tagIncest/TabooCross Country Ch. 04

Cross Country Ch. 04


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* * *

"What do you mean Monday?" Nicky's voice was louder than normal as she confronted the dirty mechanic. "We've got a funeral to get to in Perth."

"Well, I can see if they'll deliver tomorrow even though it will be Sunday, but it will probably cost a bit more." The mechanic answered, appearing slightly bored and rather unconcerned at the inconvenience.

"Please check." Nicky told him, sighing. "And can you put a quote together for me?"

"Sure thing. Help yourself to coffee and I'll make some calls." The greasy man with the prominently displayed ass crack told her. He walked into the cramped office shaking his head and closed the door behind him.

Nicky turned to Sebastian.

"Do you know what he's talking about?" She asked.

"No," Sebastian answered, "I don't really know anything about cars."

"Great." Nicky muttered. "I really don't want to tell Mum about this until it's all fixed. Not while she's dealing with funeral homes and lawyers. I just hope we've got enough to cover it and still get to Perth."

Sasha sighed and walked over the coffee percolator. After one look, she shuddered and backed away wrinkling her nose.

"I was going to say we should take advantage of free coffee in that case, but I don't think he's ever cleaned the jug." She told them.

"Let's just wait and see what he says." Sebastian suggested. He was weary already and it was only 10.30 in the morning.

"Yeah." Nicky said. "I just can't help but think how easy it would be to rip us off."

Sebastian agreed silently but didn't respond. Tracy had provided them with over $2,000 on a prepaid credit card for this trip, but he knew that car problems could sometimes cost a lot more than that, especially for an expensive car like a Land Cruiser.

The sweaty man emerged a short time later and handed Nicky a sheet of paper.

"Well, there's the damage to your hip pocket." He leered at her hips and she glared at him before glancing down at the sheet.

"Oh ok." Nicky told him. "How long will that part take to arrive?"

"It should be here tomorrow but no guarantees. They're going to see if there is any trucks heading out from Adelaide tomorrow and then maybe they can get it dropped off here on the way through."

"Ok, can you call me and let me know when it arrives?" Nicky asked.

"Sure thing love." He told her with a slow smile. "I've got your mobile number."

His grin was predatory and Nicky turned away quickly, meeting Sebastian's eyes briefly and nodding towards the door. Sasha scurried out first and Sebastian held the door open for Nicky, looking back at the mechanic with a hard glare. The mechanic chuckled and walked back into his office.

The siblings walked in silence for a few minutes until they reached the main street and started back toward the motel.

Sasha eyed her sister sideways. "So? How much?"

Nicky sighed. "Not too bad really. It's going to cost us $700, including the cost of the towing yesterday, so we'll still have enough money to get by. Well, that is providing we don't have any more problems like this on the way."

"Just be glad it happened here and not on the Nullabor." Sebastian told her. "We could have been stranded a lot worse than this."

Sasha glanced at him and he thought she gave a slight smile. He flushed and looked back at Nicky.

"So what do we do for the rest of the day?"

"I'm not doing anything." Sasha announced. "Except go for a swim maybe. God it's hot!"

"That sounds like a plan to me." Nicky agreed. She turned back to Sebastian. "There's not much else we can do really. Let's just relax and wait for his call."

They arrived back at the motel and Sasha and Nicky went to reception to arrange another night's accommodation while Sebastian headed for their room. He climbed onto the bed and closed his eyes. They popped open again immediately. With his eyes closed, the events of last night began replaying in his mind at once. He sighed and stood up to get his laptop. Maybe that would help take his mind off things for a while.

The girls walked in a few minutes later and Nicky dumped her handbag on the table.

"No problems?" Sebastian asked her.

"No, not really." She answered, opening her suitcase and rifling through it.

"What does 'not really' mean?" He quirked an eyebrow at her.

"Well, they offered us a second room because someone left this morning. We can't really afford it though, not with the repairs." Nicky gave him an apologetic look over her shoulder. "Sorry Seb."

"It's ok." He told her, forcing a smile. God, another night next to Sasha. His heart began pounding immediately at the thought.

"Do you want to come for a swim?" Sasha asked, her new bikini dangling from her hand.

"Uh, no not really." Sebastian looked away, embarrassed anew at the memory of his sister modelling that bikini for him.

