Crossing Over the Line


I felt some of her pre-cum on my forehead as she leaned down to press it on my nose and forehead. She moved it to my cheek and pressed its length alongside it; the heat was extraordinary. Again, more pre-cum leaked out and I felt it sliding down my cheek. I reached out with my hand to search for a condom, determined to get her covered before going any further. As if reading my mind, Katherine picked up a condom, opened the package and expertly put it on herself, rolling it down all the way to the base.

I brought one hand up and gently grasped her balls, pulling them down with some tension before tentatively probing the base of her shaft with the tip of my tongue. The condoms I had brought were the non-lubricated variety so it was dry, without the taste of the spermicidal lube. Katherine reached over and picked up the bottle of flavored lube I had brought, squeezed out a healthy dose in her palm and then coated her shaft with it in slow strokes. The scent was strawberry, not unpleasant. I tasted it and it wasn't bad. I licked along the underside of the shaft, upward until I reached the "V" of the glans and then circled that sensitive spot with just the tip of my tongue. Katherine reacted immediately, thrusting her hips forward, pressing herself into me.

Again, my lips parted of their own accord and her dick slipped in. I had to open wide to fit the flared glans of the head. I used my hand to grip her shaft at the base to control and limit the penetration. It was just in time, with nearly half of it in, it completely filled my mouth, nearly to the point of gagging. Katherine paused, almost motionless, letting me adjust to the intruder, no doubt also enjoying the heat and pressure of my mouth. Then she started to move, slowly at first, withdrawing an inch or so and thrusting back in. Then longer strokes, withdrawing the head to my lips before thrusting back in.

Katherine raised up a bit more on her knees to adjust the angle, then began stroking in rhythmic fashion, bouncing up and down on her knees as she went. The speed increased and I had a hard time keeping up, my senses overwhelmed by the new experience. I tried to pleasure her with my tongue and lips but couldn't keep up, eventually receiving her shaft passively as she stroked in and out. She began thrusting harder, trying to go deeper but I kept a grip on her shaft and controlled the penetration depth. I could feel her dick pulse with pleasure with each downstroke as she pressed herself into me.

Katherine was breathing hard now, her head thrown back with abandon at the gathering tension in her loins. Her body glistened in the dim light, covered with perspiration from her exertions and arousal; mine was equally wet. Her knees and thighs pressed into my neck, one of her hands moved to the top of my head and took a firm grasp of my hair. She was fucking my mouth, piston like with rapid, powerful thrusts. I could feel the shaft in my hand pulse, expand and heat up as she climbed the mountain. I was in unexplored territory being on the receiving end of a mouth fucking. I knew what it felt like to be thrusting. I was discovering just how arousing and powerfully erotic it was on the receiving side - getting the touch, taste and sound, not to mention the incredible visual of this large pleasure rod seeking Nirvana.

She pulled out all of the way and rose using the headboard for support. She was completely on her feet, straddling my face and neck, towering over me when she slid her panties off allowing them to drop on my upturned chin. She bent low to remove them, using one hand on the headboard for support, tossing them on the floor before straightening back up. It was an incredible view, Katherine in all of her glory - shapely, stockinged legs, fully engorged and quivering member, low hanging balls, beautifully slim hips and flat belly, large, perfectly formed breasts with oversized, erect nipples, feminine oval face, plump lips, dark eyes and a mane of dark hair cascading over her shoulders. Katherine was like a mythological figure - half one being, half another, perfectly merged to form a third being that was seemingly not of this earth.

Carefully, she turned around so she was facing my feet, then knelt down straddling my face, cock and balls dangling over me. She leaned forward at the waist until her elbows and forearms rested on the mattress on either side of my torso. Stretching out, she reached my own very erect member with her lips, parted them and took the head in. Her mouth was warm and soft. I felt her tongue swirling around the head and then her lips applying suction to the glans. My hips bucked up to meet her, to enjoy that tight warmth on more of my shaft. She accepted more of the shaft easily, licking and swirling her tongue as she went until it was fully engulfed.

