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Crossing the Line


Dedication...I don't usually dedicate what I write to anyone in particular, but AC...this one's for you. Thank you for inspiring it, for being in my life, and for just being...YOU! Love sharing the ride with you... Ally


The knock at the door surprised her. She wasn't expecting anyone, and since the move a few months ago, had only entertained a few visitors in her new home. Making her way down the short flight of stairs to the landing of the split foyer house she now lived in, she looked through the peephole and then opened the door with a huge smile on her face.

"Hi," he said when she threw open the door wide to let him in.

"Hi, yourself!" she returned. "This is a big surprise!"

"Well, I was in the neighborhood..." he began, but then stopped, knowing it wasn't true and that she knew it as well.

"As nice as that sounds, you live 20 miles away. Why don't you tell me why you're really here," she said, secretly hoping that he was here for the reason she wanted it to be.

They'd spent a lot of time over the past few months since her separation talking about her -- her life, her marriage, her non-existent sex life. Her marriage had ended in part because her ex wasn't at all interested in satisfying her appetite for sex. Oh, he was more than happy to satisfy his girlfriend's desires, but not his wife's. And eventually she couldn't live with that anymore. But knowing that took its toll on her emotions and self esteem.

She was at the bottom of the barrel when they met, and he knew it. Their friendship, which began when her teenage son came to work at the movie theatre where he was the manager, grew over time. She was no longer just "Kyle's mom" to him, even though she saw herself that way. She'd lost sight of the fact that she was a vibrant, intelligent, worthwhile woman in her own right. And a really hot one at that!

He knew her story, how her ex had taken advantage of her forgiving nature and spread his love around, counting on her to overlook it. Her ex, and everyone else in her life, was truly stunned when she didn't this time, and left his sorry ass. He was so proud of her that day! She began reclaiming bits and pieces of her life in that moment, and he committed to helping her as she moved forward.

He had worked hard over the past several months to get her in touch with her lost sexuality. Why, he didn't know. She'd likely never be his. And really, he didn't want her to be. What he wanted was for her to be her own person, not dependent on any man ever again to determine her value and worth. He wanted her to be whole, healed, and to understand just how sexy she truly was. In fact, he considered it somewhat of a mission these days to make sure she got there.

They'd been very open with each other. They knew things about each other that few others on earth knew, including their preferences for sex. There was not much they hadn't discussed. He knew what she was missing, what she desperately wanted, and today he decided that it was far past time she got to experience it again.

Besides, he had wants, too. He wanted her...had for some time now. And so he drove the 20 miles that separated them just for this purpose. He knew that this impromptu visit would change things between them, and hoped that neither of them would regret it. But he'd watched her carefully over the last few months as she came to grips with this new life. She was ready, he was sure of it. And today was the day.

"I'm guessing you know exactly why I'm here," he replied, looking her straight in the eye.

To her credit, she met his gaze. A few months ago, she might have looked away, uncomfortable with the obvious intention of her visitor and the directness of his stare. But not now. He was responsible in part for this change in her, she reflected. He made her feel amazing about who and what she was. He made her feel sexy, desirable, wanton. Enough so that she answered him.

"I'm hoping it has something to do with our last conversation...my top 5 list," she replied.

Then she did something that surprised herself -- and him. She reached out, stroked his cheek, and kissed him. Not a light, gentle first kiss between these two friends, even though it was the first touch they'd share with each other. No. This wasn't the moment for that kind of kiss. It was not what either of them wanted or needed. This was a deep, serious, fuck-my-mouth-with-your-tongue kind of kiss. Exactly what the moment called for, and it surprised the hell out of her...and him... that she had it in her.

When the kiss eased up and he recovered his voice, he replied, "How about we start with number 1 and see where it goes?" And then he took her hand and placed it on his crotch, where she could feel the evidence of his desire growing rapidly and throbbing beneath her palm.

