on her clit like she was jerking off a miniature cock, her hips bucking up slightly, instinctually.

Jeezus! Jane thought she was going to go insane from watching this sexy teen finger her sweet pussy! Her own fingers were busy between her legs, one hand still holding the lips apart. Unable to hold back, she plunged two fingers deep into her eager cunt, the heel of her hand pressing hard against her aching clit. Holding her hand still, she humped her hips against it, panting and licking her lips as she watched the young girl get closer and closer to orgasm.

Katie was whimpering non-stop now, her body trembling as she thrust her hips up. Continuing to jerk her clit, pinching it harder now, she used her other hand to slide a finger into her tight hole. Her pussy was on fire and it greedily clenched around her finger, pulsing with the impending climax. Pumping the finger in and out in time with Jane's thrusts, she slipped another finger inside, stretching her snug opening.

"Ohhh…oh fuck! Oh yeah…oh god, Jane. Mmmm…I'm gonna cum…" Katie was thrusting up against her hand wildly now, her head tossing from side to side as she finger-fucked herself, the other hand pinching and tugging her nipples. "Mmmmmmmm…so close…watch me, Jane. Watch me cum for you…"

Jane groaned and couldn't hold back, her own fingers slamming violently into her clenching cunt, she leaned reached over with her other hand and stroked Katie's pulsing clit, wanting to feel the girl cum, share the hot juice with her. "Yessss," she hissed softly. "That's it, baby. Mmm…fuck yeah…cum for me…ooooohhhh…I'm gonna cum with you, Katie. Cum sweetie, cum hard for me…yesssssss…"

And then it was impossible for either woman to form a sentence. Both stiffened at the same time, their fingers stilling, buried deep inside their respective cunts, feeling the spasms start deep in their wombs and ripple down the walls of their pussies, a hot tide of slippery fluid following the sensation, coating and flowing past fingers to drip onto the soft velour of Jane's car seats.

Katie's orgasm hit her first and Jane fell back, watching as the girl squirmed on her fingers, mewling softly, head thrown back, mouth open, face flushed. Then her own climax overtook her and she closed her eyes and rode wave after wave of pleasure that coursed through her burning body.

Both women sat back, panting heavily as they recovered from their joint orgasm. Jane reached her hand, still sticky with cum, over to take Katie's, bringing it up to her lips and licking the tangy-sweet nectar from the teen's digits.

"Mmmm….let's go get that room before I fuck you right here in the car," Jane growled to Katie, the orgasm having done little to decrease her need for the girl. In fact, it had only made her hotter.

Katie gave her nipples one more pinch, groaning and nodded, still trying to catch her breath. Her pussy was still spasming and her clit still throbbed. She found herself wanting to be rid of her clothes, feeling Jane's body against hers – the need almost unbearable. Her heart was still pounding and she was shaking with her excitement, surprised at her overwhelming urge to bury her face deep into Jane's cunt. As Jane started the car and headed towards the rustic building in the distance, Katie wondered what the older woman would teach her next.

To be continued…

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