tagIncest/TabooCruel Intentions Ch. 02

Cruel Intentions Ch. 02


After the session with Faye and her slip, I was hooked and she knew it. Every day before we left the house for school, she made sure I knew which slip she was wearing that day. Usually she included a touch with the peak, provided no one was around. She enjoyed teasing me and I, well, loved the feel and the intimacy of it. Occasionally I would find a slip under my pillow when I went to bed, with a short note, "enjoy". Sometimes it would say "enjoy but don't mess it up. I want to wear it tomorrow". Always when she did that, she'd tease me all through the day.

One afternoon, after we got home from school, we found no one home. She decided to give me a "tour" of her slips. Fortunately, we did not get into anything heavy because we almost got caught. She invited me into her room, then opened her slip drawer. It was full of full and half slips of various colors and lengths. There were red ones, royal blue ones, light blue ones, yellow, and pink. She had me take them out and place them on her bed. She had me sit on the bed, a queen-sized four-poster. Then, one at a time, she would pick one up, let it unfold and hold it up to her for me to admire, then toss it to me to feel. I simply felt them and caressed my face with them before laying them on the bed to view her next show (I'd have loved to just get naked with them but as it turned out,....). The door to her bedroom was only partly closed and we did not hear her mom return.

The door swung open as just as Faye was holding up a very pretty pale blue full slip, lace upper and a lace trimmed split on the side, against her body. She never missed a beat.

"So do you think this is too long to wear with this dress?", she asked as her mom came in. "Hi, Mom, did you just get back?"

"That slip will work just fine with that dress, dear. It will only show as much lace as you want it to. And Yes, I just got back from getting that new black formal for the dinner Saturday night," her mother replied, and a new black slip that was too gorgeous to resist." Then, as she turned to walk out, she looked at me, giving me that raised eyebrow look, said, "Enjoying the show?" She smiled and winked at me as she left the room. I could only hope it was a tease and not because of the bulge in my Chino's, but she didn't miss much.

Faye giggled at my obvious discomfort (I blushed I guess), and continued the show, though making sure she could be seen folding the slips I'd already examined, as if she were simply re-arranging the drawer. The last one was a black half-slip. It had a very full skirt and as she modeled it for me she told me she wore it with her full skirt when she went out dancing because she like twirling, and showing a little lace. She tossed it to me and I gleefully checked it out. The skirt was so full it would almost wrap around me without actually putting in on. It also had a shadow panel. The nylon, like all her slips, was very silky. I didn't know it then but was to get to know that slip intimately before the night was over.

"Lets go to a movie tonight", she said with a wicked grin as she took the black treasure slowly from my hands. She always made sure when she took one from me that she dragged it across my arms. It always got a low moan from me. "I have a special movie house in mind. I'll drive."

During our family dinner, Faye told her mom that she was going to help me with a research project and that we'd be going to the library after dinner. I knew what kind of research she had in mind. She went upstairs and came down with a book bag and her raincoat, as it looked like rain. I could see under the raincoat she had a stadium blanket. I wondered what she had in mind.

It was a short drive to the "theatre". It turned out to be a porn store and theatre but was not in a neighborhood that made your skin crawl. Inside it was clean, with the theatre being small but the seats were comfortable. The arms between the seats rotated up out of the way, a handy feature. We moved into the last row in the center and in the middle of that row. As we settled in, I watched as Annette Haven, Leslie Bovee, Hypatia Lee and others paraded on the screen in various stages of undress before doing all the incredible things they do. I was new to this so the full impact of it was immediate. Those girls are still my favorites, even today.

Faye smiled at me, obviously pleased with my reaction. She took the stadium blanket and spread it out so that it covered both our laps. She then told me "You must be uncomfortable like that. Unzip and give yourself some room." With that, she reached under the blanket to help. After helping me retrieve my hardening cock, she stroked it gently until it was nearly fully extended but not fully hard.

She had placed the book bag to her side and now reached in. Even in the dim light of the theatre I saw the black slip in her hand. My cock hurried to finish hardening. She brought it under the blanket and slowly wrapped it around my cock, then drug it completely around it so that even the lace caressed it.

"Do you think this slip is as pretty as the one on the screen now?"

I looked up to see a brunette in a black half slip and bra working over a guy in like this slip much better" I managed to moan. Her hand was both wrapping the slip around my shaft and caressing, stroking me at the same time.