"Your loss." Sasha grinned.

"I'm going to get changed." Nicky announced and she walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

"Me too." Sasha said quietly. Sebastian looked up at her curiously, wondering at the sudden drop in volume. He was just in time to see Sasha's face disappear behind her shirt as she pulled it over her head.

The vision of her small breasts caused his heart to slam against his ribcage with shock and desire. Her nipples were a deep red against the pale curve of her breasts and completely hard. They were longer than he had expected. Shocked, Sebastian looked up at Sasha's face which was turning red too but she smiled at him and, tucking her fingers into the waistband of her small shorts, pushed them slowly down her legs along with her underwear.

His sister stood naked in front of him, a vision of slim beauty so perfect that he nearly passed out with desire. Her mound was completely devoid of hair and creamy white like the rest of her small body. Her labia protruded slightly from the small cleft between her legs and Sebastian swallowed hard as Sasha lifted one leg to let her shorts fall free, exposing herself fully to his gaze as her lips parted slightly.

Sebastian didn't know what to do. A painfully hard erection tented his shorts and he knew he should look away, or excuse himself and leave the room, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from Sasha's pale beauty. She was beauty incarnate, perfect in every way imaginable and her curved lips smiled seductively at him as she fitted her bikini top in place and settled her breasts into the small cups.

Still facing him, Sasha lifted one leg and eased the skimpy bottoms of the bikini over her foot in slow motion, holding herself completely exposed mere metres away from him. Sebastian tried to look up but her moist centre held him. No, her wet centre, he realised. A tiny clear droplet of liquid hung quivering from her pink lips and his hand twitched toward her before he regained control enough to stop himself.

Sasha glanced down at herself and smiled up at him. She drew her finger slowly between her labia, coating it with her juices, and seductively sucked on her finger with her eyes closed. Sebastian thought his heart would explode. Either that or he was going to have a stroke. He barely stopped himself from giggling wildly. He was going to have a stroke - as soon as his sisters were gone! Sasha drew the bikini bottoms up, hiding her wonderful treasure from his view, then grinned at him as she wrapped a towel around her slim body.

Nicky emerged from the bathroom and Sebastian jumped in alarm. He had completely forgotten her presence in the last few minutes, and his heart pounded harder as he realised how easily they could have been caught.

Nicky glanced at Sasha and then at Sebastian.

"Where did you get changed?" She asked Sasha, quirking an eyebrow toward her brother.

"Oh, he turned around." Sasha answered, smiling at Sebastian. He flushed deeply. "He's quite the gentleman you know."

"Well better you than me!" Nicky laughed. "Coming?"

The sisters grabbed their towels and walked out, Sasha pausing to blow him a quick kiss behind Nicky's back. Sebastian's eyes flickered back and forth between them as they left, feeling tortured and blessed at the same time. He was dumbstruck at the beauty of them both and amazed at the lucky twist that had allowed him to share a bed with them.

Nicky wasn't wrapped in a towel and her bikini, while not as tiny as Sasha's, revealed her long slender legs perfectly. Her hips were slightly fuller than Sasha's, tapering in at her waist, and her back was toned and nicely tanned.

Sebastian rushed to the window to watch them as they walked off toward the pool and he swallowed again at the memory of Sasha's perfect nudity. As soon as the two girls disappeared out of sight, Sebastian tore off his shorts and t-shirt and lay down on the bed, taking his hard length in his hand. Again, he was so aroused that drops of precum ran down over his fingers and he moaned loudly. His hand blurred along his hard cock. He wanted to cum quickly. It was a need so strong that he didn't bother trying to make it last, he just needed to cum.

"Ahem." Someone cleared their throat – inside the room!

Sebastian sat up with a yell, staring at Nicky who was standing just inside the door watching him. He quickly leaned over and grabbed his clothes from the floor beside the bed and used them to cover himself as well as he could. Sitting there, chest heaving and covered by a light sheen of sweat, Sebastian stared at his older sister in dismay, his mouth opening and closing but unable to form words.

"Seb…" Nicky said softly, moving into the room.

Sebastian looked away. He felt on the verge of tears at the embarrassment he was feeling at that moment, and he suddenly wanted to be anywhere but stuck in a motel room with his sisters.