As she began to stroke him through his jeans, he captured her lips in a kiss just as hot as the one they'd shared minutes before. While his lips and tongue plundered her mouth, her hands got busy unbuttoning his pants and reaching inside. She was shocked -- and seriously turned on -- to find that he hadn't worn underpants to come visit her. Just as well, she thought. They wouldn't have stayed on long anyway! Now it was just one less thing between them.

She broke her lips away from his after a few minutes of the incredible feeling his kiss created in her and without a word, took him by the hand down the few stairs to her bedroom. She quietly closed the door behind them and watched as he beckoned her to join him where he stood near her bed.

She moved easily into his arms and resumed the intense kissing they'd done in her foyer moments before. She made no argument as he reached up under her t-shirt and cupped her breasts without once breaking the kiss. Nor did she complain when he took his lips from hers long enough to lift the shirt up and over her head, and reach behind her to undo the clasp on her bra, before resuming the soul-searing kiss. She'd wanted this intimacy between them for a long time now. Who was she to argue when her fantasies were coming true right in front of her eyes?

Once she was topless, she returned the favor, taking her lips off his to pull his t-shirt over his head and then kiss her way down his chest. Her hands went back to his pants and eased them down over his hips. He worked his way out of them and kicked them aside, along with his shoes so that he was completely naked in front of her as she kissed her way toward sexual fantasy number 1 -- giving him a blowjob that made him cum.

Before he let her get to the promised land, however, he wanted to make sure she was taken care of. She didn't know it, but his own sexual fantasy number 1 was about to happen -- going down on her and making her cum using his lips, tongue and fingers. Her husband hadn't enjoyed oral sex, and therefore she'd only had it a few times in her life. But a woman should know how good it can be when a man fucks you with his tongue. And he would enjoy teaching her this lesson. Immensely.

Just when she was ready to sit him on her bed and turn her attention to the lower half of his body, he surprised her by pulling her into his arms and holding her tight against his erection. He massaged her gorgeous backside while resuming the kissing they'd been doing before disrobing him. She loved feeling his throbbing cock against her bare tummy. Eventually, he let go of her ass, and moved his hands to the front of her shorts instead, unfastening the button and pushing them over her hips, along with her soaked underpants. She wiggled around a bit and they both dropped to the floor. She stepped out of them just as they broke apart from the kiss and stared at one another, completely naked with each other for the first time.

"Do you have any idea how sexy you are?" he asked, his voice lower and huskier than she ever remembered hearing it.

"You make me believe it," she replied in a similar voice that she had never heard from herself before.

"You need to believe it with or without me telling you, because it's true. It always has been, you just forgot it for awhile. But I'm happy to confirm it for you," he returned and then took her by the hand and brought her to the bed.

He surprised her by asking her to get on the bed and then laying her back on the pillows and leaning over her.

"What about number 1?" she asked. "You're headed straight for number 3."

"Nope. MY number 1 comes first, and then yours. Will that work for you, Sexy?" he asked, winking at her. She enjoyed the new nickname he'd given her and smiled at him as she answered.

"Oh, most definitely."

He kissed his way down her body, making sure that he paid special attention to her breasts, the nipples especially, one of his favorite things to do, and another thing on his own top 5 list of sexual activities he wanted to share with her. But they would focus on that one another time, he decided, and began heading south. He enjoyed the soft noises she was making as he made this sensual assault on her body. This was going to be fun, he thought, as she giggled when he tongued her belly button before heading even lower.

How long had it been, he wondered, since he'd been with a woman who clearly enjoyed herself during sex? Most of them were too hung up on other things -- what they looked like...what sounds they were making...were they pleasing their partner - to really let go like she was. Honestly, he'd thought she might suffer from that, too, given her natural bent toward insecurity. He was never so happy to be wrong -- for her...and for himself! He went into this expecting to enjoy himself, but knowing it was going to mostly be for her and about her. How nice that he could throw that idea away. She really was ready for this...and they both were going to benefit from that. This was a woman who was reclaiming her life, her femininity, and her sexuality. He'd happily help her out in the process!

His mouth had reached the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. And her moans became a little louder, a little deeper than the soft, quiet noises she made at first. It completely turned him on to hear her, knowing that his actions were causing it and that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. He was about to step up the game, though. Let's hope she really was as ready as he thought and that this didn't change their friendship.