"I bet", she giggled, "You'd like that one better if it was where this one is now." She pulled my face toward her and kissed me, her tongue exploring my entire mouth in a second.

As she broke the kiss, she whispered, "Unbuckle your pants and slide them down so you can feel the nylon on your thighs."

I unbuckled as she said, sliding down my underwear with my pants. As I did, I looked around, nervous about having my pants down in public.

The theatre was not crowded, there were (I guess) the usual guys and several couples spread out through the seats. The couple closest to us was two girls sitting two rows away. They were kissing very passionately and giggling.

On the screen, the brunette had shoved the guy back and mounted him still wearing the black half-slip. I had been hoping she would use the slip on him, but not this time, apparently.

With what was going on in my lap, it didn't matter much. Faye had rearranged the slip so that it covered my thighs with enough nylon left to wrap around my cock. She'd turned sideways and now had both hands under the blanket, rubbing the nylon on my thighs with a very soft motion. The sensation was almost electric. Pulling the slip slightly down, she exposed my shaft, now glistening with pre-cum. Her fingers slid up my cock and collected that and the pre-cum she milked out. I felt her fingers collect what I knew was a large glob under the blanket. She brought her treasure out from under the blanket. Taunting me she licked the first of two fingers then, with a teasing, "dare you to refuse" look, she brought me the middle finger.


I parted my lips and she brought her middle finger with the liquid to my tongue. My lips closed around her fingers and the look she gave me cleared any doubt from my mind. She slid her finger into my mouth as sensuously as possible as I sucked on it. She did an in and out motion, caressing the roof of my mouth, as if she were fingering my mouth. She chuckled, really more of a snicker. Then she recovered my cock with the slip. She slid it up until the lace was over my cock then placed it in the slip, as if my cock were going to wear it.

She started a gentle stroking motion, making sure that as much of the nylon as possible was encasing my shaft and my sacks. Again both hands were at work. She made sure that my cock felt every fiber of that slip. She even slid it under the shadow panel. Electric spasms began to wrack my body. Then she stopped, just looking at me while I tried to remain focused.

"Not yet, sweetie," she said. "Not yet."

The two girls in front of us were all over each other and the moans were clearly heard. I could see that one had her blouse off and the straps of her bra were off her shoulder. The other's head was below the top of the seat but it was easy to guess what was going on. Then I noticed the one sucking the others breasts would look up and back at us, whispering to her friend. Occasionally the other would look back at us and smile.

Others in the theatre had shifted seating, sensing a live show. I didn't know if it was for girls or for us. I'd find out soon enough.

My last recollection of the screen was two women had a guy pinned to a mattress or table or something. He was totally at their mercy, and they were showing none. If they were acting, it sure didn't look like it. They were really getting into tormenting and teasing him. He seemed in an agony of pleasure.

I had cooled down a little by this time, but still breathing heavily. She re-spread the slip and started again. I was oblivious of the screen. It seemed like my only functioning sense was that of feel. All I could see of her were her eyes, alight with a passionate fire that at some level scared, yet entranced me. All I could feel was the nylon. She raked her fingernails up my rock hard, nylon covered cock. It was electric. I arched into it, and she repeated it. I could see the look on her face even in the darkened theatre. Her face was demonic. She was really enjoying doing this to me.

Her left hand had wrapped the slip around my cock and she reached across me with her right and took my right hand and placed it around my cock, holding her hand. Fingers interlaced, we both stroked the nylon up and down my rod. Her now free hand went between my legs and I felt nylon and lace cup my sacks. She squeezed firmly but not enough to cause pain, kneading my balls. I drifted off, lost in the pleasure of our hands. By now my breathing was so heavy I was beginning to hyperventilate. My vision began to gray out and I swear I could feel every fiber of the slip. I closed my eyes and put my head back, lost in the passion. She took my left hand and placed it on top of the nylon covered pole just as my breath shortened.

"Now", she said, Cum for me now. Give it all up." She breathed the words in my ear, then a light kiss and a tongue. It was like being hooked up to 220 Volts.

I didn't notice when her hands left my lap. I was too far gone. The orgasm started up through my legs as my rod compelled my own hand to continue. I didn't even notice when she removed the blanket and left me, alone in my passion. Eyes closed, lost in pleasure, I continued to stroke.