The bed shifted as Nicky sat down opposite him and he jumped as her hand touched his.

"Seb, it's ok honey."

"No it's not." Sebastian muttered.

"Listen, we all do it you know. It's nothing to be ashamed about." She took his hand in hers but released it quickly. Sebastian looked up at her slowly. Nicky was staring at her palm which had a shiny streak of wetness across it and he groaned as he realised that his hand had been wet with his own arousal. Nicky swallowed audibly and looked up at him.

"Is it because you have to share a room with us?" She asked him gently.

"No." Sebastian murmured, then looked away again. "Yes. Maybe. I don't know."

"I'm sorry honey, I really am." Nicky spoke earnestly, leaning forward. "I know it's not the ideal situation, but it will be over soon."

"I know." Sebastian told her, still unable to meet her gaze.

Nicky was that unusual combination of older sister and maternal figure. Mentally she was much more mature than her 21 years and she looked after her younger siblings as a mother would sometimes, reminding them to do things, chastising them for making a mess, cooking meals, and so forth. His mother, Tracy, worked long hours and Nicky was home a lot more often than their mother.

"Don't be embarrassed Seb." Nicky continued, "Like I said, we all do it and you couldn't have expected one of us to come back so soon."

"Why did you?" Sebastian asked her, looking up at her again.

"I forgot the sunscreen." She said, simply. She merely looked at him, her eyes kind and understanding. She smiled and spoke gently again. "You keep doing what you were doing, ok? I'm going to go for a swim."

Sebastian goggled at her as she stood and picked up the bottle of sunscreen from the table.

"Seriously, enjoy the privacy and have fun." Nicky grinned at him and paused on her way to the door. "Would it make you feel any better if I told you that I masturbated in the shower this morning?"

He groaned and looked away, his erection jerking beneath the t-shirt. Nicky noticed and smiled at the tentpole between his legs.

"Honestly, stop worrying and enjoy yourself. We'll be back later."

She left with one last smile and Sebastian fell back against the pillow, confused but horny beyond belief. He pushed the bunched up clothing aside and continued to stroke himself, feeling an orgasm building inside him rapidly. His eyes closed and he masturbated hard and fast and, before long, ropes of cum were streaming across his tummy and chest, his hips jerking spasmodically as he came harder than he ever had before.

Unknown to Sebastian, Nicky stood outside the window with her hands cupped to the glass, watching as her brother ejaculated powerfully onto his own body. Nicky's breathing came in short gasps and she squeezed her thighs together tightly as she watched. She lifted her damp hand to her mouth and licked the salty residue from her palm. She had never realised how powerfully attractive her younger brother was, with his well defined muscles and toned body.

Shaking slightly, she drew slowly away from the window and started walking toward the pool. Chastising herself as she walked, Nicky shook her head and resolved to never let herself spy on him again. She was his older sister and she was supposed to be a role model to him, not a sexual deviant.

* * *

Sebastian lay by the pool in the late afternoon heat, a can of Coke in hand, watching a flock of galahs as they systematically destroyed the lawn across from him. Their squawking cries washed over him and he let his gaze see through them, drifting and trying to clear his mind.

Unable to relax in the small motel room, he had left Sasha and Nicky playing cards on the bed and escaped to the privacy of the empty pool area. Both of his sisters were acting completely normal with him, which was weird as far as he was concerned. Things between them were anything but normal, but they pretended so easily. Sebastian sighed and took a sip of his drink. It was getting warm, so he drained the rest of the can and dropped it beside the sun lounge. He would have to go back soon, he realised. It was nearly 7.00pm and they would be talking about dinner soon, if not already.

"Hey you." Sasha skipped into view and sat on the chair next to his.

"Hi." He answered, sitting up.

"We're hungry." The look she gave him made that the sexiest thing he had ever heard and he blushed. "So are you coming?" Her lips twitched and his blush deepened.

"Sure." He paused, looking at his twin. "Sash, are we going to talk about what happened earlier?"

"Hurry up then! Dinner's awaiting!" Sasha laughed and skipped out of the pool gate, holding it open for him.

"I guess not." Sebastian muttered to himself, folding up his towel.

