tagIncest/TabooCrossing the Line

Crossing the Line


"When, Alex?" Lisa whispered in my ear.

"Where, Lisa?" I whispered in hers.

"When? Where?" It was an exchange we had many times over the years; our private code. Now here we were in our thirties. She had a fantastic husband and I had a wonderful wife. But we still whispered the code on our rare meetings at weddings or family reunions; a code to see if we wanted to do it again. Yes, again and again; a forbidden touch, a taboo kiss and sex like we could have with no one else; forbidden and taboo because Lisa was my cousin.

After you get over the redneck jokes, you have to understand we are both professionals and have normal families with normal relationships; nothing weird. It's just you have to understand how it got started. Lisa and I had something special.

Growing up, Lisa and I did everything together. We had a big family. She and I were the same age and seemed to pair off to play apart from our other cousins when the whole family got together. We ran through fields at our grandparents house in the country, told each other our secrets and played hide and seek on grandpa's farm.

We shared every secret, cried at each other's sorrows and laughed at dumb jokes. Friends would come and go but as cousins we were inseparable.

It was almost summer during our senior year in high school when our connection was sealed forever. We both were probably late bloomers as neither of us had steady boyfriends or girlfriends.

Even though we were 18, which I felt was too old for kid's games; Lisa suggested we play hide and seek again like when we were younger one afternoon. It was just like her. She liked to be silly when we were together. I was more interested in cars, baseball and girls; not children's games, by that time. But I never could say no to her.

I recall watching her start running toward a group of grain bins and barns. Her long blonde hair waved in the breeze as she ran. I can remember like it was yesterday, her turning as she ran to tell me not to peek. I can still see those tight blue jeans of hers and a thin white shirt with buttons down the front that showed the beginnings of cleavage from her blossoming body.

I made a quick search of the grain bins but I knew I'd find her in the upstairs of a newly built pack house. It was only logical. It was secluded away from the other barns. The bottom floor was full of junk but I knew there was nothing much on the second floor at all. It was almost empty on the second floor and she'd think I wouldn't go up there. I knew her well.

Climbing the ladder that leads to the loft, I realized why grandpa didn't store anything much up there. It was steep and only a narrow hole to climb through to reach it so lifting anything up there would be difficult.

Reaching the loft I scanned the expansive floor. A few cotton sheets grandma had tossed up there just days earlier were on the floor under a window and there were a few small boxes scattered around. No where really to hide. But those curtains sure looked awful lumpy.

I pretended to look around a bit as I watched the pile of cloth nearby. Then without warning I ran and jumped on the pile. Sure enough something giggled within and I dug through the fabric until I found Lisa laughing and breathing hard as she had tried to hold her breath hoping I wouldn't see her.

I just sat on top of her so she couldn't move.

"No Fair." She giggled.

"No way. I found you."

"You must have peeked."

"I didn't."

"Did to. How'd you find me so fast?"

I pulled the rest of the sheets off her but still sat across her hips so she couldn't get up. She was still smiling. I looked down at her as her chest still heaved up and down. "I just knew. You thought since there isn't many places to hide up here that I wouldn't even bother."

"It's quiet up here."

"Well, why can't we just come here to hang out? We're too old for hide and seek."

"You use to like it. Let me up."

"Nope. Not ‘til you tell me about that new girl at school you hang out with."

"That's why you want to hang out and talk. You like her. Expect me to set you up."

"Do not. Just want to know is she going out with someone and stuff."

"Alex likes the new girl." She started singing. I leaned over and pinned her arms down.

"I saw you flirting with Joe the other day. You haven't got room to talk. What do you see in him anyway? He's a stupid jock."

"Well the new girl wears too much makeup trying to attract guys. I hear she's a little slut. Maybe she'll give you some. You might think you're too old for hide and seek but you'd like her to give you your first piece, wouldn't you?"

I could feel my face turning red. Leaning closer to her face my voice was a little louder. "At least she's got boobs."

"I got boobs and at least I've dated someone before."

"Once and it was that nerd from fourth period. I heard it all last month."

"Yea and you scared him away. Just ‘cause you're my cousin doesn't mean you have to protect me all the time."

"He was creepy."

"I liked him."

"He just wanted to get in your pants."

"Don't all guys want to get in girls pants?"

"I don't want to get in your pants."

"You don't think I look as good as that new girl?"

"You're my cousin." I let her arms go and leaned back still on top of her hips.

"But I'm still a girl. Don't you think I look as good as she thinks she does?"

Why is it girls try to compare themselves to others of their same species? I'd never really looked at Lisa like a girl before. She was always my buddy. So when she asked that question something in my brain flipped that day as if a curtain had been lifted which shielded my eyes from really seeing her.