The first spasm shot up my rod. I felt the first glob of sperm leave my cock. First I felt the heat of it, then the wet as it gushed into the slip with a surprising amount of force. Then the second, even more shattering than the first. Then the third, just slightly less. Finally, the fourth and fifth and I was spent. Waves of ecstasy washed over me.

As I started to return to some state of normal consciousness, I could hear my breathing first. As if I'd run a 200 meter sprint. Then I noticed the brightness in the room. The lights were up full, the movies over for the night. Then I was aware of the draft around my legs. Looking down, I saw my bare legs with my pants around my ankles. The slip lay in my lap, almost covered in cum, my limp cock laying in the nylon. I heard a giggle to my left and looked. The two girls in front of us were standing at the end of the row with a full view of my dilemma. The taller of the two gave me a two thumbs up sign, a smile and a wink. The other made a motion for me to lick the slip. I gave her a dirty look and quickly began dressing. She laughed mockingly then said out loud "enjoyed the show", and blew me a kiss.

The others in the theatre were looking at me and the mess in my lap. How could she have done this to me?

I quickly pulled up my pants, and since I was not wearing a jacket or anything, figured the best place for the slip was in my pants. A little bulky but probably no one would notice (except those two girls. Were they in my school? I couldn't remember)

I walked out of the theatre as inconspicuous as possible. A cold rain had begun to fall. Outside, Faye sat in her blue Beamer waiting for me. She opened the door as I approached. With the interior light on I could see her sitting there smiling at me. I was mad and confused.

"How did the movie end?" she asked in a mocking tone. When I didn't answer, she said "Well?"

I mumbled that I didn't know.

She said "Get in and close the door or don't get in but close the door. My upholstery is getting wet.

"Where is my slip" she asked as I got in, ignoring her gaze, avoiding eye contact. "If you left it, go back for it." She added coldly.

"Where it was when you left," I replied.

She reached over and gave my lap a rub to check it out. Satisfied, she put the car in gear and pulled out into traffic. The trip home was quiet, until she pulled into the driveway.

"Don't be mad. If you're mad then we can't do fun things anymore. You don't want that do you?"

I didn't say a word but got out of the car as soon as we reached the garage. I immediately went upstairs to my room, stripped and got into the shower. The slip lay with my clothes on the floor.

I must have been in there a while. When I got out I grabbed a towel and began drying myself.

"You need to get over the mad. It will only tear you up."

I pulled the towel from my face and looked in the mirror. She was standing behind me in a long blue/silver gown with a very full skirt, lace bodice and spaghetti straps over the shoulder that crisscrossed over her bare back. The sight was stunning.

I shuttered. "What next?" I thought.

She took the towel and dried my back, then my stomach and worked down to my cock and balls. She was very gentle and thorough, and finished my legs. Then she dropped the towel, stepped up and put her arms around me from behind, molding her nylon-covered body to me. Picking up the skirt of the gown in each hand, she wrapped it around my thighs and began caressing them, slowly working to my cock. I wanted her to quit and leave but she knew better. My cock was betraying me as it started to harden even before she let it feel the gown.

First, she cupped my sacks with the gown in her hand then proceeded up to the rapidly hardening object of her attentions.

"Are you over being mad?" she queried as her hand expertly stroked me so that I felt that oh so silky gown and my will power started to fold.

She waited.

"Tell me you aren't mad anymore so I can forgive you." She whispered in my ear, lips just touching and teasing, then the tongue.

What? She made a spectacle of me and wants me to ask forgiveness for being mad?

The silky gown continued its journey up and down my shaft while her other hand used more of the skirt on my leg and belly.

"Tell me you are sorry for being mad" as her hands guided the gown in its seduction of me.

"Tell me or we can't play like this anymore."

I was fully erect and even throbbing. My will power dissolved.

"I'm sorry I got mad at you. I don't want this to stop."

She turned me around and smiled a wicked smile. "Good, that wasn't so hard, was it? And I forgive you for being mad." And with that, quickly milked my rock-hard cock of a large amount of pre-cum and brought it to my lips, feeding it to me, followed by a quick kiss, tongue probing.

"Good Night" she said, stepping around the pile of clothes on the floor. The slip was on top. She looked down and smiled, adding "maybe I should have stayed and watched the eruption. Looks like you enjoyed it," and walked out of the room.

She looked back just before she exited. "Bring me the slip in the morning. Be naked under your robe and bring it to me in the laundry room." She knew I would obey.

It would get worse, much worse.

* * *

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