tagErotic PoetryCrossing Time’s Rivers

Crossing Time’s Rivers


Crossing Time’s Rivers. Predilections

Across our time,
I had thought we did try most all,
Of each rise, each fall.
It came as news,
To hear you say,
Words of untried sight,
Upon that day.
You whispered first,
Then spoke, more firmly of words held dumb,
You said, eyes wide in escaping thrill,
Never had you Seen,
A man in his moment,
In rapture, never seen one cum.

I set out doubt,
Challenged that truth,
You blushed for fear,
You assumed
I now viewed
You as uncouth.
Clarity outheld
My words explained,
You had seen me,
In sun
In shade.
‘No not that way, not while within.
Always hidden’, you said
‘Always concealed, always in reserved,
Or hidden place.
I mean SEE, it displayed
All over my tits, my face’.

So quiet you’d seemed,
So genteel,
And prissily even twee,
How those words did sound set free.
Is that what you want is that a desire,
‘Yes, you whispered’ in blushes bemired.
Then you sought route,
Escaped in pretext,
A meal and normality followed next.
A film,
The cinema oddly cold
As lips and hands new not
The habits of old.

To sleep it seemed to be.
You lay so still,
Set apart from me.
I heard the words
‘I am embarrassed, but.
Please don’t think I am an awful slut’.
I smiled
In silence seized you then.
Hands and lips
Set to know you all again.

Your eyes,
They glowed so rich in life,
In your hands fluttering eagerness,
Your breath,
Escaping itself
To free your mouth to take its fill.
‘not all the way’
I hear you say
‘do this, do this and let me see,
and anything,
evermore, you can ask of me.’

You drew me on,
Like deep hidden waters
From a new sprung well.
Above you
over your upraised face my shadow fell.
Gratitude dancing in your eyes.
‘For me…
I can see it spill?
I will dress for you,
Act for you,
Become whom so ever you might will’.

Under plain thoughts’ thrall
Such a moment,
Blushingly thought,
Would not have left my lips.
Never then
But now.
No frisson of the odd.
I stood above you.
Still but 20 of my summers, yet suddenly a God.
You enacted worship,
Almost painful to see.
Silent words
Mouthed but not spoken by your lips,
For they
With enclosing lips,
Fuel my heat,
Where all pulse conjoins
One awareness,
All intent .

It is now,
My lips offer you escape.
But no,
You arch,and thrust to greet that stuttered rain.
Calcite aqueous arc,
Rising to a moments laden pause,
Then to fall,
Sweet obscenity escapes your breathy lips.
A cascade , pulsing deluge, now drizzling,
The damn self heals
The rain fell so heavy, but for you so brief.

My river meanders,
Your face a floodplain.
A cascade followed
To the watershed,
Gathering in the valley of your breasts,
Irrigating your belly’s plain
As if that minor emotive torrent seeks its way home.
Even your tensed trembling thighs shine
With scattered drops you would enshrine.
‘This feels sweet, insane,
IF I make it hard’, you gasped
‘Please, anoint me again.’

Your word was your bond,
It was always so,
Then guilty for so much pleasure shared,
I here you say, ‘all that I am is yours’.
I blushed
To know life’s heady taste,
You my, unknowingly my teacher
My friend
My slave.
‘I will do all things’
You made oath again,
‘Freely, be it pleasure, theatrics, obeisance, or even pain’.

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