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CrossDressed and Creampied


My wife and I have had a strong and open relationship from the start. We have accepted each other and all our wild passions, and we have always been open about our sexual desires. Having said this I will try to express what happened the other night with the same intensity I experienced.

I came home from work and saw Tara's car in the drive. Strange; she gets in after me most days. Never the less, it was a nice surprise. As I walked into the house she met me at the door dressed to the nines: short mini, fishnets, low cut top and those pumps that I love. Tara is 5'4" and 100 pounds with brown hair, brown eyes and a perfect B cup. She is a very sexy woman.

After a big hug and sloppy kiss she said, "Have I got a surprise for you. Let's go upstairs so I can get you ready."

"Ready?" I said.

With a little smile she said, "Don't worry, I am sure you will love it."

We got upstairs and I sat down. Tara brought me a beer and began to explain what she had in store for me. "You know Tim at work has the hots for me, right? Well, he is single now and has been all over me trying to get me to go out. I was thinking about your fantasy and how you have been wanting something from me for a long time. So, if you still want that creampie, this would be a perfect chance to get it."

I was kind of in shock because even though it was a big fantasy for me, I never thought she would do it. Like I said, we are very open but it was always just between us, not wanting to take a chance on ruining what we have.

I could tell Tara was serious about this and wanted to give it a try.

A huge smile came across her face when I told her yes. "Good," she said, "now we can get you ready." She took me into the bedroom and had everything laid out for me. She picked out my thigh-highs, maid's teddy, black silk panties with matching garter, black pumps and my brown wig. "I think that will do it," she said. "You know where the makeup is, and be sure to shave for me so I have a nice smooth slut when I get back." With that, she gave me another kiss and headed for the door. The last thing I heard was, "I will be back around midnight. Make sure you are ready for me."

Standing by the bed looking down at my things. I was still stunned by the events that just happened. Midnight? This was going to be a long night.

I always get very exited when I dress, knowing I am going to be her little slut; she is very aggressive and plays the part of Dom extremely well. But this was going to be the hardest 6 hrs I have ever had to wait.

I drew a nice, hot, scented bath and climbed in, and took my time shaving everything smooth. Fantasizing of thing to come, with every stroke of the razor it was all I could do to not touch myself. As I stepped out of the tub, the precum was oozing out and I was cleaning it up with my fingers thinking of how Tara was going to taste with Tim's cum in her.

Tim was about 6 foot and weighed around 170 pounds, very much in shape, and has had it bad for Tara from the first day she started her job. She would always come home and tell me about him and all his flirting. She has always been open with me about how good looking she thought he was, and when she had me dressed up and in her control, she would tell me how she would like to fuck him and how much she wanted his cock in her pussy filling her up with his cum.

Time was going by faster than I thought it would. I was putting on my makeup, with my lips bright red, long lashes, light brown eyeliner and natural skin tones for my face. Looking at myself in the mirror thinking of Tara fucking Tim, I could see them entangled in passion with Tara screaming, legs wrapped around him pulling him into her pussy as he cums.

Trying to calm myself down, I started to dress. The soft silky feeling of my lingerie was different this time; I felt more like a girl than I ever had. Seeing my reflection in the mirror, I could see why. I looked and felt more feminine than before. It seemed unreal in some ways almost like a dream.

Tara had taught me well; everything was perfect. She had turned me into a very sexy lover, and tonight I was going to be the slut and do everything she wanted.

Waiting for Tara to return home, my heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. I could never remember having such feelings. My mind was racing and my body was trembling with anticipation. Just the thought of Tim fucking her was driving me crazy.

It was 11:30 when I heard the car pull into the drive. I made my way to the bedroom to wait.

When Tara came into the room, it looked like they had just finished. Her hair was all tossed, blouse half open, and she had her fishnets and pumps in hand. With a smile from ear to ear she said, "How's my little bitch? I see you are ready just like I asked. That's my good cumslut." Then with that big grin she said, "Cumslut, I like that. Cumslut is your new name. It fits you well, don't you think? Are you hungry, cumslut? Do you want to lick my dripping pussy?"I was shaking and on my knees trying to answer, but nothing came out. "What's wrong? Pussy got your tongue?

"You need to know Tim had a bigger cock than I imagined and fucked me better than I could have dreamed. You'll have a lot to clean up, bitch. I didn't think any man could cum so much. I don't know why I waited so long to do this," she said. "Now come here you and feel how wet my panties are."

As I rubbed my hand up her panties, she was not exaggerating. They were drenched My fingers now wet and sticky, Tara took them and licked them clean. Looking down at me she said, "I bet you want some don't you cumslut. Tim's cum is so sweet."

Tara moved to the bed and laid down. Slowly, she slid her skirt off and spread her legs. Now in clear view, I could see she was overflowing. I started to move onto the bed when she closed her legs. "Clean my legs first, then I will allow you to take off my panties." I could tell Tara was loving this, and it was all I could do to control myself from just grabbing her legs and diving in, but I did as she asked. As I moved closer to her, she started to open her legs. I could smell the fresh juices and started to slowly lick up her thigh.

My first taste of Tim's cum hit me like a brick. I was still shaking and now felt lightheaded. Tara saw the look on my face, started to giggle and said, "Oh you are a cumslut. Wait until I let you take off my panties. "You will be in for a BIG surprise." As I worked my way up to her pussy, the smell of their juices got stronger and more intoxicating. I slowly took the sides of her panties as she lifted her hips and started to slide them down.

Looking down at her drenched pussy, Tim's cum was sticking to the panties as I pulled them away from her lips. She wasn't lying when she said he came more than anyone she had ever had. Her pussy was dripping as she opened up her legs. I moved my head between her thighs and slid my tongue up her creamed lips.

Tara gasped from the touch of my tongue, grabbed my head and pushed my face into her. As I started to lick her, a surge of Tim's cum slid into my mouth. She was right. It was sweet and slid down my throat with ease. Tara was screaming, "Eat me, bitch. Suck the cum from my pussy." She had both hands full of my hair and was pushing my face harder into her. Cum was flowing from her as she rode my face, and the taste of their cum mixed together was better than I could have ever imagined.

Tara started to shake and I knew she was about to explode. She held my head tight against her pussy when she let out a loud moan. A gush of juices poured into my mouth. It was all I could do to swallow it without chocking when another stream started pouring out. Tara had never cum this hard before, and I couldn't swallow it She covered my face with a mix of their cum when another surge hit and drenched the sheets. Tara slowly started to relax and took her hands from my head. She laid back trying to catch her breath as I cleaned up the leftovers I could get.

"My little cumslut," she giggled. "That's a good girl, clean me up. Get all of Tim's cum from my pussy, that's my girl. Take your time and enjoy it. And when you're done, you can go get my strapon so I can fuck my bitch. I know with all that cum, you must feel like a real slut and want to suck some cock and have that big dick in your ass."

Tara pulled me up and kissed me. I knew things were going to be different from then on. I was now her little whore and would be cleaning up after Tim for some time.

Edited by DizzyLia

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