He reached in with his fingers to gently probe the outer folds of skin that hid her most sensitive spot. She responded by sucking in her breath audibly and breathing hard and fast. Oh, just wait, Honey, he thought. We're not even close yet!

He replaced his fingers with his tongue and reached farther in to find her clit and gently lick it. She moaned and ground herself down on his tongue, desperately trying to get him inside her.

"Soon, sweetie. Just hang on," he told her and then ventured farther with his tongue, licking the entire area before returning to her clit and sucking and gently nibbling on it this time. She had no idea that one man's mouth could bring her this much pleasure. God, it was amazing!

Then he did what he'd promised her just minutes before. He stuck his tongue as far inside her tight, wet pussy as he could and fucked her with it. In and out, in and out, finding a rhythm that threatened to overwhelm her senses with the intensity of the pleasure it created.

He'd had sex with plenty of different women in his life, but he'd never heard such an amazing sound from one as he did when she responded to this kind of lovemaking. She grabbed his head and began riding his skilled tongue, matching his rhythm and moaning in ecstasy. He could feel himself getting harder watching and hearing her enjoy his oral skills.

She'd felt many amazing things in her life, but nothing prepared her for this, she thought. Nothing even held a candle to the feeling of his tongue, his lips, and his teeth on her pussy. Her ex didn't enjoy oral sex, and had always made her feel dirty and cheap for wanting it, for enjoying it. Consequently, she never truly did. But that was before now. Before this. Not only did she enjoy having her privates lapped and sucked and impaled by this man, she was rapidly approaching the point of no return. She was about to cum, and found herself begging him to make that happen. Literally begging.

"Oh, GOD! I'm gonna cum. Please...please...God...don't stop...ever..." she panted, and grabbed his head to hold him in place so she could grind down on his tongue as it swirled around her clit.

Yes, she was thoroughly loving this, he thought. Time to put her over the top. He took 2 of his fingers and licked them before burying them inside her while his tongue continued its assault. When his lips grabbed her clit one more time, he knew she was there.

"YES!!!!" she screamed. "NOW!"

This exclamation was followed by the same sound she made when he first touched her with his tongue, as she came hard all over his hands and face. She was sweet and salty and very, very tasty, he thought, as he continued to lick up her wetness while she moaned and panted her way through an intense climax. He could get very used to this, and that thought worried him a bit. This was supposed to be about her, not him. He'd do well to remember that.

As his actions gently slowed, and then finally stopped altogether, she felt her body humming with electricity and energy from such an incredible half hour with him. In just 30 minutes, he'd made her feel things she'd never felt in 20 years of marriage. She felt desirable, sexy, wanted, and so, so good. Amazing, actually. He was responsible for all of that, and it was time to return the favor.

When he'd finished what he set out to do, he joined her up on the pillows and folded her into his arms while both of their breathing returned to normal. Eventually, he felt her stir, watched her raise up on her elbow to look him in the eye.

"Thank you. That was amazing, and so much more than anything I've ever experienced," she told him.

"Thanks aren't necessary. This is what it's like when a man and woman share each other's bodies and enjoy each other fully. It was my pleasure as much as it was yours," he explained.

"Well, I'm certainly glad your number 1 in the top 5 list made you feel as wonderful as it made me feel. I wonder if my number 1 is going to do the same for us?" she teased as she began working her way toward making it happen.

"Oh, I'm pretty sure that's a safe bet," he replied, closing his eyes and enjoying the attention of the sexy woman currently kissing her way down his chest.

She paid close attention to his nipples as she passed them, taking time to suck and swirl each of them in her mouth before kissing her way lower and lower. As she worked her way down, she allowed her hand to reach down ahead of her lips and gently stroke the rather large member she found waiting for her. She enjoyed his quick intake of breath at her first touch, happy to know that she could bring him some of the same kind of pleasure that he had brought her.