Obviously more practiced at this than me, she had no difficulty taking me completely, to the very base of my shaft. I had never been deep-throated before with such ease, not a gag or a cough or a whimper, just slippery warmth and tightness all along my sensitive shaft. I felt her spread her knees apart further which lowered her cock and balls down to me. We were in a sixty-nine position; it was my turn to pleasure her. I ran my tongue along the underside of her balls all the way to the top and then up along her rigidly stiff shaft to the head. Using my hand to guide it, I tilted it down until it was pointing at my mouth, opened wide and slid her in, again about half way, holding the base of her shaft to control the amount of penetration.

I felt her thrust in, sliding it further in along my tongue until I gagged, then backing out a bit. Her heavy balls bounced along the bridge of my nose as she slowly stroked back and forth, sliding her thick member along my tongue until it could go no further before withdrawing it until the glans pressed against my inner lips. She was very clean, not the slightest odor came from her backdoor - just the faint scent of soap or body wash. I am a fanatic about cleanliness with respect to sex and obsessive about my own cleanliness - a series of enemas, showers and baths ensured I was squeaky clean, inside and out before I visited Katherine. I was very glad that she was just as considerate.

I experimented a little, bringing my fingers up until they reached that sensitive spot behind the ball sack - the perineum or "taint." Feeling the hard lump of the buried base of her shaft through the thin skin, I began massaging it gently with the pads of my fingertips in small, slow circles. I immediately felt her dick jump and pulse in my mouth. A low moan came from her, muffled by my cock in her mouth. I took my hand off her shaft and used it to lightly grip and tug her balls down as I massaged the base of her cock through the perineum. No longer able to control the amount of penetration of her cock, it slipped further in as she thrust down slowly. I tried to relax my throat, fighting the urge to gag as the large head touched the back of my throat. She went slowly, allowing me to adjust, to time my breathing to take in enough air on her out strokes to sustain me.

We reached a smooth rhythm, with her thrusting in and withdrawing, me massaging and tugging with my hands, and using my tongue and lips on her shaft. She began to mirror my actions, finding my very sensitive perineum with her fingertips and tugging lightly on my balls. I could feel the excitement in both of us ratchet up. It was only a matter of time before both of us blew if we kept going like that. She sensed this as well and, like me, wanted something more. I felt her slow her thrusts and withdraw, pulling her knees in against the sides of my jaw to raise herself. My own dick slid slowly from her warm, moist mouth until it was completely free and pulsing with excitement.

Katherine rose up to a squat, turned around to face me, stepped back and lowered herself, straddling me, until her knees were back on the mattress, placed snugly against my torso. She seated herself lightly on my lower chest and then reached over to the side of the bed to pick up the sling I had brought. Unraveling the straps and straightening them out, she found the padded center section and placed under my neck and upper back; then laying the straps out straight along my sides, found the velcro closures for the cuffs at each end and opened them. She leaned back and hooked her left arm under my right thigh and raised my bent leg until my ankle was over my hip. She put the cuff around my raised ankle and pulled the velcro closure snugly around it. Katherine repeated the procedure with my other leg. Then, holding my upraised legs against her soft breasts, tugged on the adjusting straps near the ankle cuffs to shorten the sling straps until all of the slack was removed with my ankles still positioned above my hips.

In this position, all of the weight of my legs were applied evenly to my upper back and neck through the padded sling which handled the weight easily. It was as though my legs were weightless. I could keep them in that position indefinitely myself which, of course, freed up Katherine to use her hands and body as she wished.

As she put the sling on me, the lack of attention to my dick had caused it to go semi-soft until it rested on my upper belly. Katherine again reached over to the side of the bed and picked up the shoelace sized bungee cord I had brought. She opened up the already tied noose at one end drawing the slip knot down and showed it to me.

"Show me how you like to use this Kelly," she said with a slight smile crossing her lips.

I took the cord and looped the noose over my ball sack as close to the base of my shaft as I could and then drew the noose closed by sliding the slip knot up until it dug snugly into the underside of my ball sack. Using one hand to draw my sack down, I wound the cord around the ball sack, stretching the bungee cord somewhat to make each round turn fairly tight. I did this for eight turns, each made alongside the last one until I had created about an inch of tightly wound cord separating my balls from the upper part of the sack. Then looping the cord first under the base of my shaft and then completely around my complete package, I stretched the cord some to pull it tight, then took two more full turns before tucking the end under the middle turn and then back down under all three turns to secure it.

