Crossing Moon Ch. 13


In fact, she started to push him off her. "Get off me!" she screamed, crying now. She could hear her mother screaming at her father, "Stop this! Stop this quick!" but Samuel was at the point of no return. His wolf wanted to dominate her. There was no turning back.

He growled at her, she kept on hitting him on his chest but he took both of her hands up on top of her head with his paw and then the other one on her neck. He bit on her neck, tight and he could feel her blood flowing into his mouth. He clamped his jaws on her neck, sealing the eternal bond between them. She weakened under him, her eyes rolled back onto her head, finally surrendering to her fate.


Aveline cried; she could barely hear Carinelle's screams despite all the howls of the wolves. She covered her face with her hands and then, she turned, wanting to leave the ceremony as fast as possible. She started to rip her clothes, wanting to join her brother wherever he was now.

She was ripping her clothes off when she froze. Her eyes focused on to the person standing just a few metres away from her. The person did not notice her, much less felt the building anger and hurt boiling inside her. She didn't want to believe it at first. Perhaps her mind was playing tricks with her.

But if it was just her imagination...

Why would her imagination be talking with Danny the Pack Doc?

Her hands let go her half torn dress and then slowly walked to her imagination – at least that was what she was trying to convince herself.

All this time, of her pining and feeling so lost over such a love she thought was impossible and her status and fate as the Alpha Princess hung in the balance as well as her duty to her pack all felt nothing now. It wasn't significant.

"Is it always this noisy?" she could hear him, perfectly crystal clear, talking to Danny above all the howling.

It might be noisy here but it felt so deathly quiet to her. It was like she was transformed to another world – a quieter world with him oblivious to her existence.

She took a step closer and closer.

Danny noticed her and took a bow. "My Alpha Princess," he said, and then tugging at Max to follow suit. He did not see her face, he quickly looked down and bowed his head.

"Alpha Princess," Max said, greeting her.

Oh her heart felt so happy to see him again but her anger overwhelmed that happiness. She felt cheated and confused. Why was he here? What was the meaning all of this?

She had never felt this so much anger before. She closed her eyes, just as Danny looked up and then just as Max followed suit. Aveline phased into her wolf form and lunge her jaws at his throat.

It happened in such a lightning speed. One minute they were all standing and the next second, Max was screaming in shock, he toppled over and fell on the floor. The rest of the wolves were oblivious to the scene as they were entirely too focused on the mating ritual at the altar.

Danny's eyes went wide, "My Alpha Princess!" he cried, trying to pull her off him. Big mistake there. She swiped her sharp paws at him, slicing a cut on his chest. Danny staggered and knew automatically to let the Alpha Princess be.

If he interfered any further, he might be slaughtered by her.

Max tried to push the mad wolf of him but she was just too strong. Why was she attacking him? He wondered quickly and then he felt the slice of pain on his abdomen and on his arms. He closed his eyes, knowing that he had to act fast. His wolf instincts coursed inside him and then he howled, phasing into his wolf form. He snapped his jaws at her.

Aveline yelped; too shocked to see the revelation. The shock gave him an upper hand in the fight, he quickly turned her over and overpowered her. He snapped his jaws at her and then locked it tight on her neck. She struggled.

Stay, he thought at her, forgetting for a moment there that he was actually dominating the Alpha Princess. The wolf growled at him and snapped its jaw at him. He kept on his hold on her, he could taste the fine metallic taste in his mouth but he held on.

Then she stopped struggling, she gave a little sad howl. He quickly let her go and then finally looked at her completely. He remembered her. Hey, aren't you the wolf in the forest? He thought at her, and then realization dawned upon him, oh my god, Jerry did say about sending his daughter and some Alpha Prince and Princess there... oh wow, was that you? I'm so sorry, Alpha Princess. But... why are you attacking me?

She looked at him, quiet, hurt filled her eyes and he didn't know why. He could see blood trickling down her neck and then he phased back to his naked human form.

"I'm so sorry about the um – cut," he said regretfully and then he went towards the wolf and tried to pet her but she snapped her jaws at him, warning him to keep his distance.

Danny pulled him abruptly, "Max, you moron, why the hell did you bite her?" then, he quickly went to the wolf and examined her wound. It was starting to heal but it was still bleeding nonetheless.

Aveline touched Danny's cheek with her snout, telling him that she was sorry for her behaviour earlier at him. Danny smiled at her.

"It's all right..." he told her reassuringly.

"Danny?" Max called, unsure and confused now. What had he done?

"Can you try to phase back, Aveline?" Danny asked to the wolf. "Max," he looked at him, "I'm so sorry man, but this has to be reported back to the Alpha."

Max's eyes shot wide open. Did he heard right? He took a step forward but the wolf snapped her jaws at him.

Danny sighed, "Apparently, the Alpha Princess doesn't like you to come close, Max, please, keep your distance," he looked at her again, "Now, my Alpha Princess, can you phase back? I need to see the wound."

"Aveline?" he felt in dazed. No, it can't be. It must be another Aveline. There's probably thousands of Aveline around. The name was probably too common.

But he was proven wrong as the wolf phased back into her human form. She was beautiful, just like he had remembered but he couldn't bear to look. He quickly looked down to the floor.

"Come my Alpha Princess, let me put some medicine to that wound," Danny said, offering his hand at her. Aveline was quiet but she accepted his hand anyway and then, just as they walked past Max.

She stopped for a second there; she wanted to say something but she couldn't find the right words for it. She just looked at him, tears welling up in her eyes and Max just stared back, unsure on what to do. He winced when he felt the sliced pain stabbing at him.

He had bit her.

And he didn't know what that meant.

Especially when Danny had said that this was needed to be reported to the Alpha...


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