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Crossing Over Another Generation


"I'm being led to a tight knit family group in this area over here," John Edward stepped forward rather forcefully to center himself on the stage in front of the stage right site of the gallery. Kathryn held her breath as the famous television medium rubbed his hands briskly together, and stared right at her. "Somebody over here has an older male figure who was noted for his silver white hair?"

Although she was as eager as anyone in the gallery to see if a loved one would come through, Kathryn fought back the impulse to raise her hand. Her father's hair had gone gray in his thirties and had turned silver by the time he hit his late forties. A person way off to the other side responded, but John Edward shook his head. "No, I'm definitely being drawn up in here." He gestured and pointed to the section where Kathryn, a striking woman in her mid thirties, and her eighteen year old son were sitting "Who among you has the K or C name--like Karen or Cathy?"

"Mom, speak up!" Rocky grabbed her arm tightly. "He's got to be talking about you. Say something."

Prompted like that, Kathryn spoke up. "Me! Umm...Kathryn."

"Do you know the older male who died of heart failure?"

"Yes." Do I ever.

"This person would be somebody above you--like a father, uncle, or grandfather who suddenly passed from heart attack." Although John Edward stared directly at Kathryn as he spoke, his speech provided just enough prompting for her high school senior son, Rocky, to stage whisper an excited: "He did it!" Again John kept his eyes glued to Kathryn. He gave her that look she'd seen dozens of times before from men everywhere. The sweet look that said she certainly didn't look old enough to have a grown son, and would she mind very much if a person she'd just met tried to make another baby with her. Kathryn was used to that sort of scrutiny, but her comfort level continued to sink as the famous television medium scrutinized her in a very different manner. "They're telling me this person has a B-R name like Brian or Barry."

Kathryn had difficulty finding her voice. The best she manage to do was to clear her throat. But Rocky was ecstatic. "Mom, it's got to be Grandpa!" Kathryn kept her eyes rivited on John Edward who suddenly looked puzzled.

"Wait a moment, now he's showing me a picture of Maverick."

Rocky laughed. "Grandpa's first name was Bret!" he shouted out. Obviously John Edward had made a solid connection with Rocky. But he kept his focus on Kathryn. She'd worn a soft baby blue cashmere sweater and blended cotton suit ensemble that clung to her every curve as if each of the fibres in the garments were of male gender. Needless to say her conservative outfit attracted an enormous amount of attention to Kathryn's natural feminine gifts.

"I'm definitely with you two." Smiling, once again John looked at Kathryn perching uncomfortably forward in her seat. As she brought her arms forward, her cashmere sweater softly accentuated the abundant endowment of her prominent breasts. She usually reminded the people who saw her of a plumper version of Melanie Griffith. Kathryn could tell that even though John Edward saw what other men, he also saw deeper truths. "Would this be your father?"

"Yes," Kathryn said. All six foot-one inch, one hundred sixty pounds, single-minded and heart as hard as nails--Daddy.

"He's making a reference to another Bret. Like Bret junior."

"My son is Bret, too," Kathryn answered. She reached over and patted her son's thigh. "What I mean is, he's Bret the second."

"He's making me see Bullwinkle the Moose?"

"Oh, wow!" her son cried out. The validation of John's reading screamed out through Rocky's interjected cry."

"To keep everyone from getting confused Dad always called my Bret...," Kathryn gestured to her son. "...Rocky!" Now the rest of the studio audience broke into laughter.

"Well, that certainly clears that up." John paused. "Has your biological mother passed too?"

"Yes." Kathryn's blue eyes misted, and she bit down on her lower lip.

"Long time passed, right? I'm seeing like twenty years."

"Almost nineteen years."

"She says that she was there to meet your father when he crossed. Did the two of them have some difficulties in their marriage toward the end of her life? They're showing me a sign of reconciliation between them that probably couldn't have happened while she was alive."

Mother wouldn't have allowed any reconciliation with Dad or me while she was still alive. When she died, she was a bitter and tortured person who felt totally abandoned and cheated by the man she loved. Dad wouldn't forgive her for giving him a daughter first, and then losing her ability to bear more children. While she could never forgive the two of us for trying to give Dad a son by any means possible.