The effect of the cock and ball bondage was immediate. My balls swelled and tightened until I could feel every ridge through the incredibly thin, shiny-slick skin of the sack. Then my shaft started to harden and swell, lifting itself up from my lower belly until it stood rigidly at a forty-five degree angle. It pulsed and swelled as it filled with blood faster from the larger, deeper arteries than could escape through the smaller, constrained veins that were closer to the surface. Basic hydraulics principals took over which created an increase in pressure from the faster inflow until the greater pressure slowed the inflow to the rate of the outflow.

This greater blood pressure in my shaft was immediately evident in its increased size, particularly thickness caused by the greater expansion of the sponge-like tissue whose filling normally causes an erection. There was also this incredible feeling of sensitivity in the shaft as the over-swelling applied pressure on pleasure nerve-endings all along the shaft that usually required direct stimulation. Every vein along the shaft swelled and bulged until my once smooth shaft became ropey and irregular, every cord felt through the fully stretched condom. I could feel the shaft pulsing against its bindings, each contraction of my rapidly beating heart causing the head of my dick to pulse and swell. The entire shaft vibrated in time to the music of my heart, bouncing up and down on its own accord.

I also knew that the clock had started. CB bondage should not stay on for more than thirty minutes or so. The restricted blood flow and increased pressure can cause permanent tissue damage. From the obvious state of excitement of both Katherine and me, I didn't think the thirty minute limit would be a problem.

Katherine slid up close to my upturned thighs until her smooth, stockinged thighs pressed against mine. My upraised legs hung in the air, suspended by the sling. She put her hands on my ankles and slowly pulled them further apart.

"Spread your legs for me lover - real wide. That's a baby," she cooed as I spread them wide for her.

She reached over me and grabbed a pillow from the corner, folded it in two and jammed it under my raised hips, lifting me up further and supporting my lower back. I looked up into her eyes and saw them flash with hunger and passion, as though she was going to devour me. She picked up a bottle of lube and used the pump dispenser to deposit a healthy glob onto her gloved fingers. Using her other hand to spread my nether cheeks, her stiffened, gloved middle finger found my entrance and pressed itself in, penetrating me to the first knuckle. I gasped in surprise at the sudden intrusion, feeling my sphincter reluctantly open and allow entry.

Katherine gazed into my eyes as she slowly turned her finger, twisting it back and forth as she penetrated me with it, lubing me as she went. Her finger was fully in me, her palm pressed against my upturned perineum when I felt her fingertip lightly brush against my prostate in a "come hither" motion. I felt an immediate zing of pleasure; an almost electric vibration begin in my sensitive prostate and emanate outward in waves. She smiled as she saw my reaction, changing her motion from "come hither" to small circles and then back to the crooked finger brushing. It was as though she had found my pleasure button and had merely to massage or brush it to send waves or pleasure coursing through me.

She began to slowly finger fuck me; pausing when fully penetrated to massage my prostate before withdrawing and starting anew. I opened myself for her, relaxing my sphincter and spreading my legs, completely under the power of her ministrations. It wasn't long before I felt pressure at my entrance again, stretching and then a second lubed finger entered me. With middle and index finger she slowly fucked me, massaging my incredibly sensitive gland before withdrawing.

Katherine pressed herself closer to me, her fully engorged dick resting on my upturned ass cheeks. I felt the heat of the stiff rod through the condom sheath. I wanted it in me and signaled my desire by sliding my fingers to my ass cheeks and pulling them apart, offering myself to her. She glanced down at my gesture and smiled knowingly. She withdrew her impaling fingers to the first knuckle, keeping my sphincter spread open while she used her other hand to guide the head of her shaft up and down my crack until she stopped, resting it on the length of her penetrating fingers. I felt the head press into my already open anus as she withdrew her fingers completely, the head taking their place at the entrance.