The sun filtered through the window of the second story of the barn that evening. It shimmered down on her long blonde hair which was cast haphazardly atop those cotton sheets and framed her round face; a face which was so beautiful. She smiled with her eyes as much as her mouth. She always did since we were kids. She was more beautiful than the new girl and didn't need any makeup.

I looked at Lisa as if seeing her for the first time. I remembered her pigtails and rolling in the mud together. But she wasn't a little girl anymore. She had turned to a lovely woman and I hadn't even noticed.

Her neck was smooth and I could see the edge of her breasts challenging the top button of her blouse showing a bit of cleavage. As my eyes wandered further down I could see part of her flat stomach revealing itself between two other buttons that were being stretched apart by my legs as I straddled her hips. A little embarrassed, I scooted back some so I was now sitting on her thighs and straightened her blouse for her so it wouldn't pull apart as much.

It was then that I saw it. I had a bulge in my pants. An eighteen year old guy who'd never had a steady girlfriend can get a hard on with a strong wind and mine was raging from studying Lisa's slender body with new eyes. What's more is the erection was straining against my jeans and just inches from her….yes, it was right over her pussy; pressing up against it in fact through our jeans.

I hadn't noticed just how tight Lisa's jeans were. The outline of her pussy was perfect and my dick was straining as if magnetically drawn to the folds of fabric between her legs. I quickly wanted to hide my erection before Lisa saw it, but it was too late.

"I do look good to you, don't I?" she said.

I started to climb off of her but she put her hands on my thighs to hold me on top. She patted my thighs and then opened her mouth as if to say something but changed her mind.

"What?" I said.

Her hands stroked my thighs as she bite her lip softly. I shifted trying to get more comfortable. She was looking at my erection and smiled again. "You really do like my body, don't you Alex?"

"Yea. I'll admit. I guess I do have a fox for a cousin. Bummer."

"I've never touched one before, Alex." Her eyes never left my erection. I was partly uncomfortable but mostly turned on. We had talked about boyfriends, girlfriends and even sex before, but nothing that came close to implying interest in each other.

While my mind was still trying to figure out what to say, I felt Lisa's hand rub across the bulge in my pants. It was everything I could do to keep from exploding.

"Can I see it?"

Before I could answer she was unbuckling my pants. I made no move to stop her. We had already crossed an imaginary line and there was no turning back. You'd think she'd unbuckled guy's pants before as quickly as she undid the snap and pulled down my zipper. But I knew she hadn't because we usually confessed the details of the few dates each of us had experienced in the past. I think it was more like she wanted to pull out my dick before either of us had a chance to realize what we were doing.

With me sitting on her she couldn't pull my pants down but the tip of my dick peeked out the top of my white jockey shorts. So she pulled down the front of my underwear and my dick sprang out over the elastic top. It seemed to leap into her hand and she stroked as if it were fragile.

I have no idea how much time went by. All I know was that I was exposing myself to a girl for the first time and it was Lisa. Apparently, it was a first for her as well because she caressed my dick for what seemed an eternity and wouldn't let go.

The only thing that kept me from cumming was her touch was so light and tender that it made my dick beg for more. If she had grasped it firmly and stroked it like when I masturbated, I would have cum immediately. But she had a delicate touch. It felt nice and made my head spin.

Not knowing what to do next, I leaned my face over hers. Supporting my body over her, our eyes met and our breath mingled. I could feel her chest heaving against mine. No words passed between us but the look in our eyes spoke for us. Our lips met; lightly at first, waiting for the other to pull away. Then pressing our lips fully against each others; our tongues ventured from our mouths and swirled upon finding its mate.

We kissed deeply that evening. The sun showered our bodies with warmth and somehow we fumbled out of our clothes. Oh, it was nothing like the movies. We clumsily tossed underwear and shirts aside, giggled when the others hair tickled our nose and awkwardly explored each other's body.

I caressed a woman's breast for the first time and she held a man's dick in her virgin hands. My lips found her perky nipples which I sucked until she pulled me away to suck mine then we rolled around on those sheets until we had touched every inch of each other's body.

The kissing, the sucking, the caressing; it kept us busy for what seemed over an hour. I'd stroke her hair, she'd kiss my neck then our tongues would find each other all over again. We didn't want the touching and kissing to stop. Or maybe we were both afraid of what might happen next if we did.

We had already crossed one line; a guy and a girl rolling around naked in a barn. Had it been just that, the next step might have been easier. But this was our grandpa's barn. Not her grandpa and not mine, but ours.

I remember we were giggling. She was lying on her back, the sun still reflecting off her hair. I ran my fingers through it for the thousandth time as I lay beside her leaning over her face. We stopped giggling long enough to kiss again then looked at each other as we caught our breath.

There was silence. She was beautiful. Her eyes were drawing me in. Slowly my leg slid between hers. She spread one leg open slightly so it could fit between hers. Then it happened.