Kathryn drew in a deep breath and held it. Rocky reached up and grabbed his mother's arm, placing his long fingers around her soft fleshy bicep. He squeezed her arm tightly, possessively, until she slowly began to breath regularly again.

"What's significant about the number ten? I see that either as the tenth of the month or else October."

"Her birthday was in October," Kathryn said. "But she died on the tenth of March," Rocky added. "Just before I was born." Kathryn closed her eyes. She'd pushed that fact gently out of her consciousness a few years back. Funny how fluid memories can be, she thought. Rushing back into your life when you're least prepared to handle them like unleashed emotional spurts of sperm.

"So your mother didn't live to see your son born?"

"No," Kathryn replied. "She died less than a week before his birth."

"She's showing me an impact or trauma to the head, like a terrible blow or a gunshot wound." John skewed his head as if he were looking at something just to the left of Kathryn and her son. "She's taking responsibilty for her own death, as if she took her own life. Do you understand that?"

"Oh, yes!" Kathryn felt new tears well up in her eyes. "I understand."

"She's showing me pink roses with thorns on them. The roses are her way of expressing her love to you, and the thorns indicate to me that she was unable to communicate with her family before she passed on. Does this make sense to you?"

Kathryn nodded. Mom told us that she'd never forgive me or my...my baby's father for putting her through months and months of mental and emotional torture. My Dad...well, he took my side of course, and that pushed Mom over the brink. She took out Dad's favorite hunting rifle to use to shoot herself, and left us a note which said: "Cleaning up after this will be simpler than cleaning up your sins."

Rocky snuggled closer on the bleacher style seating. He turned and smiled very sweetly at his petite, five-foot three mother. "Are you okay?" "Uh-ohh--your father's back." John literally jumped back a foot or two. "He's taking all the credit for bringing your mother through, but he's acting like the reason you both came was for him. I take it that he was a very dominant energy during his life," John said.

That made Kathryn laugh. "Oh, yes," she responded. "Absolutely. Just like his son."

Rocky laughed along with her, once she'd said that. But John interjected. "He's showing me two children, from two different mothers."

Rocky nodded animatedly. "That's right."

"Has the other mother passed?"

"Oh, no," Rocky replied. "She's very much alive."

"Make sure you get a message to this person. Let her know that your father came through."

"His passing must have been very sudden," John Edward remarked. "Because he's showing me that he didn't suspect a thing until he crossed." Once again he watched Kathryn nod in concurrence. "Wait a minute, he's showing me he died--was it...in bed? Was he...?" John had a way of blushing shyly through his smile in awkward moments like this. "There's just no other way to say this--did your Dad have a heart attack during sex?"

The audience response was more reserved than Kathryn expected, but there was the inevitable low ripple of giggling and snickering spreading slowly through the studio. Nodding, Kathryn brought her hands up to cover her mouth. She sobbed, and once again her tears seemed to spring from her eyes. This time they pooled so high upon her pale cheeks that when they finally overflowed it looked like a tiny rivulet was flowing down to her chin. "Yes."

"He's telling me that the two of you found him on the bed."

"Mom found him first," Rocky said. "Then she came and got me."

"He's showing me the number five--now that can be the month of May or the fifth of the month. Now he's telling me three fives--five-five-five"

"He died on May the fifth."

"What," John asked. "At five oÍclock?" The studio audience tittered once again.

No, after a marathon five Goddamn orgasms in less than two hours. She couldn't help herself. Kathryn dug her long fingernails into the flesh of her palm to try to keep the pain and her tears under control. Rocky grasped her wrist and forced her to relax her own grip on her petite hands.

"He strikes me as the kind of father who made you bring all your dates in to meet him."

"Yes, he did," Kathryn answered. And God help any one of them.

"He sounds pretty strict," John continued.

"Yeah," Rocky remarked. "He could be a real tyrant at times."

And he could be sweet and gentle and very, very tender when you gave him what he wanted. She looked at her own Bret. Even when what he really wanted was a son.

"I bring that up because he's indicating to me that now you're seeing someone new, someone different than the father of your son."