Sebastian followed her out of the pool area and listened attentively as she told him about soundly defeating Nicky at canasta. Apparently they had been betting on the games since Nicky now supposedly owed her more than twenty dollars. Sasha seemed completely at ease with him, tucking her arm into his as they walked back to the room. He sighed silently to himself and began to make a conscious effort to chat normally with her.

There was nothing to be done about it apparently, and Sasha didn't want to talk, so he might as well play along and pretend everything was fine. Telling himself that didn't stop him from developing another erection as Sasha pressed herself against him, but he tried to ignore it as best he could.

Dinner that evening was at a tiny Italian restaurant in the town centre. It had a total of four tables, and was decorated the old fashioned way, with checkered red and white plastic tableclothes and rounded glass candle holders in the centre of each table. Nicky had noticed it earlier today as they walked back from the garage and nagged her brother and sister until they gave in.

As they ate, Sebastian devouring a pizza, while his sisters both toyed with their lasagne, Nicky gave them an update on their mum's situation.

"She rang while you were at the pool getting Sebastian." Nicky said in response to Sasha's indignant question. "And I didn't want her to know about the problem with the car just yet. I just told her we decided to stop earlier than expected because I was so tired from driving."

"Is she coping ok?" Sebastian asked as he inhaled another slice of pizza.

"Yeah she seems fine. Tired, but she's ok."

"When are we going to tell her?" Sasha pushed her plate away as she spoke, with nearly half the lasagne remaining, uneaten. Sebastian pulled it over to his side of the table and she stuck her tongue out at him. He grinned and kept eating.

"When we're on the road again and we know everything's ok with the car. I don't want her stressed out, and we can easily make it to Perth in time."

Nicky sipped from a glass of red wine, her fourth already this evening, and Sebastian could see her eyes were a little out of focus. Neither of the twins were much interested in alcohol, even though they were 'legal' now, and Nicky rarely drank either. She seemed to be enjoying it tonight though.

"I think that's best too." Sebastian muttered through a mouthful of Sasha's lasagne.

"Yeah, I guess so." Sasha agreed, wrinkling her nose at her brother.

Sebastian felt a lot better as the evening had progressed and there was no discomfort between anyone after the earlier embarrassment. However, he couldn't help admiring the two stunning girls sitting at the table with him. They had taken care in getting ready for dinner tonight and he felt slightly out of place in his wrinkled shorts and t-shirt. Both girls wore dresses, although Sasha's dress was quite a bit shorter.

Sasha wore a pale pink dress of light cotton that came to mid thigh, with thin strings holding it up over her smooth white shoulders. It was a flowing design and thin enough that a hint of her bra showed through, tantalising him.

Nicky's dress was much more appealing, even though the hem came down to just below her knees. There were no straps over her tanned shoulders, even bra straps, and the sky blue cotton wasn't see through in the slightest. The best part of Nicky's dress though, was the way it moulded to her breasts, her nipples standing out proudly beneath the material and announcing the lack of a bra clearly. Nicky had put on a little makeup tonight as well, and he had a hard time deciding who was sexier.

Nicky eventually finished the bottle of wine she had ordered and, giggling a little too much at one of Sebastian's jokes, she stood up and pulled Sasha to her feet.

"Come on you guys, let's go. My ass is numb."

Sasha laughed as Nicky dissolved into helpless giggles again, and placed a steadying hand on her arm.

"You're drunk Nicole." Sasha said in mock disapproval.

"Yes Mum," Nicky laughed, "I am."

Sebastian followed them out, grinning at the way Nicky weaved back and forth as they walked. She was pulling Sasha along with her and Sasha almost fell of the curb as her sister staggered sharply to one side.

"Damn, you're really tanked." Sebastian told her, grabbing the other arm.

"Yep yep yep!" Nicky giggled.

The twins guided their sister along, laughing with her as she thoroughly amused herself over everyday things they passed. As they reached the hotel, a family was getting out of their car and beginning to unload suitcases, just outside their room. Nicky pointed at the father's exposed ass crack as he bent over and burst into hysterical laughter, bending over and slapping her legs which almost landed her in a garden bed as she staggered backwards. The man's wife eyed them disapprovingly and sniffed loudly to herself, which only made Nicky laugh harder.

Sebastian helped his sister drag Nicky into their room, where she promptly fell across the bed and kicked off her shoes, still giggling dunkenly.

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