I don't know who moved first but in unison my other leg slid over hers and her thighs parted simultaneously; allowing me to lie between them, my dick pressed up against her pussy. It seemed so natural but the giggles disappeared. Later I would recall this as the point at which we had crossed into the forbidden. I was laying naked between her legs which she had opened; my dick throbbing against her fine hair of her pussy began to ache with passion as a burning built up inside me.

Something unspoken passed between us as we lay face to face as something burned within her as well. My dick pressed against her and I felt her hips arch toward it. She was trying to rub her pussy against my dick and my dick yearned for her pussy.

Reaching down I grasped the shaft of my dick and nestled the tip between her labia which was swollen and throbbing as much as I was.

Her pussy glistened. I looked down and guided the head of my dick between those lovely labial lips and watched the head disappear within. She gasped quietly and I looked at her to be sure she was ok.

A smile spread across her face and our eyes drank each other in as I pushed my pelvis forward, feeling her warmth envelope my dick as it pierced deep inside her. Our eyes never left each other from that moment on as she spread her legs further and rocked her pelvis against mine.

The shaft of my dick slid easily in and out of her pussy. I couldn't have imagined fucking could be this wonderful. But I did imagine it would be longer.

I had only begun to stroke within Lisa's pussy when I started feeling a tingling within my balls and an uncontrollably urge to thrust deep within her. Something was happening to Lisa as well because she had begun to moan and grasped the cotton sheets beside her as she tossed her head back.

"Fuck me, Alex. Oh, Fuck me."

My mind didn't have time to sort out if she was having pleasure or even an orgasm. The world was a haze and nothing could stop us from what we were doing at the moment. Right now there was just us and the two of us had become one. Our bodies were gyrating in unison; our hearts were beating as one and the world revolved around our union for this moment.

The tingling became warmth and that warmth spread throughout my thighs and rushed through the shaft of my dick. My hips thrust toward Lisa, my dick piercing her with every stroke. Moans echoed throughout the floor of the barn; our hips danced an erotically forbidden dance. We were conjoined and desired to be within the other.

Suddenly a groan escaped from my lips, so primitive I didn't recognize it as my own. Lisa arched her back, her body tensed and she emitted sounds from deep within her as well. I told Lisa I was going to cum.

Without warning, clarity returned to Lisa's eyes. With a look of shock as if awakening from a dream she yelled.

"Pull it out Alex. Pull out now."

I did as commanded. When my dick popped out of her pussy, ribbons of cum arched across the air onto her stomach. My dick pulsated with each spasm pumping streams of fluid onto Lisa. Wave after wave washed over me as I grasped my dick and finished jacking myself off kneeling between her thighs. My cum glistened on her toned abdomen and left a few drops on her fine pubic hair.

While I pumped through the final throes of orgasm, Lisa had her hand between her legs rubbing her clitoris vigorously to finish an orgasm of her own which apparently had begun long ago. It was my first time seeing a naked woman touching herself. Her fingers rolled feverishly round and round. Her head tossed back in ecstasy. Masturbation was not new to her, I could tell. It was over as unexpectedly as it had begun; naked, glowing and breathless. The scent of sex filled the barn.

We didn't say anything for a while. We smiled at each other. We didn't try to hide our nakedness once we recovered. What would be the point?

Oh, forget about storybook endings. That was just the beginning. We worried until her next period if I'd pulled out in time and vowed to never fuck without protection again. She was introduced to the pill after that.

We knew it wasn't quite right. But it was so innocent and pure; especially in the beginning. We learned from each other and gained more confidence with the opposite sex. Ironically, we justified the few liaisons we've had over the years as even helpful to our marriages.

Lisa and I have no strings attached to each other. We certainly aren't going to run off and leave our spouses for each other; our families would disown us. Oddly, if there is a sexual lull in each of our lives, we have the other to fill it without fear.

We have sex only a few times a year now but they are memorable. Her hubby doesn't like anal sex. Lisa actually likes it sometime and I help her out when she gets an urge. My wife isn't fond of sucking dick, but Lisa loves it.

But the best sex is when we accidently meet at a family function. We will slip in a bathroom and she'll lift her skirt and bend over a sink. I'll bury my dick in her and we'll fuck with abandon for the few moments we have.

Or we'll agree to walk back to the old barn to store stuff for grandma. And fuck where no one can hear us and have all the time we need.

Then there are the little smiles, the quick glances or the accidental rubbing of my ass in the kitchen and the times she flashes her full breasts at me when no one is looking. It's forbidden. It's taboo. We know we aren't supposed to, but we are. And we can't wait to meet at grandmas again when the time seems right and she whispers in my ear.

"Alex, when?"

"Just say where Lisa. Just say where."

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