It was wider than her two fingers and I felt myself stretching to accommodate it. There was a moment of discomfort as it pressed in until the flared glans cleared my inner sphincter. A couple of inches of shaft followed easily behind it, drawn in by the vacuum of my empty rectum. She stopped and held herself in place, breathing deeply, almost panting with excitement as she allowed me to adjust to her girth. I felt it pulsing within me, then sliding a little back and forth to smooth out the lubrication.

"Are you ready for more Kelly?" She whispered as she leaned over and stared down at me.

"Yes Katherine, please - give me more," I pleaded, at this point nearly out of my mind with lust.

There was a slight movement of her hips and then overwhelming pressure filled me with a couple of more inches of her thick shaft. I was amazed at how effortlessly her little hip movement had generated such a powerful thrust. She was a little more than half way into me and for the first time I felt the extraordinary heat of her throbbing shaft through the thin barrier of her condom. It was unlike anything I had felt before. Having taken many strap-on dildos, I had experienced the stretch and feeling of penetration, the pressure of my rectum filling up; but even the best silicon dildo does not generate heat. Nor does a strap-on pulse like a real cock, expanding as it reacts to its stimulation. This was something very new.

I tried a little pulsing myself, contracting my anal sphincter around the thick shaft and then releasing it. I did this several times, each time eliciting a low moan of pleasure from Katherine and several short strokes which responded to my pulses. Again, something new - although a strap-on feels good, it doesn't provide a reciprocal reaction; it's just there. A real cock responds to stimulus, to squeezing and friction. The reactions further excited me in a kind of virtuous circle in which each of our pleasure responses excited the other.

Still holding my cheeks apart with my fingers, I moved them further in until they touched the remaining shaft still to enter. It was thicker than I expected and pulsed at my touch, expanding under my fingers and all along the shaft. I felt her pulse through my already stretched sphincter. It was so exciting to feel it come alive at my touch. It was so different from the strap-on experience. I moved my fingers down along the shaft to its very base, encircled it with thumb and index finger (just barely making it around) and cupped her balls with my palm and remaining fingers. I gave the shaft a little squeeze and drew it down towards her pubic mound. Again she responded with moans and increased the speed of her strokes.

Katherine pressed herself into me, trying to penetrate me further. The thicker base of her shaft stretching me wide and very slowly sliding into me. I felt a combination of surprise and pain at the additional stretching but I was so aroused that I wanted it to continue. I wanted to take all of it; to have all of it buried within me. I felt the large head of her cock reach the top end of my rectum, stopped by the involuntary sphincter separating the rectum from the lower colon. I tried to relax but the barrier remained closed. Katherine slowly stroked in and out just a few inches at a time, lubricating the deep end of my passage.

"Pull your legs back honey," she said as she reached up with both hands to pull on the adjustment straps dangling from the buckles near my ankles.

I drew my knees back and as I did so, she pulled on the adjustment straps, shortening the length of the straps, taking up the slack as my knees went back towards my chest. I had pulled them as far back as I could on my own when I felt her tug on the adjustment straps a little more, pulling my knees back a little further, almost uncomfortably so. I was folded over until my knees were about six inches or so above my chest - a remarkable position for someone like me who lacks flexibility. It had the effect of tilting my hips until my penetrated anus was pointed almost straight up. She shifted forward to adjust to the new angle.

"Now spread yourself wide for me lover," she said, with a determined glint in her eye.

I spread myself wide for her, first with my legs, pulling my knees and ankles as far apart as I could, still held back by the taut strap folding me nearly in half. Then I slipped my fingers back to the inner part of my ass cheeks and pulled them wide open. As I did this, she shifted forward until her forearms rested on the mattress alongside my upper torso, her hands slipping under my armpits, coming out the other side, gripping the top of my shoulders.

She was slowly fucking me, her shaft penetrating me to the top of my rectum before withdrawing several inches, then returning. She continued to slowly saw back and forth, using her powerful hips to thrust and withdraw, opening me. Like a metronome, she continued back and forth, penetrating to the top of my rectum and no further before withdrawing. It had an almost hypnotic effect. I closed my eyes and moaned softly, losing myself to the pleasure of the moment. I was completely flushed, radiating sexual heat as I was being methodically fucked by Katherine.

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