Kathryn took out a tissue to wipe her eyes. "That's right."

"And he says that both he and your mother see this, and they both understand." John paused. "They approve of your new boyfriend. Your Dad is sending out congratulations to both of you. I swear they're showing me fireworks! Like a big celebration." He pointed right at Rocky, "And he's showing me something really festive going on around you, as well." Once again John paused. "He's going into this big time macho pride thing about you having fathered a son."

"A son?" The young man's eyes opened wide. He locked eyes with Kathryn for a second, and then looked back at John Edward. "This is news to me."

"What?" Kathryn sat straight up and paled. The color dropped right out of her cheeks. "A son!"

"The reason I say this," John Edward rubbed his hands back and forth. "Is that your grandfather is showing me three Bret Maverick's, and I see that as his way of specifically lobbying for the baby to be named: Bret the Third."

Almost in a single voice, Kathryn and Rocky spoke out: "That's Dad all right."

There it is! Kathryn shivered even under the hot kleig lights. Did he suspect already? Was that the slip John had been expecting? I doubt that theyÍll even broadcast this one.

Quickly Rocky corrected his faux pas. "That's grandpa." He then coughed up an embarassed short laugh.

John nodded for several seconds and then said: "Sometimes the things people can't agree about on this side become less volatile as time passes on the other side. Just know that they're both okay and they're still watching over the two of you." Kathryn could tell that John held back another important comment. Then he ended the session. "They're pulling their energy back. Thank you."

Later on one of the shows producers pulled Rocky and Kathryn aside to question them for the producer's videotaped debriefing interview. "We expected to hear from my father," Kathryn told the interviewer. "I was very surprised that he brought my mother in as well." Or that he allowed her to come in at all.

The following quotes were edited into the tape during post production: Kathryn on videotape: "That was Dad, he was always running things. Even now that he's dead and buried, he still wants to run things."

Rocky on videotape: "Grandpa always watched over Mom. Many times he told me that he always said that nobody was ever good enough for his little girl. The night Grandpa died, Mom was nearly inconsolable, she loved him so deeply." I almost couldn't take her constant sobbing and wailings of guilt as if she really had killed him. Finally I went into her bedroom and did everything I possibly could to shake her out of her hysterics. She calmed down once I'd removed her panties and slid effortlessly into her moist, warm sheath. I used that dumb cliche about getting back on a hore once you fall off. She told me that it felt as if the horse had climbed back on top of her. After that the rest was easy. Very easy. "So for Grandpa to say he approves of who she's seeing now is like having a huge burden being lifted from Mom's shoulders."

Rocky on videotape: "It really was news to me. I mean my being a father, and all. After the show I..uhh...talked to the baby's mother, but she hadn't been told what sex the baby is either." Rocky paused for a moment and looked over to his mother. "Have you heard anything? I mean... has...has she mentioned anything to you?" Kathryn on videotape: "No! I don't think so, I...she didn't have an ultrasound done or anything...to my knowledge."

Rocky on videotape: "My significant other's pregnancy has been a well kept secret. It's just like my grandfather to broadcast it all over the place."

Kathryn on videotape: "When John told us that Rocky's baby would be a boy, we were flabbergasted. No one could have possibly known about that."

Rocky on videotape: "I think John helped Mom to put some of her past fears behind her. She knows that Grandpa's looking after her like he always did. And I think she's satisfied that Grandma is really at peace after all this time."

Kathryn on videotape: "Are you gonna name the baby--Bret?"

Rocky on videotape: "Oh definitely! Definitely Bret the third."

Kathryn on videotape: "Definitely whatever Bret senior desires."

At the end of the taping, the line producer brought Kathryn and Rocky an envelope. "John wanted you to have this," she told them.

The note said: "I know that of all people you two will understand why we may decide not to show portions of this taping to the general public. With some judicious editing, I hope we can salvage some of the session, because it was such a positive reading for you. I want to say that since your parents seem to support you in your decision, even from the other side, then it is certainly no one else's place to pass judgment upon you. I will quietly support your choices as well, and I want to wish the two of you the very best with your unborn son. John Edward"

* * * * *

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