But insecurity threatened to rise in her just then. She remembered that she probably wasn't any good at this, or so her ex had told her, and began to panic a bit. She thought back to trying in vain to help her husband achieve and hold an erection by sucking on his dick -- with no success -- and his eyes as he lied to her and said, "It's OK. You tried, but you just don't know how."

That scared and frustrated woman wanted to surface just then and put a stop to this before she humiliated herself yet again by failing as a lover, but her partner seemed to sense that, and had a different plan. He reached down and stroked her hair, eventually putting his finger under her chin and forcing her eyes to meet his.

"Don't go where your head just went. I swear to you, this is amazing. YOU are amazing and you're doing incredible things to my body," he said.

"How could you possibly know my thoughts?" she asked, dumbfounded that he had so clearly read her mind.

"Because I know YOU. And I'm here because I want you. I want you to do what you're doing to me. I want you to touch me. I want you to take my dick in your mouth and suck on it. Do you see how hard it is? That's because of you, because of what you're doing to me right now. You are not what your husband said you are. Any problems with sex belonged to him, not you. You are sexy as hell, and right now, you're making me feel amazing. Don't ever let anyone tell you you're not a good lover again. They're lying," he replied.

She would not cry. She told herself that and made herself pull her scrambled emotions back together to make it true. She was determined to live in this moment, not in the past, and more than anything, she wanted the pleasure of the afternoon to continue. Tears would change that. And there was no way she was going to allow that to happen. No way in hell.

He saw the inner fight she waged as it played out on her face and was proud of her as she emerged from it victorious. She beat down the insecurities, and when she had won, she looked him in the eye and smiled.

"Yes," she quietly said to him. "Yes, I see how hard it is. Now let's see if we can do something to help you with that. Tell me how to pleasure you. Tell me what you want. Teach me."

"Gladly," he replied, and returned her smile.

Normally, he wouldn't have dreamed of talking a woman through a blow job, preferring much more confident and experienced lovers. But oddly, he didn't mind teaching her how to please him. In fact, it turned him on a little bit more than usual knowing how badly she wanted to get him off. She wanted it for him, but she needed it for herself. She needed to know that she was woman enough to please a man. And again, he would gladly help her gain that knowledge.

She reached down and continued stroking him, as she looked him in the eye, trying to soak in some of his strength and make it her own. He leaned in and gently, sweetly kissed her, knowing she needed the encouragement to keep going. It was a nice change from the overtly sexual kisses they'd already shared. Her lips were so soft and pliable, he thought. It was time to show her how to put them to good use on other parts of his body.

He broke the kiss and stroked her lips with his thumb, driving her crazy with desire.

"Your lips are amazing. They're perfect. I want them on my cock. Start with your tongue. Reach down and lick me while you keep on stroking with your hand. Get to know how I taste," he encouraged.

She did exactly as he directed. Taking herself lower down his body, she licked his hard cock and enjoyed hearing him moan in response to the touch of her tongue on his manhood. She tasted the precum that seeped out of the head of his member and enjoyed the salty goodness of it. In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she swirled her tongue around his head, carefully taking it in her mouth trying to catch more of it.

"Oh, God! You don't need my help or my teaching. You're doing it just fine all by yourself," he replied, loving the feeling that her mouth was creating.

"I'm just doing what I want to do. I need you to tell me what YOU want me to do," she responded.

"That's just it, Babe. This is about BOTH of us, not just me, not just you. When you do what feels right and good to you, it also feels good to me. But I'll gladly tell you what I want you to do right now. Take your lips and put them around my head, and then lower yourself as far as you can. Take in as much of me as you can and then ride it back up, and just keep on doing that," he said.

She did this, and surprised herself by being able to take in more than half of his full length on her first try. She continued to stroke the rest of his shaft that her mouth didn't cover and set a pace moving up and down his member. She noticed that each time she went down, she went a little further than the time before, taking in a bit more of him. She also noticed that his eyes had closed and he began moving his hips up with each of her strokes down. In fact, they had set a nice little rhythm together, and she could feel his cock responding to that by throbbing a bit inside her mouth.

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